NEWS; Bill Kaulitz is a Dior Dude =)

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Bill Kaulitz is a Dior Dude
NEWS; Bill Kaulitz is a Dior Dude =) NEWS; Bill Kaulitz is a Dior Dude =) NEWS; Bill Kaulitz is a Dior Dude =) NEWS; Bill Kaulitz is a Dior Dude =) NEWS; Bill Kaulitz is a Dior Dude =)

Bill Kaulitz, the lead singer of German mega-band Tokio Hotel, is led out of the Dior boutique by a bodyguard on Friday (September 4) in Paris, France.

The band was recently asked if it was true that that Jay-Z invited them to dinner. They responded, “He was at one of our concerts. But we didn’t know beforehand. It was more of a spontaneous thing–we didn’t know that he would be there. We just found out about it right before [the concert]. Afterwards, we all went to eat something together. I don’t think that Jay-Z paid, to be honest. I think the record label did.” Jay-Z is a Tokio Hotel fan!

Source: JustJared

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Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-09-07 12:16:04

AH !
Jay-Z is amazing.
I love that he likes Tokio Hotel 🙂

Comment by Bianca
2009-09-08 15:26:56


Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-09-07 16:16:26

It’s so cool that Jay-Z is a TH fan. Plus, they got together after the show. Nice! Maybe a collaboration someday?

Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-09-07 17:21:16

Uhh, i love them both and all, but that would be a little wierd.
Like what he did with Linkin Park.

Comment by luvth
2009-09-08 05:37:12

haha i could just image bill trying to rap…

Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-09-11 14:31:07


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Comment by Tricia
2009-09-07 19:11:38

*is tempted to put picture in a sequence so it looks like he’s walking/skipping*

O.o i love his pants! (hehehe that sounds weird*

That’s y cool that Jay-Z is a TH fan!reall

Comment by Sarah
2009-09-07 21:14:31

Yeah, Jay-Z like to be associated with what hot and new. Whoa, that’s what I call bring blue pants, Bill. He seems to have a little something with skinny pants these days.

Comment by MeghanLeigh!
2009-09-07 22:23:23

Ahhh, the magic of BURST shooting!!!!!

Comment by Kora
2009-09-07 22:48:25

whos the blond chic in the background?

Comment by Vy
2009-09-08 12:55:23

their makeup artist

Comment by ammerianne
2009-09-08 00:15:50

i looovvveee the trench coat!!!
but what up with the bright blue pants?? hahah! its ok, he’s experimenting,i get it lol.

Comment by luvth
2009-09-08 05:39:55

isn’t it a scarf…a very long scarf

Comment by Rachael
2009-09-08 14:06:44

bills legs are SUPPPPPPER thin )=

Comment by GAILL :D
2009-09-08 20:10:07

bills pants are SEXY!! i want them! 😀
even though im probably not as skinny as he is..
oh,to be in bill kaulitz’s pants xD

Comment by xbuttercup
2009-09-09 00:22:59

yeah TH went to a jay z concert a while back too, they were in NY and that week TH was doing a concert, and i saw them at the jay z concert. i was in a balcony, and they were rite below my balcony, but they left early tho. but i regocnized them because of toms dreads and his hoodie. plus they had security and no one else was in the balcony but them.

Comment by kaulitz_lover
2009-09-12 15:52:31

Jay_Z likes TH? :O
yaay! more fans! xD

Comment by Katie
2009-09-13 03:39:51

hahaha omg: Universal paid lol…. can they pay for mee too? xD

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