VIDEO; Tokio Hotel Interview Actustar – 28.09.09.

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Comment by hotnspicy
2009-10-02 10:38:29

English translation needed…

Comment by natalia
2009-10-02 11:25:31

English subs pliss!♥

tokio hotel rock!!!!!!♥3♥♥♥!

Comment by Trina
2009-10-02 12:09:21


Comment by kyna
2009-10-02 12:20:00

why are they laughing at cb? kinda mean:(

Comment by Vy
2009-10-02 13:54:08

what did they say about cb…i cant understand it

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-10-02 14:38:02

Bill said something along the lines of “I don’t know what to say.” Then Tom said their hairdressers must be from Magdeburg.

Comment by Vy
2009-10-02 14:59:46


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Comment by Vy
2009-10-02 15:00:17

i dont get it..i dont know whether to take it as a insult towards them or just a joke…oh well

Comment by Vy
2009-10-02 15:04:22

i just watched the vid…and i have to admit thats the way i responded when i first saw a cb shirt in hot topic i was like wtf and laughed…but i really like them now, their music is pretty good

Comment by Djanet
2009-10-02 14:15:52

That the hairstyles came from Magdeburg

Comment by Djanet
2009-10-02 14:18:20

I mean they are hairstylists from Magdeburg – whatever I dont get it

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-10-02 14:25:27

Tom’s all folding a paper airplane. Then they started rollin’ when they saw CB. I was laughing with them. Well, actually, I was laughing at them laughing. XD

Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-10-02 14:28:09

😀 at Tom’s paper-plane-making skills

Comment by Angel Namerah
2009-10-02 15:21:40

we need eng subs plsssssss

Comment by karma
2009-10-02 18:37:31

ok, this is my translation based off of the french subs:

Hi, we’re Tokio Hotel on (Bill): This is the great cover of the Automatisch single. We thought that this is what worked best, it is taking the arm of a robot and associating it with something very human, like a heart. In fact, we wanted speed and quick cuts. There is so much energy in this title. We find that it reminds one of the speed of a car, in a song that you’d listen to loudly in a car. Therefore, we used cars for the video. And the background of this girl, who is devoid of feelings, is actually narrated by a robot. That’s how we had the idea of creating the robots for the video. Lastly, it’s not even very odd, because I find that we haven’t changed that much. I would never be ashamed of what we’ve done, even if we made mistakes. It is also part of us, and it helps us grow. It made us become who we are! This was the MTV Music Video Awards, in 2008! In fact, there we were very, very proud! And I also think that it’s a day in our career that we can’t forget. Yes, it was truly a moment when we were very proud! I don’t know what I should say. (Tom) It looks like the hairstylists come from Magdeburg.

Are the fans too intrusive?: (Bill) In fact, not at all. We don’t find that they’re intrusive, and we’re really lucky to have fans like that. And, even, they could never scream loud enough! However, it’s true that we don’t really have a private life anymore. We always try to keep a little bit with our family, with our friends. But there’s not a lot, and that’s a bit of the negative side. Ha! This is the cover of our new album. We think that it’s very good, and we are very happy. (Tom) We took a long time because we had a very clear idea of what we wanted to make. Really, it is very good. We are very proud. (Bill) In fact, it didn’t really have an influence. For example, we didn’t say that we wanted it to be like this group…But, it is necessary to say that it had been a long time since we last wrote, and therefore we watched a little, dabbled a little, to know what type of music we were going to make. Then, finally, we had very clear ideas, and over the course of production, it developed like that. And now, it is really Tokio Hotel, even if it’s a little different. This time, the new album is coming out in German and English at the same time. It was a lot of work because we wanted to take a truly word for word translation. But, we did not want to make compromises. Therefore, it was very good but it also took a while.

The new album, in one word: (Gustav) Grand! (Georg) Madness! (Tom) Lethal! (Bill) …

Comment by Victoria
2009-10-02 19:49:48

Thank you very much for a translation! This second comment is not for you Karma. Thanks again for the translation. I think they were laughing at the CB pic because every interviewer asked then about CB, if they are alike and so forth.This interviewer slipped CB’s pic in there instead of asking them, so they laughed about it. I don’t think they were making fun of them.

Comment by Vy
2009-10-02 20:36:38



Comment by Bloody TRose
2009-10-03 13:42:51

Hahaha i don’t know french except the basics but believe or not, i understood ‘everything’…And when they laughed at CB Bill said: I don’t know what to say and Tom said: something about along these lines “their hairdressers are/came from Magdeburg” xD I don’t want to seem like i hate CB or something but i laughed really hard when i saw that part…and i think they laughed at the short guy (2nd one)

Comment by tokiohotellov3r
2010-02-16 01:49:54

i love tokio hotel and there videos 😀

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