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Tokio Hotel did not allow the retransmission live!

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Tokio Hotel “interview” 2008 – In

Tokyo hotel: “At school and dress well” M.M.. 29.06.2008 – 13:41 pm Tokio hotel: “At school and dress well” # The Germans played yesterday at Rock in Rio before thousands of fans. # talked with them two hours before the ‘backstage’. # Bill ensures that is recovered from his throat operation. In nearby are […]

Tokio Hotel – Hotel Madrid


The voice of Bill in the PDP

BILL’S VOICE IN THE PDP; Paris: 30,000 fans, the voice work. Tokyo-Bill adopts the “test of cry.” By Norbert Koch-Klaucke; published: Berliner Kurier 26.06.2008 Bill Kaulitz (18) shouts with all his soul again. But fans need not be afraid anymore by the singer TH, who had almost lost his voice in March. The throat Bill […]

NEW DVD!!!!!!

Live at Parc des Princes

rawr ^^


Tokio Hotel Rock in Rio Pictures

Tokio Hotel videos at Rock in Rio!

Scream – Rock in Rio Spain 28-06-08 Scream2 Rock in Rio Spain 28-06-08 Scream end – Rock in Rio Spain 28-06-08 Reden – Rock in Rio Spain 28/06/08

Reden – Rock in Rio Spain 28/06/08 ( OMG I CANT BELIVE IT,REDEN!!!!)

Tokio Hotel – Meet and Great Rock in Rio 28.06.08