GOSSIP; Tokio Hotel – Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll

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Comment by Malixa
2009-10-06 10:13:27

Awwww^^ looks like Bill has been working out =D
It’s a funny outfit on him tho, but it suits him well.

Comment by Alyssarose
2009-10-06 14:24:28

Yeah,his arms look kinda toned..

Comment by Hope438
2009-10-06 10:22:29

this is so sick!!!
Bill looks so hurt and so sad..
i feel sorry for them..

Comment by Hope483
2009-10-06 10:23:49

this is so sick!!
Bill Look completlly hurt and so sad!!
this is so unfair!!

Comment by Angel Namerah
2009-10-06 10:33:59

eng subies pls

Comment by Djanet
2009-10-06 12:04:15

He always said if he had a girlfriend he wouldn’t keep it a secret

…but here he is going on about how it would be impossible to build a relationship without people noticing and how he would have to tell–like he wouldn’t want to have to tell.

Comment by Carrie
2009-10-06 14:33:45

what is she keeping secret?

Comment by angelicamarie483
2009-10-06 12:52:43

woow in this vid they all look..well perfect!

Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-10-06 14:22:47

Gosh ! I LOVE Bill’s outfit ! 😀
And they really should stop asking about love.

Comment by Carrie
2009-10-06 14:34:16

what is he* keeping secret

Comment by TH LOVER
2009-10-06 15:52:34


Comment by Angelica
2009-10-06 15:57:45

i feel for bill, i really do :[
he looked as if nearly in tears..
i can tell he was really really uncomfortable bout the topic, i noticed the way he was grabbing his arm and he sat in an akward position…he also didnt wanna look into the camera, he didnt joke bout anything like he would usually do, and he didnt look at tom for anything, like he was trying to concentrate on wut to say :'[ i really wanted to cry :'{ i Noe that they’ll find their special grl sumday [[even though ill b extremely jelouse]] they deserve the best :], i mean who wouldnt luv em? i think whoever did this interview should hav been told by sumone to stop, they caused them so much pain its not even funny..


Comment by Vy
2009-10-06 17:09:42

this is kinda old lol anyway…they still look good

Comment by waffles
2009-10-06 18:11:22


Comment by Sami kaulitz
2009-10-06 18:44:24



Comment by Megan
2009-10-06 19:10:21

I am going to get huminoid in a little while. And I know it will be insane do you guys like the new albem?!

Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-10-07 14:51:47

Yesss, its amazing 🙂

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-10-06 19:45:39

Well, yeah, this is kind of old. Bill looks gorgeous, but this interview makes me sad. I guess I’m just worrying for no good reason…

Comment by Emily
2009-10-06 21:21:38

Oh, God. Bill is Gorgeous.

Comment by Emily
2009-10-06 21:30:18

What are they talking about?

Comment by Sarah
2009-10-06 22:08:43

Did you already listen “That Day” in Humanoid ? It’s so sad, I almost cried. Bill wrote the lyrics and his songs always express what he feel inside. In that song, it’s said that everyone keep saying to him that one day everything will be alright for him but he said that will never come. They was right, Humanoid is the darkest TH CD ever, it’s the screaming of a lonely heart, we can feel it in almost every songs.

Comment by Sarah
2009-10-06 22:18:30

I find a part of this interview with subtiles.

Comment by Sarah
2009-10-06 22:19:32

Sorry, I forgot to put the address.

Comment by Nel
2009-10-07 05:16:36

Hm..Bill looks so amazing..

Comment by noussa
2009-10-07 08:17:33

it’s brave of them about such a thing in their past
and I’m glad it’s all over now
I want my boys to be clean

Comment by noussa
2009-10-07 08:18:37

it’s brave of them “to talk” about such a thing in their past;)

Comment by happy7010
2009-10-07 19:19:40

I wish this interview had subtitles.

Comment by 7sins
2009-10-09 16:38:59

oh …, so sweet …, they r talkin bout such things…, it’s really very brave…,, but i think smbd from there really tried this stuff…,(weed, drugs)…, so it’s no so weird to hear them talkin bout this…, isn’t it??

Comment by kaulitz_lover
2009-10-14 20:08:50

trans? wats this about?

2:12 aww, i miss my old ‘durch den monsun’ tokiohotell! x'(
i canttt wait till they go back to the old look/sound <3

ps: bill looks unconfortable.. lol… is he tlking bout sex? =P ahaha he missed his ‘health classes’ too, wen he was young ;p lol

Comment by tori
2009-10-15 21:24:40

how bout they speek in english! ! !

ohh well


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