NEWS; Tokio Hotel Album cover Automatisch

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Humanoid: Info
NEWS; Tokio Hotel Album cover Automatisch

Fan Pack Limited Edition
Album digipack with a Booklet which includes previously not published Pictures, 1 bonus DVD (with a Photogallery + 1 Thursday Karaoke) + 1 Tokio Hotel Flag – in a Box

Deluxe Edition
Album digipack with a Booklet which includes previously not published Pictures, 1 bonus DVD (with a Photogallery + 1 Thursday Karaoke)

Standart Edition
Crystal Album Case


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Comment by Marina
2009-08-22 04:54:39

Ugh…so similiar to Green Day’s American Idiot…=/

Comment by Marina
2009-08-22 04:55:49


Comment by laiila
2009-08-22 05:33:39

tokio hotel arent trying to be anyone we all know that!
and thats not the album cover its the “automatisch-single” cover.

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Comment by penpey
2009-08-22 05:35:32

beacuse its like
“theres no reall love in you”
and like its kind of a robotic spacey sound
and i love it

Comment by laiila
2009-08-22 05:59:43

yes atleast it means something that goes with the song!

Comment by Dilyara Kaulitz
2009-08-22 10:00:22

Exactly, that’s what I thought of when I first saw it!

Comment by Bonny
2009-08-23 01:51:39

The concept is similar, but the styles are completely different

Comment by Nel
2009-08-24 06:44:08

Yeah,but when TH copy someone,let’s just keep quiet πŸ˜€

Comment by kind vergessen
2009-12-15 09:48:21

i have been a forgotten child ever since i was 2 and ever since i have heard tokio hotel i feel like i actually belong somewhere

Comment by Michelle
2009-08-22 05:00:26

Nice I saw it cherry it’s fantastic soo automatic πŸ™‚ ….. U guys!!!! Pain of love, human connect to human, dark side of the sun and love and death are all full on YouTube I don’t feel bad because we are still gonna buy their album soo here’s a little preview I guess. There awesome humanoid’s gonna be sooo diferent!

Comment by Michelle
2009-08-22 05:03:07

@ Marina ur sooo right I didn’t even thought about it … still it looks cool thought but a lot ppl gonna say their copying them

Comment by Michelle
2009-08-22 05:03:08

@ Marina ur sooo right I didn’t even thought about it … still it looks cool thought but a lot ppl gonna say their copying them

Comment by penpey
2009-08-22 05:05:37

i really like it yup im saving for delux even if its like 1000000 pound

Comment by penpey
2009-08-22 05:37:00

i mean fan pack lol woops

Comment by Lynnette
2009-08-22 05:26:34

i think it looks great!

Comment by laiila
2009-08-22 05:34:24

like it πŸ™‚

Comment by noussa
2009-08-22 05:47:23

nice, it describes the song in a sci-fi way
I like it because it means sth and not just some random thingy

Comment by Minnie Mouse
2009-08-22 05:54:42

Yeah and to be honest, I was bored of the covers that include band’s photo πŸ˜€ I don’t count live ones (eg Zimmer 483 live and Schrei live dvds) but I’ve always thought their album covers could be better …

Comment by penpey
2009-08-22 07:23:36

yeah i dont really like just boring covers i like it when bands put thought into it not just there picture lol ok i understand shrie cus like bill was screamin so yeah
i really love this one cant wait to buy it

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Comment by Nel
2009-08-24 06:46:15

Boring?I dont think Bill’s face can ever be boring…

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Natali
2009-08-22 06:06:52

how can you get the special deluxe stuff? i want it!!!!

Comment by penpey
2009-08-22 07:24:18

i no same im ust gunu save loads and then just buy it when i can

Comment by Lilli483
2009-08-22 09:41:43

ohhh I definitely want ‘Fan Pack Limited Edition’ !! πŸ™‚ *dreaming for it*

Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-08-22 09:51:10

Im getting Fan Pack.

Comment by Dilyara Kaulitz
2009-08-22 10:01:03


Comment by penpey
2009-08-22 13:47:01

ahh u have a nice sister lol
when is your birthday?

Comment by Dilyara Kaulitz
2009-08-22 14:12:38

September 23!

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Penpey
2009-08-23 03:53:21

Ahhh cool

Comment by poprockprincess
2009-08-22 10:07:51

What was their inspiration for writing the Automatic song? I’m curious, I read a not very nice article and hope it’s not true.

Comment by noussa
2009-08-22 10:23:40

what did the article say?

Comment by Michelle
2009-08-22 10:35:48

Yeah, what did it say? Just curious.

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Comment by TomLover
2009-08-22 10:57:25

yeah, what did it say? Tom has become a robot to Bill? xD Sorry (a)

Comment by Cynthia
2009-08-22 10:13:53

i like it but i dont at the same time i dont like it cause its too much like greenday (american idiot) but its still really cool

Comment by alissa
2009-08-22 11:44:21

Where and when can we get the “fan pack” edition?????

Comment by alissa
2009-08-22 11:49:03

I’m a huge fan of green day and I don’t think this looks like the American Idiot album cover, It’s totally different. It’s has simmilar details but alot of albums by other artists have similar details. I think it looks Coool and it looks better then green days. I love it!

Comment by rayzerTH
2009-08-22 16:05:56

yea i agree, i love green day to bits, but thier heart was a heart grenade, this one from TH is alot different, i dont see the similarity at all between the two covers, i mean, its a heart…. they’re both awsesome.. end of story πŸ˜€

Comment by titta223
2009-08-22 13:07:46

Well dat sounds very expensive but worth it..I’m soooo buying it….

Comment by Titta
2009-08-22 13:09:43

Well dat sounds very expensive but worth it..I’m soooo buying it………….

Comment by Titta
2009-08-22 13:10:36

Well dat sounds very expensive but worth it..I’m soooo buying it….wen it comes out

Comment by nicky
2009-08-22 13:10:49

i love it…it’s so different from their last albums….i am sure heading for the fan pack…;)

Comment by penpey
2009-08-22 13:47:35

crud i wonder how much
“limitid” is

Comment by Britter
2009-08-22 15:39:48

i know, because 20 per store isn’t going to cut it.

Comment by Penpey
2009-08-23 03:55:03

Nope lol people are gunu be swarming for it well at least I will be lol

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by kaulitz_lover
2009-08-22 14:29:40

uhm, to be honest, i dont like it, :S 😐
i hope its not the Humanoid album cover! :S :S
my mom hates them alrdy, & with that as its cover, im sur ei wont be able to get the CD D: -_- :'(

Comment by Britter
2009-08-22 15:41:41

why? is it their image or their music? My mom used to be that way because of the way a group looked.

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-08-22 15:17:01

I want that limited edition fan pack! I don’t understand, though. That’s just the cover of the single, right? All that stuff comes with the single? Well, I’m buying everything! ^_^

Comment by Nel
2009-08-24 06:47:41

Ialways the limited versions,like with COC. πŸ˜€

Comment by *TH*
2009-08-22 16:35:20

ya same here i want it all

Comment by Roxi
2009-08-22 18:34:26

Oh my gosh! I have to get the fan pack!!! Does anyone know when it’s available?!!!

Comment by Nel
2009-08-24 06:48:56

I think it’s still not available.

Comment by Emily
2009-08-23 03:06:21

Ooooo! This is so exciting!!!!

Comment by bianca
2009-08-23 08:12:14

how do you get the fan pack one? do oyu specialy order it? or just go out and buy it at a store that sells cds

2009-08-23 13:27:52

asu yo me la compro

el fan pack

Comment by Nel
2009-08-24 06:50:00

They look really similar,but the idea is different and you can sense that,
Well,Bill is a Green day fan ,so what?
Both bands rulz

Comment by welcomeX2XmyXTHXParade
2009-09-03 20:02:14

i HATE IT!!!!!!
they just arent themselves anymore!!!!!!!! its ok to change but theyve…mutiniced LOL ok maybe not so harsh but they have flipped theyre style

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