TOM’S BLOG; I Hated My School!

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TOMS BLOG; I Hated My School!

Just thinking about my old school building gives me the creeps. Absolutely horrible. Just so you know, Bill really enjoyed going to school and he was so thrilled every year when the summer holidays finally ended! 😉

Have a look at this school in Berlin and imagine you attend classes there. Had this been our building and if the teachers were a little more cool then I would have repeated grade 10 forever 😉 [ok, not true at all]

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Comment by ich bin nicht ich
2009-07-07 07:15:22

I hated my school too, but today I make much more than a teacher
I have to say I agree with Tom 100%. School here in Norway is just as hard as the once in Germany. No rooms for individuals. My education is photographer, Tv/film photographer and Graphic Designer so all theoretical classes were killing me. Witch led me into some pretty heavy discussions with the teachers. Thank god I got a pretty ok teacher in the senior year which made me pass. If not I would have been a real looser now. A teacher and any authority figure can break down a young soul really easy.
I think school should be more for individuals. To place 20-30 people in one class and except them to learn and react exactly the same is just silly.
I wonder what grades Bill had in the German language. After all – if someone should get a diploma for promoting the German language it’s Bill!!!! How many here has learned German because of TH? I wonder what his old low-income teachers is thinking about Bill and Tom when they see them on telley in front of thousands of pretty girls and boys, knowing that they means so much more to this teens than any teacher ever will!!!
TG for roal models like the Kauliz’ who makes the impossible possible… They mean so much too so many! And I so admire Tom for talking about this important topic!!! GO TOM!!!!!

Btw: “Had this been our building and if the teachers were a little more cool then I would have repeated grade 10 forever 😉 [ok, not true at all]” – see , he tells us when he lies so this all Chantell stuff must be true. LOL…ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………. No?

Comment by Natali
2009-07-07 07:30:17

LOL i think schools in the USA are very different from European schools. i love my school. i mean, i don’t love the work and everything, but my school is very about the individual and creativity and stuff, its great.
yeah all the teachers hated bill and now he’s internationally famous and they must see him on TV all the time…lol just shows how wrong they were

Comment by ich bin nicht ich
2009-07-07 07:32:23

yeah, didn’t he once say that some of the teachers didn’t even want to teach him as he wasn’t mainstream?
Weæll who’s the fool now? it surtainly ain’t Bill!!!!

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Comment by astrid
2009-07-07 08:04:17

first, your comment was like an acceptance speech hehe. but yah, you have some good points. way to go! 🙂

second, i think that school is an art school or something. nice architecture.

third, i still want to go to Hogwarts school of magic. 🙂 ( *sigh* I have big dreams. ) LOL!

Comment by ich bin nicht ich
2009-07-07 08:45:59

I think it’s a normal school. In denmark they have this type of schools that has no rooms. You belong to one class, but have different groups you go to in different part of the building and there ar light and air and a more creative atmosphere.
here all schools are filled with fungus and bad smell and boring atmosphere. Like the old peoples home. Whiles the city halls are new and modern…

Comment by astrid
2009-07-07 09:08:27

oh i see. i think i like that schools in denmark with the open space and no rooms. in highschool, i went to a private co-ed catholic school run by nuns, so u know you’re expected to behave abd be like prim and proper. hahahaha! but still, there are cases of teenage pregnancy in my school…. so, i guess then nuns are not helping either. LOL!

Comment by LoveTH
2009-07-07 10:40:17

My school is rather crappy, my parents keep trying to get me to move 😛

I agree euorpean schools are so much different from the US theres no cliques everyone just blends together.

I wish my school looked as cool as that, my school is peeling and dirty, yuck! No wonder we got a terrible inspection. but people would just vandalise a school like that in my school, it a bit rough.

If Bill and Tom were in my school I’d go every day no matter how gross it was 😀

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-07-07 19:22:30

Well, my school wasn’t perfect, but it wasn’t too bad. I had some good experiences and some bad experiences. I’ve realized the condition of the school does matter, but it’s the educators there that make the difference. I had strict, gloomy, narrow-minded teachers, and I have also had “cool teachers.” And when I look back, I’m really thankful for those teachers who actually cared, who actually listened. It wasn’t just “I teach, you learn.” It was more like “I teach you, you teach me, and let’s have fun.” Knowing the material that is to be taught is not the only thing one needs to be a good teacher.

Comment by Nel
2009-07-08 06:22:55

ow.School with Tom and Bill?I’m in there every day,if i had the chance to visit such a thingy.

Comment by Dawn
2009-07-07 19:17:54

i dont rember why did they refuse such a cute little boy???

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Comment by Nel
2009-07-07 09:02:05

haha i’ve learned deutsch because of Bill,he is top teacher in Deustchland,but not top student LOL

Comment by Ella.
2009-07-07 08:13:39

I got to say I totally agree with Tom!
I hate my school too, it SUCKS, my school is btw in Norway, I mean our cafeteria is in the school basement! And the cafeteria isn’t a normal cafeteria, they builded like a cinema in the basement, and the caferteria is like in the same room as the cinema.. And the paryting area, which a dance floor with music is a small area by some school lockers.. the classrooms are horrible, and so are the teachers, and my class got the schools second worst teacher. -.-
And some of my friends that are in an other school have the cafeteria in a hole of a wall, I mean in the room it’s just a hole in the wall, which is the cafeteria, big time shit..

I think it’s terrible that the teachers where like that towards Bill, I mean I certanily understand him for not wanting to go to school, but Bill’s for sure not the fool now!

Comment by astrid
2009-07-07 08:34:52

ella, there are really mean, no EVIL teachers in every school and that sucks big time. i hope you get to have a better and sane cafeteria soon. 🙂

Comment by ich bin nicht ich
2009-07-07 08:50:26

Yeah, and the teachers are so well protected in Norway. It’s horrible!!!!!!!! The school has to take the teachers side due to the union.
My by all means: there are some really good teachers as well!!!
You should come to Norway Astrid. We need teachers like you here!!!

Ella: You should be happy you have a cafeteria. Ours were really bad and only served mashed potatoes and hotdogs. Real nutricion…
In younger age here you don’t even get food. you have to bring it from home witch leads to a lit of kids that skips lunch. That’s not good for the consentration.

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Comment by Nel
2009-07-07 09:03:49

I dont wanna go to school in Norway,it doesnt sound good.In my country the education is bad,but im in a private school,so who cares XDD

Comment by astrid
2009-07-07 09:14:16

yea, cafeteria food is the worst! i’ve heard about the mashed potatoes and it’s like they serve the same food everyday. no variety at all. poor kids!

You should come to Norway Astrid. We need teachers like you here!!! —– hehehe! Thanks! I’ll book the earliest flight tomorrow. really thank you! 🙂

Comment by LoveTH
2009-07-07 10:45:52

At least you have a cinema and a partying area and lockers, we dont :/

Wales has really crap schools, None of the taps work in our toilets, the food is gross unless you go to the vending machines but they always steel your money or get stuck.

Our teachers are okkishh, though my english teacher is being ‘forced to leave’ after insulting most of the kids in our school indiviually 😛

Comment by Ella.
2009-07-07 12:02:45

The cinema and the partying area isn’t really that nice, yeah sure it may sound nice, but it’s small.

Hahha, same with our English teacher, she was awful, she gave these stupid things like a ‘yellow note’, which is mostly a yellow paper where it says what you’ve done if you’ve been rude or whatever, she gave us that for nothing, so no one feared it, everyone did the most they could to ruin her classes to actually get them, and all of us in the class startet signing some things to get her fired, she actually almost got fired. xD After that she has never had the nerves to lock us out from the classrooms if we came too late in from the break, and too late for her is excatly 1 second.

Comment by LoveTH
2009-07-07 13:18:13

lol nah ours isnt that bad she is just very ummm strange, she bought her kids into school the other day and the youngest girl spent the whole lesson staring at me. I was like okay….. LOL!

Comment by Ella.
2009-07-07 13:32:11

It’s creepy when small kids stare at you! Espescially if they get this evil looks on their faces, lol.

Comment by IMA
2009-07-07 16:55:19

Ella, you mean like a yellow card in football?? LOL 😉

Comment by Ella.
2009-07-07 17:25:32

Yeah, excatley. xD Lol. : p
A yellow card like in football, that’s it. xD
Ooooh, wait a minute.. you are actually right, that actually did explain everything, because those ‘yellow notes’ are some sort of warnings, but when you get a ‘red note’ like a red card in football (lol) you get expelled from school. : p

Comment by Nel
2009-07-08 06:23:59

Astrid,you are a teacher?I wanna learn in your school and i’ll skip every day,tormenting you with naked Tom;s pics XDD

Comment by astrid
2009-07-08 06:52:19

LOL nel! i like that idea hahahaha! yup, i work for an online school, just like tom & bill’s.

Comment by astrid
2009-07-08 06:54:48

how the twins were educated while on tour.

Comment by IMA
2009-07-08 09:32:32

Ella I’m laughing sooo hard… we finally discovered your teacher modus operandi!!!

Comment by Nel
2009-07-07 09:02:56

I love school by the way,i love learning (everything except maths) and i dont wanna grow up (cry)

Comment by IMA
2009-07-07 16:56:07

Nel you don’t have to!! You could be a child forever!!!!

Comment by iiStar☆
2009-07-07 10:02:05

tom im wit u!!!
ugh i hate school
so boring but at least
i get to see my amigas!!!

Comment by YoukoKauliz
2009-07-07 10:18:23

Awwwh Bill enjoyed going to school .. I should , too 🙂
hahahah . I love school btw , hanging out with friends 🙂

Comment by LoveTH
2009-07-07 10:46:58

I think he was being sarcastic LOL

Yea friends is about the only benefit from school 😀

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-07-07 19:45:33

Oh, I thought so. Sometimes, he confuses me, and I don’t detect his sarcasm.

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Comment by char
2009-07-07 10:19:02

school sucks, teachers dont beleve us and teachers stick up for other teachers they never let us get a word in… garr :@

Comment by kake:)
2009-07-07 10:42:24

Im goin into 2nd yr this september and i hate every inch of my school even the mice that probpaly live in the walls and worse, it used to be a convent!!! so its like mega old and the principal is probpaly as old as it. So I agree with tom 100%, if my school was like the pictures I might never leave at the end of 6th yr!!!!!:)

Comment by LoveTH
2009-07-07 10:53:06


I’m never in though lol, I think I’m in for about 3-4 out of every 5 days. I like to walk on the wild side 😛 jokes.

The only lessons I can stand are Art and english cause you can express your self, citizenship because we dont do anything and I can listen to my ipod all lesson, and IT cause if I finish my work I can do wat I like (search tokiohotel 😛 ). Thats 4 out of 15 lessons LOL

My friends brighten up the day 🙂

Comment by Dilyara Kaulitz
2009-07-07 18:10:38

I agree if I didn’t have friends at school I would not go, I’d rather be homeschooled

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-07-07 19:48:04

Friends are important to have, especially, at school. They help you get through it.

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Comment by Dilyara Kaulitz
2009-07-08 10:25:07

Yeah they really do. Through all the tough times that I’ve had at school my friends helped me, I wouldn’t do it without them.

Comment by Dilyara Kaulitz
2009-07-07 10:55:52

I hate school too, people are so prejudice and stereotypical it’s fucking annoying
I wish I went to that school in the picture
It probably costs more per year then Yale or Harvard.

Comment by Michelle
2009-07-07 10:55:56

I was like Bill and Tom. I went to a creepy school until grade 10 and then I was home-schooled. My parents pulled my sister and I out of school because they wanted to travel. We moved onto a sailboat and went sailing for 2 years. It was awesome. My parents were strict, but very cool. I’m so glad I was home-schooled. I actually got a better education. Organized school sucks. I hated it. 🙁

BTW: Tom is joking about Bill. Bill HATED going to school…but he got good grades…which pissed off all the teachers. Hahaha! Way to go Bill! 🙂

Comment by sara kaulitz
2009-07-07 11:53:21

im with bill i love school

Comment by Dilyara Kaulitz
2009-07-07 18:06:31

Haha Tom was joking about that hon! If you watch interviews where they talk about school Bill says that he hated it as well

Comment by bitch
2009-07-07 14:07:55

Shut up Tom. You left school in like 10th grade and got to do online worksheets for the rest of your education. School’s what you make it. They were so busy trying to convince people that they were rebels instead of making an effort to get along with teachers and enjoy high school. You know teacher’s didn’t like them cause they were probably disrespectful, smart asses… kinda like they are today.

Comment by Dilyara Kaulitz
2009-07-07 18:09:26

And by saying that you’re being disrespectful to Tom! You don’t really know how it is because you aren’t Tom or Bill or their teachers and classmates, so you can’t say that.

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-07-07 20:01:06

You have no idea what their school experience was like, so why don’t you mind your own business? Tom doesn’t have to shut up; you just have to stop reading his blog. It’s as simple as that. The only person who’s being disrespectful is you.

Comment by jumbie
2009-07-07 17:11:50

i agree with “bitch”, this whole “i was abused at school by my teachers and peers” act is getting REALLY old. the first step is admitting that they didn’t even try to make an effort to make school more enjoyable…

Comment by Ella.
2009-07-07 17:28:17

Have you ever tought that they maybe didn’t want to make it more enjoyable, because of the way the teachers were towards them? All teachers aren’t the same, some may be cool, some may be a total witch from first day..
I know a lot of people who just starting screwing in school, and did everything they could to make the teachers to freak out, because the teachers hated them from the first time..

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-07-07 20:11:41

You can only do so much to make a bad situation enjoyable. If you’re forced into a bad environment, it’s not always in your control. Some of Bill’s teachers clearly disrespected him. And just because a teacher is considered to be an “authority figure,” does not give that teacher the right to treat others badly.

Comment by Rosa
2009-07-07 18:26:53

I’ve alwayz hated skool

Comment by Helen
2009-07-07 19:51:40

i hate school too but i wouldnt mind too if my school was like that one in the pic

Comment by lolleekauli
2009-07-08 08:46:12

too cool for school. but yea me too. school would have been mucho fun-o. :DD

Comment by Tippy
2009-07-08 16:33:43

I go to hollywood high but OMG theres chairs or whatever they r look cool!! xD and ahh schools in la dont twach anything :/

Comment by Zoé
2009-08-20 21:05:59

I Hate My School With All My Heart. Well I Hate My Elementray School With all My Heart But I’m Starting High School This Year And As Well As I Know Myself I’m Sure I’m Gonna Hate High School With All My Heart Too. On The Other Hand My Sister Can’t Wait To Start And My Brother Can’t Wait To Go Over 6th Grade And Start High School And I Can’t Wait To Pass Those Five Years I Have Left Of Education.(: Fuck Does Thinking Of School Brings Me Down ):

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