NEWS; Is Bill Kaulitz morphing into Prince ?

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NEWS; Is Bill Kaulitz morphing into Prince ?

Let’s hope so! Here’s the Tokio Hotel frontman at the premiere of Arthur und die Minimoys 2 – Die Rueckkehr des Boesen M‘ (Arthur 2)
– he voiced the part of Arthur — at Cinestar Sony Center movie theater in Berlin this weekend. And boy, does Bill got that purp!

Bill Kaulitz was resplendent in the royal color, an enormous (yet chic!) granny sweater, and platform wedges, which made us think perhaps he’s making a not-so-subtle nod to the original Purple rocker.

And why not? Both Bill and Prince have a flamboyantly charismatic stage presence, as well as a penchant for gravity-defying hair and sparkles. And both Bill and Prince command undying support from an army of loyal followers.

NEWS; Is Bill Kaulitz morphing into Prince ?

NEWS; Is Bill Kaulitz morphing into Prince ?

Source; Buzzworthy

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Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-11-26 09:31:16

I’ve always loved Prince.
But he’s kinda full of himself.
Bill is Bill, he’s not morphing into anyone.

Comment by Ella
2009-11-26 10:41:30

Bill is not morphing into anyone!
anyway,Bill’s shoes is so cool!!

Comment by romana
2009-11-26 13:36:24

well, maybe a bit-lol

no, both are unique !

Comment by charlotte
2009-11-26 13:42:06

how is bill anything like prince :S i love bill coz hes himself and he does what he likes and he dresses how he likes xD xx

Comment by Bethany
2009-11-26 13:52:02

Yep, you’re so right Charlotte, lol. Bill dresses how he friggin wants, and isn’t morphing into anyone : P

Comment by tokio hotel kitty
2009-11-26 16:14:51

cool!but the only thing is bills not EXTREAMLY GAY like he was (i dont think i spelled that right,cus im still tired)

Comment by caitie-lou
2009-11-26 17:38:47

they both are super duper sex-ay!!!!!!!!

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-11-26 18:46:48

I think they were just joking about him “morphing into Prince.” He is always gonna be compared to other glam stars, but there is only one Bill Kaulitz. He might have inspirations, but he is totally bold and original. By the way, Prince is awesome. ^_^

Comment by sammi bizarre
2009-11-26 18:54:53

bill is always himself and i dont think he is turning into prince

Comment by RockToy86
2009-11-26 20:39:31

Exactly Bill IS Bill….he is his own unique person….and I totally love him for that!!!!

Comment by Bella
2009-11-26 23:37:43

His shoes are AMAZING!

Comment by joanna
2009-11-27 09:14:23

yeah you guys are right, bill is bill<3
(sighs)….gosh i feel like punching adam lambert in the face for some reason…

Comment by purpslore
2009-11-27 17:52:22

and that’s why we all love him. 🙂

Comment by jenia
2009-11-28 03:31:40

I´ll say it! This shews remind me of what the creature from hell has on his fit. To not get dirty on hells roads.
On the other hand its not so dramatic kind of Pinocchio shews. hahahaha

Comment by sara
2009-11-28 10:06:10

I definitely don´t like his shoes……=S
It´s so weird to see Bill with high heels….i prefer Bill with his black boots that he wears in concerts…=)

Comment by Bry
2009-11-29 20:48:10

Ditto, hun! They’re like weird blue pumps/space shoes. o_O

Comment by kim
2009-11-28 13:34:09

I don’t like his style anymore. :/
But OBVIOUSLY I still love Tokio Hotel! 🙂

Comment by Bry
2009-11-29 20:47:17

“as well as a penchant for gravity-defying hair and sparkles.”

Mwahaha!! Best line. It’s making me laugh hysterically, might be due to lack of sleep and sugar high, but really? XD

Comment by eny
2009-12-01 03:28:03

Yeah… BILL is BILL…

Comment by rima
2009-12-01 04:51:34

i really really really love bill,i love his style, his look and everything,but seeing him in a high heels??oh please, Bill????i really love him but the shoes is a no-no!!!these days he’s always wearing high heels!Bill plz dont wear high heels!!!plz back to the boots thingy..some fans might be angry at me but seriously Bill high heels are for GIRLS!!!make up and tight skinny jeans are okey bit high heels is a BIG NO!!!!!

plz bill dont wear high heels again!!!!!!!!

Comment by Olga
2010-01-15 06:01:51

Hello=) I from Russia! I love TOKIO HOTEL, Bill…, style! But heels!!!!!!!!!
What is it?????????? Bill, what is it!?
It all for girl…
It is a nightmare!!!!!! =(

Comment by Olga
2010-01-15 06:02:59

Hello=) I from Russia! I love TOKIO HOTEL, Bill…, style! But heels!!!!!!!!!
What is it?????????? Bill, what is it!?
It all for girl…
It is a nightmare!!!!!! =(((

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