GOSSIP; Translaton of the Popcorn 11/09 – Tokio Hotel Parts

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Suffering Bill

Tenderness, love, sex – Bill’s Kaulitz (20) little friend in his pants is dead to the world. Is he afraid of girls? Is he really happy?

The rest of the band has gone wild.

Georg: He is the only one Th-boy who has a sweet girlfriend. He is together with his girlfriend from Magdeburg for 8 month. Georg: We met each other on the party. I don’t tell you her name or go out with her!”

Tom: Blonde or brunet – Tom loves all the girls and he was never burnt by love. He’s last affair: Chantelle (21) DJ-girl from Flipsyde. Is it big love? Tom:”No. just flirt. But I already want to fall in love. “

Gustav: Even Gustav is known by hot flirt. But he does it often carefully, he doesn’t show with girls on public. Love? It’s still unknown.

4 years are 1.461 days, 35.064 minutes or 2,1 million seconds – by any means is rather long period of time ! Can 20 year old guy live without hugs, coddling, and sex for such a long time? Bill Kaulitz has to accept it! The Th-frontman has a girlfriend since 2005 no more, and he didn’t kiss since he started his career. His last girlfriend was Ina (now 21) from his home village Loitsche.

The girls all over the world want to come closer to Bill, even Miley Cyrus (16) tried to make up flirt to Bill. But in recent years Bill tries to get rid of the fan-girls. Unbelievable: Bill doesn’t look suffering from permanent love absence, he expresses his feelings on stage, in recording studio, in front of the fans. Doesn’t Bill need love?

The truth is: beyond the image of the cool star hides sensitive, shy boy. Bill is lonely, he describes it that way:” When I stay alone in my hotel room after a concert, I don’t know from what I have to start. Then everything is so quite!” On the bottom of his heart he carries a wish to find love and sense of security. But it’s too difficult for Bill to find a girlfriend. He’s afraid that soon he will disappoint, because he’s not like other guys in his age and he can meet a lady of easy virtue.

Tom, Georg and Gustuv go easy with girls, flirt even with fans, Bill prefers to keep a distance. He is afraid, that the girls see only glamourous pop star, that’s why he doesn’t want quick one-night-stands. Bill:”Sex without love is not for me. It is Tom’s way of spending his time. Sex for one night brings nothing!”

He doesn’t want sex without love, he’s afraid of his feelings because he can become disappointed. Everything is so complicated! “When I meet a girl, I’ll want to be with her all the time,” says he. “And it doesn’t feet in the overfilled calendar of Tokio hotel.”

This pretext sounds everywhere. The Motto: Either Bill finds super understanding girlfriend, who’ll give him all her time, or he can wait for love till the end of his career. He doesn’t pressure himself about that too much: “It’s obvious that I want a girlfriend, but I can wait for a Woman of my Dream! At the moment I sleep in bed with my four dogs!”

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Comment by Vy
2009-10-24 07:36:19

eww MILEY CYRUS?! that just made me puke a little..glad he turned her down lol

i think bill should date another celeb, because they OBVIOUSLY will accept his busy schedule, because they also have one..it seems like celeb & celeb couples last longer than celeb & average person off the streets

Comment by helen
2009-10-24 15:55:53

ewww yeah i know im soo proud of him for that. way to go bill!

Comment by MexicanTHfan
2009-10-25 20:01:48


Comment by jelly
2009-10-25 22:29:26

I kind of disagree with you on that I think that a celeb and a non famous person last more because , look at usher and his wife they’ve been together who knows how long but its been pretty long. With a person that’s not in the fame industry they can be together all the time she can accompany him at his tours and interviews knowing that she won’t be as busy as a celeb a non famous person can dedicate more time to bill because imagine another celeb being as busy they won’t even be able to spend time together comfortably.

Comment by Kora
2009-10-24 08:01:24

Um, I wonder if this is how he really feels,


what the record company tells him to say to promote the (boy) band.

I doubt he’s THAT lonely with Natalie following him everywhere. This interview seems to be aimed at pre teen audiences who doesn’t know any better.

Comment by jelly
2009-10-25 22:35:01

@ kora.i dont think that they would do that . ive heard him say these things on the mttv interview on the 19th he said it himself he wants true love and he believe in love at first sight .

Comment by Farah
2009-10-24 09:02:42

i think it’ll be better if Bill date a normal person not a celeb. of course if he wanted to.
when he’s alone he needs someone to be with to hug and to hang with….
Bill is a really talented guy and he deserve love
i just want him to be happy:)

Comment by amber
2009-10-24 10:44:04

yeah sex without love is nothing i cant wait to fall in luv soon!

Comment by Amber
2009-10-25 15:44:31

i know me too but i alreadyfell like i am in love

Comment by HamburgsFinest
2009-10-24 10:59:22

I’m happy with Bill. I really admire that he’s stood his ground with him beliefs – even with the peer pressure and everything.

Comment by Vampiress96
2009-10-24 11:05:27

i honestly dont care about sex

Comment by Emmy
2009-10-24 11:27:30

Oh It’s so sad (i think) So nice, perfect boy, really beauty and so lovely.. I very love him, how all girls, but I very want what he found a girlfriend, I just wanna what him feel happy.
Really think four years without love. But everithink is possible. So good luck Bill, found nice and cute girlfriend like you, and be with her all your time.
Good luck too You!!!

Comment by laurenLETHAL
2009-10-24 12:02:58

i love bill, he stand up for what he belives in.
He’ll find love some day (: <3

Comment by loveme.xx.8
2009-10-24 13:02:29

i feel soo happy for georg. ♥
how come its been 8 months and we dont even have ONE SINGLE PIC OF THEM ,
while when tom just went on ONE DATE.
there were SHIT LOADS OF PICS .
wtff . xDD

Comment by Rachel
2009-10-24 13:18:08

Honestly, this makes me respect Bill even more than I did before. He’s amazing. Not only is he extremely talented, completely sexy, confident in himself, and can express his emotions, but he also has this outlook on love. I’m really proud of him for not giving in.

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-10-24 14:28:03

I totally agree. He is like Mr. Perfect.

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-10-24 14:31:36

I absolutely understand where he’s coming from, but what’s a girl gotta do to prove her love to him? He’s so guarded and unattainable, it’s nearly impossible. I understand how he feels, though, because I’m the same way.

Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-10-24 14:43:46

This is great how sentimental he is.
The only thing i hope, is that he doesn’t get a reality show from VH1 and end up like Brett Michaels.
That’s just sad; no offense or anything.
‘Tokio of Love’.
Or ‘Hotel of Love’.

Comment by Nicole
2009-10-25 07:41:07

Yeah I really hope he doesn’t get one either because all the girls(in the reality shows on VH1)want nothing but the guy’s money and I don’t want Bill to get a girl like that 😉

Comment by Diana
2009-10-24 15:54:32

it’s so sweet…

Comment by Chloe
2009-10-24 18:35:10

I’m proud of Bill for turning don gag* miley
And love how he doesn’t believe in sex without love

Comment by Jodi
2009-10-24 22:14:16

I feel identified with Bill’s situation. I’m also 20 and i’ve never had a boyfriend or sex, and not because i’ve lacked offers, but just because i’ve not met the right guy yet and i don’t see myself being with someone i’m not truly in love with. When i was younger, i always felt sad and lonely because i wanted to find true love and yet couldn’t care less about the guys i knew, but recently i’ve grown to feel happy with my life the way it is and i don’t feel like there’s an empty space in it that a guy has to fill.
Probably Bill’s just like me, he’s still waiting for right person and the right time, but doesn’t feel depressed about being single anymore. People should stop making a big deal out of his supposed loneliness, they’re only making him feel uncomfortable :/

Comment by EsmeKaulitz
2009-10-26 13:16:34

I agree with you, virtual high 5! I’m 16 and have never had sex, but its also of personal choice. There are a lot of offers and a lot of pressure. I want what Bill wants, and thats true love. I admire him for that.

I also admire you because not that many people can say that they are 20 and still looking for that special person. True love comes to those who wait <3

Comment by katiekaulitz
2009-10-24 22:20:05

awww poor bill. 🙁 what i wouldn’t give for him to be happy with a girl. He just wants someone to love and be happy with. he deserves it. people saying hes gay just because he hasn’t had sex or a girlfriend in forever is stupid. just thinking of him alone in his hotel room makes me shed a tear. now i want to give him a hug! <3

Comment by nene
2009-10-24 22:46:55

he should get rid of Natalie
and then he’ll find a girlfriend for sure.
shes always following him… so how is he gonna get a girl with her breathing down his neck.

Comment by pop tart
2009-10-24 22:51:28

Everyone loves to hear Bill is still looking for love.
They will probably snap however when he actually finds her or “just flirts” with a girl like Tom did with Chantelle.

You have to meet the person and decide if you want to go with them, and flirting at parties, hanging out, getting to know each other could be caught on camera’s. I hope fans don’t dump him when he starts flirting. they will be travelling through Europe soon and going to clubs again.

The recent headline saying they were at a club with girls (don’t all clubs have girls) made such a big deal that they may have went to a club and socialized chatting with girls. Like it was bad or something!

Comment by Kik
2009-10-25 03:33:07

I agree with the 1st and the 2nd comments

But if what he said is true, he will be such a nice guy

PS..I don’t like sex without love too

Comment by ♪ Ŧнē нµmαиσiÐ GiяŁxD•I'm α нµmαиσiÐ fσя yσµ♥
2009-10-25 03:33:20

yeah..I agree with MzKaulitz and Jody..I’d want soo much to could prove Bill how much I love him..but if he’s always surrounded by bodyguards,I can’t approach him:( this is so sad</3 I love him very much and it hurts me so much to know that I feel exactly the same way like him and..I don’t even have a boyfriend because of the fact that I’m in love with HIM</3 but even I feel like him,I can’t get a chance to prove him this and that I REALLY love him,I know what I feel:( </3
and Jody..I’m also single ’cause of Bill..I can’t fall in love with another boy idk why..I simply can’t see in them that…”sparkle” that Bill has:( sometimes it hurts me so much and I’d want to forget Bill and fall in love,but I know I can’t so..I accepted this too:( I’m just waiting to fall in love one day…’cause u don’t need to force yourself to fall in love,u just fall,don’t u?
Like this paragraph says:”Don’t find love, let love find you. That’s why it’s called falling in love, because you don’t force yourself to fall, you just fall.”
That’s soo true..

Comment by penpey
2009-10-25 14:03:26

i understand compleatly how ya feel i se somethings differently
i think if i had the chance to get to know bil as a person he would be my friend a mate i love him but i know im probabaly not the right girl for him ive been poisond with tokio hotel and bill is a ll i c u no? but i dont hnk ma ny people do
i think i would like bill for a friend ha wouldnt love me but we could have a good laugh
but what can i say im a pessimist at heart but i love him and i hope he finds what he truly deservs and love u cant make your self love someone u just need to wait i wish i could tell him that
u just need to wait
im sure he will find what he want i truly do i want him to ne happy 🙂

sorry guys u gunu be v confuzed after this haha

Comment by pop tart
2009-10-25 04:01:42

Natalie would be perfect for him. He said in a recent interview he usually is attracted to older women.
I really want them to get together.

Comment by loveme.xx.8
2009-10-25 07:08:12

bill & natalie ..
isnt she like married and has kids.
seriously ..
i wish bill finds someone around his age ..
not someone older .
coz i dunno, my pov. its weird to be dating an older person .. i mean as in a guys pov.

ohh and who did bill date?
he dated this girl called ina right ?
and who else ..


Comment by ♪ Ŧнē нµmαиσiÐ GiяŁxD•I'm α нµmαиσiÐ fσя yσµ♥
2009-10-25 13:59:01

@loveme.xx.8:I think Inna is the only one known from all the girls Bill dated in the past:) maybe the others didn’t want to be revealed:P

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by loveme.xx.8
2009-10-26 06:50:34

ohh. xD
lmao thanks. 🙂
is there a picture of her? xD
i feel so stalker-ish. lmao.
but i just wanna know .. lol
is she PRETTY?

Comment by ♪ Ŧнē нµmαиσiÐ GiяŁxD•I'm α нµmαиσiÐ fσя yσµ♥
2009-10-26 17:20:00

yeah:) http://www.buzznet.com/tags/billkaulitz/journals/1682641/good-interview/ here’s a pic with the 2 ex-girlfriends of Tom and with Inna(Bill’s);)

Comment by Alyssarose
2009-10-28 00:44:22

I think he had a girlfriend her name was Rach-L from the ch!pz.

Comment by ♪ Ŧнē нµmαиσiÐ GiяŁxD•I'm α нµmαиσiÐ fσя yσµ♥
2009-10-25 12:30:01

ohh…not that Natalie._. I don’t want him to date her..she’s just too old for him._. I heard she’s like…31 or 32 years old.And idk why…but I feel that Natalie only wants his money._. so I really don’t want this,sorry and I think she really isn’t the perfect girl for Bill..and he didn’t say that he’s usually attracted to older women,he just said he always had older girlfriends than him,but this doesn’t mean he likes only older women or that he doesn’t want a girlfriend the same years old like him or younger.I think the best for him would be to date a girl younger than him;)

Comment by Jessylee
2009-10-25 06:27:00

hey i have a question do you think Tom hide is relationship with Chantelle because when i see the blog of Tom well he have the same things like her so i dunno if we don’t really know something or he says really the truth about Fall in Love and being single so if anyone can answer …..??? (:

and Bill is right to find the right girl but sometimes euuuuh i don’t really trust i’m not a hater but it’s just when he sais that he didn’t have a relationship from the begining of TH i’m septic about this but whatever 🙂 i hope for him

Comment by Bethany
2009-10-25 07:38:47

aww, i think it’s cute. I hope one day Bill will find a girl that he loves, he deserves it ^___^

Comment by Trina
2009-10-25 07:47:06

OMG im going to kill miley for flirting with him, shes such a slut these days

Comment by Jessylee
2009-10-25 07:56:00

I don’t know if it’s will posted twice but do I have a question do you think something going on between Chantelle and Tom that he hide because he have the same things like her or he really says the truth about fall in love :face: 🙂 ?

For Bill bah he will find someone I hope for him 🙂

Comment by ♪ Ŧнē нµmαиσiÐ GiяŁxD•I'm α нµmαиσiÐ fσя yσµ♥
2009-10-25 13:56:30

@trina:stay chill,Miley has no chance to Bill hehexD she’s a slut like Katy Perry:P and Bill doesn’t like this kind of girls:P

Comment by Leidenschaft
2009-10-25 22:23:15


Comment by jelly
2009-10-25 22:43:40

hes soo perfect :/ <3

Comment by Elena483
2009-10-26 08:54:09

Ohhh Bill….i am in the same situation that Bill is….i haven’t got a boyfriend for 5 years…..and the last 3 years i am in love with him!!!
I don’t know how to say it but ican’t live without knowing he is ok…..he is smiling and without hearing his voice!!!
In the recent concert here in Greece…i saw him and i wanted to cry…..i couldn’t stand still….i was only looking at him…6546
I don’t care what my family …my friends or anybody else believe but i am sure that i am in love with him and i would do everything just to be with him right now…..every second….
It would be better for me tif Bill looks for a girlfriend into his fans but….how could he see me???And my advice to him would be: Not be afraid of anything just try in your life….in the same way you change your style….
But if he was searching for that girl….if he was really searching he would found her…
He is so sweet…carrying…sensitive….spontaneous person….how can’t i love him???

Comment by BillyZiTaZh89TH
2009-10-26 21:13:39

Awww, Bill =/…ps q peniita q no pueda encontrar a la chica indicada y ps eso me pone triste, xq io a el lo amo con todo el corazon!!…
Pero ps Bill, solo espera un tiempito mas, solo un poquito y ia veras q dentro d poco encontraras a alguien muy especial, xq tu si te lo mereces♥!..TE AMO Y SIEMPRE LO HARE 🙂 !

Comment by hotnspicy
2009-10-28 06:48:33

awww poor Bill, Come spend an interesting night with me, we could drink wine, eat nibbles, play board/card games, talk,,, lots and lots of talk… maybe watch a movie, give each other make up make overs, hahaaa… I could give Bill a massage, starting with his hands. He could bring his dogs round and they could play with my dog. After all this, not one bit about sex has been mentioned. Although i would love to kiss his lips…..

Comment by Angel Namerah
2009-10-28 15:18:50

I have a feeling I love him almost like a mother it hurts me to see him hurt.

Comment by Candice
2009-10-28 20:16:54

EWWW miley Cyrus 4 reals thats hella GROSS!!!!
I feel kinda sorry 4 that
that made my tummy churn 🙁
i agree with him sex without love is not for me
id feel hella gulity if i had a one night stand with someone

Comment by kledia
2009-11-02 15:25:53

he’s a real guy. go on Bill! 🙂

Comment by Rox Kaulitz
2009-11-03 18:42:37

OMG!i flippled out when i read that miley cirus flirted with Bill…i was like what???!!!!!!
now way!imma kill for doing that!
but luckly Bill turned her down…yes!xD
but i hope Bill does find true love someone that deserve him
cause someone like him deserves someone better than a slut like miley cirus….

Comment by mara
2009-11-18 08:49:49

oh my God!it’s exactly the way i think!it’s very sweet and normal,you should wait for love and you should wait for the suitable person or else you will hurt or you will be hurting…and it will come, only one time, but it will come be sure about this and Bill don’t care about this gossip bullshits,be hopeful!;)

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