VIDEO; bill kaulitz – shopping

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Comment by Mary
2009-10-22 10:09:59


Comment by me
2009-10-22 16:59:14

wow.. i feel so extremely sorry for him…stupid papparazzi that cant even let him look at boots without filming him…seriously i love tokio hotel and bill is amazing and i know hes a star.. but SERIOUSLY LEAVE HIM ALONE….its like they film EVERYTHING he does… they even follow him to film him picking up a boot… WAT THE HECK!!!! they boy needs privacy, i mean its okay to follow him but like in concerts and tv shows but he cant get out of his hotel room without having tons of stangers with cameras follow him around like hes some sort of unknown human species…. no wonder him and tom have been depresseed and bill is so skinny.. they cant do ANYTHING….. not even like go to mcdonalds and have himself some meal that an average 20 yr. old would have…

Comment by Renee
2009-10-22 18:45:27

I know like just because he makes music (like many others do) They have to freeking fallow him EVERYWHERE, I bet you anything if they could they would fallow him to the bathroom and in the shower. Honestly how would they like being fallowed like that (paparazzi)

Yes if I would see Bill in the street with no one around him, I would be like a normale fan ask for a pic and autograph, but leave it at that. I wouldnt stalk him and call the news or anything

So ya Im gonna stop at that cause im like full on spagetti and tired sooooooooooooo

buh bye πŸ˜€

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Comment by Ry
2009-10-22 10:12:26

Ich Liebe Sie Bill K.

Comment by natali kaulitz
2009-10-22 10:26:20

ich liebe dich bill

Comment by angelicamarie483
2009-10-22 12:05:08

poor bill..he cant go do anything anymore w/o ppl stalking him D:

Comment by sarah
2009-10-22 12:18:18

I definitely don’t like Bill’s shoes……or heels!=S
I love his style but not wearing that heels…..please……sorry….=(
They’ll come to Portugal in april 7,2010!!!!YYYEEEEEAAAAAHHHH!!!!!
I’m so happy!!!!XD

Comment by 35rE23
2009-10-22 13:20:08

yes I agree, I like everythink about bill, but the heels, are just me.

Comment by Hope483
2009-10-22 14:20:47

cant he do anything without cameras???
fuck let him live a normal life for a sec

Comment by kaylie
2009-10-22 14:28:30

oh no those boots he picked up……….>.> lolz…….

Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-10-22 16:32:54

Is it me, or is he walking kinda wierd ?

Comment by Chelle
2009-10-23 14:14:03

Yea, he does have a funny waddle to his walk!

Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-10-23 19:00:01

I wonder if he hurt himself or it’s just the boots.

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Comment by Vy
2009-10-24 08:13:39

i think its just the boots..i sometimes walk like that in high heels

Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-10-24 14:01:23

Lmaooo, aww πŸ˜€

Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-10-22 17:07:45


“Welcome to HUMANOID CITY” Tour

22.02.2010 LU Luxembourg ROCKHAL
23.02.2010 NL Rotterdam AHOY
25.02.2010 BE Brussels FOREST NATIONAL
26.02.2010 DE Oberhausen ARENA
28.02.2010 DE Hamburg COLORLINE ARENA
01.03.2010 DK Copenhagen FORUM
03.03.2010 NO Oslo VALHALL
04.03.2010 SE Stockholm THE GLOBE
05.03.2010 SE Gothenburg SCANDINAVIUM
07.03.2010 FI Helsinki HARTWALL ARENA
08.03.2010 RU St. Petersburg ICEHALL
10.03.2010 RU Moscow OLYMPIC STADIUM
14.03.2010 PL Lodz SPORTS HALL
15.03.2010 CZ Prague TESLA ARENA
17.03.2010 FR Lille ZENITH
18.03.2010 FR Lyon TONY GARNIER
20.03.2010 FR Nantes ZENITH
22.03.2010 FR Nice NIKAIA
23.03.2010 FR Marseille ZENITH LE DOME
25.03.2010 IT Torino PALA TORINO
26.03.2010 IT Padova PALASPORT
28.03.2010 HR Zagreb ARENA ZAGREB
30.03.2010 AT Vienna STADTHALLE
31.03.2010 CH Zurich HALLENSTADION
02.04.2010 FR Toulouse ZENITH
03.04.2010 CH Geneva ARENA GENEVA
05.04.2010 ES Barcelona PALAU ST JORDI
06.04.2010 ES Madrid PALACIO DE DEPORTES
07.04.2010 PT Lisbon ATLANTICO
12.04.2010 IT Milan MEDIOLANUM FORUM
14.04.2010 FR Paris BERCY

Comment by Sarah
2009-10-22 21:39:17

No american tour date yet.

Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-10-23 11:01:21

I know πŸ™

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Comment by Penpey
2009-10-23 18:11:54

Shit no England !?!
Crap I feel…down
Just gunu hv to swim to France I suppose

Comment by kyna
2009-10-22 18:44:00

and he cant do anything without it being posted on the internet being ogled by people talking about how much they “freaking hate it that he has no privecy!” but yet they still look.
*ahem* yeah, hate it right?

Comment by Sarah
2009-10-22 21:38:05

I don’t want to watch that video. He’s only shopping for god sake.

Comment by kyna
2009-10-22 22:20:08

oookkkayy. but your here. so you did watch the video you just posted the comment? okay.

Comment by OLIVAROSE
2009-10-22 22:42:56

wow. stupid stalkers. poor bill.

Comment by me
2009-10-24 18:32:36

YES…YES…YES!! STUPID stalkers that have no life at all and want to follow someone else’s life….

Comment by Nel
2009-10-23 10:16:11

Mmm nice ..

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-10-23 14:26:46

I want to go shopping with Bill! Talk about overindulgence. If I got the chance to shop with him, I would die from pleasure.

Comment by nike dunk low
2010-06-24 11:23:27


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