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Comment by insert_name_here
2009-09-07 11:08:55

look at his fucking shoes? hilarious!

Comment by MeghanLeigh!
2009-09-07 15:31:15

YES! *leaps into air and clicks ankles together in pure glee*



πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-09-07 16:02:18

With big feet, comes big responsibility !

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Comment by Vy
2009-09-07 17:36:54

hahaha, am i the only one who thinks he has small feet for a guy? bill in america is a size 11 in shoes for women..bcuz he has a size 9 foot in mens..thats kinda tiny..but yet again..u can have tiny feet but a big (fill in the blank) haha

Comment by Keke
2009-09-07 18:05:34

Wow this conversation again lol but I’m not complaining xD he’s feet r pretty big tho….

Comment by MeghanLeigh!
2009-09-07 18:17:33

Girls, its not the size that matters, but the motion of the ocean.


Comment by Vy
2009-09-07 18:18:19

hahaha i love how this is like the 9th time we talked about bills goodies πŸ˜€

Comment by laiila
2009-09-07 22:04:50

lmao πŸ˜€

but size 11 is not small at all:0

Comment by Nel
2009-09-08 11:03:44

And what is with his shoes?They look good.

Comment by IMA
2009-09-08 12:56:05

Meghan LOL I’ve missed you

Yeah we’ve all agreed on that, it’s not the size that matters…

Comment by MeghanLeigh!
2009-09-08 14:20:27

Well thank god Bill is blessed with both!!!!

it ups the ante like 100x for poor wee Tom!

Comment by nene
2009-09-08 12:54:20

yes he does have a huge…


i bet his feet and cough grew along with his height hahha mmm

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Comment by Bianca
2009-09-08 15:29:53


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Comment by Vy
2009-09-08 19:06:17

the makeup artist

Comment by insert_name_here
2009-09-07 11:09:09

look at his fucking shoes? hilarious!

Comment by malixa
2009-09-07 11:44:30

OMG!!! He stold my shoes. I just had a pair like’em.
He should have used something else. Indeed, they look akward on him.

Btw…I thoughed the other songs from the Humanoid album wouldn’t leak. I’ve heard the full songs of “Dark side of the sun”, “Human connect to human”, “Love and death” and “Pain of love”! I can’t wait for the album. But the suprise for me is soon over. I have like heard their half album….='(

Rette mich!!! I don’t want to get all of them before the releasing in october.

Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-09-07 12:22:16

His pants are so bright ! O.O

Comment by malixa
2009-09-07 12:24:43

Yeah, don’t fit with the rest of him.

Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-09-07 12:28:45

And he’s wearing bedazzled suspenders πŸ˜€

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Comment by malixa
2009-09-07 12:30:51

Haha! You said it! xD

Comment by IMA
2009-09-08 12:57:27


Comment by Vy
2009-09-08 15:16:01

haha i know, i posted this on the website last night..i love how bill is completely beating all of our american musicians by just looking fierce

Comment by H
2009-09-07 12:32:12

He’s gone to a new level of looking ridiculous… He thinks he looks really good and he doesn’t have anyone around him who’s not on the payroll to tell him he looks stupid. Sad.

Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-09-07 12:33:49

He doesn’ look stupid.
It’s just a bad outfit.

Comment by 7sins
2009-09-07 13:21:47

yeah…, but wit dis bad outfit he looks kinda stupid.., πŸ˜€ πŸ˜›

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Comment by Vy
2009-09-07 14:47:55

guys dont hate me for saying this but:

bill i love you, but this is a BIG fashion no no
-heeled boots are for short people only lol
-also i dnt like the layered jacket, cuz its a bizillion degrees outside, he must be sweating like crazy

srry i just had to say it

Comment by MeghanLeigh!
2009-09-07 15:38:15

Tom I thought you LOVED your little bro. But seeing as you let him outside in THIS outfit then maybe not so much…. lol XD

I think certain rules should be made up.

1st rule: Never EVER let Bill near a bedazzler.

2nd rule: High heels are only OK on girls and really REALLY short guys. And Bill, YOU ARE FREAKING HUGE!

3rd rule: ALWAYS ALWAYS GET A SECOND OPINION when asking whether or not you look like a fucktard in this outfit.

lol fucktard is my new favorite word. I actually just made it up… lol

Comment by H
2009-09-07 15:57:24

It’s one of the most useful words out there… fuckface is another good one.

Comment by Vy
2009-09-07 17:34:44

hahahah ^^

Comment by Nel
2009-09-08 11:05:15

a lot of rockers wear that sort of high heels
take a look even at the jonas-they wear that kind of staff all the time πŸ˜€
And he huge πŸ˜€

Comment by IMA
2009-09-08 12:59:24

but the jon-ASS are so short they look like wildpigs (hahahaha Anette I need your support on this!!)

Comment by MeghanLeigh!
2009-09-08 14:18:48

Youre right they DO look like wild pigs!

And Tom has even been curtious enough to demonstrate some sound effects!

Comment by Elicia
2009-09-08 15:24:32

yesss.. they always do look like pigs!! and omg!! i agree with u guys!! high heels are only for females and short males.. but bill, ur huge enough!! omg…………………….. but he still look hot and man-ish.. right?? or isit just my eyes?????

Comment by Vy
2009-09-08 22:36:49

I agree with u elicia, he still looks hot though

Comment by malixa
2009-09-07 12:33:52

Tom’s there to help him out. Sooner or later.
Bill’s style have seen better days though.

Comment by srace
2009-09-07 13:01:57

the outfit looks fine,
but I don’t think skinny jeans are the best thing
for Bill since he is SO skinny.
skinny jeans don’t work for overweight people and
they don’t work for people that are extremely skinny.

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Comment by Erica
2009-09-07 14:16:39

I think that his outfit looks great. =) I love both the pants (especially the colour) and the shoes. It look very good on him. πŸ™‚

Comment by Vy
2009-09-07 14:45:08

bill your already 6’3!! you dont need a shoe with a heel lol
i like the pants and the suspenders but i dnt like the rest of his outfit πŸ™

2009-09-07 15:05:29

I miss how he used to dress πŸ™ he had awsum style back then!

Comment by -TH love
2009-09-07 15:36:40

I like the pants & boots. His style has always been a little off, & that’s what I like about him.

Comment by vicky
2009-09-07 16:07:12

Bill’s style is getting better and better.
Tom on the other hand looks awful these days

Comment by Nel
2009-09-07 16:57:08

Finslly a normal rocker outfit
the baggy pants and the alien/space outfit were ridiculous

He’s smoking hot in this outfit though

Comment by Elicia
2009-09-08 15:27:26

yeah! i know, but those heels and jacket…..[mouth agap]**

its more hilarious than the alien outfit… i dont want bill to have “being a girl” gossips again… πŸ™ if only i can be his fashion designer…:( but anyway, i’ll still accept the way he it…….:)

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-09-07 17:04:40

Maybe I’m crazy, but I like everything he’s wearing. His pants are too bright, but that’s okay. He looks fabulous. And even if I didn’t like what he was wearing, all that matters is he likes it.

Comment by laiila
2009-09-07 22:07:53

hell me too!
i was fuckin surprised about the other comments that i read!
his outfit isnt bad at all!! since when and bill wears something that others like?? NEVER lol xD
he looks fabulous as u said.
love him <3

Comment by IMA
2009-09-08 13:02:18

FINALLY SOME LIGHT!!!! Of course the outfit is a killer one, I LOVE IT

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Comment by MeghanLeigh!
2009-09-08 14:16:53

Yeah this outfit is killing innocent hoes or whatever.


Comment by IMA
2009-09-08 17:47:59

I know I loved it, made me laugh so hard πŸ™‚

Comment by MeghanLeigh!
2009-09-08 18:52:44

I was literally crying.

But Bill still aint got NOTHING on Rupaul, thats fo shore!!!!

Comment by BabyKaulitz
2009-09-07 18:01:00

i dont like how that girl is with him all the time. Natalie, or something?

Comment by chelle
2009-09-07 19:05:17

I see London, I see France, I see Bill’s underpants…boxer briefs!

Comment by Vy
2009-09-07 22:48:45

look at this article about bill

Comment by Vy
2009-09-07 22:49:25

i hate how they made him sound like a transvestite

if bill were a tranny, he would look like this

Comment by laiila
2009-09-08 09:26:43

u know what i used to wonder why they dont leave bill alone with his style thing nd stuff and dnt talk as much about CB as they talk about i think because he is just more famous then them and has got more fans so the media will never leave him alone..Typical!
i stopped gettin mad about these articles u know cause to me it makes no sense anymore!!

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by MeghanLeigh!
2009-09-08 18:53:34

Lol yeah its not like he is a freaking drag queen!!!!!!

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by ammerianne
2009-09-08 00:21:04

oh like come on people!
its bill!
it may be ugly to us, but it’s what he wants to wear.
i think the trench coat is nice nice nice..
and the pants is a little too bright, but it’s his pants, cant really do anything about it.
i love bill’s style..ahahahahhahah!

Comment by laiila
2009-09-08 09:28:01

same with me!
and i like his trousers cause its bright:D

Comment by IMA
2009-09-08 13:04:15

I’m with you guys!!!

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by PolkaDottedKitty
2009-09-08 05:34:39

Does anyone here know about the Swedish chat? It’s supposed to begin in about 15 minutes…

Comment by anonymous k
2009-09-08 10:21:51

Dear Lord!! he’s asking for trouble with this get up O_O, ………..

Comment by michelle
2009-09-08 10:29:34

Tsk tsk, I can see his bones!
*forcefeeds hamburger*

Comment by Nel
2009-09-08 11:05:53

Bill looks good and very fashionable.And Natalie is behind him :@

Comment by Elicia
2009-09-08 15:29:15

NEL!!! what do u think of him heels and sleeveless jacket?????? …. pls answer me…………!!!!! i need ur answerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Comment by IMA
2009-09-08 17:49:09

Yeah Nathalie is behind him… how old is she, does anybody knows this?

Comment by MeghanLeigh!
2009-09-08 18:54:24

TOO OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Britter
2009-09-08 20:28:33

loving her shoes

Comment by Britter
2009-09-08 20:31:18

People keep knocking bill’s outfit, but he’s rocking it. It’s all about attitude.

Comment by PopTart
2009-09-08 22:10:37

I want Tom to have blond hair -cornrows or braids I don’t care.
Bill needs his hair to have bangs like before and stop dressing so ecentric. And I can’t believe this guy doesn’t have a girlfriend yet?! Even the virginal Jonas Brothers find dates and girlfriends. The band is confusing me

Comment by Vy
2009-09-08 22:41:39

they are too busy for girlfriends. bill will have a gf sooner or later..its not like he doesn’t have millions of woman throwing themselves at his feet lolll…i think bill should date sum1 famous so that he doesn’t date a girl who just wants to be famous or would be even better if they were on the same record label so they can have a similar sched πŸ™‚

Comment by Sera
2009-09-09 06:10:57

Yeah – its getting silly – he should be w someone.

Comment by Zsa
2009-09-08 22:13:14

Am I the only who thinks Natalie looks like an Olsen twin?

Comment by Sammi
2009-09-09 01:21:02

is it me or do bill’s pants look brighter than usual?

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