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GOSSIP; Adam Lambert Copycats Bill Kaulitz’s Style !!!

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PICS; Chanson de l’ année tokio hotel pictures

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PICS; Jingle Ball KIIS FM Anaheim (06.12.08)

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INTERVIEW; David Jost – Hamburg’s Hit Maker

Post by Everyone knows Germany’s most successful band “Tokio Hotel” – the song writer and manager David Jost is less known. Hamburg’s currently most successful music producer likes to stay in the background, doesn’t talk in front of cameras and rarely has the time for interviews: David Jost (37), producer, song writer and manager […]


Post by Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel looks like skeleton, is it stress or something more?  ehheeh =P Bill Kaulitz (20), Tokio Hotel singer looks like he would be starving. Fans are really worried about his health. Even though eccentric singer looks extremely skinny he is trying to persuade fans that everything is under […]

NEWS; Bill: “Sometimes I feel really lonely!”

Post by “They’re telling me it’s beautiful,I believe them but will I ever know the world behind my wall….”,that says Tokio Hotel in their new single,World behind my wall.Oh! Is Bill passing through a bad moment? What made him write something like this? His answers: POR TI: Bill,we want to ask you something intense,are […]

NEWS; Bill & Tom – So different and so equal – Bravo

Post by Bill & Tom – So different and so equal Complicity is the word that bests describes what’s between (this) twins. But this means their choices are the same? Not always… The fact that they born in the same day has been defining the answers to the question “What do you want to […]

MESSAGE; 24.12.09 TOKIO HOTEL Merry Christmas Message

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INTERVIEW; 25.12.09 Welt TV – Bill Kaulitz sein aufregendes Jahr 2009

Post by Tokio Hotel: For Fans two magic words and 4 boys. For them the fans also queued in 2009, for squealing then, when the band appeared. For the frontman Bill Kaulitz totally normal, at least, when journalists ask after that. Woman: Do you have some earplugs here or how can you stand this […]

INTERVIEW; VIP Interview Translation – tokio hotel interview

Post by First of all I’d like to congratulate you on your MTV EMA that you won with Tokio Hotel this year. How hard was it to get this far? Erm well, I believe it was definitely harder than people might realise. I think, to many it was just erm… everything about our career […]