GOSSIP; Guyliner Bill Kaulitz = YUCK for Scarlet Madeline.

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Post by www.tokiohotelrocks.com

“We judge people on the arrangements of their features and their style. Care to tell me that you don’t? Well, I would say that you might not judge your friends on their beauty, but you certainly pick up a magazine cover or check out a musician on stage and say “damn that girl looks awful in that outfit” or “wow what was she thinking wearing that much eyeshadow”.

This round of ScarletMadeline’s Makeup Mastermind I will be looking at guys that rock guyliner. Everyone knows that men with makeup are a staple in the music industry. From KISS to the late Michael Jackson to Panic At The Disco … everyone is rockin’ the guyliner”.

Number 4 : Bill Kaulitz
GOSSIP; Guyliner Bill Kaulitz = YUCK for Scarlet Madeline.

I can not figure this one out at all. Tokio Hotel’s Bill Kaulitz is pushing this look WAY too far. Not only is the makeup bad but so is his hair.. YIKES! Sorry Bill, it’s nothing personal.Β 

Source; Buzzyshuzzynet

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Comment by Vampira89
2009-07-06 09:12:23

well, guys are getting metrosexual-ier day by day… i like him with or without makeup… he might wear them more than i do, i still heart him!!! πŸ™‚

Comment by Lolleepop
2009-07-06 09:13:33

yea. super agree to that.
he’s like SUPER HOT either way! πŸ™‚

Comment by Dilyara Kaulitz
2009-07-06 10:10:10

Yeah it’s true what you said about guys being more metrosexual
I don’t mind, if there were more guys looking like Bill imagine the heaven that the world would be! Of course no one can REALLY look like Bill, he’s the only person who is that beautiful.

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Comment by LoveTH
2009-07-06 10:27:37

well TOM could look like Bill, all he needs to do is change his hair and clothes, wear makeup, un buff a bit change his piercings around, and swap the freckle on his cheek for one on his chin. πŸ˜€

Comment by Belma
2009-07-06 11:47:18

hahahaha XD

That’s true!

Comment by Dawn
2009-07-06 14:32:01

yes BUT Tom wouldnt be able to do the personality

Comment by LoveTH
2009-07-06 15:00:21

no but hes sweet in his own little ways πŸ˜€

Comment by Dilyara Kaulitz
2009-07-06 15:22:21

Yes they’re their own people. They’re different yet the same. And Tom could never be as hyper and energetic as Bill

Comment by Dilyara Kaulitz
2009-07-06 15:22:36


Comment by LoveTH
2009-07-06 16:15:33

Yea, they are totally different people,, plus tom would have to magically grow 2 and a half inches or wear heels,, which i doubt he’d agree to πŸ˜€

Comment by Miriam
2009-07-06 18:06:34

are you sure he wouldn’t? πŸ˜‰
hahahahahaha I can just imagine Tom with high heels!!

Comment by Dilyara Kaulitz
2009-07-06 19:45:04

Haha I don’t want to that thought is too scary for me even =P

Comment by rayzerTH
2009-07-06 22:35:19

i think i just got an image of tom wearing heels doing the beyonce dance for put a ring on it. *o* scary yet funny

Comment by Lisa
2009-07-07 00:50:18

XD and saying, “We’re the dancers..” with JT.

*is out of breath laughing*

Comment by Nel
2009-07-07 03:55:57

Stop it… XDD
Tom with high heels omg ..And with chap stick and a black bra aghahahahaaa

Comment by penpey3
2009-07-07 04:02:48

lol thats one for youtube!!!
and anyway he looks hot with guyliner so u can say that he aint cute but u know deep inside like everyone else that u love him
so dis all u like just because u cant be as cute as him
guyliner’s hot and it shows that u hv nerv(in a good way!)

Comment by Nel
2009-07-07 04:54:01

Are you talking for me ?
Of course i love Bill,i love his guy liner,manscara,lipstick,long,beautiful hair,and his over-the-edge outfits.
He is the prettiest creature i’ve ever seen.
If he is a girl,i’ll be a lesbian and if he is gay,i’ll change my gender XD
geeze..i;m so happy..my dad bought a new car and it’s audi Q7,the same as Bill’s (sun)
I can iamgine sitting with him there πŸ˜€

Comment by Lisa
2009-07-07 18:42:54


*rocks the dubba deuces*

Comment by M3GH4N
2009-07-06 12:50:37

Not trying to contradict you, there are more metrosexuals out there, but I feel that its not just metrosexualism that is becoming more and more prevailant in Western/European cultures. Its just the fact that more and more young people are breaking taboos set by this society. I mean look at how far we have come. Women can vote, wear pants, and makeup without getting called a hoe. It seems only likely that more taboos are just waiting to be broken ( such as male makeup, and facial peircings) I feel that people like Bill who dress and behave that way are just brealing dumb rules set by our society.


Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-07-07 21:04:34

Yep, I agree. Bill is one of those pioneers who dares to break society’s rules, and I support him 100%. Remember, some people see things as they are and ask why. Others dream things that never were and ask why not. ^_^

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Comment by MexicanTHfan
2009-07-06 22:09:05

watever bill is so freaking hot and i love his make up and his hair!

Comment by Lolleepop
2009-07-06 09:12:38

oh well, not everyone can accept bill’s beauty.

Comment by Vampira89
2009-07-06 09:14:19


Comment by Nel
2009-07-07 03:56:45

I accept him.And i accept him very well.

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Comment by Silje\Angela
2009-07-06 09:15:33

It’s cute when he wears Makeup <3

And not everyone loves the beautiful boy :d
But, he is kindof sexy. And i doesn’t think he drives it too far.

Comment by Rosalie
2009-07-06 09:18:48

Hah, that magazine is SO wrong. Bill is beautiful with or without makeup! =D

Comment by Javon
2009-07-06 12:05:03

you are SO right!!

Comment by penpey3
2009-07-07 04:04:05

so so sooooo right man ther just jelous or something how can u not love bill !!!

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Comment by Bennward
2009-07-06 09:22:59

I love his old hair! and the makeup looks good on him in my opinion

Comment by lclolclolc
2009-07-06 13:41:42

couldnt agree any more lol! he is like the most beautiful angel that the world could give us! he looks gorgeous imo too!!!!!!!!

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-07-06 14:53:03

Yes, we’re so blessed to have this angel of ours. =)

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Comment by Nel
2009-07-07 03:57:43


Comment by astrid
2009-07-06 09:25:26

i don’t give a shit on what they have to say. but that picture is rockin’ fierce!!!!!!

Comment by LoveTH
2009-07-06 09:59:48

LOL yeah!

Comment by IMA
2009-07-06 10:31:37

you’re sooooo right!!! What do they know anyway?!?! Bill is so beatiful, with or without make up, EVERYONE knows that!!!

Comment by stace
2009-07-06 14:26:55

I know, I think Bill
looks awesome, so who cares
what they have to say.

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Comment by penpey3
2009-07-07 04:05:38

stace ur pic is soo cute …….
soz lol they should just admit that ther jelous or his outrageous beauty !!!!!!!!!
its sad just admit that hes hot and we can all be friends

Comment by Ella.
2009-07-06 09:30:09

Who are they to judge him?! It’s his own choice, not theirs. -.-
His suits it, his hair was and still is awesome, and the make-up is great. : D

Comment by Beyonca
2009-07-06 09:48:53

Bill is hot anyway who cares what they say! πŸ™‚

Comment by kristie
2009-07-06 09:57:37

Our Bill is Bill and to true fans who love the guys unconditionally no one with their little comments can change that. Yea, they are gonna get people that make these stupid comments about them and that’s their opinion, but like we truely give a flying rats ass about what they have to say about our guys.

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-07-06 15:07:32

Exactly. So, they can keep talking. It’s not like we give a damn.

Comment by Ginny
2009-07-06 10:01:35

bill tΓ© amo!!!!!

Comment by LoveTH
2009-07-06 10:01:41

I like Bill’s makeup, it makes him even more unique, which is probably refreshing for a twin…

But I do love him without makeup and his hair down πŸ™‚

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-07-06 15:17:03

Yeah, I love that natural look, too.

Comment by Nel
2009-07-07 03:58:38

But if he was with his natural look at stage,he wouldnt be that interesting πŸ™‚

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Comment by penpey3
2009-07-07 04:08:22

i love him what ever but yeah he has a misterious edge when he wears makeup but yeah i luv him what ever

Comment by Ginny
2009-07-06 10:02:55

sorry wrote in spanish…bill I love u!!! No matter if u wear makeup or not!

Comment by Natali
2009-07-06 10:05:01

i love bill with or without makeup!!!!!!!! he always looks amazing no matter what.

Comment by pinknblackaulitz
2009-07-06 10:08:42

wat r they talking about? he looks hella sexay lol πŸ™‚

Comment by Dilyara Kaulitz
2009-07-06 10:09:01

That picture is FIERCE!
Bill looks great!!!
I’m just sorry that that girl can’t really his true beauty! Too bad for her, more for us!

Comment by LoveTH
2009-07-06 10:28:23

one less competition πŸ˜€

Comment by Dilyara Kaulitz
2009-07-06 19:49:18

We have too many already!

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Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-07-06 15:18:39

Yeah, her loss.

Comment by Dilyara Kaulitz
2009-07-06 15:25:49

And all the other people that fail to realize how beautiful our boy is <333

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Comment by x RealRockstar x
2009-07-06 10:11:38

Im a sucka for Guyliner hotties XD
Bill.. πŸ˜‰

Comment by char
2009-07-06 10:12:55

omg that person is sooo gudge mentel, god sakes, bill is beautiful with or with out makeup and i think his makeup rocks….what a cow!

Comment by ArDeN!483
2009-07-06 11:54:13

totally agree…i guess people dont accept originality -_-

Comment by Erika
2009-07-06 10:15:58

I don’t care a shit on what they say, it’s just Bill’s choice and come on, Bill’s perfect with or without make up, i think the ones taking things a bit far are the ones that wrote the article, i’ve got a style that is similar to Bill’s (actually it’s like emo-punk) and everybody judge without knowing a shit.

Ich liebe dich Bill!!! Tokio Hotel und Deutschland fΓΌr Immer!!!

Comment by leah
2009-07-06 10:20:32

well i think BILL LOOKS AMAZING WITH MAKEUP and that the person who said that needs to shut up.

Comment by leah
2009-07-06 10:25:37

bill looks amazing with makeup

Comment by casey lee ann
2009-07-06 10:32:35

He doesn’t take it too far, it’s just no one takes it far enough.

Comment by Lisa
2009-07-07 00:52:05

Brilliantly said.

Comment by katyy
2009-07-06 10:42:00

Ich westehe nichts 😐
Wie immer ……………………………………………..
schreibt auf deutsch man !!!!!!!!
Shit 😐
Love you Bill ——————————————> :X :X :X
:X ——> :X
:X ——> :X
:X ——> :X
:X ——> :X
:X ——> 😑
Fur immer und ewig :X :X :X :X
KUSsS Katy :-*

Comment by Nel
2009-07-07 03:59:40

Sprechst du nicht english?

Comment by LaurenLETHAL
2009-07-06 10:45:23

bill looks sexy when he wear eyeliner or not

Comment by Rose Kaulitz
2009-07-06 10:49:07

He’s not taking it too far at all. Bill is beautiful! & always will be.

Comment by Stacia
2009-07-06 11:23:23


Comment by TwinsLuvKaulitzTwins
2009-07-06 11:40:21

Bill is beautiful inside and out…makeup or no makeup. Love him! πŸ™‚

Comment by iiStarβ˜†
2009-07-06 11:52:41

wow everyone has their own opinion but bill will always look gorgeous no matter wat. he is #1 on my list of beautiful ppl!!!!

Comment by iiStarβ˜†
2009-07-06 11:54:08

*list of sexy guys*
(tommy is 2nd of course)

Comment by Rosa
2009-07-06 11:58:04

I don’t know wat dat person iz thinkin! I think Bill so sexay!

Comment by Daelen
2009-07-06 11:59:28

I personally don’t mind guys who wear makeup-
if you ask me? I think it’s really! sexy-
Bill has a feminine bone structure- everyone knows that-
and His makeup is really nice–i really like it
that doesn’t mean he’s gay or anything

Comment by Stacia
2009-07-06 12:14:27

I don’t mind either, but the guy has to have a nice bone structure like Bill.

And you’re right! It doesn’t mean he’s gay!!!

Comment by Nel
2009-07-07 04:00:15

If he wasnt naturaly beautiful,he wouldnt look so good with make up.

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Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-07-06 15:31:04

I agree with you. It is sexy, especially, on Bill. The makeup suits him perfectly. His features are so flawless. It completely baffles me why some people can’t see his beauty.

Comment by LoveTH
2009-07-06 16:18:05

I think its cool when guys wear makeup, especially if they are a gorgeous as bill, it gives us soeething to talk about, if i ever met bill I would NEED to know his makeup tips πŸ˜€

I dont understand how anyone boy or girl could think hes not beautiful!

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-07-06 22:09:39

Oh yeah, he puts on makeup like a pro. I totally need to get some tips, too. ^_~

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Nel
2009-07-07 04:00:39

Me too XD

Comment by Em
2009-07-06 12:25:07

If he judged Bill by that picture, he’s blind.

Comment by emily
2009-07-06 12:34:11

wow……thats harsh. but i have no idea what shes talking about, i think he looks great!! his eyeliner is better than most GIRLS!! and i personally love his hair whatever, i guess not everyone thinks bill looks perfect =/

Comment by kalieee
2009-07-06 12:37:47

yah what ever happened to being original..well bill is being original and i guess people are always gonna criticize him..but he is comfortable with himself n we love him with or without make up on..so opinions may come and go right….

Comment by M3GH4N
2009-07-06 12:43:03

Who the FUCK taught that chick whay lools bad and what looks good.

Holy crap! He is gorgeous the way he is!

And makeup on men is only a taboo nowadays. What about the Ancient Egyptians???? All the men and women wore makeup. No big deal.

I don’t thinl that its metrosexualism that is becoming more popular, its just that more and morr young men are breaking taboos in this society.

Comment by Roya
2009-07-06 12:58:29

all these people that criticize bill are jealous!

Comment by ckellyirleand7
2009-07-06 13:12:47

this magazine is super wrong…i think that guys who only wear a little bit of makeup kinda look bad…i love the heavy dark eyes πŸ˜›

Comment by AmayalovesBillfurimmer
2009-07-06 13:38:23

OMG. That girl tells lies. Bill’s hair is waaay awesome like that and he DEFINITELY rocks the guyliner! Gosh whoever wrote that about Bill is a hater, ’cause he rules. He has beautiful facial features and all. He looks kick ass and that’s the point. He effing rocks.

Comment by DianaSchΓ€fer
2009-07-06 13:42:38

people why you judge him?
just remember one day someone is gonna judge you and you’ll get all pissed off!
and plz leave BILL alone!
let him leave in peace, don’t get into his life.
that’s none of you business!
damn you people make go all krazy -.-

Comment by nonoy
2009-07-06 14:23:52

He is the perfect boy in the world, he and Tom.
He is beautiful with or without make up.
He is beutiful inside, he has a great voice.
He and his brother are angels in the earth

Comment by Nel
2009-07-07 04:01:38

I agree soooo much with you.

Comment by dasia
2009-07-06 14:25:34

lol i left a comment yesterday to that and was like

“What What What do u mean bills pushing it too far!! Its his own unique style :] his hair is always some kinda crazy!! thats just his image. i mean if bill didnt hav crazy hair and makeup he wuld look totally boring.

i usually dont dig guys with makeup but bill and brenden are an exception haha

Bill is deff the best looking guy in guyliner ;D”

Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-07-06 14:35:35

Bill can rock it.

Comment by Black Rose (Bill's wife)
2009-07-06 14:40:53

well, sorry but that’s STUPID…
not because a loser doesn’t like it means that it’s bad, it’s well done and looks amazing… his hair and eyes are perfect and that’s the way he is, he looks wonderful, but that’s not the important part, the important thing is that he feels good looking that way. SO NONE HAS THE RIGHT TO DISCUSS IT! It’s his life and he does whatever he wants with it!
and that’s not too much make up, is just what he wants… I wear much more eyeliner, that doesn’t mean I’ll look ugly with it, that means I like it and feel comfortable that way.

Comment by Black Rose (Bill's wife)
2009-07-06 14:41:47

well, sorry but that’s STUPID…
not because a loser doesn’t like it means that it’s bad, it’s well done and looks amazing… his hair and eyes are perfect and that’s the way he is, he looks wonderful, but that’s not the important part, the important thing is that he feels good looking that way. SO NONE HAS THE RIGHT TO DISCUSS IT! It’s his life and he does whatever he wants with it!
and that’s not too much make up, is just what he wants… I wear much more eyeliner, that doesn’t mean I’ll look ugly with it, that means I like it and feel comfortable that way.

Comment by alissa
2009-07-06 14:45:52

That was mean. But also sometimes Bill does take it a little to far with the makeup and it becomes unflattering but Bill is a performer so it’s “okay”, it’s not like he’s going out to win a best dressed contest or best hair & makeup. Also he’s not the one doing his makeup if he looks bad it’s because of Nathalie…..

Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-07-06 15:05:27

The Jonas Brothers are winning >:(


– Devilish
– 10 minutos
– Tom
– Madame Tussaud’s
– 4
– 7
– Star Search
– Quiste en la laringe de Bill
– Durch der Monsun
– Oberhausen, Alemania
– New Era
– 2001
– H&M
– Georg Moritz Hagen Listing
– Freiheit 89


Comment by Dilyara Kaulitz
2009-07-06 15:29:34

Yes I voted but TH is winning now!!!!
No one can stop TH fans!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by LoveTH
Comment by Nel
2009-07-07 04:03:56

I know them too and i vote everyday,but TH are winning with too little.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-07-06 22:19:06

Okay, I voted again. I vote like everyday. I have the answers memorized, lol. Oh, and the Jonases are in the lead! That is not good. We cannot let them win. Apparently, we have six more days to vote. Vote, people!

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-07-06 15:33:37

Well, everyone is allowed to have an option, so I don’t care what they think. I love Bill’s style and individuality. I love the fact that he doesn’t give a damn about other people’s judgments, and he’s always true to himself. He’s such a beautiful person to me. Rock on, Bill, and don’t stop for anyone!

2009-07-06 17:07:01

he rox with the guyliner … he is the best ..go go go bill ;**

Comment by olivarose
2009-07-06 17:07:20

if she thinks that, then clearly we have different taste in men. end of story. (:

Comment by alissa
2009-07-06 17:12:11

Bill has awesome eyeliner.

This is totaly off topic but I’m to freaked out to keep quite. I just watched a video of Michael Jacksons house and it shows HIS GHOST!
I strongly believe in ghosts and I think it is.

you can watch the video on Yahoo or youtube. It was on CNN

Someone WATCH IT! and share your opinion. πŸ˜€

Comment by casey lee ann
2009-07-06 18:15:36

link would help!

Comment by alissa
2009-07-06 20:21:56

It’s on EVERYTHING you can’t miss IT!!!!

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by alissa
2009-07-06 20:20:27

Go to youtube type “Michael Jackson’s ghost at neverland”

Comment by Lisa
2009-07-07 00:55:38

I’m pretty sure Michael Jackson’s ghost is at you local daycare center.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Lisa
2009-07-07 00:56:33

Or inhabiting Bubbles’ body. A monkey humping small children…haha.

Comment by Mimi C
2009-07-06 17:49:17

While I prefer no makeup Bill to Bill with makeup he is hot regardless.

One thing I love about Bill and TH is that they do their own style and not what anyone tells to wear or says they should look like.

And you know that is important in the entertainment industry because too many people look alike. Bill is just expressing his individuality!

Comment by welcomeX2XmyXTHXParade
2009-07-06 18:30:51

i dont really think thats very true though…. i mean sumtimes me and my friends will be like”i cant bill is a guy and he looks better than me and i’m a girl!” or we’ll say “i wish he could show me how to do ur makeup that well…”
we all luv ya bill dont worry
TH 4ever

Comment by VALMIRAA!
2009-07-06 18:48:44

They’re just jelous.
Bill looks wonderful. :))

Comment by cami
2009-07-06 21:28:41


Comment by RaNiss4115
2009-07-06 22:33:21

i love guyliner.. it is so sexy!

Comment by Emily
2009-07-07 03:37:12

I love the eyeliner :] But I can understand that people would think it’s a bit much. But come on, how can anyone not like his hair?? Everyone else in the world loves it :]
Maybe she’s jealous because Bill is more beautiful than her. :p
Jk. Even though he is.

Comment by Nel
2009-07-07 04:05:19

He looks sooo beautiful with or with no make up.It’s just his natural beauty,not the make up alone that makes him the bill we all love .

Comment by Savannah
2009-07-07 04:47:46

She just doesn’t like that he’s different. Unique is what he is and if she can’t handle that than too bad for her. I think we ALL here love Bill and his amazing look. And her bagging on it wont change anyone’s opinion.
And Bill is fucking hot in that pic. His hair is gorgeous (god I miss the lion mane!) and is make up is fierce. And he’s doing the one eyebrow lift! That’s my FAV thing he does. So sexy. haha.

Comment by BiL kAuLiTz LuVeR
2009-07-09 15:46:25

BIlls sexy period…..no questions asked
he is like effin engel

Comment by Nat
2009-07-11 15:05:18


Comment by skylar
2009-07-14 16:23:45

Bitch i love his make up and his hair nobody gets a right to judge poor billy boy.

Comment by Hailey
2010-07-05 04:13:08

SCREW SCARLET MADELINE!!!!! bill kaulitz it my idol and my everything!! he is AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL!

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