NEWS; Nokia’s 3 Official Tokio Hotel Ringtones

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Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-10-11 07:28:12

Uhh..those are supposed to be ringtones ?

Comment by MexicanTHfan
2009-10-13 18:50:41

haha wow i want the acutal song but the hello would be ok but not the others

Comment by 7sins
2009-10-11 08:09:57

gosh.., what a nonsense…, srry …, 🙁

Comment by Katie
2009-10-11 11:22:19

lmao!!! 😀

Comment by Katie
2009-10-11 11:22:50


Comment by Tanya M
2009-10-11 12:34:36

The Hello one would be funny

Comment by dead
2009-10-11 14:39:15

all of them would be awesome!
where do you get them?
Haham, I love nokia!

Comment by Sami
2009-10-11 14:58:48

o.O kind of weird don’t u think?
BUT if i had to get one… i think it would be the 2nd one don’t you agree? lol n.n

Comment by Leslie
2009-10-11 15:46:30

Love them!! Ja, the second one for sure!!!

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-10-11 19:52:20

That makes me wanna hear Bill sing a cappella songs.

Comment by MissMayI
2009-10-11 20:12:55

LOL thats so ridiculous.i love tokio hotel,but thats just silly

Comment by Angel Namerah
2009-10-12 11:42:43

okay so where can we get these no from ?

Comment by JumbieGirl89
2009-10-12 13:34:39

Those are all kool but I kinna like mine better mine is the full version of Automatic and if anyone would like to know how to do it just e-mail me at and i’ll tell you how you can even change it to any one of there songs without all the trouble

Comment by kaulitz_lover
2009-10-16 07:09:51

pretty short. r u sure they arent message alert things?

Comment by DBCCpm
2009-10-17 15:59:07

This made me crack up!!! Like hell I’d pay for that!
Yeah its stupid and ridiculous, why not use the actual song???
And that’s a bit creepy…Id get freaked out if I heard sumone go HELLO out of nowhere so thats prolly not going to make it into my phone NO WAY XDXD

Comment by Emily
2009-10-25 07:36:53

I guess the HELLO one would be cool. But how to get it?

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