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PICS; TOKIO HOTEL Köln – Nokia concert +Signing Session (27.08.09)

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PICS; Tokio Hotel Nokia photoshoot pictures

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SCREENIES; Tom Kaulitz

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INTERVIEW; Tokio Hotel interview with ILoveRadio part2

Post by Tokio Hotel Interview Part 2 This week Tokio Hotel celebrated, with their Unplugged-Gig in Cologne, their Live-Comeback in Germany. Backstage the Band took half an hour for an Interview with I LOVE RADIO. In the first Part of the Interview, Bill, Tom, Gustav and Georg spoke about their new Album “Humanoid”, […]

NEWS; Tokio Hotel TV – What they have in store for us =)

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NEWS; RTL Exclusive – Tokio hotel

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NEWS; RTL II News Bill Kaulitz Wants a Coffee Party.

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PICS; Georg and Gustav – party

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NEWS; Tokio Hotel: “Being an adult is relative” – Interview

Post by “Being an adult is relative” Children, time flies by: The Teen Stars from Tokio Hotel are almost twenty. Bill and Tom Kaulitz talk of crashes, with 15, their luck, to go shopping theirselves, and why they prefer to talk to Grandma’s. “Bill Kaulitz never leaves the house unvarnished,” says the woman […]

NEWS; Tom and Bill Kaulitz’s birthday wish is a coffee-party=)

Post by Tokio Hotel: Bill and Tom Kaulitz’s birthday wish is a coffee-party The Kaulitz-Twins have a rather unusual Wish for their upcoming Birthday. Berlin: The singer of the Popband Tokio Hotel, wants a coffee party – which includes cream-cakes – for his 20th Birthday on September 1st. And it would be “wicked”, if […]