PICS; tokio hotel signing session pictures 2009

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PICS; tokio hotel signing session pictures 2009 PICS; tokio hotel signing session pictures 2009 PICS; tokio hotel signing session pictures 2009

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Comment by Vampira89
2009-08-28 06:26:45

Tom is all black now? Hmm… liking it… black is the new…. well, BLACK of course…

Comment by Nelja
2009-08-28 06:52:21

yeah….really cool
Bill told him to do that)))))))))

Comment by bianca
2009-08-28 14:37:18

this way they can be identical is some ways now. i liked his old look better but this ne wlook makes him llok more his age and grown up

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Comment by me
2009-08-28 18:07:06

GEEEZZZ!!!!! Bill looks sooo darn beautifull.. yet hot at the same time… its sooo hot how he can do both things at the same time… look incredibly beautiful yet look hot enought to make you wanna jump on him… ahhh…. dont think wrong people

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-08-28 23:20:51

Black is definitely better than rainbow vomit. He really does look grown up, but he also looks innocently cute.

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Comment by Vampira89
2009-08-28 23:40:59

like, he did it coz he knows the girls will be drooling and hyperventilating when looking at him… 🙂

BTW, did anyone faint at the show?

Comment by Natali
2009-08-28 07:11:21

did you notice that his hat has a tokio hotel symbol on it?

Comment by LoveTH
2009-08-28 09:10:06

Yeah!! I want it! XD

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Comment by MrsxBillxKaulitz
2009-08-28 17:08:00

I have one XD

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Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-08-29 14:54:47


Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-08-29 14:55:05

please ? 🙂

Comment by Nachita
2009-08-28 08:07:13

is bill wearing a SLEEVELESS top?

Comment by LoveTH
2009-08-28 09:09:50

Hes wearing TWO sleeveless tops *_*

Comment by Dilyara Kaulitz
2009-08-28 09:11:55

Good correction

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Comment by MeghanLeigh!
2009-08-28 09:49:11

Yum! I mean YES!

Comment by Dilyara Kaulitz
2009-08-28 18:19:23


Comment by Dilyara Kaulitz
2009-08-28 08:50:09

Bill’s wearing a shoulderbaring top again

*drools everywhere*

Comment by IMA
2009-08-28 10:21:19

Hahahahahahahaha “drools everywhere” LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Dilyara Kaulitz
2009-08-29 09:53:14

Yes I’m walking and all I can think of is this so I start drooling… My mom won’t be happy :/

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Comment by LoveTH
2009-08-28 14:07:05

*swims in her pool of drool*

Comment by laiila
2009-08-28 18:10:53


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Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-08-29 14:56:08

😀 Oh you fans !

Comment by MeghanLeigh!
2009-08-28 09:46:35


*must not damage computer. must not damage computer*

damn you Bill and Tom for being too sexy!

Comment by IMA
2009-08-28 10:21:44

I hope this time you’re not eating candy!!!!!!!

Comment by MeghanLeigh!
2009-08-28 09:50:18


Comment by Vy
2009-08-28 13:02:58

hahaha, their fingers must be falling off right now…imagine signing ur name literally 1,000 times…def exausting

Comment by Vy
2009-08-28 13:26:24

bill looks annoyed in the first pic for some reason lol

Comment by Danielle
2009-08-28 16:33:07

I think Bill’s new look makes him look like a Greek god or Indian godlike creature lolll Definetly out of this world …But still Humanoid 😉 Just a tiny bit too skinny but if he’s healthy its ok by me 😉

Comment by Tanya M
2009-08-28 16:36:56

They look so phenomenal and Bill’s voice was sexy.

Comment by MrsxBillxKaulitz
2009-08-28 16:40:51

I have a Tokio Hotel hat :3 Its got their faces on it XD It has that really shadow- picture where Georg is holding up his hands. I love my hat!

Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-08-29 14:57:51

Where are you finding these hats ?!

2009-08-28 20:24:21

yo creo que mi sueño si tuvo la razon….. fue que bill me habia dicho un secreto bueno y tom tambien que a ellos no les gustava su nuevo peinado … me dijeron que les habian obligado a hacerselo :'( me dio mucha pena …que cuando me levante estaba llorando…. asi dormida cuando me desperte tenia lagrimas en la cara

Comment by Emily
2009-08-28 23:06:16

Beautiful! :]

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-08-28 23:22:58

Bill has sex hair again, and that red in his eyes makes him look like a… I’m not gonna say it. XD Anyway, Tom looks cute.

Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-08-29 14:59:31

I think Tom’s cornrows are a winkle too long.

Comment by kaulitz_lover
2009-08-29 17:36:39

jelouse! D:
i wanted to be there!!!!!!!!!!!

+is bill wearing a muscle shirt?
maaan, i wanted to be there! Dx
lolll 😛

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