GOSSIP; Shin Imitating Bill Kaulitz …again?

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Post by www.tokiohotelrocks.com

Is Shin from Cinema Bizarre imitating Bill Kaulitz again?

GOSSIP; Shin Imitating Bill Kaulitz ...again?


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Comment by Ghada
2009-11-22 09:11:24

Shin’s hair is waaaay better than bill’s this time !!

Love you bill !

Comment by Kaitlyn
2009-11-22 09:53:10

Haha, I agree. =P

Comment by Lisa
2009-11-22 13:59:36

Bill looks wayyyyyyyyyy better!
Cinema bizarre just copy him!

Comment by Lisa
2009-11-22 14:00:24

Bill looks wayyyyyyyyy better!
Cinema bizarre is always copying Bill!

Comment by bill'sheart-hisAngel
2009-11-23 11:26:09

soooooooo right!

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Comment by Jeysawrus
2009-11-22 14:13:00

I agree too.

Comment by Lisa
2009-11-22 14:14:59

There is no comparison between ugly shin and perfect Bill.
Cinema Bizarre is always copying Bill.

Comment by Kaitlyn
2009-11-23 10:55:59

No. Romeo had a mohawk a time before Bill. So that’s a load of BS

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Comment by Lena
2009-11-23 19:23:46

Cinema bizarre is Amazing and completly original!!!!!! Stop saying Shit about the copying bill they are all very diffent you all should stop comparing them. Anyway what about all you little obsessed fans copying bill (enough said) so what shin liked that hairdo. He can’t do it without everyone thinking he’s copying Bill??!!!! The two bands respect each other and they don’t have anything against each other but all stupid fans make seem like they have a rivalry and they don’t they are just two amazing bands from Germany that make ART.
Personally I am a huge fan of both bands they are AMAZING!!!!! so stop comparing them!!!!!!

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Comment by MacKensie
2010-01-10 00:52:13

my god, I so agree. Almost two years ago, I found out about Tokio Hotel and Cinema Bizarre, though I found out about cinema Bizarre a few days befre i found out about Tokio Hotel and fell in love with their music. And I totally agree with you.

Comment by Lulu
2010-07-27 12:11:56

Omg you are so right.

Comment by CinemaHotel
2009-11-22 15:29:48

Agreed. WAY better. It’s messier, which has more sex appeal. ;D

Comment by Ghada
2009-11-23 02:42:19

i didn’t mean in Shin’s face … i said shin’s hair !!
It’s done better than Bill’s !! i don’t like the way Bill just puts all his hair it’s not so pretty at least they do it with a good way !!

And i didn’t say Shin is prettier of corse Bill is sexier and Hotter !!

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Comment by insperation bill :3
2009-11-23 15:03:37

if you really loved bill you wouldnt have said whats his face is better

Comment by MexicanTHfan
2009-11-24 21:58:56



Comment by Kaitlyn
2009-11-22 09:11:57

Haha. I think that’s funny. But I really don’t think he’s copying Bill. Romeo from Cinema Bizarre has also worn his hair like that, and it was like that way before Bill even changed his hair. So yeah, but what do you mean again?

Comment by LoveTH
2009-11-22 09:46:29

Haha, I thought that when I saw it… I dont think hes intentioally copying him cause Romeo had one before Bill… Shin’s looks better xD

Comment by LoveTH
2009-11-22 09:47:37

I have to add they both look hot as hell in those pics xD

Comment by loveme.xx.8
2009-11-22 09:55:29

i prefer.
BILL more.
i mean shin’s cute & all.
but.. its ..

bill brings this whole lovlyness + perfiction up to a whole diffrent level.

ahha i love bil

Comment by tom's sweety yO
2009-11-22 10:20:34

!! BILL KAULITZ IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whatever he will do he will always be the best!!!!!!!;)

Comment by SdB
2009-11-22 10:38:43

I think Shin’s inspiration was Romeo, not Bill. They both look lovely. ๐Ÿ™‚

Comment by laiila
2009-11-22 10:48:16

i dont think its “copyin” they have the rock/goth style so that doesnt mean that noone is allowed to have a mowhawk cause bill has it or whatever ^-^
i always prefer bill hihixD no matter what..and i dnt even like CB =S their music is cheap!

Comment by Emily
2009-11-22 15:30:35

I think so too

Comment by Lauraaaaa
2009-11-22 18:07:13


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Comment by Elenalda...
2009-11-22 10:52:41

Well….,to tell you the truth i wouldn’t even like to try to compare bill with shill…i mean, i don’t want to compare cinema bizarre with my beloved tokio hotel because i’d like to respect both bands….i believe that each band should be commended for their music and for their work in general…i couldn’t say that i like cinema bizarre because tokio hotel is my favorite group….I LOVE TOKIO HOTEL…….HOWEVER,I HAVE TO ADMIT THAT EACH BAND IS DIFFERENT FROM THE OTHERS NO MATTER WHAT…

Comment by Elenalda...
2009-11-22 10:52:41

Well….,to tell you the truth i wouldn’t even like to try to compare bill with shill…i mean, i don’t want to compare cinema bizarre with my beloved tokio hotel because i’d like to respect both bands….i believe that each band should be commended for their music and for their work in general…i couldn’t say that i like cinema bizarre because tokio hotel is my favorite group….I LOVE TOKIO HOTEL…….HOWEVER,I HAVE TO ADMIT THAT EACH BAND IS DIFFERENT FROM THE OTHERS NO MATTER WHAT…

Comment by Elenalda...
2009-11-22 10:58:51

Ok,there are artists who imitate others…but who cares anyway…?since tokio hotel is not threatened,i don’t really care…;-)

Comment by jax
2009-11-22 11:04:23

how did he copy him again ?

Comment by Sinister Steph
2009-11-22 11:16:59

what exactly do you mean again?

Comment by Desi
2009-11-22 11:21:08

Bill looks better. ALWAYS. That hair doesnt really fit the other guy… Bill pulls it off ALOT better.

Comment by MexicanTHfan
2009-11-24 21:59:41


Comment by valerie
2009-11-22 11:37:52

Bill’s look is better:) Cinema Bizarre needs to get there own look and STOP COPYING HIM BECAUSE IM SHOUR IT PISSES BILL OFF WHEN THEY COPEY HIM


Comment by damiea
2009-11-22 12:53:00

grow up.

Comment by damiea
2009-11-22 12:53:28

and stop being such a baby.

Comment by Kori :D
2009-11-22 22:03:56

THANK YOU!!! gott… he’s a copier. he just wants to be Bill, but never will be as sexy or awesome like him!!!

Comment by bugsy
2009-11-22 12:11:19

Well it’s kinda ashame they have the same hairstyle during the same time period.
But I’m sorry Bill looks way better..
Shin looks cute but Bill can work anything no matter what it is

Comment by Rikku
2009-11-22 12:47:42

Whoever is the creator of this blog is a complete idiot. Wth do you mean by again??? NOBODY is copying off Bill. And it also seems you are very ignorant, i bet you also think that CB copies off of TH. Romeo wore his hair like that also, WAYYY before, Bill. So why don’t you post a thread saying that Bill copied off of Romeo?? HMM??
But oh wait Bill is the originator and is soo unique.amirite??
Please. xD

Comment by Nyaa
2009-12-28 15:41:12

I know right. Besides who cares who copys who really unless you have proof of their intentions. They both look cool, and I would definitely wanna style my hair like that OuO; I can’t even straighten my hair!
If you like something then go ahead and try the thing out for yourself just don’t copy it to the littlest detail, change it and make it work for you. Shin’s hair is messier than Bill’s. They both look cool. XD
fyi rikku I was playing final fantasy x-2 before i got online lmao X3

Comment by Sandra
2009-11-22 13:12:53

shin is just ugly i donยดt see what you see in himbut is ok if you like it besides bill loks better in that style heยดs a style stealer

Comment by CinemaHotel
2009-11-22 15:27:42

Nobody has looked at bands from the 80’s? Really? Bill did NOT INVENT THAT STYLE THEREFORE ANYBODY CAN USE/POSSES IT!

Comment by lauren
2009-11-22 18:47:07

um, im not sure if you noticed, but Romeo from CB had the mohawk before bill. I love both bands and i think they both look great. and i agree with CinemaHotel

Comment by shay
2009-11-22 13:13:49

hes stupid without personalty >.> luv ya bill

Comment by CinemaHotel
2009-11-22 15:26:41

*sigh* Why hate? Just either love, or ignore. Stop trying to create conflicts, people >.< Especially with these ignorant opinions and so called ‘facts’

Comment by Penpey
2009-11-22 13:15:16

Lol ahh cinima bizarre is great
I like bills and Romeos the best
Don’t think there copying atal cinema bizarre he always pride tgemselvs on doing what they wanted I blame coincidence

Comment by Caitlin
2009-11-22 13:23:27

I hate Shin with a passion.
So I think that it looks way better on Bill, plus Bill is better looking, and Shin can’t compare to that!

Comment by tokio hotel kitty
2009-11-22 13:38:25


Comment by tokio hotel kitty
2009-11-22 13:39:26

yes i agree with shay

Comment by Melissa
2009-11-22 13:40:43

shins hair looks wayyyyyy better then bills hair bill is great but shins hair looks better and really now i like shin better cuz bill is changing to much

Comment by MrsxBillxKaulitz
2009-11-22 13:41:52

Duuude. You gotta be kidding me. Shin really needs to quit. Bill is way better and always will be. It’s obvious he copied Bill. Bill looks better and his is way better. And I agree with the one comment. I think shin is way ugly. Bill is adorable and he pulls off the hairstyle fits Bill way better.

Comment by Emily
2009-11-22 14:14:29

Dude… BILL DID NOT INVENT THE MOHAWK. He didn’t even invent the lion mane! Haven’t you ever seen pictures of bands from the eighties? Get over it.

Comment by Tanya M
2009-11-22 13:50:08

Ha ha. Everyone who has a mohawk now, we’ll say are immitating Bill – he’s such a style leader! Shin looks good with the mohawk but I like his old hair style better on him.

Comment by DianaSchรคfer
2009-11-22 14:01:31

OMG! This son of a Bitch is now trying to do Bill’s hair? oh NO! He better not be! That just gave me another reason why hate CB! God! Fuck you dude!

Comment by Emily
2009-11-22 14:13:54

Bill didn’t invent the Mohawk, and one of the guys from CB had a similar sort of messy Mohawk a year or two ago… you could say Bill copied HIM. (Either Yu or Romeo.)

Comment by Halle
2009-12-17 05:53:14

It was Yu. C:

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Comment by CinemaHotel
2009-11-22 15:25:18

Stop, Bill didn’t invent the Mowhawk, and last time I checked. This is a free country, and we could do whatever we feel like regarding our personal hygene.

Comment by Lauraaaaa
2009-11-22 18:09:59

nobody EVER said he invented it, read it properly before you go bitching at people.
it’s just abit weird, most times when bill gets a new hairstyle, this guy gets a similar one.

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Comment by poprockprincess
2009-11-22 14:45:26

Nobody copied anybody, they both have the hairstyles they like for themselves. End of story.

Comment by Courtney
2009-11-22 14:46:37

okay, i think Bill’s hair is waaaaaay better than Shin’s. I think Shin just want’s to immatate Bill just to get girls’ but it won’t work. He need’s to grow the eff up. Like seriously be your self don’t try being a celebrity, it’s pathetic. And if people don’t like what im saying than whatever, im just speaking the truth and how i feel.

Comment by CinemaHotel
2009-11-22 15:23:50

It’s not the truth XP Shin is amazing no matter what. Yes, I do have a problem with what you’re saying.

Comment by joanna
2009-11-23 07:45:44

this is stupid. This guy “shin” i just looked him up and man is he uuuuuuuuuuuuugly!!! grooossss!!!! how the hell do people compare him to BILL????? I don’t know why this freak is trying to imitate bill and I don’t care either, he sucks even as a drummer

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Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-11-22 15:05:33

What do they mean again ?
He imitated before ?

Comment by Beka
2009-11-22 15:14:29

Shin is amazing, I love him! I think they both look hot with this hair. And Romeo looked hot, too, of course!! XD <333

Comment by CinemaHotel
2009-11-22 15:22:31

Nah, Shin isn’t ‘imitating’ Bill. Romeo, or was it YU, had that hairstyle already, before Bill. Plus, my little Shinny looks way better ๐Ÿ˜‰

Comment by Emily
2009-11-22 15:34:12

Agh. I like Bill’s better. I don’t even like CB so,,.
BILL looks WAYY better. No one can compare with Bill. It’s like comparing country music to metal. You can’t; they’re not the same.

Comment by SpiffE
2009-11-22 15:55:29

Eh, I think they both look really cute. Maybe Shin’s hairstyle was “inspired” by Romeo’s and Bill’s. I wouldn’t say copied because appently that word is causing controversy right now lol. I’m sure that Yu from CB gets some of his styles from the Japanese singer Miyavi (I love him <3) but anyway I don’t think such a big deal should be made out of something so small. Calm down people lol. Just think about things before you assume and lash out. You can’t automatically assume that Shin copied just because you don’t like CB. I’m a fan of both bands and they are completely different. That’s like saying you don’t like people who wear eyeliner because Bill wears it and he looks better. That’s nonsense. Relax everybody lol. Both boys look good in their own way. -Talaisha ๐Ÿ™‚

Comment by Lisa
2009-11-22 16:07:19

Cinema Bizarre is always copying Bill!

Comment by Penpey
2009-11-23 13:52:34

No they don’t people
I’m a big fan if cinema bizarre and If I read there interviews ,they do whatever the hell they want they don’t let people tell em what to do a be so I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t copy
Shin wanted a mohork ,shin got a mohork
Got over it people

Comment by GAIL :D
2009-11-22 16:12:33

I love Cinema Bizzare,but Tokio Hotel kicks their asses by fair. And love Shin,but Bill Kaulitz is just better. End of story and Im a fan of both :]

Comment by LoveTH
2009-11-22 16:38:39

Lol,, I feel the same but I think Shin’s fauzhawk is waaaaayyyy better than how his hair used to look xD

Comment by danii
2009-11-22 16:41:22

awww.. i luv both!! <3 ๐Ÿ™‚

Comment by waffles
2009-11-22 16:49:26

noooooooo shin just hass more of a manly face than bill….no offence to bill im a bill guirll allll the way but thats why shin looks better but bill looks just as guud

Comment by MAD irish fan!!
2009-11-22 17:04:15

helloo.. i no tokio hotel have a loada fans here in IRELAND!! we need to show we love them and that we matter… cus we doo!!
so if you want to help get them to IRELAND sign>>

Comment by sara
2009-11-22 17:15:15

wonder what bill says about this…. ?

Comment by Hannah
2009-11-22 17:28:34

Come on guys, don’t start saying mean things about Shin. CB is amazing and those who start bashing them obviously haven’t even given them a chance.

Comment by Nayeli
2009-11-22 17:36:30

No he is not.
Shin looks better
but i’m a Bill lover To:D

Comment by Nayeli
2009-11-22 17:39:57

It’s not like
Bill Came up
with the Mohawk

Comment by angela
2009-11-22 18:27:36

what a fucking poser!!! i hate that band!!! god they all try to be like bill and they FAIL!

Comment by Kori :D
2009-11-24 13:42:23


Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-11-22 18:44:15

I’m sure Shin didn’t intentionally try to “copy” Bill, but whatever. There is no comparison. I bet if Bill saw this, he would be laughing his ass off like in that one interview. XD No offense, but the CB guys seem so fake to me.

Comment by xwelcomeXtoXmyXTHXparade
2009-11-22 19:08:48

mines is the best of all : DDD hahah jk i dont really like shin at all but i have to agree he is lookin mighty sexy here i like both shin’s and bill’s

Comment by Amber
2009-11-22 19:16:43


I think they both look absolutely adorable! And how exciting to see members of my two favorite bands on the same page ๐Ÿ™‚

Comment by MelisaK
2009-11-22 19:22:41

I Love both Bands but i think it looks better on BILL!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Dont get me wrong, i think Shin looks Great with it but i Love Bill’s better. ๐Ÿ˜€

Comment by iiStarโ˜†
2009-11-22 19:46:28

lolz!!!!! at first i thought it wuz kiro. I love him so much!!!!! ….oh nd bill too of corse ๐Ÿ˜›
they both look hawt nd no offence but NIETHER looks gud in it
dats just mi opinion, but they’re still sexxy!

Comment by vdkaulitz
2009-11-22 20:11:06

io creo q bill es una persona, tan perfecto q todo el mundo quiere ser = a el.
bill <3lysm

Comment by mary
2009-11-22 20:14:58

They both look awesome. I’m not a CB fan, so I really don’t care what their hair looks like. Maybe they both just like that hairstyle.

Comment by sarahbelleTH
2009-11-22 21:45:59

i like bills hair better

Comment by _Minorka
2009-11-22 21:47:40

I knew this was going to happen. I love both hairstyles, and if Shin is imitating Bill I don’t really care, I love both guys and both bands. And if someone wants to imitate the other is his problem, not mine.

Comment by Maria
2009-11-22 22:27:11

There is something insanely sexy about bill’s bangs in his eyes.

Comment by kissicysun
2009-11-22 23:54:43

Honestly, I really cannot stand CB. Not because he’s “copying” Bill, but I just can’t stand their music and how they try to act all cool. No offence to any fans though.

Comment by naama
2009-11-23 00:14:20

this is not Bill !!!!!
look at the ears !!!!
love you gostav !!!

Comment by naama
2009-11-23 00:17:55

this is not Bill !!
look at the ears !!
it’s not indentocal !!

love you gostav !!

Comment by ammerianne
2009-11-23 02:20:06

whatevr. they both look hot. it gives me the illusion of bill being blonde as well.
but bill looks hotter ofcourse.ahhahaha

Comment by Ry
2009-11-23 05:49:54

everybody has its own style, i think they just have the same thought of having a hawk hairstyle this time…we shouldn’t compare the two bands, they are both the best at different way, i love both, CB and TH, but especially I LOVE BILL MORE.. xD

Comment by Ella
2009-11-23 07:30:41

Bill is far more cute than shin.I love you Bill.

Comment by Ebony
2009-11-23 08:47:40

bill iz a trend setter they are followerz end if story!!

Comment by Raniss
2009-11-23 10:56:57

Can’t see the pic!! :'(
Anyways, Shin is Visual Kei, Bill is more himself. I like both, both are hot.
Most important GLAM!

Comment by Belma :)
2009-11-23 11:18:17

WOW! Seriously, that band pisses me off!
Be original for once!

Bill looks waaaaayyyy better.
I still think most of the
Cinema Bizzare people look
like chicks.

God, they’re annoyiong.

Don’t hate on me if your a fan.
It’s just my opinion.

Comment by bill'sheart-hisAngel
2009-11-23 11:27:35

urghhh… i h8 those cinema bizarre (actually i lyk their congs and all but urghh u get it) they r tokio hotel damn wannabees!

Comment by Sonne
2009-11-23 12:13:39

To be honest, does it really matter?
When is music about the style of somebody’s hair? They’re music is not the same, so they can’t be copying Tokio Hotel. They’re haircuts are similiar but do we not all want Bill hair also? What stops Shin from wanting it too?

Comment by Berlinchic
2009-11-23 12:29:08

I can’t believe were having this discussion.
You know the chances are Shin didn’t copy off Bill,
and some of you are saying Bill copied off Romeo,
which is also probably false. Many people share the
same hairstyles, doesn’t mean it was copied.
I don’t like cinema bizarre to much, but Shin is
definitely looking cool in the moehawk, and of course
Bill looks amazing=]

Comment by :Den!se*luvsB!LL
2009-11-23 14:17:02

this is one of the reasons why i do not like cinema bizarre >:(

Comment by insperation bill :3
2009-11-23 15:02:34

why does he copy bill? then he goes and makes fun of them ??!!!!??? this is stupid it looks good on both of them. i just prefer it on bill

Comment by dani
2009-11-23 15:40:31

Both of them look great but Shin should be original.he doesnt have to copy to others.Bill had this look first,and he looks better.

Comment by takemeawayforasecond.
2009-11-23 17:26:00

i still hate CB.
but now, i know i’m going to be more hating them. (:

and i don’t really like to speak in english because i’m very bad it. :’D
-nevermind- i know. ๐Ÿ˜€

Comment by Lena
2009-11-23 19:29:52

Shin’s hair isn’t inspired by Bill. Romeo had it before. Even before Bill!!!!!!

Comment by skylar
2009-11-23 22:36:40

Bills hair is better plus it looks better black then blonde i should know im blonde thats bad when i disagree with my own hair color

Comment by skylar
2009-11-23 22:37:04

ps how do you get the pics

Comment by Angel Namerah
2009-11-24 13:09:35

have to say it suites him rather better than on Bill

2009-11-24 15:03:24


Comment by Trina
2009-11-24 16:20:48

pfft! i dont see any similarities at all lol

Comment by Halle
2009-12-17 05:54:57

You are officially the coolest. Nor do I. C: <3

Comment by Katie
2010-01-06 11:11:09

haha ๐Ÿ˜€ hey, you think if I had hair like that, ppl would put me on their blogs and say I cop. Bill? ๐Ÿ˜€ fast way to get famous… anyway I think Shins hair is done better (@ natalie, lol ๐Ÿ˜€ ), but Bill can wear it like no other ๐Ÿ˜‰

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Dae
2009-11-24 20:22:28

when i first saw this picture like last week i was realllyyy
annoyed that Shin would do this.
I mean i lo- no i ADORE! Tokio Hotel,
and Cinema Bizarre is a fav. band of mine tooo.
but get ur own style buddy?

Comment by Tokiohotelgurl
2009-11-24 20:37:52

Who cares if he copied bill cuz maybe he just likes bill`s hair cuz i`m a fan of both great bands from Germany so who cares if they copied bill

Comment by Tokiohotelgurl
2009-11-24 20:47:28

DianaShafer u can shut up b/c u obviously don`t like CB b/c u would know that romeo had that hair before Bill so maybe Bill copied it did u think of that!?!?!?!?

I`m a fan of both CB and TH B/c they are both great bands who work hard so I`m not insulting Bill Plus people from the 80`s had mohawks so Bill and Shin and all Romeo and whoever else in the two bands didn`t start that hair so get over it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by BiLl kAuLiTz ist mein lieben
2009-11-24 21:52:42

I like Cinema Bizarre, but Bill is better

Comment by ashleyyy:)
2009-11-25 21:53:54

alright….there is NO problem with shin and bill’s hair
stop complaining about them anyway! who cares about their hair!?
both cinbiz and TH make AWESOME music so EVERYONE JUST STOP SUCKING THEM

Comment by yunuen
2009-11-26 11:00:11


Comment by ANGiE
2009-11-26 11:00:11

ii lyk Shin’s Wayyy better, bt ii love Bill xDD
&& ii dnt even really now diz ‘Shin’ Guy. l0l

Comment by Spike
2009-11-26 18:37:29

hmm even tho i am ore of a tokio hotel girl, i actually like both bands, and their music is both really good. in an interview, i think cinema bizarre acutally likes tokio hotel alot. but hey they both can’t be compared, they’re both awesome bands from germany, even tho me likey Billa’s hair better =p i am not to judge on both bands, they are both changing lives to young fans around the world ๐Ÿ™‚

Comment by YANELHY
2009-11-30 18:52:27

ooooohhh come on BE ORIGNAL guy

Comment by Germaine
2009-12-01 02:54:02

if that weird guy is copying Bill, it shows how much people wanna be Bill ;> BILL 4EVER LIEBE EUCH

Comment by luna
2009-12-07 22:19:51

well bill’s my baby so i gotta go wit him and always will cause hes always looked cute to me! so shin u always loose to me but cinema bizarre is a goo band but tokio htel is way better!!!

Comment by Eli
2009-12-13 14:03:05

I love both bands soooooooooo much, Cinema Bizarre is AMAZING and Tokio Hotel is OUT OF THIS WORLD AMAZING! If they happen to have the same hair do’s or wearing the same shirt, just shows they all have amazing good taste! And it’s OK to like BOTH bands! Tokio Hotel will always be #1 to me, but Cinema Bizarre holds #2 and I love them, take the time to listen to the music and watch them on Youtube, they are SO good! I wish the two bands would tour together, NOW THAT WOULD ROCK!

Comment by Eli
2009-12-13 14:03:05

I love both bands soooooooooo much, Cinema Bizarre is AMAZING and Tokio Hotel is OUT OF THIS WORLD AMAZING! If they happen to have the same hair do’s or wearing the same shirt, just shows they all have amazing good taste! And it’s OK to like BOTH bands! Tokio Hotel will always be #1 to me, but Cinema Bizarre holds #2 and I love them, take the time to listen to the music and watch them on Youtube, they are SO good! I wish the two bands would tour together, NOW THAT WOULD ROCK!

Comment by Halle
2009-12-17 05:15:42

EL OH EL. That looks cute on Shin-chan too D: <3

Comment by Sexy girl
2010-01-06 12:13:06


Comment by Sexy girl
2010-01-06 12:17:43

BILL HAIR’S ARE BETTER THAN THE GIRL NEXT TO HIM.IS IT A GIRL OR A BOY?????? ahhhhhh it’s a boy called shin.cb are a piece of trash in our world…

Comment by Nikki =]
2010-06-21 06:54:55

shin’ Hair, on bills face. PERFECTIONNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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