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Comment by penpey
2009-10-04 07:36:25

bill looks feers (sorry cant speel it feas feeers u no the word for like a scary lion or sumthing fe-ye-rs he he i d no)
wow so many conserts that ive missed he he i wish i was germasn i woulkd hv to every one no matter the cost

Comment by penpey
2009-10-04 08:51:30


Comment by kaulitz_lover
2009-10-04 15:11:15

fierce i think 😛
haha i no D: ive never been to their concert. T_T
it sucks, but they nvr have any concerts in Canada, & plus, my mom rly hates them…. maybe ill get my aunt to take me…? 😉 she likes TH too! XD

Comment by Renee
2009-10-05 06:51:13

I know it really suck that they rarely come to Canada, and plus the closes they have ever came to where I live is Toronto but thats still about 5 hours away from me………… ya it REALY sucks 🙁

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Comment by noussa
2009-10-04 08:06:39

It’s crazy how Bill can look so cute and so fierce at the same time
lately he’s becoming more handsome and manly

Comment by penpey
2009-10-04 08:50:48


Comment by noussa
2009-10-05 04:58:50


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Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-10-04 08:26:39

Bill is fierce.
You go Bill.

Comment by Tina
2009-10-04 10:05:08


Comment by laura
2009-10-04 10:24:25

sexy, sexy, pero se veia mejor con su cabello de punta y esa carita de bebe…. pero bueno lecker, lecker…

Comment by Vy
2009-10-04 15:43:07

NEW INTERVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kaulitz Twins – We’ve Never Felt Normal
October 3, 2009 by Schnee

Thank you to Coolbreezegirl & LoveBill for finding this. Bill Kaulitz and Tom Kaulitz talked to Hamburger Morgenpost. This is dated October 4th, so we are in the future. Right now, we only have a google translation from the German, so as soon as we get a better translation, we will update this post. New quotes from the twins in this one.

“We have never felt normal,”
The pop twins from Tokio Hotel to speak in MOPO on Sunday about living in the province, the secret of their success and girls at the supermarket cash

A “Diamond Record” from France, a newcomer prize at the MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles, just four awards at the MTV Latin Music Awards in Mexico. The success story of Tokio Hotel in the past two years is unprecedented for a German band. On 2 October) appears now Tokio Hotel’s third album, “Humanoid” (see box. The MOPO on Sunday spoke to the identical twins Tom (guitar, 20) and Bill Kaulitz (vocals, 20).

MOPO on Sunday, “says androgynous pop stars to be generally that they are liked by young girls like that because they are not dangerous for them. Are they safe to Bill?

Bill Kaulitz: I do not know, but very possible. One says the other hand, that women are attracted to assholes. And yes, I have noticed with my brother again and again, that works. (grins)

MOPO on Sunday: Do you see yourself more as asexual beings on the stage? Or as animalistic-performing front man?

Bill Kaulitz: I personally do not think at the moment about it. I am then so in my film. Perhaps the more other people can see that. Because there is indeed any of my amorous stories in the press, simply because it did not exist in the whole time. I had the whole year not a friend. I had no sexual relationship with anyone. Therefore, people might feel this way.

MOPO on Sunday: In the media you are visually likened to Michael Jackson, Victoria Beckham, Boy George. Which comparison is the worst?

Bill Kaulitz: The Worst is definitely Victoria Beckham! Although I think they are not lousy. But I can understand the comparison to zero. Michael Jackson and Boy George are more likely. Because they were also painted. But I think those are also the only parallels. Many speak to me that there were so many rock bands in the eighties and real men who were ten years older than me now, crimped hair, and had been painted. That is why I have not even invented.

MOPO on Sunday: Have you been watching your mother more often when they stood before the mirror? Or why is this?

Bill Kaulitz: No, not at all. My mom is almost always unflattering. That comes from myself. I used to and I do still have a total passion for vampires.

MOPO on Sunday: How many shares do for your hair at Tokio Hotel’s success?

Bill Kaulitz: I think a large proportion. It’s a combination: outfit, styling, personality and music. If we were to make music without the styling, that would be strange.

Tom Kaulitz: But it includes only together, because even if it’s really true. There are so many incredible artists, and of which I am not a supporter, who dress completely then only for the stage. And not even carry it. You will notice this whatsoever. It feels that everything is somehow inauthentic.

Bill Kaulitz: Tom and I are so gone to school.

Tom Kaulitz: Exactly, we were always so. Just as we stand on the stage, we run around elsewhere. I almost said already, so we run around in private, but private life there is no longer with us, so you can not measure it any more. But earlier it was so.

MOPO on Sunday: When did you last enjoyed the freedom of going unrecognized?

Bill Kaulitz: When we were in early 2008 for the first time in America and are simply went out the door. Run around without a bodyguard on the street, that was cool. But at the same time you say to yourself again, “Somehow, I want the people here also know the music and the band and see us.” It is always there to have a bit torn.

MOPO on Sunday: Run a humanoid therefore, that only human-like life?

Bill Kaulitz: It’s our sense of life, since we were quite young. Of course, this is reflected in the life that we are now encouraged, yet. For it is not so common. , And we are indeed aware of. And the people get to feel so well again and again.

Tom Kaulitz: We grew up in the sticks. We have never really felt normal, more than human-like. There is also with us today, very few places where you feel at all familiar, and can relax. Because it’s still only a very few moments where it is possible to getting off. Actually, there is the feeling of familiarity for us only at home. Since we are perhaps 20 days a year. And you feel otherwise, wherever you go there, more like a little alien. In certain situations, one often does not know really what has been lost since in fact.

MOPO on Sunday: And that could have life in a cage similar gross effects on you like other stars, do not worry?

Bill Kaulitz: When I get with artists that they are tablettenabhängig or have depression, I can probably understand rather than to outsiders, not stuck in such a life. But I’m just mad happy that I had Tom that we can support each other. There is always a family member with it. And as a band we are now together for almost ten years and know each other really well. For a Britney Spears or all the other solo artist is certainly a lot harder again.

MOPO on Sunday: What then are the chances that you meet your dream woman in the supermarket?

Bill Kaulitz One hopes, of course. I always say: Actually, this is indeed the only reason why you get up in the morning! One wants to be loved! And we want to find love, because so does everything else is meaningless. We have our families and friends who are becoming increasingly important. But of course I hope that love happens. Although at the same time I know that it is unrealistic, just what could happen in my life. The past five years, ever since that went off with Tokio Hotel, I had no relations, there was nothing in any direction. But I hope in the big chance.

MOPO on Sunday: Have you been able to establish any contacts with Hollywood beauties, but where you have already been received in Los Angeles?

Tom Kaulitz: Honestly, there is no shortage of telephone numbers. I have so many in the phone, so many women could not even call me in one day.

Bill Kaulitz: The problem is that you never really hard to know. Everything is superoberflächig. And it’s all over so quickly. Many think they hang around at events together. But it is ultimately not everything. Everyone has his own movie, hustles behind his schedule. And when the cameras are gone, they ran back to his dressing room and for themselves. Thus, it is never truly profound.

The Kaulitz brothers

Identical twins Bill and Tom have been on 1 Born September 1989 in Leipzig. Even as children they played music together. Opted for different styles, the brothers early on during Bill strikes with black dyed hair and painted eyes, dreadlocks and Tom takes his pants down to his knees. As she herself repeatedly emphasize, the two are very close. In the band, Tom picks up his guitar and Bill takes care of the vocals. At 13, Bill applied for the children’s version of “Star Search”, but could not convince the jury. To give up by the musician’s life, the school not to have to cramming the brothers via distance learning for the College student. 2008, she managed it – with good grades.

The new CD

“Humanoid” has been on the market Friday. The new studio album by the four-member band is available in German and in English, and includes twelve songs, the “Deluxe Edition” of the CD contains four tracks. Song 3 with the name “automatically” or “automatic” is the first single release.

(MOPO from 04.10.2009 / PAGE 6-7)

Comment by Vy
2009-10-04 15:49:30

btw: this is a bad translation i got it off some dont take every word literally…its written in improper english

Comment by kk483
2009-10-04 16:04:50

Why someone posts photos we can’t see ’cause they are signed?

Comment by ashlee.freak
2009-10-04 16:40:26

Glad we can see Bill’s face with this hair.
But I hate it. I really, really HATE IT. 🙁
Very angry.

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-10-04 20:38:07

Oh, so sexy! Love Bill’s outfit. Fabulous and fierce!

Comment by allebasi
2009-10-05 11:12:12

why isnt there any new headlines?

Comment by Cheez-it
2009-10-05 11:18:46

OMFG I just saw on the news that Tokio Hotel was in a plane crash so far no survivors have been found!!!!! O_O T.T

Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-10-05 14:20:50

That’s exactly what I was thinking.

Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-10-05 18:53:47

Tommorow you guys !

Comment by Nel
2009-10-06 05:51:10

And his cheekbones as sexy as hell (gott,did i just said someone has “sexy” cheekbones?)
And that look on the seventh is killing me…

Comment by Belu
2009-10-06 17:28:54

so cute *-*

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