PICS; tokio hotel – LA pictures

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PICS; tokio hotel - LA pictures PICS; tokio hotel - LA pictures PICS; tokio hotel - LA pictures
PICS; tokio hotel - LA pictures PICS; tokio hotel - LA pictures PICS; tokio hotel - LA pictures PICS; tokio hotel - LA pictures

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Comment by loveme.xx.8
2009-10-27 08:44:55

i dont like it when Bill wears tank tops.
its just really weird and really skinny!
they have changed so much!

its just my opinion.
but im not hating on him.
i still love tokio hotel.
they have awsome songs. 😀

Comment by FiNU57 - Serena
2009-10-27 11:40:50

Yhhh i totally get u he looks t0o.. feminine 🙁 And i hate saying that because he’s gorjushh 😛 But yhh i totally get uu i’ve got the same viewpoint (: i love tom’s scarf t0o 😀 georg and gustii always look soo cute hehe blesss xXx

Comment by Alyssarose
2009-10-28 00:36:35

Actually the tank top it quite masculine in my taste.

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Comment by Dawn
2009-10-31 23:56:37

just about to say that -_- someone always beats me to the point

Comment by candy
2009-10-27 21:09:09

I think he looks sexy. Like when the first started out. Not as jovial or pinked skinned as 2007 but gorgeous and more mature.

Personally I love the tank top!

Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-10-27 11:21:07

I love the first picturee ♥

Comment by laurenLETHAL
2009-10-27 11:52:55

Yeh Same its So hot 😀 <3

Comment by Ella
2009-10-27 13:13:41

Yeah not crazy about the tank top, but he still looks great. He looks like he’s pushing his chest out for some reason in that pic #3 Maybe someone walked behind him and pinched him on the butt? lol

Comment by Ella
2009-10-27 13:15:28

OH! remember those pics where it was thought Bill got his nipples pierced? I think if he did it would show up in these pics and I don’t see any jewelry under his tank do you?

Comment by Kora
2009-10-27 15:27:29

OMG bill is gorgeous in the first two pic.
His eyelashes are longer than mine.___.
He doesn’t look skinny in these pictures.

Comment by Emily
2009-10-27 15:33:03

Omg, they’re so cute! :]

Comment by waffles
2009-10-27 18:22:01

lol bill nedds to breath and let the air out of his puffed cheast

Comment by jallil mancera
2009-10-27 20:24:09

NOOOOO I MISSED IT! when is the concert in LA gonna take place? or did it already happen??? NO UGH! how could they, mooo hooo they dont love me no more.

Comment by Tanya M
2009-10-27 21:06:59

I love the album cover. Not sure why everyone bitches that it’s just Bill though. To me it’s art and if it required only one persons face, or a band member pinky, or whatever, than so be it.

Has Bill got pecks in these pictures? Yummy!

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-10-27 21:35:25

OMG! They look hella fine. I love the first pic. Bill is sooo gorgeous. I got lost in his beautiful eyes. This is what I could have seen in person, but I missed it! I think I wanna go cry now…

Comment by Naghma
2009-10-27 22:41:42

I was there. OMG! best day of my life thus far. *sigh*. I went in twice cuz I had 2 wrist bands, hehe. First time I went in, I was super calm (suprisingly) and said Hi to Bill, he said Hi back, and then when he was signing my Humanoid cd cover (don’t know why he signed the back and not the front, I was like, uhh, wth, Bill, lol)Neways, so I said to him in German, “Hallo Bill, Wie gehts?” and he replied, “Gut, danke”, so then all of a sudden Tom looks at me for like a good let’s say 10 seconds, hehe. So, then I am like, “Hi Tom”. and he’s like, “Hi”. and all of a sudden all this confidence takes over and I am like, “Hey Tom, you know I was born and raised in Germany, in Hamburg actually.” and he looks at me (pausing from signing who knows whose TH item) and goes, “Oh yah?, Hamburg?”. and I say, “yup” and he sorta points to Bill and goes, “We live in Hamburg.” and I am like, “I know” with the biggest smile ever. And he smiles really big, and says, “Well, we have something in common.” with the cutest smile ever, *sigh*. and that’s when security is like, “ok, keep the line moving”, and Tom grabs something to sign, while I quickly turn on my camera to snap a close up pic of him, and he does the cutest thing ever (btw he’s the biggest flirt) he smiles all flirtatious into my camera, while I take the pic, but my hands didn’t snap fast enough, so he’s not directly looking into my camera, but he has this cute smile looking towards my direction. So adorable. Second time, I went in, was cool too, cuz while I am like literally 3 feet away to get my arm signed, I snap 2 really good pix, 1 of Bill, which came out kinda dark, and stupid TH security is blocking my shot a little, and then a really good shot of both Bill and Tom. It was funny, cuz Bill saw that I was trying to take pix of him and he like flexed his muscles when he was taking something from someone to sign. I was like, ooo, show off. hehe. so when it was my turn, I like literally stood there frozen for like 3 seconds, staring at his pretty face, and with the cutest smile ever (bigger than the first time I got my cd signed) he says Hi, and I am like, “Bill, can you sign my arm?” and he’s like, “Yah”. so he signs, it and then I got to Tom, and I am like, “Hey Tom, I am back”. and he kinda smiles like, “Hey”. Such an amazing night. =))))

Comment by DIana
2009-11-11 17:00:04

I don’t wanna bother u, but since ur story is AWESOME, and I could imagine myself there (since I wasn’t T_T) and got really excited by ur story, can u send me those pics? I mean, ur experience must be all over ur pics, so, they must be great shots, full of feeling, and well… I don’t wanna bother, just asking nicely, cuz sharing ur pics of the greatest day of ur life shoudn’t be bad… don’t u think? XD

Man! I wish I went there, I suppose it was awesome 🙂 lol

Comment by DIana
2009-11-11 17:01:21

mmmm… sry, I forgot bout my mail XD

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Comment by dani
2009-10-27 23:00:39

there are very good photos.Bill looks sexy

Comment by Alyssarose
2009-10-28 00:37:15

Bill exhale!
I think hes trying to look buff.

Comment by Kora
2009-10-28 06:20:08

LOL even that sounds cute!

Comment by loveme.xx.8
2009-10-28 09:37:23

O M F G!
guys guess what?
i have a chat thing that happened with tokio hotel ..
and there bill says that HE HAS A NIPPLE PIERCING!
oh my god right?
and apparently there vegetarians ?!
ill post it in the next thingy.

Comment by loveme.xx.8
2009-10-28 09:37:46

Bill and tom: we’re vegertarians for half a year now

tom: my fav song for now is Noise and Automatic of course.

georg: no i will stay with my hair color. i like it

TH: we’re coming to South America in dates ready yet… but we will come

TH: Yes, we loved greece it was a great concert. It felt good on stage with the new record for the first time…watch out for MTV World Stage October 30th.

Georg, Bill and Tom: we love pasta and vegetarian sushi

TH: we’ll be in norway in 2010 as well

TH: we would love to go to australia

TH: watch out for all tour dates on in the next weeks

Bill and Tom: if we could be any animal we would be a dog

Georg: kez parts on world went fast (note: he means – Learning the Keyboard parts for world behind my wall went fast.)

Bill: if you have the right idea for a tattoo then it goes fast

Bill: we drink coffee.. Tom: with alcohol

Bill: i don’t have a favourite town…but new york is cool

Bill: yes, I like clit piercings.

Bill: no tom doesn’t want a tattoo but i try to convince him..

TH: we’re still discussing the next single

Bill: Yes we like twilight a lot

Bill: my favourite song is dogs unleashed right now

Bill: my favourite colours are black and white..not colours though

Bill: yes we believe in soulmates. Tom is mine

Bill and Tom: We are vegetarians because we love animals

Bill: sorry guys – the system is running so slow

TH: yes we believe in aliens, we hope to meet them sometimes

TH: Miami is a great place

Bill: my favorite kings of leon songs are manhatten and use somebody

Bill: my dogs actually inspired me on the title

Bill: I love snow for xmas

TH: we like to perform in big arenas – with a huge audience.

TH: perhaps tom will play the piano on tour

TH: we would love to be invisible.

Bill: sure I believe in long distance releationships.

Georg: i met my girlfriend while going out in magdeburg

Bill: we hope to be still on stage within 10 years

Question: Tom, what did you do with your old hats?

Tom: i still have my caps….

Question: Will you play both German and English songs whne you tour the US?

TH: we will mix the live set – so german and english songs

Tom, what is your favorite song to perform live from the Album?

Tom: my favourite song to perform live is noise – the opening song for mtv world stage

Question: Hi!!!! how often do you guys film for Tokio Hotel TV??

TH: we are shooting TH tv everyday….

Question: Gustav, why do you wrap your fingers before a concert?

Gustav: I tape my fingers to have better grip on the sticks

Question: Bill will u ever consider a Full sleeve tattoo on either of your arms?

Bill: yes i would like to get more tattoos – but can not make it right now

Question: Tom is there anything u are afraid of?

Tom: i am afraid of sharks…

Bill: Do you ever burp while singing on stage?

Bill: i do not drink one hour before a show…so i dont burp…

Question: Why do you call Georg a hobbit?

B, T and Gustav: we are calling georg a hobbit because of is hairy feet and size

Georg: thats a lie

Question: Bill: Is it true you got a nipple piercing?

Bill: yes I have a nipple piercing

Question: Gustav do you like Fish?

Gustav: yes I love sea food…

Question: Bill would you ever consider making a fashion line?

Bill: i can imagine beeing a fashion designer one day..lets see…

Question: Tom, what’s your dream car?

Tom: my dream car is audio R8 V 10

Question: Bill, what is your favorite Coldpaly song?

Bill: my favorite coldplay song is fix you

Question: Georg, will you ever get a tattoo?

Georg: no, i dont think i will get a tattoo

Question: Bill, what are some of your favorite designers?

Bill: as a designer I like dsquared and rick owens

Question: Tom, when you got your gauges, did it hurt?

Tom: yes it hurt doing my earings…

Question: What is the best thing about being twins???

Bill: best beeing twins is that you’re never alone

Question: Bill which of your tattoos is your favorite?

Bill: my fav tattoo is the one on the side of my upper body

Question: What’s your favorite movie?

Bill: my fav movie right now is district 9.

Question: Do you imagine having a twin tattoo?

Tom: I can imagine a twin tattoo…that bill’s also wearing

Question: Tom sings in Pain of Love?

TH: no tom is not singing on pain of love…

Question: What is the one thing you could never live without?!?

Bill: we could never live without our dogs

Question: Bill, are you a good driver ?

Bill: i’m a really good driver..i’m the only one who never had an accident..

Question: Gustav, are you secretly a Ninja?

Gustav: yes i’m a black ninja

TH: so guys it’s time for us to say bye….

take care….hope to see you soon on tour…thanks for joining the chat!!

bye bye guys…..

Comment by Angel Namerah
2009-10-28 15:23:27

he looks like a soldier with extreme spikes he needs dogtags to complete his look.

Comment by ILuvTH
2009-10-30 03:07:31

i dont understand why bill wants tall hair , he’s already taller than the rest of th

Comment by :D_HUMANO!D+:Geisha*!
2010-06-28 22:32:33

OH MY GOD!!! I WAS FUCKING THERE IT WAS MY FIRST CD SIGNING!! 😀 IT WAS THE MOST FUNNEST TIME OF MY LIFE!!!!!……..when i was going to get my cd signed my friend jonathan was in front(i made 4 new friends while waiting lol) he showed them their TH logo that he had tattooed on the back of his calf i was like “OMG!! hes talking to the Bill and Tom :D” jonathan gave Bill his address to his house lol oh my gosh when it was really my turn my uncle was behind me and he took a pic of me with Bill in it :D(i looked soo ugly :p) and Bill was “hi” and i couldnt say a WORD all i heard was world behind my wall and i kept staring at all of them signing MY cd i was soo starstrucked. when Gustav gave me my cd he was like “here you go” and i said “thank you!” and literally ran out i felt my heart beating in my neck and ears..oh my gosh i will always treasure my memories of seeing them in person 😀

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