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Rolling Stone – A New Wave From Germany!

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Win a trip to New York to see live TH

You can win a pack that carries: – Plane ticket to NY – Stay in a hotel – Appear in an advert for MTV TRL – Meet the German band If you want to participate Click here -> NOTE: Only for U.S. fans


After only a few days Tokio Hotel´s concert in Chicago has SOLD OUT – some of the other venues are about to sell out shortly as well so make sure to get your tickets while you can. Tickets can be found here; Buy your tickets (US) House of Blues, OH: The Filmore, MI: House of […]

What do you think about the TH v. JB war online?

a) Totally ridiculous, I stay away from juvenile stuff like that! b) It’s important! We have to show them TH rules! c) I take part in it. (Whichever side you are on…) d) I love both bands equally. e) What is going on? Comment, and show them how much TH rules! Post by

Bill Looks Like A Girl?

New Voting on Much Music ; Go and vote for Bill. The voting is about if Bill looks like a girl or not. So tell them what you think! Click HERE to vote! Post by

Mister Black 2008!

As not podia to be of another form, the German more international has done with the gold. this boy has it all: he is good-looking, he has a personal super style and besides, is an artistazo of the feet to the head. Obviously, have that subrise at most high of the podium Black! for bill: […]

TH concert pics modena

Gangsta Twins

The news of Ana Isabel

For those people who still believe that the death of Ana Isabel is a lie or a rumor, here you can read the news of her death:

Andreas – the twins best friend :)

TOTP: How do you got to know Andreas? BILL: He went to school in Wolmirstedt with us. I did not have many friends besides him at school. Tom and I left the school in 10 th class. Andreas expires this year. TOTP: Are you and Andreas equal? TOM: He is just like us. Good friends […]