INTERVIEW; 30.11.09 – nine questions to Bill Kaulitz tokio hotel

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We talk alot!
When we are in the car on long drives, we realize where we are at and that is……a funny feeling.

Whats the  secret to your succes?

I think you really can not explain it.
I would not know what the recipe is, when people would ask how to manage that.
But it really is just a bunch of luck, ofcourse, hard work, which is clear as well, and than maybe that we, that I, fully concentrated on this, that there is nothing else beside this.

Do you control everything good?

It is very hard for me to give things out of my hands.
And I can not let go easily. that means, I am actually busy all day with controling everything.
I am the kind of person that will turn around 10 times to see if the door is really closed.

Is there life after Tokio Hotel?

I can imagine a time in which we will do less.
And work less and maybe sometime that we won’t make a new album for 2 or 3 years and not be on the road.
That we are all doing our own thing. But that Tokio Hotel does not excist anymore, that is hard to imagine.

Would you like to act?

Yeah, I can imagine that, of course.
It is just a question of the entire team of the movie, that the script and the role are good, than I can imagine I would want to try that out. Until now the right movie was not there yet.

Have you got any offers yet?

Yeah, everytime I get new ones.
But most of the times they are big roles and I do not trust myself enough to do that.
I would like to try a small movie part first without it being a big issue/thing.

What or who would you like to play?

I would like to play a vampire or a junkie. I can imagine that..

Are you a “fake” person

The Bill wearing make up , the Bill that is sitting here in front of the camera is closer to me then the Bill that gets up in the morning.
It is not something I do for other people.
I used to go to school like this. I could not be a fake person and pretend for everyone, that would be to hard on me because it would be too much.

Does time in showbizz pass fast or slow?

Time goes pretty fast and you think, crazy, another year has past, so many things happened.
And at the same time it appears to go really slow.
Sometimes I think, crazy, the day is over already and the next moment I think, oh god, I have been doing this forever already!

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Comment by Bethany
2009-12-02 13:18:55

Aww, awesome interview : D Bill’s so cute ^__^

Comment by MexicanTHfan
2009-12-06 00:11:30

he wants to play a junkie lol lil drugy lol

Comment by musicfreak
2009-12-02 14:06:51

wow…1st comment…and bill is so awesome:)…..Bill Kaulitz 4ever:)

Comment by ana-leisha
2009-12-02 15:29:48

cool interview… he sounds like he is cool with himself..and sounds intelligent..:) i love tokio hotel..

Comment by DIana
2009-12-02 15:42:04

great enterview, it explains a lot

Comment by Jessica
2009-12-02 16:47:46

I ♥ this interview XD
although some question were repeated…it was still cool. Bill answered like he was on Q&A portion on Miss Earth or something…I dunno. He was really smart.
Favepart: “I am the kind of person that will turn around 10 times to see if the door is really closed.”
cute.cute. XD

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-12-02 17:00:42

Really good interview. I think Bill is just too perfect. *_*

Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-12-02 17:12:08

Junkie 😀

Comment by Tinky
2009-12-03 23:12:51

love that he said he always dresses this way since he was a child . Having your own stlyle is better than being a follower

Comment by Angel Namerah
2009-12-04 13:00:54

poor guys always need to make sure they r secure i feel sorry for them i’d definitly not want that life *shrugs*

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