VIDEO; Tokio Hotel World AIDS Day Message

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Comment by Djanet
2009-12-04 14:21:24

I like his hair that way

Comment by Marianna
2009-12-04 15:29:26

Me too ^^

Comment by al
2009-12-05 21:20:52

i dont
georg looks weerd

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Comment by natali♥bill
2009-12-04 14:36:27

woowwww , bill looks amazingggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i like his hair in that way..

ich liebe dich bill♥♥♥♥

tokio hotel fur immer♥

Comment by natali♥bill
2009-12-04 14:38:59

wwwooooowwwwwww , bill looks amazing!!!!!
i like his hair in that way…

ich liebe dich bill♥♥♥

tokio hotel fur immer♥♥♥

Comment by bianca
2009-12-14 14:59:38

i hate his hair like that……btw i think tom should learn how to use a condom or stop with da frequent sex….but i luv him all da same

Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-12-04 16:08:45

Wooooooweee 😀

Comment by Penpey
2009-12-04 16:31:21

Where has georgs hair gone *looks confused*

Hehe I like it (well kinds havnt seen it but…) I like it!
Haha can’t wait for more pics

Comment by ILuvTH
2009-12-06 03:02:11

it ran away

Comment by K.C.
2009-12-05 01:51:53

I’mma Bill girl but Tom looks hot here.

And I love seeing Bill’s here this way 🙂

Comment by anna
2009-12-05 15:15:00

i love their hair too, dont get me wrong, but i kind of wanted to be the first one to acknowledge how proud i am of doing their part for people with AIDS!
happy christmas boys, stay sexy!

Comment by BiLl kAuLiTz GiRl
2009-12-05 16:01:16

awhh i love Bills hair.
he looks absolutly amazing

Comment by Vampire Freak
2009-12-05 16:06:18

I didn’t understand a word 😀 but georg look cute 😀

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-12-05 16:35:04

Sama! I thought you disappeared off the face of the Earth! I missed you. =)

Comment by Penpey
2009-12-06 11:00:44

Hehe Same! We missed u!!!!

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-12-05 16:25:29

I love Bill’s hair that way. I’m also trying to figure out what’s going on with Georg’s hair. If he cut it, hell has officially frozen over. I think he just has it up, though.

Comment by YANELHY
2009-12-06 01:22:15

ok tha’s official i loooooo ve toko hotel
and specialy bill
of corse i want help

Comment by angelicamarie483
2009-12-06 04:52:25

i know this is about a rly serious matter and all..
but i cant help thinking how hot the twins look in the picture at the end!

Comment by Mel
2009-12-06 08:12:31

wtf was georg thinkin with that hat lol <3 Tom

Comment by Tokiohotelgurl
2009-12-08 09:40:42

it wouldn`t let me watch it 🙁

Comment by CinemaHotel
2009-12-13 21:36:53

Bill’s hair ^0^
George’s hair o_e (It ran away!!!)
The picture of Bill at the end *__* In LOVE!!! <33333

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