INTERVIEW; 07.12.09 Bravo Web TV – Bill Kaulitz

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Hey, good afternoon, the Nicholas is already away, in return I’m here now and Christmas is also soon, meaning everything goes very quickly, and for Nora, a BRAVO-Winner, Christmas was actually already. She was allowed to meet Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel, she’s a huge fan and had won a role in the animation movie “Arthur und die Minimoys”. And she was allowed to synchronize a tiny tiny role and Bill Kaulitz just joined in and talked with her, as professional – because he’s synchronizing Arthur – what she has to do, what’s going on there and so on.. And I just filmed that and brought that along to you guys. Have fun!

Bill: Hello, this Bill from Tokio Hotel and I’m standing here with the winner – Nora! And I’m explaining her, well, explaining sounds a bit silly, because I’m also not a professional on that score… We’re talking a bit about the synchronizing at “Arthur und die Minimoys” and Nora certainly made a really great job and… I also took pains and we’re just talking a bit about that.

Bill: Did you have to laugh as well?

Nora: Yes, I had to laugh.

Bill: Okay, that’s the heaviest, I also had to laugh this time. And I think all those emotions are really difficult, this laughing and crying and so on are very difficult, but you don’t had to cry?

Nora: No, I don’t had to cry.

Bill: Did you have much to synchronize? No, right?

Nora: No, it could have been worse. It took about five hours.

Bill: But laughing is really the heaviest. I think if you just say the text, then it’s okay, but… And you had fun?

Nora: Yeah…

Bill: Was that loud enough?!

Max: Cheers! To your brilliant appearance!

Bill: Max, I don’t have time for a drink now, I’ve got a message! The minimoys are in danger!

Sascha: How do you like it so far?

Nora: Super! Everything’s great.

Sascha: Is he nice or is he mean?

Nora: He’s totally nice!

Sascha: Really?

Nora: Yeah.

Bill: I’m absolutely evil in fact! They all say that just in front of the camera!

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Comment by ikairi
2009-12-07 14:59:07

Wow lucky her!! I want to see this movie! ^^

Comment by MexicanTHfan
2009-12-11 22:40:34

lucky lol

Comment by laiila
2009-12-07 15:02:25


Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-12-07 17:06:29

>_< That girl is sooo lucky. How did she get the chance to do that?

Comment by adena
2009-12-07 18:38:19

bill is so sweet. 🙂

Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-12-07 18:41:42

Lucky !
Proly some underground secret contest.

Comment by anonymous k
2009-12-07 19:51:53

Haha! I love how Bill calls himself evil at the end 🙂 it’s totally adorable, and he’s poking fun at himself because everyone always calls him “sweet”. What can we say Bill… you just ARE! lol
Awesome vid, super cool for the girl who won, wait-to-go sweetheart!

Comment by anonymous k
2009-12-07 19:52:53

** way-to-go

Comment by Sonya
2009-12-07 21:29:59

GOD he looks sick. Not thin but a skeleton and so pale he needs vitamins or something. I still love the band and all and this CD is the best, but I honestly have trouble looking at Bill these days and I fear for him.

PS – don’t bother with the “he’s always been thin” comments, because he has not always been this thin and he’s only this white when his bones are sticking out.

Comment by augusta tokiohotelaki kaulitz
2009-12-08 13:14:20

omg she is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THE VIDEO IS AMAZING!!VERY NC!!!!!!!!LOL!!!!!!!!!

Comment by RedSkittles89
2009-12-08 19:13:33


Comment by Sandra
2009-12-08 20:27:27

I love this Interview and just skiped to the end at all the other parts hahahahaha…. I know THAT girls is soooo lucky what paper did she got?

Comment by Tinky
2009-12-08 22:22:08

i really wish they were able to do a contest her in the united states where someone could spend the day with bill and be able to know what it is like to live for one day the life they live. Keep up the hard work and good luck.

Comment by Emily
2009-12-08 23:11:43

She doesn’t look 13.
Haha. She’s dressed like him!
That’s so amazing that she got to do that! 😀

Comment by samm
2009-12-08 23:40:24

she is so lucky!! hahaha 1:34 when he was like “hi!” was cute x3

Comment by Jessica
2009-12-09 06:17:19

she doesn’t look 13 =.=
nice nice nice ♥
btw..I just noticed…seems to me like Bill’s current hairstyle is quite inspired by Arthur >.< only that his hair ain’t white 😀

Comment by Weirdo
2009-12-10 06:35:02

Bill an evil? No way! He looks too sweet to be an evil..<3

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