VIDEO; See How Tokio Hotel Chose Their Cars In Their ‘Automatic’ Video

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Comment by Marianna
2009-11-17 10:59:33

I love all of these Buzzworthy interviews *_*

Comment by alissa
2009-11-17 11:13:53

Same 🙂
buzzworthy interviews are the best.

Comment by MexicanTHfan
2009-11-17 22:41:19

lol same here

Comment by alissa
2009-11-17 11:12:30

Tom looks sexy!!! <3

Comment by laiila
2009-11-17 12:27:03

haha tom keeps playin with that thing xD
i like these interview the most too but this one was too short only 2 questions:(

Comment by Dae
2009-11-17 14:07:08

lmaoo xD
its funnyn how tom play wiff the thingie x3
and like .. everything was cool xD

Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-11-17 14:38:00

Bill gets first choice 🙂
I love when they all nod everytime Bill and Tom mention a song. 😀

Comment by kaulitzLUV
2009-11-17 16:16:44

damn when does not look sexy

but yea i luv the buzzworthy interviews defiantly buzzworthy


Comment by Rhia
2009-11-17 17:00:14

I love how Bill says ”Deanna”!!It is SOOO cute!And Gustav FINALLY talked!!

Comment by Renee
2009-11-17 17:12:28

omg that is so cool that I came on here

cause I was just on there sit and when I tried to watch the vid I coulnt cause I live in canada

But YAY!!! now im gonna go watch the vid and then re-comment

Comment by helen
2009-11-17 18:17:32

what is tom playing with? i love that tom, gustav and georg all like noise awesome song

Comment by Emily
2009-11-17 21:26:42

I liked it. I wish it was longer, though :]

Comment by Angel Namerah
2009-11-18 05:49:03

awwwww that was sooooooooo cute I love how bill reads, and how tom plays with that thing and I could see the other 2 G’s noticing Tom playing with it and then at the end how they discuss about the cars all tooooooooooooo cuye wuv u guys may God bless u ^-^ *-* <3

Comment by Bethany
2009-11-18 13:06:48

I loved the ending, when they were all discussing which car it was. Bill’s so cute ^_^ I could listen to his voice all the time – singing or talking, english or german. He sings like an angel though : )

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-11-20 01:54:10

Me too. I love Bill’s soft voice. ^_^

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