PICS; Kaulitz twins

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PICS; Kaulitz twins PICS; Kaulitz twins PICS; Kaulitz twins
PICS; Kaulitz twins

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Comment by 7sins
2009-10-11 07:48:59

tryin to work, serious for 2 minutes and doin the job , laughin – true- sweetest thing ever…, :-*

Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-10-11 07:50:50

The second made me πŸ™‚
And the first and third made me πŸ˜€

Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-10-11 07:51:47

Oh and one more thing : TOM’S JAWLINE !

Comment by Shay
2009-10-11 11:45:59

I know!!! I was thinking the same thing!!!!

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Comment by Nel
2009-10-12 11:18:47

and what for it ?

Comment by Katie
2009-10-11 11:52:21

haha, the last one is the best!! πŸ˜€ like, lmao! xD

Comment by noussa
2009-10-11 08:31:57

yes that’s really sweet
they’re having a hard time trying to look mean to each other without laughing

Comment by noussa
2009-10-11 08:32:24

if one day I have kids, I wish they’d be that close and good to each other

Comment by penpey
2009-10-11 11:25:00

i no same after i became a fan of tokio hotel (yonks ago) i really wanted to be a twin i just thought it woud be amazin but yeah pft sily non splitting egg ! hehe i no me and ma people fight but wer close i think i would make sute my kids loved each other πŸ™‚

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Comment by Nel
2009-10-12 11:19:25

i’m so sorry my mom didnt born me a twin ,no matter sister or brother,and i really wish i have twins when i grow up ;dd

Comment by TH_4ever
2009-10-11 09:39:00


Comment by natalia
2009-10-11 10:11:16

woww theyy are soooooooo cutee
myy kaulitz twinss

love you so much bill and tom you are the bestβ™₯

Comment by Kelly
2009-10-11 10:18:09

Sweeet! Was this on THTV? o__o

Comment by GAIL :D
2009-10-11 12:40:36

the third one is adorible πŸ˜€

Comment by waffles
2009-10-11 13:05:15

they can only be two words to discribe these sweet sexy delisious twins ….sexy hexy ;-D

Comment by Belu
2009-10-11 15:20:11

so cute

Comment by Rosa564
2009-10-11 15:21:25

i luv the third pic bill and toms smile is so cute!!!!!!!!!

Comment by tara
2009-10-11 15:49:18

is this from a vid?

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-10-11 17:17:05

So, so, so cute! When I first saw the pic, I knew they had to be crackin’ up during that photoshoot. By the way, I really like what Bill’s wearing. This looks like it’s from TH TV. I wanna see more pics from this photoshoot.

Comment by Caoimhe
2009-10-11 17:42:46

Love the first two, but the third isn’t there. It says something like it’s temporarily unavailable…

2009-10-11 17:50:42

awh the 1st and 3rd one makes my day…bill smiling…awh!

Comment by Ash
2009-10-11 19:16:17

Lol!!! They look like they are havin a blast, can’t keep a straight face! ^^

Sweet!! Now only if there was a pic of them hugging. :3

Comment by tammy
2009-10-11 21:03:24


Comment by In Die Nacht
2009-10-11 23:04:45

Haha! I love how they can’t keep a straight face. That’s too adorable! =0)

Comment by K.C.
2009-10-12 02:18:25

I love the look Tom gives the people behind the camera at the beginning.

Comment by Laiila
2009-10-12 04:16:20

CUTE !! haha

Comment by Jessica
2009-10-12 08:07:32

behind the scenes photos are always better than the photoshoot itself.
These just made my day…I simply love their smiles. They make my heart feel warm.. πŸ™‚

Oh..and one thing though…they look like they’re going to kiss each other..0.o

but yeah..i threw that thought away when I saw “his” smile.

Ich einfach liebe er…β™₯

Comment by OLIVAROSE
2009-10-12 10:37:17


Comment by Courtney
2009-10-12 10:37:17

Just alittle bit closer and……KISS!!

Comment by Nel
2009-10-12 11:20:44

Haha…so cute ^^ i love thway Bill is trying to look seriously on the second…and i still cant see the last two
Their laughs on the third are priceless

Comment by Sarah
2009-10-12 17:34:10

The last one is SO sweet!! Is it me or Bill have Tom’s scarf?

Comment by adena
2009-10-12 21:36:14

lol, just realized… what is bill wearing? i swear, i never know anymore….. xD

Comment by Beyonca
2009-10-13 17:50:26

AWW so cute!!! i can’t help but smile when i see the third and last

Comment by kaulitz_lover
2009-10-16 07:09:01

awwwwwwwww, so adorable!
and the first ones halarious πŸ˜› toms all serious, and bills like “hahaha!” =PP

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