NEWS; Tokio Hotel news from Martin (=

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NEWS; Tokio Hotel news from Martin (=

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Comment by LaurenLETHAL
2009-07-12 06:50:17

First comment
i cant wait until there alblum is finshed πŸ˜€

Comment by steph kaulitz
2009-07-12 17:38:11

omg.. was he talking to chantelle?????

Comment by ash
2009-07-16 04:16:09

Lol I think he wus

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Comment by MexicanTHfan
2009-07-12 21:44:38

omg i cant wait hes hot omg bill got a pretty face

Comment by Tippy
2009-07-13 14:25:07

Dang ima move to South america at the end of June!!! :[
Geez sux well I hope they go to new york or flordia I maybe able to travel and see them πŸ˜€ LA theres a slim chance
Arnet They Having a South American tour?!?!?
i m soooo excited for the CD

Comment by Meroula
2009-07-12 06:54:17

in greece ,will they ever come?:s???????????????????????(L)(L)(L)(L)

Comment by Natali
2009-07-12 07:05:06

OMG IN THE US IN OCTOBER????? YES YES YES OMG OMG OMG THAT IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by wDsgoth
2009-07-12 21:37:44

OMG i Cant wait!!!!! i wish it was oct. now!!!! if this is true

Comment by Nel
2009-07-13 02:10:30

Shit…why are they going in US all he time?I’m so sick of this shit..if they forget about Europe this year too,i;m moving to US!

Comment by ashlee.freak
2009-07-13 10:35:08

but where?
Hopefully L.A β™₯ πŸ™‚
And they shoudln’t be chatting at 4:14 am πŸ˜‰
Exspecially with HER, or HER BAND…

Comment by Denise
2009-07-12 07:12:48


They should come to norway and the rest of Europe!!!:( :@

Comment by Ella.
2009-07-12 08:02:07

I agree!
They haven’t even been here in Norway, my god, no. D:

And, btw FLIPSYDE?! o.o (the comment from them)
Chantelle said somewhere that she never met Bill, hen afterwards she says she has..

Comment by Kiri,,
2009-07-12 16:25:10

hey sould come to Norway,, They just went to USA instead of going on Europe tour again D:

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Comment by the black rose
2009-07-12 09:10:22

Agree,like i’ve sead before……it’s so near……

Comment by stine love bill
2009-07-12 10:11:05

agree come to norway!:D

Comment by alissa
2009-07-12 13:37:14

I agree!!!!! They promised they would do a European tour FIRST! If they do stupid America I’m going to be so pissed.

Comment by Dilyara Kaulitz
2009-07-12 14:57:18

You can’t just say that America is stupid if they are going there. You can’t blame American fans for TH’s decision.

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Comment by Vy
2009-07-12 17:30:30

i gotta agree wit dilyara…europe doesnt OWN tokio hotel…they gotta tour in the US someday..tokio hotel is pretty big in the US ..not as big as brittney spears but the are famous..i agree with the fact that tokio hotel should tour in europe first bcuz it is their home. but there is no need to call america “stupid”…its not americas fault

*spread the love*

Comment by alissa
2009-07-12 20:25:47

I just don’t want to have to fly to America to see them. I don’t like going to America and I know if they have tour there first I will be forced to go…….

Comment by Vy
2009-07-12 23:04:48

i understand where u are coming from..but every1, we cant call america “stupid”

Comment by Nel
2009-07-13 02:13:53

I agree so much alissa.It’s not that i cant go to US-but they totally forgot about their “uhrsprung”.The european fans wait for them patiently ,they put them on top of everry other teen band and made them that famous..I understand they’re money in US,but isnt their something like loyalty in their minds?
So sick of America because of them

Comment by Dilyara Kaulitz
2009-07-13 10:42:41

Yes but you also have to understand that TH has been touring in Europe for a long time before they even came to North America. Maybe they want to explore it more and the possibilities. The fans here have been waiting for an even longer time. There’s also a lot of other countries that TH haven’t been to where there is tons of fans. Even though I’m not from those countries I would love it if TH would go there and let those fans have some fun.

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-07-13 14:06:46

No matter what country they go to first, the other fans should be happy for them! Stop looking at it in a negative way. It’s good for them to gain more recognition outside of Europe.

Comment by Dilyara Kaulitz
2009-07-13 15:11:59

That’s what I’m thinking… Even if they go to America and don’t come to Canada, I’m still happy for the fans that will get to see them. If they are real fans then they deserve it

Comment by Rosalie
2009-07-14 09:20:04

Personally, I think they should tour Europe first (and yes, I say that living here in America =P), but it’s okay wherever they are. Hopefully, they’ll come to America soon! Like Vy said, spread the love ppl!

Comment by Dilyara Kaulitz
2009-07-14 09:43:28

Yep! TH can tour the world!

Comment by Vickky
2009-07-12 18:47:43

yah seriously! america is cool and since its a german band it’s cool for us. and im an american so ha!

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Comment by Nel
2009-07-13 02:14:13

So selfish from you πŸ™

Comment by Dilyara Kaulitz
2009-07-13 11:12:47

But saying screw America tour here first isn’t selfish?

Comment by Tippy
2009-07-13 14:29:44

America isnt stupid FYI BILL LOVES LA! πŸ˜€ he should totally buy a house and find a gf here <3
i think its great that there touring america but they should go to Turkey/ rest of Europe and SOUTH AMERICA were ima move to ima miss LA πŸ™‚

Comment by lica
2009-07-14 05:43:53

i think they really, desperately need to show their German fans some love first- its only fair!

Then, i think they’re gonna have to go on a long, long, loooonnnnnngggggg tour of the world πŸ™‚ (As much as is healthy for them, ofcourse- no burn outs!) I think after what happened last year with Bill’s voice, they’ll spread the dates properly! πŸ™‚

Comment by noussa
2009-07-12 07:17:48

can’t wait
pliz TH realease at least a single,aaaaah!

Comment by hallo
2009-07-12 07:25:00

who is martin?

Comment by alissa
2009-07-12 13:38:14

artin is a guy who works for Cherrytree Records. He’s a dork in my opinion…..LOL

Comment by Ghada
2009-07-12 07:25:20



Love you Tokio Hotel hope you come coz arabic peaples love Tokio Hotel too :shades:

Comment by Keshia Dolce
2009-07-12 07:31:21

They should come to Australia. Screw America. I’m kidding. xD But seriously, they should come to Australia =[

Comment by kalieee
2009-07-12 07:33:53

hmm they should come to the caribbean..we love em here..well some of us glad for the guys are so lucki..if you all see em take pics for me…i cant wait for their album..oh yah n bill glows i like that..bill reminds me of pixie sticks..lmaoo

Comment by rayzerTH
2009-07-12 11:51:21

yes they should reallly come to the caribbean (Trinidad πŸ˜‰ ) they are in america alot i wish they come here instead or atleast once. i wish i lived in america… -_-

Comment by LoveTH
2009-07-12 07:41:55

whos martin??

Comment by Ella.
2009-07-12 08:03:10

I wonder too, he’s posting all this stuff about Tokio Hotel. But I have no clue who he is.

Comment by adhu!!
2009-07-27 04:06:24

martin is this guy from cherry tree records thats post lots of tokio hotel stuff, but most of them are just to make chantelle famous… dont listen to him anymore… youll get tired of him eventually

Comment by Ronda
2009-07-12 08:31:00

I think that Tokio Hotel is spending too much time in America. x_x
They are from Europe, but have almost all the concerts in USA. Why? There are a lot’s of countries in Europe, that TH havent visited yet. And why? Because they are in America!
Estonians have been waiting for them ages. They have never came to here. And there was a concert supposed to be, in 17 July, but it’s not gonna happen, they’r new album isn’t even out yet. Such a pity. ://
My opinion is, that when they have they’r new album out, they should have a tour in Europe first, and then go to USA.:’)
Not USA first and maybe Europe never. Its like.. i know, that USA is a very big country and all, but Europe has a lot of fans too! πŸ˜‰
But yeah, who the heck is that Martin guy? 0.o

Comment by LoveTH
2009-07-12 08:38:21

I agree,, they havent been to my country either

they should tour the WHOLE of euorope first…

why does everyone get americanised???

Comment by Ronda
2009-07-12 08:44:46

Exactly my point.
It’s just.. US is so big and all the stars thinks, that US has all the fans in the world. And ofcourse, they can get more money from US, than from Europe, because US is one fucking rich country. -.-
But America isn’t all the world.. there are more countries too. And i sure hope, that at least Tokio Hotel will get it. πŸ™‚

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Comment by 7sins
2009-07-12 10:21:58

agree with ya all guys.., america isn’t everythin’ we(lithuania) wanted them so much to come here.., somebody even called to their producers or someone like dat…, but they said dat TH honorariums are very big..,so our country cannot pay them so much.., ‘cuz economic crisis , and so many other problems.., fu*k.., hrrrr..,

Comment by Alysssssa
2009-07-12 12:57:15

I’m from America and it sucks and we chew artist up and spit them out. America changes ppl so the fit into our “image” I hate America and want to move to Europe pronto!!!!

Comment by alissa
2009-07-12 13:43:41

They have more fans here in Europe. In America they play stupid little clubs, here they play huge Arenas with thousands of fans not just 200 or less like in America.

And they should go to Estonia and play a concert. I love Estonia and I feel like going on vacation. If they go to Estonia (Whenever it is) I’M GOING!!! πŸ˜€

Comment by Nel
2009-07-13 02:15:19

America is a mountain they have to climb.So let them do it,but dont blame the fans if they forget them in a couple of years,spent in US XDD

Comment by LoveTH
2009-07-13 13:27:08

Yea, I’m not blaming the fans, I’m just complaining about the music industry πŸ˜›

Comment by Denise
2009-07-12 09:27:59

Yeah, I totally agree with you guys! They should show their european fasn some love too!:(<3 We miss them so much!
I hope they will coem to Scandinavia!!:)<3 Please come to Norway you guys, you have NO IDEA how many fans you’ve go here!!! WE LOVE YOU! In norwegian; VI ELSKER DERE!!!

Btw, who the f*** is that Martin dude? I think he might be a faker!:/

Comment by Ella.
2009-07-12 14:18:40

Han Martin fyren er en sΓ₯nn fra cherrytreerecords eller no, han driver pΓ₯ et eller annet med TH. Jobb sammenheng, men hva aner jeg ikke..

Yeah, they should really, really do a Europe tour BEFORE the us tour. They should definitley come to Norway. They have never even held a concert here. And Norway loves them!
(like many other countries.)

Comment by emmaloukaulitz
2009-07-12 09:35:05




Comment by Rachel
2009-07-12 10:05:52

ths isnt fare they sped alot of time in america no wonder the european fans are leaving them

Comment by allison
2009-07-12 10:07:26

that would be great!!! hope they come near me!!!!

Comment by Cynthia
2009-07-12 10:12:37

omg im going to be there in october ahhh

Comment by Emily
2009-07-12 10:15:15

Yay. I want them back in America :]

Comment by Stacia
2009-07-12 10:20:22

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! Tokio Hotel will be in the U.S. in October. I have been waiting so long!!!

Comment by Stacia
2009-07-12 10:27:29

For those who asked, Martin is an A & R Executive. He has a sweet, sweet job. He is the liason for the artists and management at Cherrytree Records. He just got back from Europe last week where he took some meetings on behalf of Tokio Hotel and Lady Gaga. Management took him to a couple of shows, one of which Lady Gaga was performing.

Like I said, his job is sweet…he works in Los Angeles…his business trips take him to Germany and all over Europe, and he gets to meet Tokio Hotel in person…. SWEET!!!

You can find out more about Martin at

Comment by Ella.
2009-07-12 10:51:40

I think they should do a Europe tour first, they are from Europe. And it’s a pretty long time ago they had a concert in a European country. They are spending a lot of time in America. And the most of the Tokio Hotel fans are actually in Europe, the reason why they are losing more and more fans in parts of Europe and getting more fans in America is because some of them who were fans of Tokio Hotel think that Tokio Hotel forgot all about the European fans and care more about the American.

They should really do a tour in Europe first, especially in the countries they haven’t even been to, yet.

Comment by rayzerTH
2009-07-12 11:59:15

i agree and i’m not even from anywhere near europe, its just that, they arent bid becuz of their american fans its there european fans, by all means go to america but dont go hiding in ur home and then go all out in american thats not fair and they should come to the caribbean too cuz well they have fans here and we wanna see them too : (

Comment by Tascha
2009-07-12 10:54:33

fuck america tbh.
who gives a fuck about america?
dont they care that they are losing all of the european fans?
they think there is a lot of american fans?! the american fans could never understand just how huge TH is here.. since 2006..
for every us fan there is multiple EU fans -_-
i’m not trying to hate on americans!! just… ughh…they’re ignoring europe constantly. If they divided it equally maybe people wouldn’t be so agry, but it’s just AMERICA AMERICA AMERICA. Whatever happened to Europe? πŸ™

Comment by alissa
2009-07-12 13:49:48

I agree! I’m sick of hearing about America! Europe has more fans, which means bigger Arena (instead of Americas little clubs) which means more tickets sold, which means more money, I think they’ll stay here in Europe they promised…. They no they have more fans here. Maybe if they go to America it’ll just be on tv shows just to promote there album. But I have faith that they will tour Europe first.

Comment by Vy
2009-07-12 17:11:42

guys, there are a lot of american fans on this website including me…no need for dissing countries please

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Comment by Nel
2009-07-13 02:16:17

U’r right,American fans are fans too and i think it will be nice if they tour in both continents.

Comment by maddi
2009-07-12 13:50:59

Hey!Im from the US & me and a couple of my friends hav loved TH since 2006

and i kno we rnt the only ones.

Comment by angela
2009-07-12 11:02:14

whoo hoo i live in the us

Comment by LoveTH
2009-07-12 11:27:47



(not that the JBs are that good but you know what I mean)

Comment by F U
2009-07-12 12:00:04

no one with good taste in music cares about the Jonas Brothers! You are a new fan so shut the **** up! Your fellow Europeans and even most American fans have known about them longer than you, so you don’t have the right to complain yet!

Comment by Allison
2009-07-12 13:25:10

A little harsh but yeah jonas brothers suck @$$.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by LoveTH
2009-07-12 13:56:46

Ok. no need to be so rude.

I know the jonas brothers suck but I meant that america allready have loads of famous bands and stuff and they shouldnt hog all the ‘talent’.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by alissa
2009-07-12 14:02:50

Ya she does have the right to complain!!! Don’t be so bitchy! Tokio hotel belong here in Europe! LoveTH lives here in Europe Which gives her the right to complain! I’m Eurpean and I give her permission to complain! OKAY So just ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

When all you American fans don’t see them because there touring Europe. You guys are all going to be complaining and wanting TH and I know Americans haven’t none TH as long as fans here in Europe, especialy Germany…

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Vy
2009-07-12 17:10:32

okay guys, STOP ARGUEING…im sure tokio hotel wants to tour both europe and america…america can love TH too…spread the love and the music people! πŸ˜€

Comment by *TUGA*
2009-07-12 12:02:09

yh tokio hotel our ours im fo portugal but i live in england and i want tokio hotellllll in europe:(

Comment by iiStarβ˜†
2009-07-12 13:27:02

omg we cud share them, they love the usa anyways :]]

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Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-07-13 14:23:46

JB sucks.

Comment by alissa
2009-07-13 20:20:01

I agree

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Comment by Helen
2009-07-12 11:37:55

they should come to Canada instead of the US

Comment by TAnniiiia
2009-07-12 12:43:12

Yeah !!
Come to Canada (Ottawa) more often β™₯

Comment by alissa
2009-07-12 13:52:49

You live in Ottawa! my cousin lives there! and he’s a fan of Tokio Hotel to! SO I AGREE WITH YOU! Tokio Hotel should go to OTTAWA ALOT!

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Comment by Dilyara Kaulitz
2009-07-12 15:02:17

Tokio Hotel should definetely come to Canada!
At least to the places they’ve been before, like Toronto and Montreal. I do feel bad for the fans that live in like Winnipeg but it’s a lot closer than europe! They can still try to fly over or something

Comment by alissa
2009-07-12 20:14:50

If they go to Montreal, Toronto or Ottawa, I’m flying to Canada! πŸ˜€ I love Canada

Comment by Nel
2009-07-13 02:17:08

I’ve been in Canada,it’ so cold and beautiful.<3

2009-07-13 09:56:36




Comment by Dilyara Kaulitz
2009-07-13 10:44:00

I love Canada, I personally think it’s better than the states (Just cause we don’t have 20 00000000 wars going on) Come to Canada then, Alissa!

Comment by alissa
2009-07-13 20:24:18

I love Canada cause the ppl aren’t racist to me like Americans have been. It’s more accepting to tourists from Europe. In America people in some stores won’t serve me cause they don’t like Germans. Thats why I have a problem with America, Because I’ve had bad experiences everytime I’ve been there.

Canada’s awesome, the boys are hot! <3

Comment by ashlee.freak
2009-08-06 09:53:34

Hey I wouldn’t be racist to you πŸ˜›

Comment by Emlicht
2009-07-12 11:57:38

I REEEEAAAAAALLLLLY would love for them to come to london!! i feel that their fans in the rest of europe (london esp :P) are feeling left out and unappreciated

Comment by *TUGA*
2009-07-12 11:57:56

youv only been once i i didnt know about you at the tme :.(
come to england
london and england wants tokio hotelll πŸ˜‰

Comment by TAnniiiia
2009-07-12 12:42:20

Come to Canada !!
And What’s the Twitter of Martin ?

Comment by Dilyara Kaulitz
2009-07-12 15:02:48

It’s cherrytreerec
Just search it exactly like that

Comment by Anniie
2009-07-12 13:21:32

4am!?!?! seriously?!?!?! don’t you sleep!? ahahahahahah


Comment by Allison
2009-07-12 13:22:41

please do a world tour- it would make everyone happy!!!!

Comment by iiStarβ˜†
2009-07-12 13:24:16

omg i want them to come
to los angeles!!!!!!

Comment by ashlee.freak
2009-08-06 09:54:15


Comment by ashley
2009-07-12 13:31:19

flipsyde just had to comment it didnt they… ._.

Comment by ashley
2009-07-12 13:31:50

and does he mean like here to tour?!

Comment by maddi
2009-07-12 13:49:13


plz go vote!! sorry i had to advertise here..but i cant see them losing to the JONAS BROTHERS :'((

The questions are:

1. What was the band’s first name?

2. Tom and Bill are twins. What is the time difference?
10 minutes

3. Which of the twins was born first?

4. In which famous museum is there a wax statue of bill?
Madame Tussaud’s many tongues did tokio hotel take in this year’s music awards? (the MTVLA awards)

6. how old were tom and bill when their parents got divorced?

7. In what talent show did Bill participate when he was 13?
Star Search

8. Why was the 1000 Hotel’s tour through Europe stopped?
Bill’s vocal problem

9. Their first single in 2005 is called:
Durch den Monsun

10. In what city did they tape Zimmer 483 live?

11. What is the brand of hats that Tom wears?
New Era

12. In what year did they all meet?

13. For what store did the boys design a shirt?

14. Georg’s full name is:
Georg Moritz Hagen Listing

15. What does Bill’s arm tatoo say?
Freiheit 89

Comment by Marina
2009-07-12 13:53:22

flipsyde…did chantelle write that? comment =@

Comment by Vy
2009-07-12 17:08:11


Comment by alissa
2009-07-12 13:55:55

Obvously Chantelle wrote that about Bill….Cause the other members in Flypside are boys and I don’t think boys say that about eachother.

Comment by stace
2009-07-12 14:38:02

wasn’t there something awhile
back where Chantelle said she met
Bill and thought he was extremely sweet?

Comment by Nel
2009-07-13 02:18:08

haha Bill spent he evening in which Tom meeted Chantelle with the boys from Flipsyde so it can be one of the guys πŸ˜€
If i were a guy,i would be totaly gay and inlove with Bill.

Comment by Ella
2009-07-13 02:29:07

That was just a rumor, you know. : p

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by alissa
2009-07-13 20:26:40

LOL I totaly agree. If I was a guy I would 10000% be gay and hit on Bill whether he’s gay or not. πŸ˜‰

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Ana
2009-07-12 14:05:45


Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-07-13 14:26:05


Comment by stace
2009-07-12 14:36:53

My god,
I’m getting freaking excited.
Come to Arizona!!!!!!!
They have never done a whole length show here,
they did participate in Phooson though and play
a few songs=DD

Comment by Dilyara Kaulitz
2009-07-12 15:03:35

Maybe they can stop by Toronto and Ottawa and Montreal on the way? They can still include Canada there, after all we are still part of North America.

Comment by alissa
2009-07-12 20:18:47

They don’t go to Canada enough, It’s always America but Canada gets left out even though Canada is next door to America. If they do a Canadian Tour I’ll accept that without being pissed off but an American tour I’ll be pissed off.

Comment by Dilyara Kaulitz
2009-07-13 10:45:17

Yeah they have NOT been to Canada enough! Canada is great (when it’s warm) So they should come here more often. They have tons of waiting fans

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by alissa
2009-07-13 20:29:31

Ya the times they went to Canada it wasn’t nice whether but if they toured it in the summer, they would have a better time. Canada gets really hot in the summer, alot of stupid ppl think it’s cold all year round but it’s not….LOL

Comment by Dilyara Kaulitz
2009-07-14 09:44:23

I know! Ha people from other countries have asked me stuff like
“Do you wear parkas in the summer too?”
I’m like NO WTF?

Comment by Kris
2009-07-12 15:13:49

I’m so happy & proud that I live in the US. NYC to be exact. lol

But seriously, they should do a tour in Europe first and then America, it’s only fair..right? Because if it wasn’t for the European fans, they wouldnt be anywhere today!

But hey…money is everything these days sadly…

But you guys should stop with all the hate/bashing against America, grow up! Seriously! Some of you guys sound like little whiny 8 year olds. =(

Comment by Meg
2009-07-12 16:06:06

Agreed. πŸ™‚

Comment by Vy
2009-07-12 17:07:51

i live in ny too ! πŸ™‚

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-07-12 18:26:34

Yeah, I agree, too. I guess it’s appropriate for them to tour in Europe first, but people seriously need to stop hatin’ on America. It’s like elementary school, and the little kiddies need to learn how to share.

Comment by Vy
2009-07-12 18:30:41

i agree 100%

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by alissa
2009-07-12 20:22:43

Wait till TH tour Europe, then the American fans will be whinning……

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Kris
2009-07-12 22:39:58

Wow Alissa, very mature. Bravo! *CLAPS*
Are you 8 years old? Maybe You are…
Either way…GROW UP.

Comment by Ella
2009-07-13 02:33:36

People, come on. There’s a reason why the fans in Europe are starting to get pissed. It’s about over one year ago they held a concert in Europe, and they held one in America just a couple of months ago. And now again. Face it, I’m starting to wonder if there will be no Tokio Hotel concert in Europe before like 2011. If Europe is lucky..

But I’m not hating on America or the American fans, so don’t take is hating what I just said .. or wrote, lol.

Comment by Ella
2009-07-13 02:33:58


Comment by alissa
2009-07-13 20:34:42

Kris, the last time they played here in Europe they canceled the tour because Bill was sick and where did they go after he was better America. I’m not hating on America or the fans, It’s just we’re all getting pissed off and with the whole album delay we keep on getting promised things and then they change but of course they’ll go to America……

Like I said all you Americans are mad cause us European fans are pissed but seriously if it was the other way around you guys would be pissed too…..

So don’t say I’m acting immature…Put yourself in the european fans shoes and you know you would be pissed.

Comment by alissa
2009-07-13 20:39:01

And Kris I’m older then you.

Comment by Kris
2009-07-13 23:35:08

haha really? you’re older than me?…I’m 22 years old, So if you’re older than me then good for you! That’s awesome, seriously.

But Hey whatever dude, rock on. Stop the crying and stop the hating. It really is stupid.

& by the way, they went to America to get more fans and you know spread their amazing music. Be happy for them…just simply be their FAN.


Comment by Dilyara Kaulitz
2009-07-14 09:45:50

I got to agree with Kris… They don’t belong to anyone they can do whatever they want, they’re adults. I’m with them whatever their decision may be.

Comment by Aly
2009-07-12 15:24:01
Comment by Amyyβ™₯
2009-07-12 15:38:33

Maybe they’ll go to my birthday party on October 16th, then.
You can’t get them for birthday’s though, right?

Comment by Meg
2009-07-12 16:07:01

Honestly, I don’t really care… which country they go to first.
As long as we see new photos and videos of them. πŸ˜›

Comment by Kris
2009-07-12 16:23:56

Yes, I agree!! lol =)

Comment by Kiri,,
2009-07-12 16:23:26

When are they ever going to Norway? Its stupid they went to USA rigth after Bill could sing again, insted of bringing the European tour on again D:

Comment by Soraya
2009-07-12 16:58:04

Yay! i’m glad they’ll be here in October, hopefully they do a concert on my b-day near here. *Fingers Crossed*

Comment by Vy
2009-07-12 17:07:19

omg YAY! that def means they are coming to new york city!

Comment by Kris
2009-07-12 17:27:56

ohhh yeah! =)

*does a dance* lol

Comment by Vy
2009-07-12 17:33:05

haha..shout out to NEW YORK fans!! πŸ˜€

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Kris
2009-07-12 17:37:33

woo hoo!!! lol

Comment by Vy
2009-07-12 17:13:26

STOP DISSING AMERICA PEOPLE..ITS RUDE AND NOT NEEDED…im sure tokio hotel will be touring in europe too..just stop the country bashing..its uncalled for

Comment by Kris
2009-07-12 17:28:37

Exactly, I agree!! =)

Comment by stace
2009-07-12 17:28:48

yeah, I think every single
country is great=DD
We can all share the love^_^
Whatever country Tokio Hotel
goes to first will be just
as deserving as the others.

Comment by Vy
2009-07-12 17:34:09

exactly! i love europe to death..but they cant hog tokio hotel forever lol

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by stace
2009-07-12 17:36:07

well, actually we (america)
have been kinda hogging them.
they were here all last year,
so I do think it would be good
if they did a tour in Europe.

Comment by Vy
2009-07-12 17:40:22

yeaaa, europe does deserve them more..BUT, they must tour america again..bcuz when they were in new york i missed their concert..and i sadly wasnt allowed to go to bamboozle last year heres the plan… europe first and THEN america lol

Comment by stace
2009-07-12 17:44:09

sounds good;)
yeah, I live in AZ
so I got to see them perform
a few songs at Phooson, but I
would love to see a regular

Comment by Vy
2009-07-12 17:52:19

yeaaaa, u should fly to new york..they did a lot of full concerts here ! πŸ™‚

Comment by stace
2009-07-12 18:18:44

haha I wish.
New York sounds amazing,
I’ve always wanted to go[=

Comment by Kris
2009-07-12 18:19:22

& i heard they really like NY too lol =P

Now you see, all the love is back!
What we all have to remember is that WE ALL LOVE Tokio Hotel and we should all want the best for them and we shouldn’t hate on any fellow fan or their country =)

I just wanna say though, Whoever had the chance to see them live and meet them, that’s freaking awesome! I still haven’t =( LOL but I am determined this time around!

Comment by Vy
2009-07-12 18:32:18

yeah, next time they play at bamboozle ill be 16 so my parents will let me go! :)..and yeah new york is awesome πŸ™‚

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-07-12 18:38:12

Kris, you’re absolutely right. We all should be spreadin’ the TH love. =)

Comment by Vy
2009-07-12 17:13:45

wheres ich bin?

Comment by Vy
2009-07-12 17:58:30

i miss her “tom take off your shirt” comments πŸ™

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-07-12 19:00:08

Oh yes, yes, yes! Time to get my hopes up. Too late to keep them down. I probably should contain myself, though, because Martin is never clear about this stuff. Hey, here’s hoping.

Comment by Cookie
2009-07-12 19:34:41

nah! haber y chantelle q tiene q decir de Bill?? si solo salio con Tom por publicidad… pobre nena….

Comment by ash
2009-07-16 04:22:38

Verdad y con pensar que uso a Tom para darle un poco de fama a Flipside me dan ganas de caerle ensima esa Malibu Barbie.

Comment by Elizabeth Scherf
2009-07-12 21:06:39

o my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wish they would come to Ottawa,Canada!!!! And in October??? *sigh* here’s to hoping πŸ˜‰

Comment by Dementa Lana
2009-07-12 21:24:00

THEY NEEDD TO COME TO ORLANDO FLORIDA AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! I DIDNT HAVE THE CHANCE TO SEE THEM LAST TIME!!! i wanna meet bill so badly….and tom! they both seem like such sweethearts…when they are not argueing…..but still!

Comment by skylar
2009-07-12 22:22:29

OMFG i hate that my parents band me but still they need to come to largo clearwater or orlando florida. I HATE MY LIFE πŸ™ πŸ™

Comment by TAnniiiia
2009-07-12 22:39:54

I just hope that they come more often in Ottawa … or Somewhere NEAR Ottawa !!!! πŸ™
Guys .. We love you here … !!! β™₯

Comment by Nel
2009-07-13 02:20:01

Is he chating with Chantelle?
I hate her (doh)

And i feel 7 years old for hating someone i dont know.Though i love Bill without knowing him either,but love is another thing…

Comment by elonelsny
2009-07-13 10:43:43

who is martin???

Comment by xwelcomeXtoXmyXTHXparade
2009-07-13 11:39:35

OMG!!!flypside was on there!chantelle that whoar!
if i ever see her in my life i will curse her out in spanish,german,and french!!!!!:E

Comment by Ella
2009-07-13 14:32:50

And I’ll do it in Norwegian and Bosnian/Croatian! (:

Comment by ash
2009-07-16 04:19:11

LMAO dat would be mad hilarious yo well thinking bout it now i am laughing hard.=]]

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Jill
2009-07-13 13:53:05

May be in the US in Oct…..Oooohhh there really is a God!!! πŸ™‚

Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-07-13 14:29:32

Yaaaayyy =D

Comment by Emilie
2009-07-13 15:29:56

yay!!! my 16th birthday is in october!!!!!!!!

Comment by BiL kAuLiTz LuVeR
2009-07-13 17:07:05

i hope TH comes to US in oct!
im sooo pumped now! πŸ™‚
ps bill is amazing!
hes a shining star

Comment by alissa
2009-07-13 20:48:11

If they tour America before Europe, it’s really bad for their image. I don’t care if they play here in Germany but to be fair they have to play somewhere here in Europe. All the fans have waited so long and got their hopes up over and over again…And alot of fans have lost interest in them. For there career here in Europe sake they should play something here.
We are the ones who got them started without us they wouldn’t have a chance in America.

I think they should go to London they haven’t played there in long time and I know they have tons of fans there. Alot of fans have ditched them. I know America is really big for them but if they don’t play shows here there Eurpean fans aren’t going to back them up anymore (I’ll still love them) and then there just going to become sellouts. thats not good for there career.

But they did say that when the album comes out the first tour is going to be a european tour and so now all of us are waiting. I don’t think they’ll disappoint us again.

Comment by Rabbit
2009-07-14 01:34:06

i like bill very much although he looks like a gal. i mean i like him as a vocalist. the reason is that his live performances are not very different from the studio versions. so, ‘GOOD FOR YOU BILL’

Comment by gaby
2009-07-14 12:55:15

Tokio Hotel will come in Bulgaria soon,right?

Comment by CelXTH4life
2009-07-15 02:59:15

to me I personally dnt care where they go to tour jst as long Their<3 spreading the TH<3 love for everyone and makings fans there happy ^^ aha but yah they should have a world tour it’ll make all the debating fans against where they should go happy =] πŸ˜€ haha my 14th b-day is in Oct.Well if they come it will be awesome especially if they come to AZ ha last yr they performed at Phooson wow They<3 rocked it!!!!! ^^

Comment by Der Letzte Tag
2009-07-15 09:49:02

Why are they always going to America?! Come back to the Netherlands guys.. πŸ™
But I can’t wait untill their album comes out! πŸ˜€

Comment by ash
2009-07-18 00:24:17

OMG Malibu Barbie srry i had 2 say dat anyway cant wait 4 da new album. =]

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