VIDEO; TOkio Hotel at Viva Live (02.10.09)

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Translation Part 1:

Collien: Yeah, they’re just coming in, so maybe you’ll get the chance to pose your question yourself, if I’m nice. Here they are: Tokio Hotel! Welcome!
Wait a sec. I have something for you:
Ge: I have to… ?!
C: You have to draw lots. There’s a funny activity for you to do hidden in there – let’s see right away which one. Don’t settle down yet – maybe you’ll have to get up right away again.
T: Know what I like? That you heeded our wishes: Cause the first thing we said was that…
C: …you don’t wanna do an activity?
T: Nah – that we wanted to have a backrest here in the studio!
C: Just for you we refurbished the studio!
B: Seriously, eh?
C: Seriously . Cause we were wondering: You weren’t here for two years, and we were thinking: What’s the problem? Probably…
B: …it’s the couch. Yeah.
C: …because we don’t have a backrest.
B: Exactly. And actually, that was the reason.
T: Definitely.
C: So that was the reason why you weren’t here for two years, that we didn’t have a backrest?
B: No, actually we worked really long with album…
Ge: Can we change that one…
B: What, did you already look inside? Ok, so change it.
C: Ok, just because it’s you…
B: Now it’s probably something even worse.
C: But no changing anymore.
B: Take a peek again…
C: There’s no jackpot in there.
C: Ok, is it something nice? Activity!
B: Aww, that sounds great!
C: Which activity… is written on my card: Usually…
B: I won’t do the activity!
T&Gu: Me neither!
[That’s apparently the old TH rule: Whoever shouts first, gets to choose. Old habits die hard ]
C: …it’s a bit embarrassing.
T: (?) already did that. I think you forgot that.
C: We need four people for the activity.
B: Aw, bummer.
C: Sing and dance YMCA!
Ge: That’s cheating: Cause in the bowl, it also said dance…
B: The first bowl also said dance? Ok, but you have to show me… I don’t even know how it works… All of you have to do it! Huh?? What are you doing?
B: Is it the one with the (?)
C: Now, right now it comes…
C: Now, not yet… we need the chorus!
*Tom sneakily checks Georg’s assumption that the bowls all say the same thing*
C: Ok, maybe we do another activity?
Ge: They all say the same!
T: They all say: Sing, dance, sing or activity.
C: Exactly: We have four categories: Sing, dance, activity or questions.
Ge: Or all together.
C: Fine, then we’ll take the questions, when you don’t want to dance!
Right. Question #1: Have you ever broken the law? Everybody has to answer!
B: Yes.
C: You too!
Gu: No. Never ever.
Ge: Does speeding count? A speeding ticket?
C: Yeah, that counts.
Ge: Ok, then yes.
C: The yes… nothing else?
T: We drank alcohol too early, I think.
C: Yeah, I heard that! You are really bad guys! What did I hear…
T: Hark who’s talking! I still remember the last Echo aftershow party!
Ge: Oh yeah… ohohoh…
T: I wouldn’t go into this topic if I were you .
C: But I was grown-up. With 13 you alread did *reads* hardcore binging, smoking weed” …and I don’t even wanna know what else YOU did.
B: Is that from some newspaper??
C: Yeah, you said that!
B: oO
C: Did you do a hardcore smoking session before that interview, and then…
B: …told just nonsense?! And we can’t even remember it.
T: But I guess that was the biggest law breach: That I was drinking alcohol at 15, and that was completely against the law and …*sigh* that was a hard time.
C: It was a hard time. But it’s actually true? All four of you, you already have been hardcore weed smokers?
[Note that Bill is talking over Collien here, so I’m not sure he (or the others) got that last part about weed?!]
B: But I don’t think it’s that exceptional: I’m actually surprised that everybody’s going: “What? Drinking alcohol at 15?” Frankly, I don’t know anybody who hasn’t done it! Because, I have to say: We didn’t grow up in a city. It just was a village. And there’s nothing. And so you start screwing around. That’s not to say that it’s good… but that’s how it was.
C: Let’s ask around… Who here already at 13 did hardcore drinking, smoking weed and other stuff…
B: No! I’m just talking about alcohol now! Who has been drinking alcohol before 15? Yeah, right… sure… All fingers go up… shyly…
C: Yeah, just like this… But we’ve established: You aren’t the exception with that. Now we take a look at your first single, and since we are in Germany here [and since lots of people from the German fanclub wrote angry emails ], we of course do it in German: Here’s Automatisch!

C: Automatisch from TH! The video definitely looks very expensive. How much did it cost?
B: Oh…oh… I’d say, we probably won’t earn any money the whole first year with this album… after that video…
C: You have to get the cost back…
B: We have to break even first…
C: But you realease internationally, so you should get it back quickly.
B: Hopefully.
C: What does something like that cost, approximately?
B: The video? Well, several sports cars, definitely.
C: I estimate 800,000?
B: *snort* Nah, not quite that much…
C: 7? 6? 5?
B: But it definitely was the most elaborate.
C: It was expensive.
B: Yeah.
C: Definitely a very elaborate clip, but you still didn’t go to #1! We all expected you to go to 1 at once, instead #5, and Rammstein went to 1. Should you have made a porno?
B/T: Absolutely.
B: We have already decided that we’ll just strip next time. But somehow, nobody wants to see that.
C: Or you’ll just keep the camera rolling after the concerts, at the things you [Tom] do all the time anyway?
T: Yeah, we have already enough material from that… We’d just have to cut it right.
C: Maybe that would get you #1. To cut in some of these videos… Are you disappointed that you didn’t make #1?
B: No, I mean, it’s not like you always expect it to got to #1…
C: …I do!
B: Yeah, it’s usually everybody else. I think we ourselves not. I mean, Germany is one of the last countries where you still can buy singles. In other countries you don’t have it any more, only albums. And you see more and more that that’s much more important, an album.
T: And in Germany, too, this tradition to buy a CD is coming out of fashion. Now you have downloads, and that also counts for the charts… and I’m absolutely not a friend of that.
C: So, the album will definitely go to 1?
B: *testily* We don’t know.
T: I don’t know either.
Ge: when you bought one today…?
T: Exactly…
C: I thought you’ll give me one?
B: You get one if you buy one.
C: But then I have two?!
T: As you said: Our video was so expensive, we can’t give albums away.
C: But there’s one standing around. I’ll just take that.
B: Is there a CD in it?
T: There’s no CD in it, it’s a dummy.
C: Is it? Shit. Oh well, then I’ll have to buy it.
And you two haven’t said anything so far… that’s really unusual…
T: It is, isn’t it?
Ge: I’m talking all the time… you just don’t listen…
C: Doesn’t that bother you a bit, that you’re always in the back at bit?
Ge: No, why?
Gu: No.
T: Whoa. You said that. Being in the background…
Ge: … a low blow…
C: In the video, you’re also seen much less than the other two here.
Ge: *sigh*
B: Well, luckily they both made it on the album cover .
Gu: Exactly.
C: Yeah, at least something.
B: *lol*
C: That’s very nice of you, that they were allowed on there. But you would have to tell a lot… Wait a sec. You aren’t on the album cover.
Ge: Nice that you looked so closely at the album .
C: I haven’t bought it yet. But I’ll take a look soon… Ok, so let’s sum up: You aren’t on the album cover, you are hardly visible in the video, and you also don’t say much.
Ge: Gustav and I are preparing our exit right now. Next year, it’s all over.
T: Exactly.
B: The end.
C: Then you split up. Then you’re Tokio, and you Hotel.
B/T/Ge: Right.
B: But we haven’t quite figured out yet how we’ll split it up exactly.
C: But isn’t that a shame? Look, the two [B&T] are so successful… I’d cling to them!
B: But just think how many solo-drummers and solo-bassists there are! You definitely have a chance after that, don’t worry!
C: Well, I’m most curious about that. Anyway, we have more interesting questions prepared for you…

Translation Part 2:

Collien: The audience asks, stars answer. And since TH are here right now, I’d suggest that TH answer. So. Um… I think Lena also had a question, right?
Lena: Yes.
C: What did you want to know?
L: I heard that Tom will play the piano on the tour?
T: Correct.
L: And I wanted to know how long you have been taking lessons for that.
T: I wish I had taken lessons! To be honest, I more or less learned it by myself, and I’m definitely not the greatest piano player. The only thing I can is…
Ge: Stop belittling yourself all the time .
T: Yeah, I know… That’s the only thing I don’t master perfectly. But really the only thing, too.
L: So, you will play then?
T: What was that?
L: On the tour, you will play?
T: Um… Yes! Depends on…
B: Oh! Today he’s promising it for the first time. Now we can call him out on that.
T: Depends on how much time we have to rehearse. I guess we’ll have again, like, one, two days time… and then, we’ll see how it works out.
C: Now, don’t get all chatty here, because we have a question from our audience here. Would you like to read it?
Girl: Don’t you think you’ll lose your fans over time because you’re only in Europe any more?
C: Well? Tell us!
B: Well, when we’re in Europe…
T: …Germany is in Europe, too.
B: Nah – in the end, dunno, I mean, we try to be everywhere and to do as much as possible, and I can assure you: We sleep only one hour every night any more in order to be everywhere!
Ge: Awww…
B: In the end, we try to go everywhere, and I think we’re managing to do it somewhat just. We hope, at least. And, yeah. We just try our best.
C: Well, for that you look well-rested.
B: Why, thank you.
T: That’s nice.
C: What is that?? Ah, would you like to read that?
T: By the way, I can see under your skirt from here…
Ge: *LOL*
Girl: In what places do you shave?
B: Who shaves?
T: Where we shave? In all the places where Collien also shaves herself – because I see that from here.
C: So, the legs you mean… Would you like to read this one? Btw, these are not from me, I just wanted to point out.
Girl: Has ever happened something embarrassing to one of you while kissing someone?
B: While kissing? Something embarrassing? What kind of embarrassing things can happen while kissing?
C: Um, braces hooking up, things that fall out of your mouth, dunno…
Ge: Are you talking from experience?
B: No, not to me.
Gu: Me neither. I’m kissing so seldom anyway.
T: Georg hasn’t had his kiss yet. So he can’t talk much about it.
C: He’s still waiting for it. Is somebody interested?
B: Does somebody want to take Georg’s virginity today?
C: No one? No one interested? That’s not possible… So. The next question, please. Oh.
Girl: Oh no…
C: Do you want me to read?
Girl: Yes.
C: My question to all of TH: Who has the longest?
B: Well, what is this here?! What time is it? [Porn is only aired on German TV in the late evening] To be honest, I’m quite glad that I haven’t seen more than the naked upper-body of these two. And I’m not that interested, either. Therefore, I can’t…
T: But, concerning the twin-thing: I’m the twin that’s better endowed, definitely.
C: Isn’t that the same with twins?
B: Thing is, one can actually work it out oneself: I’m a few centimeters taller than Tom, therefore, with me, everything’s a few centimeters…
T: But that’s what makes it even worse: He’s a few centimeters taller, but has the smaller member.
B: But maybe you’re always 10 minutes faster in growing, and with me, it all takes 10 minutes longer to grow.
T: That’s possible.
B: We’d have to…
Ge: Yours is still growing…?!
C: Let’s not go into that…
T: I also hope every day that it stops, because I’m starting to get scared, but… Nah. Ok, next question.
C: Um. Oh God. Would you like to read this one?
B: Well, it can’t get worse, can it?
C: No…
Girl: To fans it seems that the band is splitting up into two parties. What do you say to that?
B: Into two parties? Well, I have to say: I’m extremely excluded by… everyone. Actually, I’m the one party, and that’s the other party.
C: We’ll start our own band! Kick the others out!
B: And we’ll dance – as nicely as we did earlier!
C: Yes, as nicely as earlier. We did that very well. Ok, one question for Gustav: How come you took on so much weight?
B: That’s a goood question. We would like to know that for once, Gustav. You were so cute once! What happened?
T: Such a sweet little boy you were once…
Gu: How slender I was… exactly. Um…
B: Well, I’d say there just was too much pizza lying around.
C: I guess because you’re so much in America, and the food is so fat there!
Gu: Exactly. That’s it. Too much America, too much fast-food.
C: See: Come back to Germany again, here the food is better.
T: But, really: He just eats too much.

C: So. My next question is: Dear boys from TH. Your album is available in the Normal, Deluxe, Super Deluxe with DVD and flag and Limited Super Deluxe Edition. Is that correct?
T: I’m not sure if that was correctly labelled, but there’s one Fan Edition that actually turned out totally cool IMO, there’s also a flag in there, and then there’s Deluxe and Standard.
B: Exactly.
C: So no Limited Super Deluxe?
B: Yeah, that’s the one with the flag. But there’s no Limited Super Deluxe with flag and a Limited Super Deluxe without flag. There’s always a flag.
C: But that’s what it says here…
T: They are definitely all super…
B: Yeah, that’s what you can say about every CD.
T: There’s the Super Standard and the Super Deluxe.
C: And totally super deluxe comes with a flag.
B: Exactly.
C: And with that you…?
B: Well, in the booklet, Tom holds a flag. And that’s basically the flag that Tom’s holding there. He always personally touched every single one of them and then folded them into the CD box.
C: That’s so sweet of you…
T: Nah, but the box also turned out awesome. Because it’s in such a big box, and that has yet another cover.
C: So, one should best buy all versions?
B: Yeah. All versions in German and all in English.
T: Well, in the box, you also have the Deluxe album. There’s not just a flag in there.
B: No. There’s also an album in it.
C: I’m confused. Can you also buy the English version in Germany?
B: Yes, I think you can buy every version everywhere. In every country, you can get both versions.
C: I see. So you can also buy the German version in America?
B/T: Yes.
C: And is there also a French or Spanish version?
B: No, I’m already completely over my head with the two things. I have to learn so many texts…
C: Life is not easy for a world-star, eh?
B: I have to say, actually it’s really easy for me. When I’ve sung it once, I have it down. But it’s starting to get a lot now. When you also play the old songs on tour, then you’ll someday need a tele-prompter.
C: Yeah, that’s great, singing with tele-prompter. So, what’s up for you in the next weeks?
B: Um, what’s up… Tomorrow, we go to “Wetten Dass”…
C: Are you still nervous at that, or are you used to it?
B: No, one is still nervous. We’re always nervous.
C: It’s not, like: Pah, Wetten dass…
T: I couldn’t sleep last night.
C: Because of Viva Live.
T: Yeah, but only because you’re hosting.
C: That’s totally sweet of you. I also couldn’t sleep because I knew that you guys are coming.
T: That came across like a lie now.
C: No, seriously… That was totally serious. But sadly, you already have to go again.
B: Oh no.
T: Shit.
C: But you’re welcome to stay, we’ll just throw out the other guests.
T: Ok.
C: We’ll go to a commercial, let’s see if they’re still here afterwards, but nonetheless: Give it up for TH!

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Comment by penpey
2009-10-03 07:24:05

yep that look definately sutes em
they look fresh (yup one of my wierd descriptions)
im liking gustavs hair
they all look reallu good and i d no just good really 🙂

Comment by Wannaby Bill's Girl ♥
2009-10-03 11:07:28

That was sooo awesome, made a rainy day better lmao
Hahaha it was actually really funny LMAO

Comment by Wannaby Bill's Girl ♥
2009-10-03 11:08:01

I personally think because Bill’s taller he’s ‘bigger’
😉 haha

Comment by Tessa
2009-10-03 11:20:56

Bill totaly has the biggest one.. he’s taller + has bigger feet 😉

Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-10-03 13:05:53

I loved this one.
I love the part talks about Georg & Gustav “being in the back” 😀
But the question about Gusti & his weight was kinda rude.

Comment by Jodi
2009-10-03 14:04:30

LMAO when Bill said his member’s still growing. Then, maybe there’s still a good chance that his testicles will drop one of these days and he’ll finally start looking like a man lol

Comment by danyxTHlover
2009-10-03 15:44:15

xD thats cool but bill looks so skinny omg id love if he eated more so that way he could look sexiier although he stull is =)

Comment by TH LOVER
2009-10-03 15:56:42

Tom is SOOOOOOO HOT here. lol. how come all of their interviews turn preverted? i love it! haha

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-10-03 23:04:27

I wanna know if it’s true that Bill and Tom were smokin’ weed and poppin’ pills at 13. I already accepted the possibility, but it still surprised me a little. Anyway, their video should be #1 in Germany! I’m a little disappointed about that, but whatever. I think “Human Connect to Human” would be an awesome single, and the music video for that could be pure sex. I just really wanna see Bill be dirty. ^_^ By the way, I have a feeling Bill is “taller” than Tom in more ways than one. XD Well, all in all, this was so much fun to watch.

Comment by Vy
2009-10-04 01:16:26

1. dye hair black black boots that look like hers
3.grow hair longer and dye it black a blue strapless dress a popular music show

^^that will be me in 3 years so i can meet tokio hotel haha 😀

Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-10-04 08:07:45

Your dying your hair black twice 😀

Comment by Vy
2009-10-04 16:20:54

lmao oops..i mean once

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Belu
2009-10-04 20:17:26


Comment by mara
2009-10-05 06:27:47

Shit! they put the song of YMCA!
That is a gay song.
Bill, that is very smart of U
to run away!
TV shows…..They are always tricky!

Comment by Nel
2009-10-05 07:59:44

Tom is obvioulsy flirting with her haha …the good thing is that she looks a lot like me lol :D:D
nice interview…and it keeps growing and growing and growing…

Comment by mara
2009-10-06 10:55:10

yeah! and Tom also got disappointment.
She did not fell for it.

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