CATCH UP – NEWS; Tokio Hotel Calendar 2010

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CATCH UP - NEWS; Tokio Hotel Calendar 2010

CATCH UP - NEWS; Tokio Hotel Calendar 2010

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Comment by Natali
2009-08-03 08:54:38

ohhhhhhh they are soooo beautiful…íts really nice to have pictures of them that arent stalker pics 🙂

Comment by lclolclolc
2009-08-03 10:44:54

lol ikr!

Comment by IMA
2009-08-03 12:31:02

Natali!!! Welcome back babe!!!

Comment by Natali
2009-08-03 13:01:17

thank you! i missed you all

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Comment by kaulitz_lover
2009-08-04 13:46:04

agreed 😀 (Y)

Comment by Nel
2009-08-05 02:55:39

Yeah,but there are too little.

Comment by IMA
2009-08-03 09:30:44

New pics!! New pics!! New pics!!

Tom looks HOT HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!!!!!! XDDD

Comment by ich bin nicht ich
2009-08-03 10:31:08

HEY!!!!! HANDS OFF!!!!

Comment by IMA
2009-08-03 11:54:12

Sorry babe but HE LOOKS HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May I borrow him for a little while?? Pretty please?!?! LOL

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Comment by Vampira89
2009-08-03 13:46:33

u can’t borrow him yet till i’m finished with him… ich bin rented him to me first. 😀 ok, u can have him. but u pay the rent.

Comment by IMA
2009-08-03 14:54:10

Of course I’ll pay the rent!! LOL

Comment by LoveTH
2009-08-03 15:56:52

Is Bill up for rent…

can I get the set?

Comment by IMA
2009-08-03 18:22:13

hahahahahaha!! The set!!! LMAO

Comment by LoveTH
2009-08-04 14:12:30

Ja, well you cant have one without the other!!

Comment by Nel
2009-08-05 02:56:08

How much he costs?

Comment by jolene
2009-08-03 09:48:21

BILL. . . . *drool*

Comment by penpey
2009-08-04 10:34:01

yup …

Comment by Nel
2009-08-05 02:56:28


Comment by valerie
2009-08-03 10:06:13


Comment by Lindsey
2009-08-03 10:08:11

awwwwweh i love the pictures XD

Comment by Lenchen
2009-08-03 10:15:09

HOT <3

Comment by ashlee.freak
2009-08-03 10:18:09

I don’t like Gustav’s new look 🙁
Tom got skinnier, Bill’s hair covers to much of his beautiful face & Georg looks the same !!!
why didn’t they do it shirtless? 😀

Comment by maddie483
2009-08-03 13:46:12

they should have done it shirtless!!!!

Comment by Vy
2009-08-03 23:56:02

couldnt agree more 😀

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Comment by ashlee.freak
2009-08-08 11:57:00

Hahahahaha that would sell a lot !
Come on be smart take of your clothes (Y)

Comment by Nel
2009-08-05 02:56:51

I want Bill fully naked 😀

Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-08-03 10:30:56

I vant it !

Comment by ich bin nicht ich
2009-08-03 10:31:46

I am going to Germany ASAP!!!!!!! Anyone wants to cover my shift for me?

Comment by Vy
2009-08-03 23:55:33


and haha i will for u 😉

Comment by Nel
2009-08-05 02:59:39

I’m in!

Comment by MONICA
2009-08-03 10:57:24

yo lo quiero por favor ……….. los amo tokio hotel

Comment by noussa
2009-08-03 11:46:47

welcome back admin
I loved this calendar
can’t wait to see a bigger photo of the plaid outfit Bill is wearing with his hair back, it’s so so umm:D

Comment by Nel
2009-08-05 02:59:59

I want it as well.TH spoilers 😀

Comment by VALMIRAA!
2009-08-03 11:49:08

Oh my goddd!
I want it so bad!

Comment by TomLover
2009-08-03 11:51:38

I’m sooo going to buy it, ofcourse! 😀 <3

Comment by IMA
2009-08-03 11:55:08

Eeeekkk nice avi!!!!! XD

Comment by angelicamarie483
2009-08-03 11:56:15

ohmigod i totally want this!! 😀

Comment by diana
2009-08-03 12:00:04

si que esta bien bonito el calendario yo me lo compro como sea…!!!!

Comment by Randi
2009-08-03 12:04:22

Bill’s hair is a bit BIG, but I likes it down.
Tom is fcking edible!

Comment by noussa
2009-08-03 13:46:37

it has always been big,lol

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-08-03 15:21:03

His hair has a bit too much volume, like it did when they did the H&M photoshoot. But I guess I’m kind of used to it now.

Comment by noussa
2009-08-03 15:48:55

I think it’s a new way to avoid using the hairspray to make more voluminous

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2009-08-04 01:37:30

well atleast hes thinking of the environment now!

Comment by Nel
2009-08-05 03:00:37

Bill’s hari has always been big,really.

Comment by Ginny
2009-08-03 12:07:33

gustav looks fat and like a nerd

Comment by Prittykitty
2009-08-07 01:50:47

Ya know I kinda agree,those glasses do nothing for him!!

Comment by Kitty
2009-08-17 02:42:51

🙁 Nuhu. He’s cute. In the ” emotionally scarred child” sort of way. I want to give him a hug.

Comment by kana kaulitz
2009-08-03 12:12:18


Comment by kana kaulitz
2009-08-03 12:14:01


Comment by Nat
2009-08-03 12:16:08

Awww, I love Gusti’s glasses

Comment by Dilyara Kaulitz
2009-08-03 12:37:11

I would totally get this if I had my own room to hang it up in and if it didn’t cost 25 bucks here.


2009-08-04 01:40:57

to be honest $25 is a bit much for a calender…hold on … WHAT AM I SAYING!?!?! im gonna get it as soon as i can find it… oh ..this might take a while seeing that my country is basicly tokio hote-less…i’m getting sick of Australia>:(

Comment by Dilyara Kaulitz
2009-08-04 10:50:55

Yeah I guess but I don’t even have a room to hang it up in… Plus my mom won’t let me buy a calendar for 25 bucks! We can’t buy luxuries like that. If it was 10 at least then I could buy it.

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Comment by Nel
2009-08-05 03:02:45

I’ll get two-one for making out with it and one for my wall,though i dont have any place.I’ll have to take off the 2009\s calendar.

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Comment by Natali
2009-08-03 13:02:57

hey guys i desperately need your help! does anyone speak German and can translate this for me?

Diesen Monat verlosen wir drei Meet and Greets für die Herbsttour von Cinema Bizarre!

Was ihr dafür tun müsst?

Schickt uns ein Foto von eurem CB Cosplay an und gebt außerdem euren Namen, eure Handynummer und eure Konzertstadt an.

Einsendeschluss ist der 21. August.

Viel Glück!

cuz the online translators are just not cutting it…its a contest that i want to enter but i cant figure out what im supposed to do to enter it!! please please help me!

2009-08-04 01:43:30

okay this will seem eather obvios or stupid depending if it works…
go to google and type “what does (copy paste the text here) mean in english”
i hope it works for you

Comment by Nel
2009-08-05 03:04:31

This month we draw lots for three Meet and for Greets for the autumn tour of Cinema weird!

What you must do for it?

If a photo from your CB Cosplay sends us and gives, in addition, your name, your mobile phone number and your concert town.

Closing date is a 21st August.

A lot of luck!

Comment by LoveTH
2009-08-03 13:42:17


they look so different. They’ve changed much, even their music.

Comment by maddie483
2009-08-03 13:44:51

they all look sooooooooooooo hot in all of theres pictures!

Comment by stace
2009-08-03 14:23:44

I know,
I think all 4 of them look amazing.
bill still holds my heart though;)

Comment by noussa
2009-08-03 15:46:24

same here:)

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Comment by LoveTH
2009-08-03 18:09:20

ditto 😀

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Comment by maddie483
2009-08-03 18:11:20

same here

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Comment by IMA
2009-08-03 18:23:23


Comment by penpey
2009-08-04 10:39:58

DUH!!!!!!!!! lol
bill it the fitty thats fits right into my hart lol
true yes cheesy verry

Comment by Nel
2009-08-05 03:04:52

bill looks better than before

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Comment by BillyZiTaZh89TH
2009-08-03 13:46:32

I LOOVE IT!!..i hope i can buy it from peru =/ !

Comment by Djanet
2009-08-03 14:22:54

Diesen Monat verlosen wir drei Meet and Greets für die Herbsttour von Cinema Bizarre!
This month we’re giving away 3 MEet and Greets for Cinema Bizzarre’s Fall tour.

Was ihr dafür tun müsst? What do you guys have to do?

Schickt uns ein Foto von eurem CB Cosplay an und gebt außerdem euren Namen, eure Handynummer und eure Konzertstadt an.
Send us a photo of your CB Cosplay(???) to and also give your name and cell phone number and your concert city.

Einsendeschluss ist der 21. August. Deadline is August 21.

Viel Glück! Good luck.

Comment by Natali
2009-08-03 17:28:39

thank you so much!!!! im not sure was cosplay is but…i’ll figure it out

Comment by Natali
2009-08-03 17:28:54


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Comment by Natali
2009-08-03 17:28:54


(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Natali
2009-08-03 17:29:11

oops i did not mean to post that twice

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-08-03 15:17:37

I like the second one in the first row and the first one in the last row. They’re all great, but I’m realizing that I like candid pictures better.

Comment by Nel
2009-08-05 03:05:35

i cant wait to see them full size!

Comment by *SilentLullaby*
2009-08-03 15:55:03

okay they look freaken hot bill looks hot he knows that already hahaha but still he looks hot and tom too so do the g’s

Comment by TAnniiiia
2009-08-03 16:03:34

Where can we find it ??

Comment by Natali
2009-08-03 17:29:47

so wait where can i buy it?

Comment by Nel
2009-08-05 03:06:59

In the TH site.But i think it’s available on the 18th of August.

Comment by bill`s team
2009-08-03 17:35:36

billl looks the hottest!!!!
i just think this is the bst calendar everrrrrrr!!!!!!!1
i just im tottaly in love with tokio hotel


Comment by IMA
2009-08-03 18:25:56


Comment by LoveTH
2009-08-03 18:09:48

do we have to wait till next year to get it, Im not sure i can D:

Comment by IMA
2009-08-03 18:26:46

No I don’t think so, calendars are usually out like 3 months before the following year begins. 😉

Comment by LoveTH
2009-08-04 14:14:12

phewwww cause I have a jonas brothers one atm *cringes*

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Comment by rabbit
2009-08-03 23:16:09

they are the best pictures ever!!!!!!!!!! they cannot be compared with anyone…..

Comment by Vy
2009-08-03 23:53:51


btw i know this is random but wouldnt she look cute with bill?

shes in a band called lights..idk i just thought they would be adorable lol

2009-08-04 01:46:59

i love it and all but i was just thinken if this was possible… how awesome would it be if the pic of tom and bill was on the month september coz of there birthday…

Comment by Xxjaselmen2009xX
2009-08-04 11:13:11

are they going like by month , if they are georg is the pic for my month , sad:( i wanted tom :'(

Comment by char
2009-08-04 12:08:35

they are such cool picutres!!! xx

Comment by Prittykitty
2009-08-04 13:40:41

Where can we order this?! I got my 2009 one from

Comment by kaulitz_lover
2009-08-04 13:43:33

where can i get one? 😀
and, do they have them in Canada?! 😀 😀

Comment by YANELHY
2009-08-04 21:58:52


Comment by Nel
2009-08-05 03:09:32

it’s a Bill and Tom picture on month!!!<33
The pics are incredible <333333
Bill is getting prettier and prettier.

Comment by Vy
2009-08-05 11:16:10

toms pic is for july!! woot woot!…id rather it be bill but whatev lol

Comment by lola
2009-08-05 11:47:06

i wonder how tom looks with straight hairrr
bill and tom are both wearing whiteee

Comment by Emilie
2009-08-05 18:48:19

where and when can i get this?!

Comment by bjf
2009-08-05 20:51:26

ohh lo quierrrooo

Comment by i_luv_th(0_o)
2009-08-07 04:47:20

wonderful :X:X i luv TH 4 everr

2009-08-10 16:40:18

hallo Cinema Bizarre fans!!

meine tickets habe ich bei gekauft!!

bei findet ihr noch karten für alle konzerte!!

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