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NEWS; 29.04.09 RTL Exclusive – Poor Stalkers.

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VIDEO; 29.04.09 RTL Punkt 12

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NEWS; Interview with the Tokio Hotel Stalkers.

Post by “We are not stalkers, we are fans” LOL They are not always there and waiting for them. And they claims that tom said to them they are shit like all fans. In the spiegel tv interview she told tom hit her not once but twice. Now she said he hit even more […]

NEWS; Mess for Tokio Hotel

Post by;; Where does the limit go? Tom Kaulitz (19) and Tokio Hotel are trapped in a scandal with a group of hardcore Tokio Hotel-fans. The French fan group with 4 girls has stalked the German rockband for the last 6 months and has even gone that far that they dress themselves up […]

NEWS; Bild – Charges against their fans!

Post by Tokio Hotel pressing charges against there fans! The battle between tokio hotel and there so called extreme fans is getting even more bizarre! The french girl Noemai (20) from the girl-gang “les afghanes on tour” claims they were attacked by the mother of the twins Bill (19) and Tom Kaulitz (19) with […]

SCANS; Twist Magazine 05/09 Tokio Hotel

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PHOTOSHOOT; Tokio Hotel photoshoot Teen Mag Shoot

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PICS; Random Bill Kaulitz Pictures!

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PICS; Tom Kaulitz picture mix

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PICS; Tokio Hotel fan party pictures

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