NEWS; New Tokio Hotel pictures from the Music Video Set Of Tokio Hotel’s ‘Automatic’

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NEWS; New Tokio Hotel pictures from the Music Video Set Of Tokio Hotels Automatic

NEWS; New Tokio Hotel pictures from the Music Video Set Of Tokio Hotels Automatic

NEWS; New Tokio Hotel pictures from the Music Video Set Of Tokio Hotels Automatic

NEWS; New Tokio Hotel pictures from the Music Video Set Of Tokio Hotels Automatic


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Comment by Aimee
2009-08-25 09:59:14

God..Bill is hot! : D <3

Comment by noussa
2009-08-25 10:00:59

Bill cute and hot as always
Tom has some big muscles now, nice!!!

Comment by Vampira89
2009-08-26 08:17:43

we were right after all.. he is buffing him up for his big 20… πŸ˜€ awesome…

Comment by sara kaulitz
2009-08-26 20:21:23

i cant believe they are gonna be 20 tuesday they have grown up way 2 fast (now i sound like their mother lol)
and i have 2 start school on that day πŸ™

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Comment by astrid
2009-08-25 10:07:04

Oh my gaddddddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i need big buckets!!!!!!!!! but where are the g’s????? they’re drool worthy too!

Comment by IMA
2009-08-25 10:37:09

I can’t believe Tom’s arms… I think I dreamed about this picture yesterday hahahahaha

And Bill… OMG!!!!

Comment by MeghanLeigh!
2009-08-25 23:56:46

One time, I dreamed I was hanging out with Bill, and he was telling me all about his pet frog, he named “Zimmer”.

We were going to see Zimmer in his fishbowl when we noticed he wasnt there. We looked in the kitchen and were just about to give up, when we heard the microwave beep. Thinking Zimmer might have blown up in the microwave, we ran over and were just about to open it up when, POOF Tom crawls out of a hidden cavity behind the microwave clutching this frog.

Am I permanantly fucked up? Is this normal?

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Comment by Nel
2009-08-26 05:05:21

And i just had a dream about Gustav,Georg and Tom sitting silent and still in a small room.And then Bill came in and the whole athmosfere changed.He said :Hi,Mom, to Georg and he answered him :Hi,Son :D:DD:
And then Georg motioned him to sit in his lap and Tom did the same,And Bill was wondering what to do and Gustav,who was sitting on the sofa,made him some place next to him and told him he can sit next to him πŸ˜€
And Bill stood infront of Gusti and said:Okay,but get off,you prick :D:D:D

Comment by IMA
2009-08-26 09:55:36

hahahahahahahah!!! I guess we all 3 are pretty crazy don’t you think??

I also dreamed once I was at the Maldives with the twins… that dream wasn’t funny AT ALL.

Comment by MeghanLeigh!
2009-08-26 11:50:54

LoL that sounds pretty damn good!!!!

Once I dreamed that I was having Bill stay at my house then I went to bed and slept in until like 1:00 in the afternoon. Then my mom woke me up and told me to get dressed because there was a surprise for me!I just had to go out and wait on the driveway.

So i went out to the driveway and Bill came racing up in this uber-sexy reddish-orange sports car thing.

I climbed in the passenger seat and all Bill said was

“lets go shopping”


Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-08-26 13:39:51

I dreamed Bill was randomly at my house. Somehow, my dad and Bill got into an argument, and my dad made him cry. >_< So whatever… He got over it fast, but then he was bored in my room. So I suggested we just go somewhere. Then when we went out, Bill pulled over at some random hotel on the side of the freeway. There was some dinner party going on, so we crashed the party. After the party we got into the elevator, and some guy was messin’ wit me. But Bill chewed him out, which brought everyone’s attention to the guy and he ran off like a punk. U_U So then we were checking random hotel rooms to see if they happened to be vacant and unlocked. We finally found a door that was unlocked, and it was room 483. The rest is history. Or fantasy. Whatever.

Comment by MeghanLeigh!
2009-08-26 14:14:09


lol I wish I had THAT dream!!!!

Once I dreamed I was in highschool and I slipped and knocked myself out on the floor. I woke up looking into Bill’s face and he was like

“are you okay?”

so we became friends and then one day we snuck out of class and went and did Extasy in an abandoned bathroom. Then we started making out and… lol

and its funny because I have NEVER done drugs before so its kind of bizarre… lol

Comment by Vy
2009-08-26 17:03:10

hahahahhaha i wish i had that dream meghan

Comment by IMA
2009-08-26 17:08:42

Heeeeeeyyy I want both of your dreams!!!!!!!! LOL

Comment by MeghanLeigh!
2009-08-26 19:12:37

yeah can I have like a re-run????

Comment by Nel
2009-08-27 04:56:34

nice dreamm…and i always wake up at the most interesting part πŸ˜€

Comment by MeghanLeigh!
2009-08-27 09:02:17

Me too!

Comment by MeghanLeigh!
2009-08-26 00:09:08

Ill drool ALL over GEORG and see how his Freundine likes it!!! lol

No thats fab for them lol. I just Tom doesnt say anything to turn her off of Georg. I mean the pubes comment was a BIT much eh?

Comment by Nachita
2009-08-26 02:25:25

lol…how abt an ocean sized pond?

Comment by laiila
2009-08-25 10:13:36

i wanna go into that jacket wiht biiill!!!
oh my god he looks so HOT!!

Comment by Vy
2009-08-25 11:41:39

i wanna join! πŸ˜€

Bill looks so freakin HOT<3

Comment by MeghanLeigh!
2009-08-25 23:57:59

There was three in the Jacket, and the one who made the most racket yelled “ROLL OVER, ROLL OVER”

so they all rolled over and Bill fell out….

XD hehehehehee

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Comment by Marnie
2009-08-26 13:37:24

Ahaha, you can change that song to fit absolutely anything.

That’s why I love it. πŸ˜€

I’ve had lots of dreams about tokio hotel, but the only one I remember is when we were playing truth or dare with my friends and Bill was there, and i got to kiss him ^^

haha. ohh.

Comment by MeghanLeigh!
2009-08-26 14:16:34

Im jealous!!!! since we were talking about dreams I got upset and napped in order to try and dream about Bill and Tom.

I actually dreamed about Fable II.

and now i am all pissed off! πŸ˜›

Comment by penpey
2009-08-26 15:30:12

Fable II ha ha ha gr8 game
lol ive ha dreams about bill and that all im gunu type about those
those boys make us go crazy

lol i would so nab that jaket

Comment by MeghanLeigh!
2009-08-26 19:14:55

I dreamed about Old Town.

Not exactly Bill and Tom, but I bet Tom would have liked it there. Did you hear the interview where Tom said he lived in some sort of squat thing for a few days?

It totally reminds me of the place where you first sleep in Fable II……

Ima just going to blame my insanity on those boys. Good idea!

Comment by laiila
2009-08-25 10:14:29

and omg! tom??! he looks mega sexy!

Comment by astrid
2009-08-25 10:18:16

yeah! i know! gives me the creep! lol! he must have been hitting the gym more often now.

Comment by IMA
2009-08-25 10:38:05

If that’s how he’ll appear on that video… ok I have to prepare myself for this

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Comment by astrid
2009-08-25 10:48:21

me too! i have to borrow a nebulizer even if I’m not asthmatic! lol!

Comment by IMA
2009-08-25 10:50:42

Exactly… I was thinking about chilling pills… LOL!

Comment by MeghanLeigh!
2009-08-25 23:59:19

Muscle relaxents and those anit-seizure-anuresim pills might be a good idea….

I think we all need to go on a pharmacutical shopping spree to stock up our medicine cabinets for this one…

Comment by Nel
2009-08-26 05:05:59

I dont know,but his hand looks fat to me ,not with muscles :d

Comment by marg
2009-08-25 10:16:43

nice arms tom

Comment by Kiyoko
2009-08-25 10:30:39

Bill is hot??? WHAT!! You guys need to look at TOM he is the hot one!! lol

Comment by Namie
2009-08-25 11:18:47

O.O Tom looks good…Bill looks awesome too^^
I can’t wait for this video to come out! :3

Comment by lizzie
2009-08-25 11:35:46

OMG Bill is SO HOT
Toms muscles are BIG and hes hot 2
but where is Georg and Gustav? they r hot 2

Comment by Roxi
2009-08-25 11:50:00

I love bill but damn Tom has some major muscle going on!!

Comment by kaulitz_lover
2009-08-25 12:47:35

pic 1) daaaamn, bill, niiice ring ;D rofl i luv it XD where can I get one? ;p
pic2)tom looks amaazingg XD rofl ly, tommyy πŸ˜›

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-08-25 13:33:30

From what I can see, this music video is gonna be HOT. And the African sun has nothing to do with it! I wonder when the video is gonna be released. I’m getting impatient…

Comment by Natali
2009-08-25 14:05:26

this pictures are so hot!!!!! poor bill he looks cold in his big coat…

Comment by Ash
2009-08-25 14:07:58

Awesome pics!! =D

Comment by TH_4ever
2009-08-25 14:17:34


Comment by Blissfull
2009-08-25 14:17:52

i think i just peed my pants!!!! jk TOM IS RIPPED! BILL LOOKS GREAT OF COURSE!!

Comment by Kaylin
2009-08-25 14:30:09


Comment by Ale
2009-08-25 15:09:35

Bill… *drools* :Q_____


I was thinking… if Bill wears that big coat but Tom can show those muscles, is the weather hot or cool???

Anyways, I just melted πŸ˜€ @.@

Probably I will die with that video xD

Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-08-25 15:12:10


Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-08-25 15:12:46

..that was a little wierd, wasnt it ?

Comment by IMA
2009-08-25 15:51:54


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Comment by MeghanLeigh!
2009-08-26 00:02:40

Nonsense, I think wierd is like locking up pictures of TH in your closet or something…..

I was actually doing a victory dance, and pretending to stomp all over Chantelle’s silky blonde mane when I saw those pictures. Then I had a shower whilst simulataniously singing Automatic at the top of my lungs…

Comment by Nachita
2009-08-26 02:27:23

lol…thats weird!

Comment by Marnie
2009-08-26 13:43:43


Actually, I think it’s rather cool :}

You don’t often meet people that insane … I should know. We’d be like peas in a pod :B

Comment by MeghanLeigh!
2009-08-26 14:18:20

lol my victory dance is similar to the dancing banana icon you see everywhere…

maybe i should take lessons with Georg and Tom!

Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-08-26 16:59:56


Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-08-26 17:00:47

I made a mini-shrine of all thier pictures that ever came out in US magazine =D

Comment by MeghanLeigh!
2009-08-26 19:19:29

My mini shrine is on the back of the door. I have Bill, Tom and the gang all peeping out at me! Its great except when I am getting changed. Then It gets a bit wierd…


Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-08-27 17:54:38

Mine is on my dresser. Next a cute little jewlery box that has creepy music when you open it πŸ™‚

Comment by MeghanLeigh!
2009-08-27 18:27:57

thats perfectly normal…. lol

Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-08-30 12:30:59

I trip out any time anyone touches it πŸ˜€

Comment by Sunshine
2009-08-25 17:16:51

YAY! the BOYS ARE BACK!!!!….almost..

Comment by Jay Breezy
2009-08-25 17:27:08

o lala tom has muscles a new crush has developed!!!!

Comment by Dilyara Kaulitz
2009-08-25 18:47:14

Tom’s arms killed me yesterday!!! I’m not one for muscly boys but MY GOD WOULD YOU LOOK AT THOSE BICEPS/TRICEPS???

*drools all over keyboard*

And of course Bill looks amazing as usual!
It’s twinday at Tokiotopia, get yours hot and fresh!

Comment by MeghanLeigh!
2009-08-26 00:05:32

I was drooling too, and I was eating a bit of candy at that time so now my key board is all sticky… O.o

Tokiotopia is like the Fangirl’s “Chuck-E-Cheese”

and hot and fresh is EXACTLY how I like to take my twins!

lol XD

Comment by Dilyara Kaulitz
2009-08-26 08:45:31

LMFAO your keyboard was sticky ahaha
you’re funny!

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by MeghanLeigh!
2009-08-26 09:20:28

Its horrid, because you can’t use just regular cleaner on your computer, (I wikied it).

So now I have to go and buy special computer cleaner and its ALL TOMS FAULT!!!!!!!!

plus it make it so i have go wash my hands after i use the computer. And since laundry hasnt been done in ages, there are no towels to dry my hands off.

Tom: No towels? Thats completetly unacceptable!

ditto, Tom

Comment by Dilyara Kaulitz
2009-08-26 12:41:41

Well I wish you luck finding your computer cleaner πŸ˜€

Comment by MeghanLeigh!
2009-08-26 12:59:58

You know how nasty those Geek Squad guys at Best Buy get?

I was all like “yo I need some computer cleaner”

Geek: For what desktop or keyboard? Or do you mean do you need to get your computer to be wiped clean. If so, then you NEED to go to THAT department. *points at fellow geek*

Me: well its for the keyboard, I accidentally spilled candy and juice on it.

Geek: *Dirty Look.* (you know how Geeky people get when they hear about computer abuse)Then he points at a shelf and I scurry away embarassed.

Comment by Marnie
2009-08-26 13:46:56

Hold your head high! What you did was brave and funny. Don’t let those geeks get to you!

Stand up for your sticky-keyboard rights, GIRLS!

Comment by MeghanLeigh!
2009-08-26 14:23:08


Comment by Vy
2009-08-26 17:09:34

lol those geek squad guys are weird, once my laptop died and the guy held up my laptop and puts it up against his ear and said “u have a bad mother board” and im like wtf? how’d u do that? lol

Comment by IMA
2009-08-26 17:11:16

Hahahahahahahah!!!!! Geeks are nasty sometimes…

Comment by MeghanLeigh!
2009-08-26 19:17:33

they are like wayy to fucking smart. One time I was all crying cause I thought I completely fucked up my computer and would have to pay anoth 1000$ to buy a new one.

Then the Geek guy was like “Oh its just your charger. Its broken *he said this nastily with no compassion for a technotard like me”

and i was like DAMN YOU BITCH!!!!! I FEEL LIKE A TOTAL RETARD!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Dilyara Kaulitz
2009-08-27 09:07:44

That’s horrible. Whatever just let them think they’re the best, we’ll see where that gets them

Comment by MeghanLeigh!
2009-08-27 17:20:06

Probably wayy fucking richer than me.

Damn all those Bill-Gates WANNABES!

Comment by TH13Luver
2009-08-25 18:58:24

OMG! Tomi look so hawt! I luv da 1st pic of Bill. I like all da pics! WOO!

Comment by iLove Bill
2009-08-25 22:21:06

Aww bill looks so cute in his coat.
And the first pic, amazing smile, as usual. XD
Where are our loverly G’s?
they should be here too

Comment by Sammi Kaulitz
2009-08-26 00:51:33

tom’s muscles are sexyy *fangirl scream*

Comment by TokioHotel_Gurl
2009-08-26 01:01:42

I just wanna snuggle Bill in the last pic! Ill keep him warm!!

Comment by Rosa564
2009-08-26 01:42:18

Bill and Tom look really cute in those pics!!!!!!:)

Comment by Nachita
2009-08-26 02:41:06

‘spins,then falls flat on the ground”*paf!*

Comment by Nel
2009-08-26 05:07:29

Bill is gorgeous on the last one *daydreams*
So big…his hair is so big :D:D
ANd Tom has a very cute nose.

Comment by MeghanLeigh!
2009-08-26 09:22:14

I know, his nose has like the perfect amount of curvature and it flips up JUST the perfect amount at the end!!!!!

I personally think they should collect DNA from the twins and spawn even MORE Bill’s and Tom’s!!!!!

Wouldnt that be amazing?

Comment by IMA
2009-08-26 10:02:54

I thought about that too… a hair would work?

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by MeghanLeigh!
2009-08-26 11:53:04


lol and if I ever get close to either I WILL PLUCK A HAIR for the good of mankind!!!!

lol, the good of mankind HA

more like the good of all pretty fangirls!

Comment by IMA
2009-08-26 12:37:08

the good of mankind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, who’s gonna pull their hairs? I mean… who’s gonna pluck a hair??? LOL

Comment by Dilyara Kaulitz
2009-08-26 12:42:31

Haha I’ve thought of doing that xD
But if we cloned Bill his personality might not be the same! :/

Comment by MeghanLeigh!
2009-08-26 13:03:20

Shit, that might be true. Well, I think its worth the risk to try…

i vote we send Gustav into the fray to pluck the hairs. He is most inconspicuious I think…. And how could one stay mad at him he is too cute!

lol i havent used the word “inconspicuious” since i was 6 and loved the the tv show “Veggie Tales”

Larry the cucumber always used to say that word….

Comment by Dilyara Kaulitz
2009-08-27 09:08:55

Ahaha yes Gustav is a good idea. But first we need to get him on our side!

Comment by MeghanLeigh!
2009-08-27 17:21:41

Lets start a petition or something.

Petition TO rip the hairs off of the Kaulitz twins for the good of mankind.

Who wants to sign first???

Comment by Lizzi Scherf
2009-08-26 10:26:49

yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love Tokio Hotel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WHAT A COMEBACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Wannaby Bill's Girl β™₯
2009-08-26 10:27:13

OMG Bill luks so damn hot!!

Comment by the black rose
2009-08-26 13:40:53


The pain of love wont break us up
We dont need your salvation
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Comment by the black rose
2009-08-26 13:42:04


With me
One night
to share
Just you
and me
We spread
act casual So natural

Human connect to human
Boy meets girl, know what to do
Human connect to human
How can I connect to you?

Human connect to human
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Comment by Vy
2009-08-26 13:54:33

so dirty!!! lol

Comment by MeghanLeigh!
2009-08-26 14:20:38

Bill must be either incredbly masochistic (HIT ME) or must enjoy *gulp* kinkyness when it comes to connecting to other humans…..

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by IMA
2009-08-26 17:15:21

Well… after the nipple ring what you said doesn’t impress me at all LOL

Comment by MeghanLeigh!
2009-08-26 19:21:58

HAHHAHAHA hahahahahaha

good one. The nipple ring *gulp*

everytime I feel sad, I think about it and start to giggle.

I mean just saying the word “nipple” makes me chuckle.

its almost like in your very first Sex-Ed class and the teacher says “penis” and everyone laughs like crazy!

Comment by Nel
2009-08-27 04:57:58

I though it was “eyes catch,you are so natural” D;

Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-08-26 17:03:58

Tom wrote that song for me.

Comment by Vy
2009-08-26 17:10:15

hahahhaa πŸ˜‰

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by MeghanLeigh!
2009-08-26 19:25:21

Im literally dieing of laughter. I have read ALL of our comments and, quite frankly, if ANY of Tokio Hotel ACTUALLY read this, Im pretty sure they would….

Hire WAAAAYYYYYYY more Bodyguards

Comment by Nel
2009-08-27 04:58:28

Tom wrote it ?

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by MeghanLeigh!
2009-08-27 09:04:27

eh, makes sense.

Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-08-27 16:11:38

I dont think so.
That was just me lying to myself.

Comment by MeghanLeigh!
2009-08-27 20:03:49

I do that ALL the time XD

Comment by IMA
2009-08-26 17:14:05

Hooooooly shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s official, if I ever see Bill singing that song I’LL RAPE HIM!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by MeghanLeigh!
2009-08-26 19:23:45

If you need another to help you hold him down, just give me a ring.

LoL good thing Bill isnt ripped like Tom or else he would be abble to escape!!!!


(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by IMA
2009-08-26 23:08:37

Give me your number NOW LOL

I’ll definitely need help to do that… ’cause I’m definitely gonna… ok I should stop now

Comment by MeghanLeigh!
2009-08-27 00:17:33

Apparently us fan girls are `rabid`

i dont think stopping is going to be a possibility at this moment…..

must…. go…. find….. Bill…..

*incomprehensible muttering*


Comment by IMA
2009-08-27 09:41:53

Nooooo don’t write “handcuff” after I’ve read Human Conect To Human lyrics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Comment by MeghanLeigh!
2009-08-27 17:24:24


But hey you probably WERE going to think that one up anyways….. lol

hows this instead?

*incoprehensible muttering*

date rape drug……. roofies……

Comment by Marnie
2009-08-26 13:49:26

Damn boys made me forget what I wanted to buy off amazon.

Comment by MeghanLeigh!
2009-08-26 14:22:19

AHHHHAHAHAHA thats funny! Today they made me forget to eat lunch and now I am in a huge dilema because if i eat late lunch then I wont be hungry for dinner thus screwing up my enitre internal schedule…

Comment by Javon
2009-08-26 15:22:46

Tom’s arms look amazing

Comment by penpey
2009-08-26 15:31:24

well i always new that wer angles lol

Comment by IMA
2009-08-26 17:27:20

What’s not humanly possible?

Comment by MeghanLeigh!
2009-08-26 19:28:28

More like Humanoid Possible.

I now actually classify myself under Humanoid.

None of this Human Being bullshit!

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by penpey3
2009-08-27 15:12:05

there hotness lol
it should be aleegle

Comment by Drew
2009-08-26 16:45:38

Tom looks bitable!

Comment by Natali
2009-08-26 16:51:51

guys please the JBs are winning!!!

Comment by MeghanLeigh!
2009-08-26 19:26:10


GO VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by TheBestBandTH
2009-08-26 17:57:02

tokio hotel tv is back !! xD 8D

Comment by iiStarβ˜†
2009-08-26 18:14:31

ZOMG! wen they have a concert they shud skydive nd jump nd
wen they open their parachutes the Tokio Hotel symbol wud
appearon it nd they land on stage nd perform for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by noussa
2009-08-26 18:31:20

new automatic backstage video on MTV and TH TV is back september the 2nd

Comment by IMA
2009-08-26 18:59:57

Yeiii I’ve seen that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by MeghanLeigh!
2009-08-26 19:27:25




and even Tom thinks Canada sucks. I mean he dissed the CN tower…..

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Emma
2009-08-26 20:11:33

Well he likes Quebec πŸ˜‰

Comment by IMA
2009-08-26 23:10:08

No but they said the fans were pretty πŸ˜‰

Comment by MeghanLeigh!
2009-08-27 00:20:01

Thanks IMA! Thats just what I needed in these cold desolate times…

Its probably a good thing Tokio Hotel doesnt come to Canada often….

The hotness off of Tom`s arms would melt all of our igloos..


Comment by noussa
2009-08-27 08:25:29

you can watch it on youtube

Comment by IMA
2009-08-27 09:42:36


Comment by MeghanLeigh!
2009-08-27 20:06:18

I bet Tom likes it in Quebec cause of allt he lovey-dovey French Girls…… hey DOESNT BILL THINK FRENCH ACCENTS ARE SEXY????

je parle beacoup de francais BilL!!! WHOOO Merci beaucoup l’ecole pour les classes de francais!

Comment by Mollinka
2009-08-28 09:06:40

bill is so wonderful:D

Comment by Emily
2009-08-28 11:01:16

I Am Almost Too Excited For This. I Swear To God!! XDD
Bill Looks So Cute With His Winter Coat On!! :-*
So, There Was A Fire Last Night, A Big One 6 Miles Away…Noone Had Any Pictures, So I Got All The Good Ones.
I Sent It To The Newspaper Company Over An Email…And My Name On My Gmail Is Emily Kaulitz.
So They Publish The Picture On The Front Page, And Below The Picture In Big Bold Letters Sats
‘This Picture Was Taken By EMILY KAULITZ’

Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-08-29 10:09:18

Hahaha, how awesome !

Comment by abby
2010-03-17 17:14:11

I had a dream that i was in germany and i went to some random hotel in hamburg, Tokio hotel was in the same hotel so i asked if i ca meet them.

When i went to see them Bill said I could hang out with them, We went clubbing and crashed parties it was fun.

i woke up when i was about to be kissed by bill πŸ™

So sad….. πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

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