NEWS; Call and wish Tom and Bill Kaulitz a happy birthday!

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Say Happy Birthday to Bill & Tom =)

Bill and Tom turn 20 on September 1st, call (323) 767-8310 to wish them a happy birthday!

NEWS; Call and wish Tom and Bill Kaulitz a happy birthday!

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Comment by Amy
2009-08-29 04:03:43

If only it didn’t cost to call internationally!

I bet they’ll be bombarded with calls.

Comment by Jesso
2009-08-29 05:54:36

It cost me about £2.50 (Or like 3 euros) to do this call internationally. It’s worth it to say happy birthday to the boys though!

Comment by Catie
2009-08-29 15:52:48

do you actually get to talk to them, or is it just an answering machine?

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Comment by TAMMY
2009-08-29 20:22:55


Comment by Nel
2009-08-31 11:15:44

It’s a record and i cant connect…

Comment by Black Rose (Bill's wife)
2009-08-30 18:27:09

heeey people, please I need your help!
I call with the codes, it asks my number, I write it down, they say “hey we are TH, we just finished recording….” then I press 3 so I can hear the messages, then I press 2 but it doesn’t work, please help me, I’m freaking out!!!

Comment by vonne mcneill
2009-08-29 04:21:45

Wow, 20! Insane seeing them go from 13 to now. Georg and Gustav aren’t the only adults now. ;D

Comment by Denise
2009-08-29 05:01:17

How does this work?:/ Will Tom and Bill hear my message?

Comment by Natali
2009-08-29 08:24:35

you leave a message and bill and tom can check it and listen to the messages people left them. so yes, they will probably hear yours. i bet there will be a LOT of messages, tho, so…

Comment by Billyana
2009-08-29 05:37:20

But is this THEIR REAL PHONE or what? I can’t understand. And I’m so scared! I can’t call them!

Comment by penpey
2009-08-29 14:52:55

lol theyv prob just bought a cheap one they will destroy lol u leav a mssage and then they thec the anserphone and go ahhhhh yey but there will be MILLIONS of people

Comment by TAMMY
2009-08-29 20:24:41


Comment by sam
2009-08-29 06:32:22

crap! i want to call them so badly but im shit scared!!… how does this work anyways?? do they actually talk to us or hear us or what?

Comment by Vampira89
2009-08-29 06:46:40

Too much updates… i’m going to dissapear for a while… to get recover from the Tokio Hotel madness… See you guys later… 🙂

Comment by Charlotte x)
2009-08-29 07:48:33

i don’t think its Bill and Toms private phone…
and i think you get too talk too them but i have now idea x)
we just have too wait and see x)

Comment by Nel
2009-08-31 11:16:29

of course it’s not private

Comment by Natali
2009-08-29 08:23:30

it doesnt cost me anything to call them!
and no its not their real phone its Say Now, lots of people use it. what they do is leave a message on it and they can put more messages on it to give us updates and stuff and the fans can leave messages for them

Comment by amber
2009-08-29 10:58:48

i know its not their real number so they shouldnt call it,but happy b-day anyway,my birth day is in september 14 im turning 17!wooooooooooo!

Comment by TH_4ever
2009-08-29 09:31:38

ya . im gunna try to call them oh but its gunna charge me for the call =[ oh well its worth saying happy birthday

Comment by Dilyara Kaulitz
2009-08-29 09:43:01

I’m gonna try to call them but I’ll need to get a phone card do this cause it’s international. The area code is L.A! So I’m assuming Cherrytree is taking care of this

Comment by Elicia
2009-08-29 10:35:18

HEY GUYS, im back.. how does this work?? do i have to enter the Germany country code with the number given or just copy the number that is given[(323)767-8310]?? cause im not in GERMANY nor in L.A.. im in singapore……0.o ?

Comment by Dilyara Kaulitz
2009-08-29 15:27:27

You have to dial [1] (323) 767 8310

cause 1 is the country code for the States. And 323 is the country code for L.A. So it’s not Germany
But you should probably get an international calling card cause calling without it can cost quite a lot

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Comment by Aisha
2009-08-29 20:52:37

so GREAT! their birthday is tomorrow and mine is in 9th!! =D GOD I LOVE BILL!!! so yeah how does this work? do i have to enter the U.S country code with the number given or just call the number given as it is [(323)767-8310]? ’cause i’m not in U.S, i’m from Kuwait =]!

please answerrrrr pleeaaassseeeeee
just add me or send me an email i don’t care i only wanna call and say happy 20th birthday.. HELP!!!!

Comment by Elicia
2009-08-30 06:58:11

ok! thanks!! u’ve helped me alot!!

Comment by Elicia
2009-08-30 07:22:02

have u called them?? i have and it was a LEAVE-A-MESSAGE call… but im not using phone card.. i still havent checked on how much my phone value is.. i think it will cost alot but its okay cuz im using it to wish BILL und TOM a b’day wish! 🙂

Comment by Dilyara Kaulitz
2009-08-30 12:10:28

Haha no I haven’t called them and you’re welcome
I’m waiting cause my mom usually buys phone cards to call our relatives on the weekend so I want to use what’s left to call them

Comment by sofie
2009-08-29 10:08:22

happy birthday tom och bill kaulitz 20 år grattis

Comment by Alexandra
2009-08-29 10:18:57

I’ll try to call Bill and Tom but i’m scared 😀

Comment by Elicia
2009-08-29 10:37:42

me too!! im so scared that when they ask to leave them a message, i would break down and cry my eyes out or worst, put down the phone..

Comment by Kaylin
2009-08-29 14:10:39

Im really scared too! So it’s a machine that you get right?? If so, i might call them. I will probablyjust have a panic attack and have no clue what to say. I dont want to sound like an idiot DX i dont know what to do

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Comment by FrPHloveM
2009-08-29 10:56:29

Such a great idea. I am still going over and over in mind what I’m going to say- I want it to be perfect!

Comment by amber
2009-08-29 10:57:11

umm,seriously thats their real number?i dont know if any of us should call.not 2 be rude or anything,i would but thats fuckin scray as shit…hahaha what would happen if one of them picked up?lol

Comment by Black Rose (Bill's wife)
2009-08-30 18:29:45

they don’t pick up, you must record, don’t worry

Comment by HilfMirFliegenX
2009-08-29 11:10:10

I am so scared to do this. I’ll probably end up freezing up or crying on the phone. Ok, imma pre-write it, so that way I won’t studder or repeat stuff.
Holy crap, I’m nervous!

Comment by Kaulitzchic
2009-08-29 11:39:55

yeah me too lol

Comment by Michelle
2009-08-29 11:12:46

Its a recording and u can hear some of the others girls messages haha its funny I don’t give a fuck how much it cost I can pay… iguess 😀 its pretty cool

Comment by Kaylin
2009-08-29 14:11:14

You called?

Comment by Black Rose (Bill's wife)
2009-08-30 18:30:55

hey, I think you’re the only one who knows…
I called, I heard the other messages, but I couldn’t record… you know how to do it?? I’d call over and over again, but I have to do it please

Comment by angela
2009-08-29 11:32:37

cool international or not thats awesome!

Comment by Michelle
2009-08-29 11:34:28

It is international im from Puerto Rico and I called!

Comment by Ella
2009-08-29 12:47:46

What do you call with, do you only call 323 767 8310 or du you have to press any other numbers? o.o

Comment by Ella
2009-08-29 12:49:03

what do you call with, acutally, not what I meant to write, what it was suposed to say is what do you call. lol.

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Comment by Black Rose (Bill's wife)
2009-08-30 18:31:50

me too, but I couldn’t record, you know how?

Comment by Denise
2009-08-29 11:37:34

Will I get bill with the costs? Or will the money just diseppear from my phone? Can anyone who has called tell me about it? And is that a german number or american?
How much will it cost for me? (I’m in Norway)…I really wanna do this!

Comment by Ella
2009-08-29 12:46:23

Har du ringt til eller fra utlandet vet du nok hvordan det funker. Kommer ikke regning i posten, men pengene blir bare vekk fra telefonen din.
Jeg er ganske sikker på at det er et tyskt nummer, jeg søkte opp på google isted for amerikanske og tyske nummere, tyske nummere hadde 7 tall, mens amerikanske hadde 10.

Comment by Denise
2009-08-29 14:21:45

Ok takk, vet du hvor mye det koster ca?

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Comment by Ella
2009-08-29 15:57:47

Det koster mer enn å ringe rundt i Norge, noen litt lengre opp sier det koster 3 euro, noe som er litt mindre enn 30 kr, men du ringer ikke til Tyskland, du ringer til Amerika med det nummeret. Så jeg er ikke sikker. Jeg beklager. /:

Comment by Denise
2009-08-30 05:06:38

Det går bra!^^

Sorry at jeg spør så masse men, hvis jeg ringer fra hustelefonen, vil det vise på regninga da?

Comment by maddie483
2009-08-29 13:02:06

YES!! i need to call them later
this makes me exited its such a cool idea

Comment by Ella
2009-08-29 13:05:28

Ok, I’m really getting confused here, lol.
Is that an American or a German number? What’s the prefix to call to them? And are you suposed to call on their birthday or before? o.o

If you know the answers, please write back, really want to make a call. D:

Comment by Kaylin
2009-08-29 14:13:17

It’s an American area code for L.A.

Area Code: 323
S California: Los Angeles
(outside downtown: Hollywood)

(i used an Area code search)

Comment by Ella
2009-08-29 14:19:33

Ok, thanks. ((:

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Comment by Angel Namerah
2009-08-29 14:33:02

yeah but thats like only for germany right even if not i cant call them i will have a nervous breakdown no way i wont do it i will celebrate theirs and gusti’s bday on mines that is on 11 sept with all my frnds.

Comment by acbn
2009-08-29 14:36:25

happy birthday
i love billll

Comment by penpey
2009-08-29 14:56:35

i no im being a meany bitchy person but i dont really want to call
im sorry bill and tom u angels i hope u can forgive me

Comment by vanessa
2009-08-29 15:22:57

omg, so they’re in la? XD I’m so close to them!!! D: But I can’t call them, i’m scared one of them might answer and then i’ll have a heart attack or something! I’m getting so nervous!

Comment by Ella
2009-08-29 15:56:08

No, they’re not in L.A., they are in Germany, but the answering machine thingy is in L.A., because you don’t call directly to them.

Comment by Soraya
2009-08-29 15:30:37

does anyone know exactly how long your message can be?? jw, lol.

Comment by Black Rose (Bill's wife)
2009-08-30 18:33:25

3 min I guess

Comment by Aly
2009-08-29 15:34:15

whenever i try to call them .. it just says ” you cannot call this number ” why is that? btw im from malta (its in europe)

im calling the exact number 3237678310

Comment by Ella
2009-08-29 15:52:29

You have to dial 001 infront of 3237678310. 001 is the prefix to America.

Comment by Aly
2009-08-29 15:54:49

ohh ok thx 🙂

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Comment by Frudility
2009-08-30 06:06:11

so how much exatly does that cost ? ^^

2009-08-29 15:46:41



Comment by Blissfull
2009-08-29 15:50:11

YEAH im gonna invite my bff ovr so we can call them together

Comment by jelly
2009-08-29 17:45:30

i wasss soooooo scaredddddd when i called i didnt even know what to sayyyy :/

Comment by Frudility
2009-08-30 06:01:15

omg ,
you called them ?
that’s so awesome ,
so what exactly did you hear and how long did it take .. ? ^^

Comment by laiila
2009-08-29 18:28:15

i am soo gonna call them no matter how much it did cost !!!

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-08-29 18:31:00

I’m glad I’m not the only one getting nervous about merely leaving them a message. I don’t even know what to say. Words won’t even begin to express it, but I’m gonna try anyway. I’m a perfectionist, so it’s gonna take me forever to figure it out. I should probably rehearse first. Gosh! I’m so pathetic. >_<

Comment by kaulitz_lover
2009-08-29 18:49:53

im so nervouse, that i think i juuust may not be able to do it.. .:S BUT I WILL…. i hope DX
i swear, ill prob. rehearse too 😛 but im so nervouseee! Dx
dnt wry, ur not alone 😛 🙂

Comment by Katie
2009-08-29 18:48:23

Are we allowed to text the number, too, or do we need to call it?

Comment by kaulitz_lover
2009-08-29 18:48:45

oh god ya, i no!
i heard of this on their site, & i was like”WOOAHH” never in my WILDEST dreams [& my dreams are pretty wild ^_^ lol] have i thought of CALLING them!
but god, im SOOOOOO NERVOUSE what will i say?! how wod my voice sound?! :S :S :S
anyone els so nervouse that they think they may not do this? :S [but i will]
i jus wont call ’em on my cell. ;p
OR MAYBE I SHOD so they can call back.. 😉 loll

Comment by Katie
2009-08-29 18:49:20

Are we allowed to text the number, or is it a call-only number?

Comment by Kimberl
2009-08-29 19:58:06

i phoned and i was shaking like hell once i heared bills voice msg .. but still soooo coool i love them been a fan for 4 yrs now ^^

Comment by OLIVAROSE
2009-08-29 20:09:14

i called 5 minutes ago because i was so curious hahaha (:
its a message machine…but i have no idea what to say now :X so nervous lolololol…i wonder if theyll listen to any of them?

Comment by ferdiekeks
2009-08-29 21:29:08

i’m so fucking scared to call them!!!!! xD but.. i’m from mexico.. i just have to call 001 and then the number??

Comment by Emily
2009-08-29 23:24:10

I’m too scared!

Comment by Denise
2009-08-30 05:05:36

Oh gosh I’m sooooo scared!!!;S This is freaking awesome, but it scares the heck out of me…O___o I’m like shaking and all..;O

I think I’m gonna do it…

Comment by stacey
2009-08-30 05:34:23

i’m so scared to call xD

im just freaking out now xD

Comment by Frudility
2009-08-30 06:04:22

I’m from Europe ,
so what number must I dial ?

I’m pretty nevous for this though ,
my voie will sound soo horrible :s

anyway ,
please help me ! ^^
thanks .

Comment by Ella
2009-08-30 06:47:53

You have to dial 0013237678310 (: 001 is the prefix to America, then you have 323 which is to call to California, every state has it’s own thing, and then the number. (:

Comment by Black Rose (Bill's wife)
2009-08-30 16:50:06

thanks a loot!
you saved my life hahaha

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Black Rose (Bill's wife)
2009-08-30 16:53:09

no wait, I can’t…
it says I have to write my number, I do and it says it doesn’t exist… you nkow what can I do? ='(

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Ella
2009-08-31 09:32:35

When you dial your number when you press 2 I think you have dial your number with the prefix, for an example I live in Norway so when it asks me to dial my number then I dial 0047…, I dunno what the prefiz to your country is, but try with the prefix to your country. (: I think that will work. (:

Btw, how much does it cost to call them? o.o

Comment by Mitsi
2009-08-30 06:46:38

I can’t call them…..I’m so so so nervous….like all yours.Oh my god my heart beating fast…….ok!! Calme!!! I’ll do it!!! I’ll call them right now……..Wish you good luck!!!

Comment by THFan4Ever
2009-08-30 11:18:00

do u need a calling card to call them or just call cause im not really sure and im really nervous i need help do u just call or u have to get a calling card like an internatinal calling card HELP ME PLZ!?!?!?!?! PLZ I REALLY WANT TO CALL THEM AND WISH THEM A HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY PLZ HELP ME THANX!!!

Comment by Chelsea
2009-08-30 11:22:26

hey everyone i need help do u just call or do u need a calling card like an internatinal calling card i realy want to wish them a happy b-day so ya u just call them and thats all or u need a calling card plz help me i really am nervous and dnt know wat to do PLZ HELP!!!!

Comment by Chelsea
2009-08-30 11:25:07

if u do need a calling card tell me wat is the area code like for i can call help me plz thanx

Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-08-30 13:20:38

Lol, im nervous too, but i dont think ill call.
Ill send a birthday message telepathicly.

Comment by Black Rose (Bill's wife)
2009-08-30 18:26:42

heeey people, please I need your help!
I call with the codes, it asks my number, I write it down, they say “hey we are TH, we just finished recording….” then I press 3 so I can hear the messages, then I press 2 but it doesn’t work, please help me, I’m freaking out!!!

Comment by bambi
2009-08-30 18:29:26

wait i dont get it if i live in cali. will it charge me or not im soo lost here……help me understand!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Nel
2009-08-31 11:17:29

i am so mad…i dialed and i cant connect.And i really want to wish them Happy birthday and i was thinking so hard what to say 😀

Comment by dxn!3lx♥TH♥
2009-08-31 19:22:52

i’m from Nicaragua
I call, ask me my phone number, i write it, but them i don’t know what to do, maybe i don’t understand the instructions because i’m nervous and i’m not so good understand instruction when i hear it in english, can someone write me the steps that i have to follow?

2009-09-01 04:31:12

hi guys, i wanna call them but i dont know how!!

should i dial 8523237678310 or something???

I am living in Hong Kong,China.

PLEEAASE goodness i really wanna call 🙁

2009-09-01 04:32:25

ok, i need to know how i can call them???

I dont know which code or prefix or thing to use!!!

Im living in Hong Kong, China.

please someone help,lol i badly wanna call them 🙁

Comment by Nicole
2009-09-01 04:39:58

I did not have to give my number. I got the TH message and than could press 2 for do mine, after that twice 1 for sending. After that you get messages from others.. (someone started with OMGxD) but I hanged up than,dont need to hear from others

Comment by Emms
2009-09-01 07:29:51

So, I tried calling, but it went like.. *biiing* ‘the number you’ve called do not exist’? Do I have to dial something special when I live in Denmark?

Comment by Beyonca
2009-09-01 07:31:07

lol ill try but idk what my mom would think she HAD to connect my phone with hers o well ill get my bff 2 do it ;D ( i think it may charge im in miami)

Comment by Beyonca
2009-09-01 07:35:55

no cross that im in canada the number is from miami ( CRAP! Roman charges)

Comment by mary
2009-09-01 10:06:03

help!how can i call and speak with tokio hotel?

Comment by Denise
2009-09-01 11:31:54

Fuck!-.- I just tried tom call like 5 minutes ago and the bitch in the phone said “This number does not excist” !!!!:@:((
I know for a 100% fact that I dialed the rigth number, I even double checked it!! I wanted to give them a message soo bad…:(

Anyways; Alles gutes zum Geburtstag Jungs! Ihr seid die Beste!!

Comment by kfe
2009-09-01 14:03:09

PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Blissfull
2009-09-01 14:18:49

i called and you were supposed to record a message or listen to other peeps messages me and my bff did both!! (we actually left like 3 messages)!!! MINNESOTA RULEZ!!

Comment by BiLl kAuLiTz LuVeR
2009-09-01 19:18:46

i know its not their real number….but i called sooooo many times its unreal…happy birthday Bill und Tom

Comment by Emily
2010-01-24 01:04:50

omg i am sooo happy =) it worked!!! i was like crying when i her bils voice in the machine, i was so happy lolz

Comment by Emily
2010-01-24 01:07:21

OMG i am sooooo happy it worked!!! i was like crying when i heard bill’s voice come on the answering machine cause i was so happy lolz

Comment by Breanna
2010-05-02 10:32:07

Hallo! Ich bin in SanAntonio,Texas in America 😀 im a big fan of tokio hotel!!!!!i hope they will come to America so i could see them in concert…All of them are the best and when i first saw them on youtube i was like……! because all of those screaming fans! hahaha!….i wish them Good Luck for all their concerts!Guten Tag ,From Breanna

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