PICS; Tokio hotel Screenshots from the London message video!

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PICS; Tokio hotel Screenshots from the London message video! PICS; Tokio hotel Screenshots from the London message video! PICS; Tokio hotel Screenshots from the London message video!PICS; Tokio hotel Screenshots from the London message video!

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Comment by Lynnnette
2009-08-15 04:13:04


Comment by Keshia Dolce
2009-08-15 04:14:20



Comment by ashlee.freak
2009-08-17 15:07:32

Bill ♥♥ 🙂

Comment by Penpey
2009-08-15 04:51:00

Ahh yey they seem happy lol
Bills hair is looooong and argh take of those glasses u fool LOL I wana we dose beaUtiful eyes lol yey I really wana c de new music vid
Yey me happy to c der faces and here bills voice ahh xxx

Comment by noussa
2009-08-15 05:05:02

and grown up!

Comment by Penpey
2009-08-15 05:08:01

I no they all look MANLY lol can’t wait for more

Comment by LoveTH
2009-08-15 06:14:10

Bills smileeee <33

Comment by Natali
2009-08-15 07:43:43


Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-08-15 08:12:53

They all look so GOOD.

Comment by penpey3
2009-08-15 08:23:50

soooooooooooooooooooooo good lol i wonder if they wer cold in my bloody country lol

Comment by Nachita
2009-08-18 12:12:57

urcountry???they neva came to mine!’cries’

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Comment by Natali
2009-08-15 09:25:20

I wanna screw all of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by jayy
2009-08-15 10:17:05

Tom don’t look like tom o.O Bill=cutie!!! Georg, funny smile 😀 and Gustav, I love the glasses!!!!

Comment by Lindsey
2009-08-15 10:20:10

i love how in the video its looks like Tom just wants to burst out laughing at something :L
i love them so much <33

Comment by BillyZiTaZh89TH
2009-08-15 10:28:36


Comment by michelle
2009-08-15 10:38:28

lol i think they were all trying to avoid laughing at bill’s accent XD
the little cuties:DDDDD

Comment by JumbieGirl89
2009-08-15 11:29:14

I Love Bill Yummie…

Comment by Winter
2009-08-15 11:50:43


Comment by Dilyara Kaulitz
2009-08-15 12:32:51

They are so gorgeous!!! They’re all grown up now.. But I wish they took their glasses off so that we could see their pretty eyes 😀

Comment by penpey3
2009-08-15 12:44:12

i no lol ahh yey im in my happy tokio hotel faze im gunu hop or and lisn to scream for a while

Comment by Dilyara Kaulitz
2009-08-16 10:35:08

Me too!

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Comment by DianaSchäfer
2009-08-15 13:54:35

Happy 4th anniversary to TH! 😀

Comment by bianca
2009-08-15 15:25:20

i luv gustav he’s the sexiest and so is tom

Comment by kaulitz_lover
2009-08-15 15:19:56

AWW, gustiii x) <3

Comment by bianca
2009-08-15 15:23:27

altough im starting to like tom’s new look, i miss his dreads and hat’s….y did he have to change it y….i hope it’s temporary

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-08-15 16:50:03

I wish they would all take off their glasses, so we can see their pretty eyes. I love Bill’s adorable grin. They all look cute and happy. That’s what I like to see. =)

Comment by waffles
2009-08-15 17:04:05

LOL toms sunglasses make him look like he has bug eyes

Comment by Belukaulitz
2009-08-15 17:09:57


Comment by jolene
2009-08-15 20:10:24

wow, i like these pictures better than the nasy posed photoshopped ones. they look totally natural, and you can actualy see the resemblance in bill and tom.

i think they should take a day to dress the same and do their hair the same. just for fun. ^_^

Comment by cami
2009-08-16 02:07:03

zomg drolling bout how hot bill and tom look !!!

Comment by Vampira89
2009-08-16 02:26:48

if you look closely, Tom and Georg looked like blind men… 😀 imagine that when they were doing the vid and the cam focus on the two but the two were looking at different direction and smiled. 😀 lmao… especially georg, coz his glasses are like for the blind. too dark~! 😀 JK. but look at them!

Comment by Emily
2009-08-16 05:41:27

Omg. They all look really funny. I like Georg’s face! Hahaha.

Comment by Natali
2009-08-16 09:57:17

im looking at it and im thinking: tom and bill look so different but of course still beautiful and amazing and sexy…and then gustav is mostly the same except hes wearing his glasses and he didnt used to do that so much so it still looks different…
and then georg is just…georg. hes so comfortingly the same and just as amazing as always. i mean, yeah he lost some weight but you can really see that in the pic. and its really nice to see that at least one of them didnt change…
idk. i spent like 15 minutes staring at them thinking this last night.

2009-08-16 14:51:58

salen bien lindos

los cuatro los quiero mucho TOKIO HOTEL <3

Comment by Nel
2009-08-17 02:10:43

Why is Tom’s head so ..weird??There’s something wrong with my monitor maybe.
And Bill is soo cute,his hair is awesome.

Comment by RaNiss4115
2009-08-18 21:44:51

aaawww this is so cute.. too bad we can’t see here Bill’s new nipple piercing!

Comment by char
2009-08-21 07:39:41

OMG!! they were in london!!! and i was on holiday at this fabulus moment!!! how did this happen omg how anoying!!! :O:O xx

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