VIDEO; Tokio Hotel – Grand Journal Interview

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We didnt see you for several time but you didnt change
You didnt change the release of the 4th album that you both co-produced, Tom and Bill, with a music video verywith a lot of resources that well watch in a few moment.
So, this album is called Humanoid Why this title

B: Well Humanoid lets say that its a feeling that we have since many time Since we were young Tom and I, we have this reality This feeling and we told ourselves and this album was a bit different Alittle more electronic than the others and therefore With the producer we have worked with we wanted to make things different thats why

W: And there (to Bill), you are alone on the cover Before we could see the band You are alone Did the others react in a good way I will not ask you Bill I will ask

B: No thats a thorny question You have to avoid to ask that question

T: We were forced We were forced to do it to be honest

B: No, no He’s joking of course

TV P: So when you have this world wide success Because here you made the album in two languages in English and in German for all your public Do you fear, in a certain moment, to be the group of a generation The group of only a part of spectators and then youll grow up and they would not follow you anymore

B: Well, we havent really thought about that question What we wanted to do is a quality album We have concentrated on that at 100% What we were interested on was to take us back from the public to work on all these and we are really happy to see that there are plenty of fans that are present Every time we come back to Paris is the same thing, every time we come back to France there are always many fans So we are really happy of this welcome

M: But when we read all the comments that were written about the album We say that is a more adult album It doesnt really mean anything

W: They are older however

B: What I think is that we didnt want to make something more adult But it is simply a normal process We grow up We get older Tom and I

T: are 20 years old

B: Now we are big boys So it came by its own

TV P: Oh yeah Time is passing by

W: Michel do you know Tokio Hotel

Mi: Yes well, a bit, maybe I dont know everything but I do know

TV P: What do you think about this musical phenomenon In fact, there have always been

Mi: Yeah There are always musical phenomenon

TV P: The first single is called Automatisch in German and we will watch it in English its Automatic

TV P: The album in German and in English So, already with 20 years you have been, I dont know, 3 times in Bercy, the Zénith, Le Parc des Princes, hysteria everywhere Youll be again on tour by the month of March in France, what can you do more We have the impression that you nearly have already seen it all

B: No we always have objectives, we always have new desires, new things that we want to do, new dates, new concerts, but we have never been to Tokyo

M: Ah Never

W: Not yet

M: And where is the craziest Because we see that your fans go with you everywhere or the craziness goes with you, where is the craziest ? Is it in France, in Germany, is it somewhere else

B: Well, for us its never really much It will never be But its true that France is already in the lead

T: But yeah, France is also great for the girls

M: Thats true

W: Bill yeah Inevitably

TV P: Thats honest

W: Bill, could you translate a song from Michel Delpech that is called When I was a singer ? How is it in German

Mi: Thats hard We dont care about When I was a singer

B: Als ich ein Sänger va (When I was a singer)

TV P: Ah Its done

W: Could you say it to us

B: Als ich ein Sänger va?

TV P: Its the title in German. There it is, you can do it (to Michel)

W: Michel now is your turn in German

Mi: How do you say it

B: Als – ich- ein – Sänger – va

Mi: (Repeats in bad German) Not bad

TV P: Because all the fans of Tokio Hotel are too young They took German as first foreign language in school in order to follow Tokio Hotel

Mi: Yes I understand very well

TV P: So thats it We can understand it by the public here

Mi: Of course

TV P: Thank you very much


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Comment by Bronwen
2009-10-18 10:16:23

Bill Kauglitz :S


Comment by Sami kaulitz
2009-10-18 11:18:36

Tom <3 I love you forever, and tokio hotel you guys are my idoles. Dont forget to come to canada, especially winnipeg 😉

Comment by th_stine_norway
2009-10-18 12:33:44

yes and after you bin in canada com to norway! we want u here to:D<3

Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-10-18 17:11:39

They don’t offer German in my school :/

Comment by jule
2009-10-18 17:49:10

Hi Bill KauGlitz 😀

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-10-18 20:28:22

Humanoid is a lot more mature. It’s amazing! They’ve really come a long way.

Comment by In Die Nacht
2009-10-18 22:05:07

Omg! They spelled Bill’s Last name wrong. Instead of “Kaulitz” thy put “Kauglitz” Did anyone else notice?!? haha

Comment by kaulitz_lover
2009-10-20 19:27:26

OK, 1: they spelled kaulits wrong! -.-

bill, tom, ur guys look so cutee <3 haha i love ur smiles! xD 😛 so adorable & 3:58 he looks so concentrated [bill] its adorable, lol.
4:47 ROFL i swear they told him t orepeat it or something and his expression was like “um, okay? i just said it? =| ” hahaha! XD

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