VIDEO; tokio hotel bill kaulitz – 23.11.09 TIK Online

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Comment by dead
2009-11-25 13:18:59

this has gone to an extreme
and it needs to stop, in my opinion
he is just a human
no different from me or you

Comment by Catie
2009-11-25 13:27:45

exactly! the fans couldn’t shut up for one damn minute so he could talk to the reporter? damn.
haha, i kinda like how the security looks like the secret service 🙂

Comment by Catie
2009-11-25 13:29:50

am i the only one that wants to slap the crying girl wearing the ugly purple plaid hat?

Comment by sarahbelle
2009-11-25 14:01:22

nope your not the only one haha.
that is too extreme,and im not that obsessed to do that. its just embarrasing.

Comment by BiLl kAuLiTz ist mein lieben
2009-11-25 14:21:43

dangg…look at that.
WAYY to far. hes only human who has made somethin of his life.
god thats OVER the top
but i love him

Comment by Jessica
2009-11-25 16:47:40

whoa..that’s plain shit.
I hate it when fans do that to catch attention…they should know by now that he hates it when fans cry…

Comment by Nikk
2009-11-25 17:49:32

My god, that’s absolutely terrible. The fans are getting to the point where I want to slap every single one of them. Too many won’t let him get a word it, it needs to stop. Bill is human like everyone else you’ll meet on the streets.

Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-11-25 22:31:51

So much German, so little time.

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-11-26 00:57:20

You guys are right. He’s just human, but he’s an amazing human to me!

Comment by joanna
2009-11-26 05:07:31

okay now THAT is embarrassing!! don’t they know they’re making themselves look stupid in front of him???

Comment by joanna
2009-11-26 05:13:12

LOL!! did anybody realize the skunk head in the first video who was waving??? SO HILARIOUS!! poor bill….I feel sorry for him..everybody’s tryin’ to copy his style but they make it look worse.

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