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PICS; tokio hotel 14.10.09 paris

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NEWS; Tokio Hotel ‘World behind my wall’ and Tokio Verizon Droid

Post by Taking the world by storm, German rockers Tokio Hotel are currently riding high off the recent release of their latest album, Humanoid, after the success of the first Tokio Hotel single from Humanoid, “Automatic”. One of the most popular bands on the planet, Tokio Hotel is fresh off of their recent “Best […]

VIDEO; Tokio Hotel 06.11.09 NRJ Humaniod Interview

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VIDEO; Tokio Hotel TV Episode 11 (2009)

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SAD NEWS; Tokio Hotel Singer Bill laments lame love life

Post by Bill Kaulitz, the androgynous lead singer of German pop band Tokio Hotel, told Berlin’s BZ tabloid on Monday that his love life was a major disappointment even though he was idolised by teen girls around the world. “If I look at the last five years, I didn’t have a chance to fall […]

NEWS; Is Bill Kaulitz morphing into Prince ?

Post by Let’s hope so! Here’s the Tokio Hotel frontman at the premiere of Arthur und die Minimoys 2 – Die Rueckkehr des Boesen M‘ (Arthur 2) – he voiced the part of Arthur — at Cinestar Sony Center movie theater in Berlin this weekend. And boy, does Bill got that purp! Bill Kaulitz […]

PICS; 22.11.09 Arthur and the Minimoys – bill kaulitz

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NEWS; Adam Lambert crushing on Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel

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PICS; HQ tokio hotel – bill kaulitz -red carpet

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VIDEO; 23.11.09 RTL Exclusiv Bill – Minimoys 2 Premiere

Post by 09-11-23 – exclusiv – Bill – Minimoys 2 Premiere by nicoletagenoveva