NEWS; TOkio Hotel – Four GERMANS wanted!

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NEWS; TOkio Hotel - Four GERMANS wanted!

Saturday,September 26

3 pm: The first day starts with chat on are all tuned obviously!
8.50 pm: Adrenaline goes up.Red carpet gets start.The whole square shouts:Tokio Hotel!Tokio Hotel! no matter which artist is up.Impatience rules!Few time left.
9 pm: Here them!In front of our eyes..there are to sing “Automatic”!They are Tokio Hotel!I can’t believe:they talk,they walk,they smile..they are live!
11 pm: The song who has the name of their new divine album “Humanoid”:for the first time live here in Italy!
11.03 pm: Bill’s voice is so deep..his walk..everything is perfect!Tom gets close to audience with his guitar..a roar rises and the hands stretch on!
11.04 pm: It’s over!sigh..Bill greets the crowd with his sweet “CRAZIE” and TH leave the stage.

Sunday, September 27

3.30 pm: Finally they get off the hotel to sign autographes.Few ones,and then..awayyyyy to fan party.Fan are totally crazed,they hit on TH van’s glasses and yell like mad.
4 pm: It’s time to meet the fans at party and answer to the 10 winners questions.It’s impossible to understand what they are saying,microphones aren’t enough,there are too many yells!
4.15 pm: The 4 guys escape in the backstage for meet&greet with the luckiest fans drawn during fan party,or rewarded for their hard job with Universal.
4.30 pm: The band leaves party’s location to come back in hotel.The most exciting minutes of our life to know them few steps far from us,and this is enough.
5.18 pm: Tightly sealed meet with journalists in hotel.There is Teen Rock too!
7.30 pm: Even divinities have dinner,meanwhile fans wait outside the hotel hoping to see them!
11 pm: Run to attend at chat
12.39 pm: They come back in hotel.Georg and Tom,who knows where are the other 2.
1.30 am: It’s time for Bill and Gustav now.The only mistery is where they went..

Wednesday, September 30
12 am: After 2 hours wait here them.Bill,despite of tiredness smiles to fans and whisper “hi”.We are few girls,so everythings goes on quietly.
12.30 am: They are back!Just the time to have a shower,and then X-Factor.
18.30 pm: Their entrance in the talent show studios.Bill,Tom,georg and Gustav talk with the competitors and start the soundcheck.It’s weird to see them so normal!
10.30 pm: They arrive on red carpet and there is so much excitement.Few autographes and then,puff!they are on stage already to sing “Automatic”!
11 pm: Nobody saw them more after X-Factor.Are them already in disguise?

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Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-11-14 09:24:53

Amen on that headline.

Comment by ammerianne
2009-11-14 16:06:57

huhu. they must be exhausted. but still!

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-11-14 17:36:01

It’s almost like this is someone’s diary.

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