NEWS; TOkio Hotel Special – Popcorn 12/09 Translation

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DE Popcorn 12/2009

NEWS; TOkio Hotel Special - Popcorn 12/09 Translation NEWS; TOkio Hotel Special - Popcorn 12/09 Translation

Twins, but absolutely different: one of them is scared of feelings,
the other one enjoys his life.

Bill Kaulitz, Virgin
Love, sex and caress are foreign terms for Bill (20). For 4 years he has not had had any girlfriend, and remains unkissed and lonely. When the talk turns to sex, he grows quiet: perhaps the frontman of TH is still virgin. With girls he is sensitive and considerate. He flirts unwillingly and does not approach to girls first as he is scared of his own feelings! How can one find him out? Bill: “I feel an inclination to romantic poetry and love letters. At any rate, a girl can win more of my attention with sweet lines than with a spicy look.” Bill is a Diva! Only the girl that tends to his every need will win his heart.

Tom Kaulitz, Wild
No matter whether she is blond, brown-haired or brunette: Girl-Checker (kind of womanizer, lady-killer) Tom (20) regales himself with all of them. While Bill is scared of emotions, Tom lives in passion and bustles about the number of the broken hearts. Without any shyness he invites girls into his hotel room and flirts with Star-Babes. No, this young macho is not made for the long-term relations. As a matter of fact, does he know what love is at all? Doubt it. Those who get involved with Tom have to leave as he is up for love affairs only.

NEWS; TOkio Hotel Special - Popcorn 12/09 Translation

“Interview about sex? Great! I’ll be ready in 2 minutes!”

NEWS; TOkio Hotel Special - Popcorn 12/09 Translation

CREATIVE-CORNERAs a big fan of TH I have to say that I liked him much more before. And many TH-freaks think the same. That is why I created a new outfit for my favorite, and I hope that you will publish it. Clear that tastes differ, but hedgehog – hairdo does not suit Bill at all. Emo head of hair suits him better! In single-breasted military together with freaky goth shoes and trendy accessories Bill looks more cute. Many greetings to you from Melanie.

New look for Bill

NEWS; TOkio Hotel Special - Popcorn 12/09 Translation

My new mobile-phone

” My new Nokia mobile-phone is always in my bag. I can read e-mails, surf web-sites or play games wherever I am.”

NEWS; TOkio Hotel Special - Popcorn 12/09 Translation

Over Gustav’s head: “Pull a long face: Tokio Hotel cannot rely on their previous success.”

Tokio Hotel
From a PR perspective everything is just perfect: for all that performance at “Wetten dass…?” and diverse drug confessions dropped (ranked) a new album of TH “Humanoid” from 1 to 25(!) in the 2nd week. That hits hard!

Bill, Tom Georg and Gustav are not sure in the album’s failure. During the european tour (32 shows, beginning on 22.02) TH is playing only 2 shows in Germany: 26.02 in Oberhausen and 28.02 in Hamburg.

On the fresh photos TH frontman Bill Kaulitz (20) looks unhealthy: trousers hang loosely on him and his cheeks seem to hollow in. Being 189 centimetres in height, he has only 50 kg in weight. Is it an emaciation? He denys that and says, that he can gulp down plenty of fast food, macaroni foods and cream of rice cooked with milk, and inspite of that not to grow fat. But the emaciated have got a distorted picture of their body: they think that they are still too fat. POPCORN insider: “Bill undergoes a course of medical treatment!”

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Comment by sylvia
2009-11-15 13:03:20

its sweet that bills quite about that sort of stuff maby he prefers to keep it private <3 soo sweet x

Comment by MexicanTHfan
2009-11-17 22:35:44

he looks pretty good to me 🙂 hes hot

Comment by Marnie
2009-11-15 13:10:14

;O Medical treatment?!

Comment by Ruby
2009-11-15 17:37:05

Good. He needs some treatment.

Comment by laiila
2009-11-15 13:43:32

i know alot of ppl who eat ALOT and they never gain weight and my brother is the same and he is not sick! so skinny doesnt always mean sick ppl! u can eat healthy and everythin u want without gainin weight!

Comment by Sandy
2009-11-15 17:29:17

But Bill actually CAN gain weight. Remember how healthy he was, and his face was even a bit fat, in the winter of 2008?
He is fully capable of gaining weight

Also, white skin no matter what your weight is a sign of anemia. Bill is very sick!

Comment by laiila
2009-11-16 12:15:18

yes he gains weight but looses it very fast thats how it is..yes he could be sick but am sayin that these are not the signs of it..i knw ppl who are the same and really they are not sick!
bill’s face is white cause of the foundation he puts and even when he doesnt he is not THAT white he is pretty normal! seriously these are rubbish plus he cant be 50 kilos these are rumors! he is 1.90cm!! so he is not less then 60 kilos i would say!
i think he gained weight these days anyway he looked healthy in the emas and in mexico too!!..he looses weight when he works nd when he is stressed thats when he forgets to eat as he said..

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Caraaa
2009-11-15 14:07:57

Popcorn is full of shit

Comment by Sandra
2009-11-17 17:31:39

yes they invade their life and talk shit about them

Comment by noussa
2009-11-15 16:30:48

I hate when they discuss their private life especially Bill
leave the guy alone

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-11-15 16:31:43

I think this article is incredibly rude. I wish everyone would just get off Bill’s case already.

Comment by chris
2009-11-15 17:17:52

they really are taking this too far i mean bill has his life and tons of ppl who care for him, they would never let bill get sick, so i dont see why theyare contantly on his case, like wtf?

Comment by Tanya M
2009-11-15 17:27:16

The drug confession was NOT the reason for the dropped sales. Only the 13yr old fans who see TH like some Disney creation and want them to be virginal, drug free people forever, would care and most of them seem to download illegally anyway. They were the ones with all the YouTube videos of songs before they were officially released.

Anyone over the age of 16 wouldn’t be surprised to hear if a person experimented with drugs in their youth unless they live under a rock.

As for Bill looking emacipated – have to agree there. The pale and boney body are starting to be really concerning and not sexy at all. His seeing nothing wrong with a diet of coffee and candy, sounds like an anorexic talking

Comment by Penpey
2009-11-15 17:31:45

I feel really sick at that magazeen man
Ok if bills. A virgin I’m happrly for him comon if he wants it to be speshal let him do that !
Ok toms a player so????
Ok I eat heaps an I’m thin I hv high motabolism and I’m no anorexic of baleemic I’m healthy if bill is like that they shouldn’t be making rumours . If he isn’t eating well I would say it’s up to him and the team not newspapers making skankey reviews

I love humanoid best cd in a long time. I don’t no many albums that stay on numba 1 for a long period it changes and seeing as tokio hotel isn’t the biggest band in scale of people knoing about them ( not in a mean way) I wouldn’t exspect it to be numba 1 forever.
I think the people on this magazeen is very pessmmistic :/
Sorry for my rant (:

Comment by Brk
2009-11-15 18:15:10

Agree 100%
Bill is fine and the album is one of the best ever. The article was really kinda mean.

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-11-16 17:04:55

I think the remark about their drug usage and album sales was rude too. It really shouldn’t matter because it’s about the music. But like someone said earlier, it’s only the naive little 13-year-olds who freaked out about the drugs. They are the same people who aren’t fans anymore because they don’t like Bill’s new style. I, for one, love the guys for who they are. I think Humanoid is brilliant and it’s a shame that it isn’t number one anymore. I guess the majority of people would rather waste their money on auto-tune BS with meaningless lyrics. U_U

Comment by Kelsie
2009-11-16 17:14:15

damn if ppl stopped being a fan of thiers cause of Bills STYLE! and cause they used to do drugs. those ppl have a real problem! wow its not about how they dress or if they did drugs, its about the music and if its good or not. ugh.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Tanya M
2009-11-15 17:33:05

Bill isn’t a virgin, he has said so many times. They just keep assuming he is. Look at his old interviews.

Comment by MexicanTHfan
2009-11-17 22:37:35

then why tom say he was last year?

Comment by Chrissy
2009-11-15 17:35:11

I think people are missing a really important point, Bill can gain weight. His weight goes up and down, so this excuse that he has a fast metabolism is a joke. People who are naturally thin are not naturally shock white or bruise easily as Bill has said he does a lot. I’m glad he is seeking help and hope his hatred for his body isn’t because he is secretly gay, which is sometimes the case.

Comment by Kelsie
2009-11-16 11:17:30

I agree, just like someone said above. back in 2008 he gain quite a bit of weight, in his face. then on the “Caught on Camera.” he said his self he gained some weight there.

Comment by penpey
2009-11-16 12:22:55

i hv high motabloism sometimes i go more chubby and the tys goes down
how do u no he bruses easaly?
hes been undera lot of stress im sure thats it but i think bill has enough people around him to make sure hes healthy

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by laiila
2009-11-16 13:23:58

yea thats what i mean too that cause of the work and the stress he looses weight but when he is back on tour he is healthy then..
am i the only one who thinks that Bill doesnt actually look sick?? well i mean these days he looks healthy!..he has always been a skinny guy

Comment by Tara
2009-11-16 21:07:11

He can’t hid his eating disorder anymore. It’s too obvious

Comment by Rude article
2009-11-15 17:36:00

People have got to lay off Bill. He is not too skinny! He’s perfect, and he’s has sex with girls before just not since Tokio Hotel, so stop insinuating he’s gay!

Comment by Ruby
2009-11-15 17:36:39

I have that phone – it plays videos too!

Comment by C J
2009-11-15 17:38:44

I’m sure Bill is okay although I’m worried he is using playback soooooooooooooooooooo much. Hope his voice problem isn’t back.

Comment by Sami kaulitz
2009-11-15 18:20:09

I wish Tom would invite me in his hotel room 😉 I LOVE HIM

Comment by Trace
2009-11-15 18:39:11

I think its sweet Bill is like that good for him

Comment by thfan...
2009-11-15 18:41:51

i don’t know why ppl keep sayin that bill is anorexic…
anyways i dont think he’s too skinny,actually i think he’s a little bit fatter than a few weeks ago and thats good and about the virginity thing i dont know why do they have to keep discussing about that and if he is virgin, what’s the matter? you can do whatever you wanna do in your life

Comment by laiila
2009-11-16 13:29:06

good comment!!
i noticed that he gained some weight too..since he is not stressed anymre (stress actualy burns fat!!)
and i totally agree with u about him beein a virgin! its actualy not a topic to talk about he can do whatever he wants,he doesnt even have privacy anymrenow the whole world will know when bill will loose his virginity!!! THIS IS SICK!!

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-11-16 17:17:41

This article is downright disrespectful. It’s not like the person who wrote the article actually weighed Bill. Unless you’re a trained physician who knows Bill personally, you can’t make wild claims like that. He doesn’t look sick to me. He is stressed out, but I think he can handle it. People just won’t give the guy credit. He’s stronger than they make him out to be.

Comment by Tarra
2009-11-17 21:32:52

Anorexic talk just like Bill – forget to eat. Have coffee all day. Simply because many of us forget to eat now and then doesn’t make us thin and white so this is clearly an on going problem. My concerns were raised when he gave the exuse that he has grown and his fat is distributed better. There is no fat! The super thin and anemia seem to be a recurring problem interupted by the odd time he is normal weight and rosy skinned. I’m not a doctor but anemia is obvious when the white skin only happens when someone is stick thin with bones sticking out.
It doesn’t mean I’m not a fan to see the truth.
Bill has an eating disorder that of course he isn’t going to share with the world. It would be front page news and, worst, a health concern would be sponsor backing out.

get well bill – you look like death.

Comment by Angel Namerah
2009-11-15 19:01:34

why does Bill always have to worry me *sigh*

Comment by Lindsay
2009-11-15 19:08:35

I think it is the other way around. I think Tom is the one that is afraid of his feelings why do u think he is prone to having meaningless sex? I give it up to Bill cause he is totally honest about it himself.

P.S. No disrespect Tom.

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-11-16 17:08:04

Yeah, I know. I love Tom, but it’s obvious that Bill is a lot more mature when it comes to that.

Comment by xoxo Karlee Kaulitz xoxo
2009-11-15 20:59:25

Haha tom nice phone. text me or call me on it k? lol <3 tokio hotel <3 xoxo tom kaulitz fur immer xoxo 🙂

Comment by iiStar☆
2009-11-16 00:15:20

bullshit! why dnt they jus leave bill alone! Jesuss!!! nd wut if he looks anorexic? dats not their problem! Bill can heal himself for godsake! nao im mad….

Comment by Marty-91
2009-11-16 03:17:41

FINALLY, a poster with the album-cover pic!!!
It’s so awesome!

Comment by Violet
2009-11-16 07:18:39

If Bill does have eating problems (which could just be his crazy lifestyle more than anything else) then its sad, and not his fault. it shouldn’t be flashed about a magazine and criticized.

I also think its a bit early to call the album a failure. The fans love it, and thats all the boys have ever cared about anyway. I think the tour is going to be awesome and prove that the album is anything but a failure.

Hopefully they know we love and support them regardless of any issues, real or supposed.

Comment by amelia
2009-11-16 08:34:18

This has to be wrong. If Bill’s weight was reali 50kg then against his height his BMI would be 13.5 and so very very underadvarage – meaning he would have to be supported just to walk. I think Bill may have an eating disorder in the sense he forgets to eat subconciously as he knows he will keep the weight off but i don’t think he’s anorexic. As ppl above have said his family wouldn’t let that happen. And on the whole virgin thing don’t hate me but i think Bill may be slightly sexually confused – not gay just a little unsure of himself at the moment only due to the fact he seems to show no sexual interst in girls whatsoeva. Either that or due to his weight and/or lack of experience he’s scared of a girl rejecting him.
Excuse the rant. I am a huge Tokio HOtel fan i just fancied expressing my views 🙂

Comment by Floremce_
2009-11-16 12:45:55

So agree with everything 😉

Comment by noussa
2009-11-16 10:32:13

people are not animals and a person who controls his desires is totally normal
why should someone who refuses to do things without love be considered as an alien?!

Comment by laiila
2009-11-16 12:17:42

just ignore these sentences these are just for the “media” we know our guys more then they do so WHO CARES??! =D

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-11-16 17:22:07

And whether he’s a virgin or not is nobody’s business. At least if they were gonna bring that up, they don’t have to turn it into something negative. If Bill is a virgin, there is nothing wrong with that and it doesn’t make him any less of a man. He’s got all my respect.

Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-11-16 15:32:07

Shame on the writer.
Thumbs down.

Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-11-16 15:32:07

Shame on the writer.
Thumbs down.

Comment by Emily
2009-11-16 21:46:53

This is a bunch of random stuff that doesn’t make much sense to me. About his weight though, even if he does have a problem, I think that it’s his business and he should be left alone about it. In any case, when people say stuff like that it will hurt him. If it isn’t true it will. And if it is true, it still hurts him. I don’t think anyone would want the whole world to know if something like that was going on with them. But, he’s famous so, I guess, in their eyes, it’s okay to do that.

Comment by Bella
2009-11-18 08:40:49

that chick melanie can’t speak for all of us at all.
i think bill looks adorable now.

Comment by Bethany
2009-11-18 12:56:05

I personally think Bill looks fine at the moment – I could be wrong though. But, i think that people should get off his case, and let people who are actually close to Bill worry about him. I think Bill’s cute, and adorable with love – taking it slow. One day he’ll find his true love : )

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