PICS; Nice bill pictures from Nice LOL

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PICS; Nice bill pictures from Nice LOL PICS; Nice bill pictures from Nice LOL PICS; Nice bill pictures from Nice LOL PICS; Nice bill pictures from Nice LOL PICS; Nice bill pictures from Nice LOL PICS; Nice bill pictures from Nice LOL

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Comment by Keshia Dolce
2009-07-11 04:55:00

I’ve always, for years, wondered how soft his hair is… bet it’s not. With all that hair spray xD

Comment by Penpey
2009-07-11 04:56:07

LOL I no on full screen u can c it’s really spickey but u no cute!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Keshia Dolce
2009-07-11 04:59:17

I just wanna touch it O.O


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Comment by THLover
2009-07-11 09:37:46


I’m happy I’ll be @ his hometown on the 13th. Wish he’ll be there and just bump into me on the street <3

Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-07-11 11:00:41

lmao ; same here !

Comment by Natali
2009-07-11 20:14:51

same here πŸ™‚

Comment by emochick
2009-07-16 15:40:14

me 2! same here! I LUV U BILL!

Comment by Nel
2009-07-13 01:53:54

I think it’s soft ^^

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Comment by CelXTH4life
2009-07-15 19:41:28

hehe me too πŸ˜€

Comment by Emily
2009-07-11 17:40:22

Yea, it probobly is really rough because of all the materials he puts in it… But I still would die to touch it… πŸ˜›

Comment by Dementa Lana
2009-07-12 21:26:47

iknow….and tom too!

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Comment by Amy
2009-07-11 17:44:32

Hahaha so do I. It might’ve felt nice when it wasn’t like that lol. No hairspray or anything.

We can all just dream about touching it anyway.

Comment by PrincezaCali
2009-07-11 21:50:02

haha looks like a pom pom i just wanna touch it πŸ™‚ be like ahh so soft or ahh hurts like a porkie pine

Comment by Penpey
2009-07-11 04:55:01

Pwittyfull I miss my little lion ahhh sooo cute dankey

Comment by noussa
2009-07-11 05:13:42

I was in Nice last week it’s so nice,lol
about Bill’s hair it’s soft but a little bit wavy, nice!:D

Comment by ashlee.freak
2009-07-11 10:06:43

OHHHH Nice is a PLACE?
HAHA. Awesomeeee!! πŸ˜€
Hes sooo hotttt

Comment by K.C.
2009-07-11 10:08:50

Nice is in France πŸ™‚ It’s pronounced like ‘niece’. I heard it’s lovely there

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Comment by LaurenLETHAL
2009-07-11 11:24:27

Yeh It Is
i went there last year with my mum and dad

Comment by noussa
2009-07-11 11:51:18

yes it’s really beautiful, hot weather nice beaches and a lot of places to visit

Comment by Nel
2009-07-13 01:54:43

I willl visit France this year,hope i go to Nice too XD

Comment by ashlee.freak
2009-08-06 09:56:15

LOL, I go to bed less stupid tonight. I didn’t know there was a place called Nice pronounced “Niece” … Interesting πŸ˜›

Comment by Emily
2009-07-11 17:41:11

I miss his lion hair… now its like dreads.
But either way I love him. πŸ™‚

Comment by K.C.
2009-07-11 06:17:10

random thought…but he must have a walk-in for his chokers and jackets alone πŸ˜‰

He looks wonderful here. Sometimes his makeup is immaculate but he’s tired or not into the event, but here he’s got it all going on.

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-07-11 16:50:50

Oh yeah, I would love to take a tour of his closet, or closets. He’s definitely a fashion king. I don’t think I’ve seen him in one outfit that I haven’t adored.

Comment by ~*Gaby Kaulitz*~
2009-07-11 09:02:45

these are my new favorite pics of Bill πŸ™‚

Comment by HamburgsFinest
2009-07-11 10:09:29

YUM me too XD

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-07-11 16:57:53

Oh yeah, they’re just more pics to take up space on my hard drive. ^_^

Comment by THLover
2009-07-11 09:42:27


I’m so glad I’m @ his hmoetown on the 13th. I wish he’ll be there and just bump into me on the street <3

Comment by angela
2009-07-11 13:36:33

no way really y?

Comment by emikaulitz
2009-07-11 09:52:42

i love this pictures!

bill looks soo adorable<3

ily Bill<3


Comment by THely
2009-07-11 09:54:56

bill you’re so sexy

Comment by Penpey
2009-07-11 10:26:30

Toooo sexy LOL

Comment by Vampira89
2009-07-11 09:57:59

i gotta ask this…

when you get to meet bill, like for example, outside a hotel and he is all glammed up and you were standing there, waiting to ask him for an autograph/pictures… did you ever pull his hair or reach out for it (some fans do worst thing like grabbing ass and private part)??? i just need to know how far a fan goes when in presence of their idol/dreamguy/favorite singer… πŸ™‚ i wonder if anyone has yanked his hair??? hmmm…

Comment by 7sins
2009-07-11 10:20:39

fans do worst thing like grabbing ass and private part- god dammit it’s disgustin’.., fek…, i could never yank(i think it’s not the right word don’t u think so??) his hair…, it’s too saucy.., yek.., fui.., how could they so dat?? hm?? .., i think it’s okey when u communicate, talk, laugh a lot, and smth like dat .,, but not grab or smth.., πŸ™

Comment by Penpey
2009-07-11 10:25:18

I’m guessing they just melt LOL that’s what I would do, sad really he’d be walking past me thinkin that I was a loony then like an hour after i’d be like damn didn’t get a auograph LOL
But I’m guessing people hv asked to touch his hair but I d no
I bet a really crazy fan has like a hair of bills that theyv proudly yanked out and it’s like in a glass box potected by lazers or sumthing !!!
Just a thery lol

Comment by Vampira89
2009-07-11 10:45:17

i see.. hmm, i think there are some incidents like this happened… πŸ™‚ i guess that’s normal in his life… πŸ™‚

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-07-11 17:02:24

It’s considered normal in HIS life. XD

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Comment by noussa
2009-07-11 11:53:23

personnaly I’d prefer to see him when he’s natural, you know just Bill and not the rock star
I’d probably say hi and talk nicely and have a pic if possible, I don’t want be remembred as the crazy fan girl,lol

Comment by Penpey
2009-07-11 16:58:20

True I wish I could meet I’m but u no I guess my dreams are as close as I’m gunu get o well what can u do ?

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Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-07-11 17:22:52

I’m pretty sure some crazy fan has pulled his hair before. I would want to touch his hair, but never without his permission. I imagine when he had his lion mane it was stiff and sticky. But I wouldn’t be so concerned about his hair. If I were lucky enough to casually run into him on the street, I would get a few pictures and an autograph first. Then I would love to just sit and talk with him somewhere. And I just wanna talk with Bill, not Bill Kaulitz the international rock star. That is like my ultimate dream. Sadly, the only place I see that happening is in my dreams. XD

Comment by kate
2009-07-12 07:12:13

I probably ask him to pinch me instead.. am I dreaming?? LOL

Comment by Nel
2009-07-13 01:56:15

I never met him,but if i do ,i would absolutely not touch his hair!!!I prefer watching it XDD
Or what t osay about his ass…not that i dont want to touch it,but this is soo personal!!

Comment by LoveTH
2009-07-11 10:29:01

How can someone look so perfect!!

seriously I’m in awe…I dont think hes real, someone is messing with my head.

Comment by Vy
2009-07-11 12:03:02

haha hes just an “illusion”..hes to gorgeous to be real

Comment by LoveTH
2009-07-11 13:33:17

Yea,, I’lI wont beliee it til i touch it with my own two hands

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Comment by Nel
2009-07-13 01:57:05

Or him to touch me with his two hands.

Comment by Vy
2009-07-14 13:38:59

either way sounds good haha

Comment by Tascha
2009-07-11 10:34:14

has anyone grabbed his crotch? or will i be the first?

Comment by Nel
2009-07-13 01:57:37

What means crotch ? πŸ˜€

Comment by Daelen
2009-07-11 10:35:50

my sexy beast! *_________*
these pix are hottt–
i dnt think Bill would let anyone touch his pride and glory! (meaning his hair)
he’s too inlove with it x)
haha <3

Comment by 7sins
2009-07-11 10:43:04

yeah.., he looks really awesome everywhere…, i just don’t like the 3rd pic…, the girls’ tatoos..,

Comment by alissa
2009-07-11 11:29:55

I agree with you XD The girl ruins that picture

Comment by Vy
2009-07-11 12:00:33

haha so true

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Comment by 7sins
2009-07-11 12:48:08

yeah.., ‘cuz she just underdressed.., ya know.., such a short skirt and other…, she isn’t one of the slim girls to wear these clothes.., p.s. don’t get me wrong i DON’T discriminate!!! i’m just sayin’ the truth..,

Comment by Vy
2009-07-11 18:18:03

lol dnt worry i over weight person belongs in that

Comment by Mary
2009-07-11 11:13:42

Go vote for TH on mtvla. Unlimited voting until Monday, July 13.

Comment by Vy
2009-07-11 12:00:53

july 13th mah bday πŸ™‚

Comment by Vy
2009-07-12 18:34:09

*is my bday

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Comment by alissa
2009-07-11 11:30:52

Bill looks so cute and adorable. He smile looks so sweet πŸ˜€
<3 I miss him so much

Comment by bill`s team
2009-07-11 11:38:43

bill is the best!!!i love bill!!!he is like honey cake and i hate all people who don`t like bill!!!!for all people who like tokio hotel my email…..kissessssssss

Comment by katyy
2009-07-11 11:55:19

Ich liebe Bills Augen und sein lippen :X
Er ist soOoO speziell und aufmerksam πŸ™‚
Ich neide er dafur :”>

Comment by katyy
2009-07-11 11:59:05

Ich liebe Bills Augen und sein Lippen :X
Er ist soOoO Speziell und Aufmerksam πŸ™‚
Ich Neide Er dafur :”>
:-* :-*

Comment by 7sins
2009-07-11 12:52:01

hey guys.., didnt u miss some girls there??? where r ich bin, nel, astrid …,, and lots of others.., πŸ™ .., so wird without them…, today there r just almost all people i don’t know…, hm..,

Comment by RaNiss4115
2009-07-11 20:28:16

i know.. i was wondering the same. but i defenitly remember you from other psts XD

Comment by stace
2009-07-11 13:01:20

Wow, Bill looks HOT in these pictures,

Comment by nichole. (:
2009-07-11 13:07:13

once, just ONCE, i want to see this boy in real life.

Comment by Dilyara Kaulitz
2009-07-11 15:51:34

Sooo beautiful!!!
I love it when he’s smiling, really smiling his whole face lights up and he looks even more gorgeous! Talk about eye candy!!!

Comment by aly
2009-07-11 16:50:42

ahhh hes oo cute and beautiful i love !!!

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-07-11 17:43:38

Bill’s smile is like the sunshine! Ah, and I love his jacket. I wonder what’s in that envelope he’s holding. Is it the Golden Ticket, or something? ^_~

Comment by Vy
2009-07-11 18:20:54

if i had the choice to shop with any would be bill cuz i just LOVEEEEE his clothes..i was going to buy a jacket just like the one he is wearing in those pix

Comment by iiStarβ˜†
2009-07-11 18:51:05

im melting

Comment by Lynnnette
2009-07-11 20:27:41

OMTH! i was about to say my favorite one, but then i looked at them, and i love them all xD

Comment by RaNiss4115
2009-07-11 20:28:56

i miss his lion mane

Comment by x Real Rockstar x
2009-07-12 06:17:39


Comment by VALMIRAA!
2009-07-12 13:04:39

Haha that chick is so
fucking lucky!

Comment by Nel
2009-07-13 01:58:25

He is so adorable!I love the way he folded his right hand in the fifth pic…
He has amazing nails!

Comment by Jill
2009-07-13 13:56:54

OMG I’d love to be that girl in the 3rd pic…*faints* :O

Comment by Nel
2009-07-14 11:18:38

Has anyone seen pics of him o’ natural (his hair I mean) πŸ™‚

Comment by Zia
2009-07-15 02:31:30

wow, punky looks. But Bill has lots of admirers here, no doubt. Hot stuff !

Comment by Der Letzte Tag
2009-07-15 09:56:06

Bill looks very hot on these pics <33.
I love these pics, and his old hair too <33!

Comment by lolleekauli
2009-07-24 09:13:41

i love bill.

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