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Tokio Hotel pictures from 06.10.07 Israel

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Tokio Hotel Photoshoot; 06.10.07 Tel Aviv shoot

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WAX;Bill Kaulitz

Post by Fake Bill and real Bill;

BILL KAULITZ; This world has become so … WEIRD!

Post by German Florina Ali A with the song “Ich bin ein Star, Holt mich hier Raus!” where he makes the role of Bill Kaulitz . (who the heck gave him the role??)


Post by Seems like the girls have started touching the wax Bill Kaulitz already… oh yeah for sure! 😉

GOSSIP;Bill and Tom Kaulitz ‘new girlfriends’

Post by *Yawn* just another girlfriend case Staragora posted…AGAIN…man dont they get tired of making all these boring rumours…oh anyways,heres what they wrote; You like gossip about the private life of the band Tokio Hotel? You’re going to get served! Bill and Tom Kaulitz apparently haven’t been single since December of 2007! The leaders […]

NEWS;Tokio Hotel Loves Karl Kani

Post by During the month of August the succesful rock band from Germany Tokio Hotel toured through the USA. After topping the charts and selling millions of albums in Europe, the band has taken the United States by storm! As you can see, Tom member of Tokio Hotel is a BIG fan of Karl […]

RARE; First photos of the wax figure of Bill!!!!

Post by The first pictures of the wax figure of Bill Kaulitz!! Can this day get better??

PHOTO’S; Bill Kaulitz

Post by Heres some more pics from Maddam Tussauds.


Post by OMG where did THIS cutie pie came from?? Oh its just the outside of the hotel Renesaince, Kolin (15.5.2007)