VIDEO; TOkio Hotel tv – Episode 7 – Hairstyle Inspiration & Cooking Skills

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Comment by Chelle
2009-10-15 08:11:39

At the airport, does Bill’s Tokio Hotel hoodie have his name printed across the top of the hood? That is funny…like “Hey, look it’s me”.

Comment by Vy
2009-10-15 09:46:30

lol yeah, i never got the reason why bill wears his own merch in public places its kinda like saying ‘hey annoying screaming girls, come tackle me’ or ‘paparrazi come follow me now, because i AM bill kaulitz’ haha 😀

Comment by Penpey
2009-10-15 11:20:28

Ha ha I no I Neva got that but I bet it’s comfy
Dose anyone no where I can get one???
ha ha with bill in his boxers ( I’ve seen the pic ) hoodie AND milions of screaming girls I would think it’s hard to forget his name (:

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Comment by LoveTH
2009-10-15 16:12:16

dont forget the BK belt ;D

Comment by noussa
2009-10-15 16:26:41

actually I think no one would think that the real Bill Kaulitz would wear a hoodie with his name,lol

Comment by Vy
2009-10-15 19:18:29

id recognize bill from a mile away…his body type is different from most guys 🙂

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Comment by th_stine_norway
2009-10-15 10:58:57

bill is hoot as usaly:D

Comment by th_stine_norway
2009-10-15 11:00:54

its no soud here:(

Comment by 7sins
2009-10-15 11:33:03

bill’s laugh is so cute…, 3:33 – 3:40 ..,. hahahaha .., 😀

Comment by angelicamarie483
2009-10-15 11:56:45

he laughed like HAHAH!! lol it made me laugh

Comment by Esme Kaulitz
2009-10-15 13:15:07

Oh, poor Bill! 4:42- 4:47
I’ll help you Bill!!! = D

Comment by Jaxxheartt
2009-10-15 13:35:31

Omg that was fucking hilarious.
I <3 u Bill. and Tom.

Comment by Mille...
2009-10-15 14:21:34

Who is the girl with the blond hair ??!

Comment by bianca
2009-11-12 15:06:04

yeah seriously is it their stylist, toms new lover wat?

Comment by penpey
2009-10-15 14:50:48

he he they no who angela merkel is he he well i guess everyone in england noes who gordon brown is its only natural
goo redbull
bill is tallllll
2.26 bill has such a cuts smile 🙂
my comp is being reall slow so im commenting on things at im wachin the 🙂
he he its was the pubic hair joke and everyone did the fake laughfin they prob wernt german so couldnt understand 🙂
argh my comp is taking to long cant c all the vid o well

o o o people here is a cool interview that clears aloot of stuff up 🙂

The last piece of freedom

Twin brothers Bill and Tom Kaulitz from the band Tokio Hotel have been among Germany’s most successful musicians for years. During the interview they talk about their missing personal life, their new single and Angela Merkel.

Two and half years have passed since your last record. Did the break do you well?
Bill: We actually didn’t have a holiday, [we] toured through North America and tweaked the album for almost a year. However, we deliberately tried to keep a low profile for a bit over here.

How come?
Bill: In the end I couldn’t see my own mug and hear my own name anymore. I thought “Please people, just write about someone else”. I wanted some peace and quiet and concentrate on making music.

What is actually still left of your personal life?
Bill: Nothing.

Oh, is that really so?
Bill: It’s like that. We don’t have a personal life in that sense. To just go for an ice-cream with the family – that’s not possible. The only moment of the day when we’re on our own is in the car. That’s why we wanted to get our driver’s licences so bad. [To have] Our own car is the last piece of freedom that’s left for us.

That sounds a little sad though, along the lines of “We’re ourselves in the car only”.
Bill: Yes, that’s what it’s [like] though. It only really became clear to us that we’ve given up everything this year while we weren’t on tour but only in the studio. However, despite that we’d always make the same decision again. Both just isn’t possible at the level we’re at now. One has to accept that. One also gets a lot in return. Sometimes I’m standing in the studio, singing and thinking “Awesome, and you even get paid for that”. I’m totally happy about that. I don’t have to do anything I don’t feel like doing.

How do you spend your time off?
Bill: Actually working. We always have to laugh when we read “The machinery of Tokio Hotel”. All of that is bullshit. We’ve got our team, but Tom and I do everything ourselves basically. The people that are our tools in a way were put together by us. However, it’s our band. Tom and I founded Tokio Hotel and I don’t want to leave decisions about the band to anyone else.

The new single is called “Automatic“. What is the song about?
Bill: This word really gets used constantly, thousands of things in life happen automatically. Except for love. That mustn’t be automatic.

Whereas many relationships only run on autopilot as well.
Tom: Yes. I can’t imagine being together with one person for so long. I’ve got an issue with long relationships anyway and I think it’s extremely important that one stays interesting for the other one and to also always find the other person interesting. I couldn’t ever imagine [settling down and] living with one woman.

Really not?
Bill: I could. If I’m in love, I don’t care about anything. Then I’ll pack my bag and move in somewhere else immediately.
Tom: Forget it, Bill. We’ll live together for the rest of our lives.
Bill: Yes, but then we’ll have to build a sliding door in the middle of the apartment. I’ll live with my girlfriend on one side and you’ll live on the other.

So you’re sharing a house?
Bill: Yes. I couldn’t imagine it ever being any other way. We could never separate. Each one of us has got their own bathroom and bedroom but other than that we’re together all day long.

Bill, are you in love at the moment?
Bill: No, even though I very much wish to be. I feel really awkward to always have to give the same answer. However, there isn’t anyone at the moment. I’d really like to be in love. However, it’s probably the last thing that will happen in my life.

Why do you believe that?
Bill: Many people put on an act for me when they meet me. Then they just rattle off words like a script. However, I can’t expect people to seriously get involved with me. Whenever I go anywhere they see Bill Kaulitz. Most of them immediately have dollar signs in their eyes and want to offer something to me, along the lines of “I’m a fashion designer, would you wear my shirt once?”. That’s so disgusting!
Tom: We haven’t made one new friend over the past four years. Firstly, one can’t trust people as quickly anymore, secondly, everything is always so cursory and quick that one mostly stays on the surface.
Bill: It’s very rare that I get to meet normal people. It’s great when I meet someone who lived in the mountains without a TV for ten years and says “Tokio Hotel? Never heard of it”. Then I always think “Yes! Thanks“.

Bill, many girls probably also think that you aren’t interested in them but in guys. Is that annoying?
Bill: Nah, it’s not annoying. That’s already been with me my whole life long anyway. It also wasn’t any different even back in school.
Tom: While girls rarely thought that Bill is gay – he was never short of offers – it was more like the guys thinking he’s gay.
Bill: And many guys felt dissed when I got a woman and they didn’t. Because I’d be just so effeminate. That has always been a big problem.

Would men stand a chance with you?
Bill: Nah, I’m committed to women. I’ve never had anything with guys, I’ve never gathered any experiences with men…

…and you also don’t want to catch up with that?
Bill: Well, so far I haven’t discovered an interest in that direction. *laughs*

By now you’re also very successful in the USA. Are you being perceived differently there than in Germany?
Bill: Yes, abroad the music came first followed by all the other matters. In Germany it was the other way around. We’re a tabloid matter there. Elsewhere people also go on about the singer of Tokio Hotel looking like a faggot, but they listen to our songs first at least.

Are you worried that it might not run as smoothly some day?
Bill: Hmm. No matter what happens, we’ve hung on for a really long time and proved a lot. Many saw us as a One Hit Wonder back in the day and they were wrong. However, I also think there are ups and downs. There have been moments when it went down a bit. It’s possible that “Humanoid” doesn’t work out as a record now but in that case one just makes the next one. I wouldn’t give up so easily.

What are you doing with all that money?
Bill: He who wants to get really rich has to become a football player or racing driver. They’re making real dosh. There’s lots of exaggeration in the music business. Speculations about how much we’re apparently earning are pretty wild. I only get a tiny fraction of the 30 Euros that a concert ticket costs. After all we’ve also got expenses. We’ve just shot a video in South Africa that we’re financing ourselves for example. We’re also paying all of our team. Our expenses are extreme.
Tom: Bill and I haven’t bought a house, no property and no yacht yet. We live in rented accommodation.

Soon there will be the first Bundestag election. Are you interested in politics?
Bill: We’re interested to the usual extent, I’d say. We don’t get to follow it exceedingly; we’re not indifferent toward politics though.

Do you like Angela Merkel?
Bill: I don’t want to influence people too much but yes, I think Angela Merkel is good. So far she’s doing really well. Unlike others she’s also extremely likeable. She comes across like a caring mum.

Comment by Vy
2009-10-17 08:20:53

i can understand bill completely but not from my life, there was a girl(gia farrell) who used to go to my high school and she got a record deal and suddenly everybody wanted to be her friend and came out with lame ass every1 just thinks of her as Gia Farrell then the normal girl who went to school with you..its really sad, because u cant go back to being normal because your life is already put out in the spotlight…i hope to meet bill one day and become genuine friends with him, he seems like a nice guy with no friends because hes gone through so many fakes

Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-10-15 14:52:19

“You dwarf”
LMFAO when they were bullying Bill 😀
This one was EXTREMLEY hilarious 😀
Love love love it.

Comment by tokiohotelluver11
2009-10-15 16:00:04

whos the blonde lady?

Comment by 7sins
2009-10-16 12:01:43

maybe natalie…, (rrrr,…, that ass) 😀

Comment by waffles
2009-10-16 15:52:07


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Comment by mrz.kaulitz
2009-10-15 17:14:10


Comment by Lolita
2009-10-15 18:18:41

LOL Bill getting bullied! xDDD

BTW I know this is going to be random but one of my friends and I competed eachother about who’s better Tokio Hotel or Coldplay I ofcourse picked Tokio Hotel and my friend said Coldplay so I decided to make a poll about who’s better but it’s in Facebook.
So to everyone who has a Facebook please vote for Tokio Hotel so that I could rub it on my friend’s face. 😀

Here’s the link:

Comment by Sami kaulitz
2009-10-15 18:24:28

tom <3<3<3<3<3 haha he carries one hole suitcase full of condoms 😉

Comment by Solnia
2009-10-15 18:44:19

It used to have pepperoni in the recipe but now they’re vegetarians.

Comment by mara
2009-10-15 21:09:53

Those Blond ladies? Dunja and Natalie.
And they share the room with the boys! LOL! 😀

Comment by RaNiss4115
2009-10-15 21:57:10

i’m so not happy about that. Well, I don’t mind Dunja, i really like her. But I totally loathe Nathalie

Comment by mara
2009-10-16 11:24:10

I k what u mean;)
but it was a joke.

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Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-10-15 23:28:45

Lmao! Really?! They fool around just like me and my friends. That was hilarious. I love these guys! =)

Comment by waffles
2009-10-16 15:53:52


Comment by Vy
2009-10-16 17:20:35

can sum1 post a youtube link to this vid? my phone cant view embed videos 🙁

Comment by MaryMontreal
2009-10-18 01:09:28

I will alwayz have much love for Tokio Hotel…but seriously, I don’t really like Bill’s new hair style…

But hey…Who am I to judge: He’s a superstar…he might even change it next month (again).

One thing’s for sure: he will always be the sweetest !

Comment by jasmine
2009-12-20 13:24:15

they are soo silly!
but i still love them

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