VIDEO; Tokio Hotel TV Episode 11 (2009)

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Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-11-27 10:06:58

Tom and his funny hat at 4:56 😀
But of course, he can rock it perfectly/

Comment by angelicamarie483
2009-11-27 17:31:04

i agree. the looks cute on him!

Comment by Katie
2009-12-01 05:19:19

I have that hat!! but mine’s silver fur-stuff xD

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Comment by MexicanTHfan
2009-12-04 23:53:59


Comment by K.C.
2009-11-27 10:48:29

Ooh I didn’t know they were trying to be vegetarians

Comment by SandraCologne
2009-11-27 12:52:19

Bill and Tom went vegetarian one and a half year ago. As I am vegetarian myself as well for a very long time, I feel very proud of them because it is not easy.

Comment by tara
2009-11-28 09:43:39

I don’t believe that because during their THTV episodes a year ago before the album, they were eating burgers and such.

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-11-27 15:46:18

They were going to LA afterward, and I missed it. I think that’s gonna haunt me forever. But yeah, I wanna play Ping-Pong with the guys. Of course, I would lose all of the time because my concentration would not be on the ball. ^_~ Anyway, it’s interesting that the guys are trying out the vegetarian thing. I’m not a vegetarian, but I don’t eat meat often. That’s because I’m very picky, and I don’t eat a lot. A meal for me could actually be a bag of French fries, lol.

Comment by monica
2009-11-27 19:15:27 it would be on a diffrent ball.*wink wink*lol

Comment by Loretta
2009-11-27 19:40:44

omg I love you!
that made me laugh so hard! I nearly spit out my drink!

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Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-11-28 20:09:42

Lmao! Exactly. Dirty minds think alike. XD

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Comment by Jaxx
2009-11-27 16:48:51

I’m happy he’s back.
I was kinda freaked out about the wedges he was wearing at the premiere, but he’s wearing a leather jacket nau. I’m just a little stressed from all the change they’ve been through over the past few months.

Comment by Jaxx
2009-11-27 17:03:41

I’m 100% serious.
I was at the signing session.

Comment by angelicamarie483
2009-11-27 17:32:00


Comment by angelicamarie483
2009-11-27 17:32:44

man, i wish i could go to a signing…if only my parents would let me…

Comment by laiila
2009-11-27 18:39:01

why do they wanna be vigiterien???
i dnt get it..

Comment by thfan...
2009-11-27 20:22:52

ajajaja i luv this one!! this guys are way too funny !! i think that they’re not like some other artists that change completely when the turn into famous people…..Hey guys!! had someone heard those rumors about tokio hotel are racist nazis!! ok here’s the thing…they were on the telehit awards and there are some rumors that say that th didnt want to sing with the mexican singer kalimba because they didnt want to deal with a black guy but the truth is that they were not prepared because they were told to sing with this guy almost before the ceremony of the awards and now people are saying that that was a total racism against Kalimba!! i cant believe it,just because they are germans it doesnt mean they are racist nazis!! for more info. look on google:tokio hotel racist.
sorry for my crappy english!!ajaja tell me if my english was bad or something please so i can correct it.!!

Comment by laiila
2009-11-27 21:00:03

lol u know the story that i read is that kalimba was atually in an alivator and th ddnt wanna share the alivator with him !!
so 2 different stories which means it is a rumor and 2nd on the article i read kalimba supposed to be said in an interview that he himself doesnt knw if its right or are these just rumors…
in my opinion these are rumors 1st the guys could never be racist and 2nd even if they were they will keep it for themselves never do anythin to let the media know about it u knw cause then they will be hated…thats my opinion

p.s ur english is good!

Comment by kyna
2009-11-27 22:30:18
heres the artical. I hope not but I don’t put anything past anyone (I got trust issues about getting hurt) but I hope not.

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Comment by thfan...
2009-11-27 22:43:51

well…. i read that story too but i dont really know whats the true story but the only thing i believe in is that they are not racist… i think they’re such good persons!! i believe we both think the same!! i like you!! your comments are so good lol …. maybe we could be friends…

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Comment by kyna
2009-11-27 22:55:35

lol you know, I don’t know them personally so I can’t really say weather its true or not god I hope not cause I am native american and afican american and most of my trust issues come from people being raceist aginst me.

Comment by laiila
2009-11-28 06:44:13

it could be true that they ddnt wanna share the room with him or whatever and i guess they have the right cause they are a band and not just one artist so they wanted their own room i see no problem with myb they understood the story wrong..idk!
but i just hope this isnt true

Comment by kyna
2009-11-29 01:14:00

and have you seen how many people they have with them? like makeup artist, tech people. even for one artist you need a big entourage can you imagine the entoruage for an entire band? yeah I would say they needed there own space.
But still I don’t know, wasn’t there could have happend

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-11-28 20:04:30

Wow! The media keeps coming up with more and more lies about them. Let’s add “racist” to the list of names Bill has been called. There is a possibility this may have happened, but calling it a “racist act” is incorrect. There is no real confirmation of them actually being racist. If the incident even happened, there could be tons of reasons why they got out of the elevator.

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Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-11-28 20:08:03

And you know what I find really messed up? The people that are accusing TH of hatred are calling them every hateful slur in the book. What a bunch of ignorant hypocrites.

Comment by N.P.
2009-11-28 04:45:27

Heard the story and it was complete nonsense. The show’s producers tried to get Bill last minute to do something that should have been cleared with TH management first.The show didn’t get what they wanted, but they may not be behind the rude rumor.
Tokio Hotel speak so highly of their Mexican fans that the story is clearly not true.

Comment by Ella
2009-11-27 20:52:35

I love you guys.
are they really vegetarians?

Comment by kyna
2009-11-28 00:50:01

yeah they said it was hard tho. Im one once you get over the three year hump trust me its so easy lol

Comment by N.P.
2009-11-28 04:50:27

The episode was kinda long – but good

Comment by kelly
2009-11-28 09:13:35

omg! at 4:23 – the girl with the gold/dark blonde hair right in the middle of the video that says HI BILL! ROFL thats me 😀
october 19th & 20th was the best 2 days of my life.
im so sad the didnt put the taping of the signing in this episode, i wanna seeeeeee it soooooooooooooooo bad!!!!!!
i love tokio hotel (:
i drove up to new york for 6 hours on 2 days notice for the signing, and then bam! i saw them outside mtv studios too:p

Comment by RebekahKaulitz
2009-11-28 11:24:15

I hope Gustav’s telling the truth!
Bill and Tom, Bill especially, need two giant steaks on their skinny bodies…
Ich Leibe Dich fur immer….

Comment by Angel Namerah
2009-11-28 14:32:54

The guys were adorable =D

Comment by Raquel
2009-11-28 15:19:56

i can’t wait till the next episode. i miss the way Bill use to look. With the hair in spikes, white highlights and sort of chubby cheeks. I feel so bad about his love life. I know how he feels he doesn’t have time is one and its very hard to jst fall in love. We good luck to both of us in the love life.

Comment by amy
2009-11-28 20:36:55

yo off topicness hit me just now
lets vote Tokio Hotel for a grammy as well
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First category you can type down:
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So now you can go and nominate them! and to get back to the voting page, just refresh it.
i got this off myspace just now XD

Comment by Emily
2009-11-29 18:07:31

Ha. I think it’s funny when Alexa says “Love you, guys.” And Tom says, “I love you ,too!” Hahahaa.

Comment by Bronwen
2009-12-01 16:09:52

I LOVE Tom’s style! OMG. I want him…
…in my pants 😉

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