NEWS; Interview “I finally got to meet Tokio Hotel”

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“Before reading this interview, please read THIS;
OMG some of you guys are soo fricking DUMBB!!! This girl interviewing the boys is effin KENZA and not EFFIN ME (ADMIN) cant you understand anything??? Gosh, ur driving me totally crazy! Saying stuff as “i’ll report this and that, go and report your brains please. How can you think that this girl is me?? And I dont even write like that. Its a fricking interview done by some weirdo journalist, helloo?? omg — shoot me please!” I’m bringing you guys the news here, and ur blaming me for faking this shit? aiiiiit 😐


Me and the boys at their hotel, after the interview! I am still in shock, it doesn’t feel like it really happened.

When the boys entered the room I was met with warm smiles and then we shook hands. Then we sat down and while the cameramen fixed soem stuff, we all just sat and stared at each other, haha! I told Bill that I am a big fan and very nervous and he calmed me down with his beautiful smile – “aaww, it’s okey”
After that the awkward silence continued. I tried to break the ice with small talk but for the most part we wwere jsut sitting and looking curiously at eachother. It was like nobody else were there, I was lost. Then Tom broke the ice by saying “Skiiit.. skiit skiit, tack tack. skiit” (=shit, shit, shit, thanks, thanks, shit) which is the only swedish words they know into the microphones. I wanted to roll on the floor dying with laughter, but controlled my urge. I was there to work after all. .

The interview went well. It was a bit annoying with the translator and that I didn’t get to ask all my questions. When they sat there and looked into my eyes answering in german (before the translator translated), I promise you, I thought I would drown in their beautiful eyes.

After the interview we took a picture (I almost died when the twins put their arms around me, I held my arm around Bill) and then we thanked each other for the interview. I even had time to say “See you at the M&G tonight” and Tom asked me if I was going to be there, yes I said and he said something along with “oooh okey! see you!”

So unbelievably charming boys. I am so happy!!!


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Comment by Lunaria
2009-09-09 07:03:48

Your REALLY REALLY lucky!! How did you even BREATH let alone talk?!! i think i would faint…

Comment by helen
2009-09-09 14:01:22

Yeah your super lucky. I think that i would have would have trouble breathing, but it soo cool that Bill calmed you down.

Comment by Amber
2009-09-09 16:11:40

i wouldn’t be able to breath i be in shock especially be cause of the twins

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Comment by bianca
2009-09-09 19:26:06


Comment by arianna
2009-09-09 07:18:26

give me a link of you interview

Comment by arianna
2009-09-09 07:20:05

you are a lucky girl

Comment by me
2009-09-09 07:43:47

yea.. the moment they walked in there.. i would haev totally fainted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lucky lucky girl… hmm.. maybe ill become some sort of news reporter!!!lol

Comment by Vampira89
2009-09-09 07:52:14

Tom wearing plaids???? 🙂 dayummmm!!

Comment by astrid
2009-09-09 08:31:38

yeah! love it too!

Comment by Elicia
2009-09-09 12:34:51

me too!!! its a deffo!! i mean who wouldnt

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Comment by Savannah
2009-09-09 08:25:09

Ahahahaa !! I seriously think I would die. Literally die. I don’t know how you talked or even moved. Haha “‘Skiiit.. skiit skiit, tack tack. skiit’ (=shit, shit, shit, thanks, thanks, shit)” lmao. I love them. <33 You’re really pretty btw. 😀

Comment by Elicia
2009-09-09 12:37:05

YEAH! can u imagine to breaking the silence.. HAHA.. so cute ^_^

Comment by astrid
2009-09-09 08:34:30

“See you at the M&G tonight” and Tom asked me if I was going to be there, yes I said and he said something along with “oooh okey! see you!”—— hehehehe! nice tom! working your way!!! 🙂

Comment by sara
2009-09-09 09:18:01

oh she is so lucky!!
hahaa, jag hade fan inte kunnat hålla mig om det hade varit jag som satt och skulle intervjua dem och Tom sa så där, haha XD

Comment by Nel
2009-09-09 09:52:48

Lucky,so lucky….i love the way she is explaining all of this,it almost sounds like a fan fiction …
I can imagine what it feels like to look in Bill’s eyes (h)

Comment by LoveTH
2009-09-09 10:07:58

Lol I thought that was Leona Lewis at first 😛

Comment by laiila
2009-09-09 19:51:55

lol me too!!

2009-09-09 10:10:40

OMG! I am sooo hapy for you!!:) Finally getting to meet the boys! I remember all the times i met them (3) they were sooo nice!!!!! 🙂

Comment by @MrsKaulitz88 (follow me)
2009-09-09 10:57:58

omg, I met them once Bill looked me in the eyes and said hi, and in my mind I had melted into a puddle of mush and was flying and screaming of happiness, when in reality I was just standing there saying hi, and told them they were great on trl, and the show (which I was at). and I asked him to sign my tattoo on my arm, and he grabbed my arm, and that completed my life. XD the best day of my life! XD

Comment by Vy
2009-09-09 14:35:13

wait the ADMIN? met tokio hotel? or sum1 else?

Comment by Kimberly
2009-09-09 15:23:39

The girl who interviewed them was Kenza Zouiten.. she is a swedish model/ intern at MTV in Sweden.. a young girl with a crazy TH obsession to boot. She’s cute though!

Comment by Vy
2009-09-09 16:23:43

*growls in jealousy*…i wish that was me

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Comment by MeghanLeigh!
2009-09-09 20:44:03

i skipped growling.


Comment by ashlee.freak
2009-09-09 14:40:58

Luuuuuuuckaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. !!
LOL Bill is so cute and Tom is just flirting and fooling around XD

Comment by smokey
2009-09-09 15:15:22

shes supper luckyyy
is there a video for this ?

Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-09-09 15:26:36

AWW, shes so lucky.
I would love to do that.
I’d proly faint though.

Comment by FiNU57 - Serena
2009-09-09 15:35:49

wow u must love ur job! lucky lucky lady! yowzer 😛 im so happy fo u man if i was in that position i think i would had rofl when tom said that and i would be lyyk owki bear with me boys! tryna get mysefl together 😛 god damn i would hav died!!! 😛 LUCKY GIRL MAAAAAAAN!

Comment by Dilyara Kaulitz
2009-09-09 16:36:05

What a lucky girl! Someone remind me to get a job at MTV Canada so I can interview them 😀

Comment by pinknblackaulitz
2009-09-09 17:03:37

ohhhh skiiiiit. haXD

i wldve traded gustav my seat just to sit next to bill.
and then i wldve fainted. haha.

Comment by bill`s team
2009-09-09 18:24:22

u r lucky bitch!!!:P

Comment by kaulitz_lover
2009-09-09 19:39:01


daamn, bill looks EXTREMLY hot/emo, like befor 😉
and hes so tall, man! xD
“tippy-toe time…” 😉 lol =P

the admin for TokioHotelRocks got to see them
?!?!!! :O
lucky! Dx

and man, this is honestly soo romantic… altho im veeery jelouse, let me tell u! xD but i’d like something like this to happen with me and bill….

especaly the “I told Bill that I am a big fan and very nervous and he calmed me down with his beautiful smile – “aaww, it’s okey” ” part, man, it was rly romantic <3

liebe dich, bill….

Comment by admin
2009-09-11 05:14:07


Comment by kaulitz_lover
2009-09-09 19:40:03

haha, tom , ur still a liiiittle bit of a flirt, arent u? 😉
loll 😛 jus kidding, babe. ily! 🙂 lol

Comment by laiila
2009-09-09 19:52:30

i wish i could meet them too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Blissfull
2009-09-09 20:15:26


Comment by ILoveBillAndTom4ever
2009-09-09 20:56:03

dammit,you’re lucky! I even ran out of breath reading how YOU felt being around them….I can’t wait for them on tour,Tom looks hot with plaids 🙂

Comment by Black Rose (Bill's wife)
2009-09-09 22:33:04

fucking lucky bitch!!! x’D
(it’s in a nice way…)
well, I would love to do that too haha, meet then, faint, go crazy and hear Bill saying it’s ok with his smile *.*
hahaha but the funny thing is that I DO speak german
so I’d freak out at any moment and I’d start talking shit haha like:

scheisse, ich hab’ zu lange gewartet und jetzt hab’ ich keine Ahnung ob ich erleben will oder aufwachen oder was… mensch, ich kann’s einfach nicht glauben, mist mist mist!

hahaha X’D

Comment by sandra
2009-09-09 22:41:39

im so jeallous that was good for you

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-09-09 23:25:55

Wow! I wish I could tell a story like that. I don’t know how I would ever handle that. I wouldn’t be crying and screaming like your typical fan girl, but inside I would be going crazy. I would like to say I could hide all my emotions, but I know the guys would be able read me like a book. And if Bill tried to calm me down, that would NOT calm me down. I would get lost in his eyes, and never come back. And if Tom started flirting with me, that would kill me for sure!

Comment by Sammi
2009-09-10 00:02:59

u r so lucky!! i wud probably b giggling nonstop/not breating/choking/passing out.

Comment by Kora
2009-09-10 03:38:12


Comment by charlotte
2009-09-10 15:06:21

omgomgomgomg how did you get to interview them?? this is sooo cool and realy not fair!! lol im soo happy for you, can you like add me on and tell me like how you got to interview them please?? love you allls xxx

Comment by admin
2009-09-11 04:57:59

Btw, this is not admin interviewing the boys. Its a journalist called kenza. So for those who are thinking that I interviewed them, youre wrong =)

Comment by Dysfunctional
2009-09-10 15:30:24

LUCKY!!! I would’ve fainted( well maybe not but i’d be hyperventalating). I would love to meet Tokio Hotel!


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