GOSSIP; Did Tom Kaulitz hit a girl?

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Post by www.tokiohotelrocks.com

Did Tom Kaulitz hit a girl? Now there is a new video from the gas station in Hamburg which shows what really happened in the night of April 15 between Tom Kaulitz and his fan. Gabby Funk tells us the details:
These are blurry cam-shots. We can see Tom Kaulitz arriving in his sport car. Right after that 2 girls are coming closer to the car. One of them is Perrine from France, who is allegedly asking Tom for his autograph. Then it looks like a cigarette is thrown out of the car. Perrine lifts it and pushes it on the car window. After that, the 20 year old musician gets out of his car. What happened after that tells us Perrine’s lawyer, even tho we can’t see it clearly on the video.

Perrine’s Lawyer: He didn’t just hit her, he also boxed her when she was laying defenseless on the ground.
Tom the bully, Perrine the helpless victim? Tokio Hotel don’t see it this way. For long months, Perrine & her friends who call themselves “Afghanes on tour” chased Tom and his brother. We can see on the video, that right after this happened, they didn’t went away from his car. David Jost said after this accident in April : “these girls weren’t fans, but dangerous stalkers, it has nothing to do with being a fan. Tom and also no other band member would never do anything to a fan”. Tom Kaulitz allegedly has to go to court because of this. But there’s also another option.

Perrine’s Lawyer: I talked with Tom Kaulitz’s lawyer and by now we agreed on 2000€ damagemoney.
Tokio Hotel didn’t want to say anything to the video or this case today morning.

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Comment by kyna
2009-12-11 15:48:31

Now I love the band and I love the fact that everyone is willing to stand behind them but instead of going around bitching about how much you hate whoever stop and think.
Why didn’t the boys report this a long time ago?
Why is it that all this just came up when tom slapped/punched the girl?
And on the other hand:
why did the other 6 girls in the gang drop out and not testify that these girls are nuts?
why don’t they deport them from germany if they are so much a “threat”
where are the pics of the supposed?
sorry I’m a media major so I can’t be bias morals won’t let me.
I think the media has a way of twisting things to there advantage and belive me coming back from a recent trip to germany the media over there fucking loves tokio hotel, holy shit its just crazy insane!!
I’m not saying that this girl didn’t stalk him and shes not crazy.
but I am not that appt to beleive everything put forth by media. (they are sneaky little bastards)
I do however hope this gets resovled quickly and affectively on both sides this kinda pressure can’t be good for anyone.

P.S. tom keep your hands to yourself so you dont’t give you fans a heartattack please.

PSS be fore you go and attack me with you I am “anti-th bullshit”
1. I became a fan of th because of the fans, I have done count less interveiws with the fans and have taken countless pics with them for my studies, because of the love the “real fans” of th.
I even given a meet and greet package that I won to a fan girl who had been waiting outside there venue for a day and a half in the freezeing weather in new york.(poor girls lips where blue) I did that because that will be her only chance maybe to ever meet them again and I helped her acheive that.
(I had only been there for an hour she deserved it,plus I have a bunch of press passes that I don’t use)
2.I am human so I understand his actions however I do not condone it. AT ALL! as we look at this situation unfold we see that it didn’t solve a damn thing and only made it worse weather you stand behind tom or not, bill probly dosn’t feel any better about his brother having a Domestic violence record, and he would most likely agree.(I can only imagine the arguement that this spawned between the twins *cringe*)
3. as I have said I study media which prompts me to dig a little deeper then just the top layer of things. I don’t chose sides perinne (or whatever) is a little pshycotic and tom unfortunatly lost his temper and hit someone in the face, and its not right period. Who’s to blame? no one will ever know the full story nobody was there, we can only assume as I have said please let this be over soon, I’m going to there concert in hamburg and honestly that gets my heart racing and get me all worked up more then this.
This just makes me… I don’t know sad.

Comment by Jeffsbabe
2009-12-11 17:23:59

Photos of them stalking may not be enough if they always hid their identity.
While it may be hard to prove in court, there is one thing that makes it obvious they are stalker to me – when someone tried to document them stalking the threw scarves over their heads and would hit cell phones out of peoples hands.

If you’re innocent you wouldn’t be afraid of being caught!

Comment by laiila
2009-12-12 04:45:55

they ddnt tell the police at the begining cause they are celeb and it is “normal” that “fans” stalk them..the police wont do anything in that case !

Comment by laiila
2009-12-12 04:48:14

and then when they hit their mother they went to the police and the police told them to start videoin the stalkers..i guess that was one month or smthing before tom hits perrine…

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Comment by LoveTH
2009-12-12 04:46:25

Yeag you have a good point… but Tokio Hotel were allready building up a case for the stalkers… thats why the stalkers attacked the twin’s mom, cause she was trying to take a picture to put in the case study… Also the band probably tried to hush it up so as not to freak fan and such.

The media is allways biased though,, I don’t really think anyone was right. I understand why and how it could of happened but it doesnt mean I agree with it…

Comment by laiila
2009-12-12 04:52:29

exactly they hit their mum when she started videoin them (there is a video of it on youtube)

seriously i dnt knw if i saw this perrine what i will do to her! i probably will make her other eye blue too! she is a slut!

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Comment by Silje
2009-12-12 19:36:52

I can’t tell you enough how much I agree with you.
Concerning the case; I am also under the impression that violence can never be condoned, but, as I look to myself, I can understand the unfortionate temper tantrums people can experience, seeing as my own “real” temper (for the most part evidebl – thank god) can be fiercly explosive.

There is, however, no doubt in my mind that these girls did behave “unfreandly” whether that is wishfull thinking, or my own childlike naivity, I don’t know.
Besides, in fear of sounding excessively narsissistic (not to mention stuck-up)but I really consider myself a true fan no matter what. I suppose 4 years can really do that to you though – especially considering I am from norway (the first year of my young “fan craze” I seemed to be the only one to have ever heard of the guys)

What you say about the media however, is undeniably accurate. To be, unfortionately, it’s the same as it is with politics and politicians – can’t trust a word they say (eternal pessimist here)

But I would never call you an anti-fan. After all, you are just being realistic, based on reflective observations.

One can only hope that tom learns from his mistake, and that Perinne, or whatever her name was, can settle for the attention she has got…

I can’t wait to see them live either (I never have)

Comment by kyna
2009-12-13 02:33:42

seeing them live is awsome!!!!! I am fortunate that I get to do it in there home country (this will be my second time in germany!!

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Comment by kyna
2009-12-14 15:49:36

thank you so much for you comment, Its nice to have a mature disscussion with someone without flipping out lol
Seeing them live is awsom by the way, I saw them live twice in america.
I will be in there home country this time I can’t wait!!

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Comment by Locus Juice
2009-12-12 20:16:37

I’m not criticizing your post but in response to a lot of people who bring up that media can create spin and both Tom and Perrine are to blame – there is a lot of irrelevant statements flying around.

When we chose to side with Tom or Perrine for that matter, it is not because we all blindly have followed the press and rumors, Some have access to the blogs and read the stalkers excusing acts that have put people in jail, as normal since they are fans. Some base it on personal experiences with stalkers and others are really in the know.

That said, we shouldn’t assume others are caught up in the PR games of both sides when people choose to take a side or form an opinion. At that just because most side with Tom doesn’t mean we automatically condone violence.

In short, analysing how the press can manipulate what the public is told is common in everything we’re fed from the media and as such redundant.

Comment by brooklynn
2009-12-11 16:10:10

OK i think tom would never hit a girl…he doesn’t seem like that kind of person who would do that. but who knows this could be a fake of somebody else hitting her and maby she had a misunderstanding and that the person that hit her could have had a similar look to tom kaulitz.but who knows we’ll see if it’s true or not.

Comment by Michelle
2009-12-11 17:17:49

It doen’t look like he “Boxed her to the ground.”

Comment by RebekahKaulitz
2009-12-12 14:25:47

That’s true! I was confused… o.0

Comment by Tanya M
2009-12-11 17:20:31

The band did try and get help. They went to the police for help over a month before the incident.
The police told them to start filming the stalkers. That’s when the violent group – the Afghans On Tour went nuts.

They hit the mother when she tried to film them with a cell phone.
Clearly Perrine did not want an autograph that night – you can see her flipping out at Tom. Why he was there I don’t know. I read he was followed all day and I read that he was there to pick someone who was a friend and being harassed by the stalkers, but I don’t see where they go in the car, of course this is edited a lot.

Maybe he arrived and they jumped out of their car to meet him.

This also what I read

“Tom’s lawyers have never said Tom was innocent, unlike Perrine who still thinks she did no wrong.

Only a day after the incident Tom offered Perrine a settlement and to not charge her with stalking, (his family had already gathered a lot of evidence against them – that’s why they were getting more violent). In exchange Perrine was to drop charges against Tom and agree in writing not to stalk him.

Perrine was offered money but got her ego hurt by being called a stalker, so that’s why she refused the settlement – on more than one occasion. She wants to publicly sue Tom for attention and to damage him.

IF it ever went to court a first offense misdemeanor like this would probably cost him no more than a thousand Euros. And in light of what Perrine put him through for months, I’d bet they wouldn’t make him pay the fine.

Perrine knows that stalking is difficult to prove and most of the pictures Tokio Hotel have, their faces can’t be seen.

Still – if someone covers their face when a camera comes out – they obviously know they want to do wrong.

Tom was willing to pay for his crime from the beginning – all he wants is for her to agree to go away. And she STILL can’t let go of him!”

Comment by Locus Juice
2009-12-11 17:26:50

The passenger is at 1:15.

Comment by kyna
2009-12-11 18:08:43

There is a lot of things out there that may surprise you esp. when it comes to video, and that video of the attack on there mom look way,way, edited not saying that it didn’t happen. but it did look edited. (im doing video editing right now guess the topic “media manipulation” lol)
However I do agree she should just take the money and leave him alone for the sake of everybody including the fans, its getting everybody worked up and its just not necessary.
My breath cought in my throat when I saw him hit her though, that was a total reflex reaction.
I twill all blow over soon I hope *crosses fingers*

Comment by Mia
2009-12-11 18:16:54

Okay – this I agree with
“if someone covers their face when a camera comes out – they obviously know they want to do wrong. ”

That does prove stalker plain and simple.
But why should Tom get away with hitting. You call the cops you don’t wack someone in the head!

Tom should still go to jail for at least one year or have a large large fine. I’m not being mean I’m just being honest

Comment by kyna
2009-12-12 13:20:53

I agree and watching the video over again, I see the girl samsh the smoke and walk away, there is no reason for him to get out of the car at that point.
I don’t think he should get jail time tho however I do think that he should pay somthing and she should be punished for stalking.
I’m sorry I don’t get caught up in his image like most people do.
like nobody mentions how rihanna beat the crap outta chris brown when they where in europe, they only focus on what HE did in america, sad,sad,sad, like I said I hope this crap blows over and everybody learns form this not just the people involved but the fans too, casue sitting here saying someone deserves to be beaten,kicked,punched whatever makes me wonder what kind of fans they have.

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Comment by Lily
2009-12-12 17:49:45

You are aware the Chris and Rihanna were in a domestic dispute and not a stalker and victim?

Comment by kyna
2009-12-14 19:14:21

point is, its all wrong. I am saying I don’t see how any good could come out of either situation, I don’t feel “good” or “turned on” by the fact that he was violent tword some one or in any situation where violence is involed, Im sure tom is a good person, i don’t know him.however what he did made my stomach churn and it shouldn’t be applauded, like he found the cure for cancer. I do support him and hope that this blows over so that things can get back to normal

Comment by kyna
2009-12-14 19:16:19

and yes I am aware and are you aware that she got violent with him also? they where out of the country so no many people know it

Comment by Shannon
2009-12-11 23:19:30

There was a girl there, but no one is talking about it.
It’s known she got into his car – Perrine said this herself, but why is rumored that Tom picked her up there so the stalkers wouldn’t know where she lived or she was being harassed by the stalkers and Tom had to come rescue her.

Comment by Deja
2009-12-11 17:45:08

This shit never ends, does it? Some get these bitches a fuckin toy so that they have something to occupy their time. Hell, I’ll send one.

Comment by TippyInked
2009-12-11 17:52:03

Like What the fuck, that stupid bitch deserved it, i mean common really you dont mess up a car if a celebrity doesnt wanna give you his autograph. Pshh dumb bitches should b banned from being in germeny and anywere near TH

Comment by Ash
2009-12-12 17:47:39

I totally agree with you.

Comment by Tanya M
2009-12-11 17:54:57

Tom should be proud of that video – he put a stalker in her place. Something to show off to the grand-kids!

Comment by Deja
2009-12-11 18:01:43

HAHA! I’m all for Tom ya know…hit the pshyco, but show off to grandkids, its like “LOOK KIDS AT HOW UR PAWPAW CHRIS BROWN’D THAT HO!”….Yeah, I dont think those kids would be allowed to go back to Grandpa’s for a while XD

Comment by kyna
2009-12-11 18:11:15

Being from the south I havn’t heard pawpaw in so long I just lost a mouth full of jucie all over the editing equipment at my school (fml) funny tho.
I agree I don’t think this should be a video to show your grandkids at christmas lol

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Mia
2009-12-11 18:13:49

‘cept ….. Chris Browned?
Rihanna wasn’t a stalker – BAD comparison

I just want to see Tom get punished for this. I know she was a stalker and all but seriously – he can’t just walk away from this.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Deja
2009-12-12 11:23:18

I was just referred as to how Chris hit a woman and Tom did the same. Chris Browned.
I’m about to Chris Brown you XD

Comment by kyna
2009-12-12 14:22:04

thats the new expression around my school “that girl got browned” let coin another “I think im about to tom you out” (nice ring)

Comment by Locus Juice
2009-12-12 20:19:13

Yeah – I would never compare a violent girlfriend beater like Brown with the celebrities who lash out against stalkers and stalkerazzis.

Comment by tyrana
2009-12-13 02:27:43

Ummm…..I don’t see any good in case, so wheather it was tom punching his stalker or chris brown punching riri its all wrong, sorry can’t relate to violence in anyway

Comment by Moira
2009-12-13 12:27:22


What about to other cases of violence. Like women hitting or killing their stalkers?

Comment by Locus Juice
2009-12-13 12:30:15

I don’t compare it to Chris and Rihanna simply because if Rihanna didn’t drop charges Chris would be in jail right now, and for a very long time.

If Perrine took it all the way to court Tom would probably only see a fine or no fine given the fact Perrine has a restraining order against her for stalking.

So in comparing the two cases if they both went to court – the outcome would be wildly different.

…..okay …….maybe I did just compare them -LOL

Comment by Tanya M
2009-12-11 18:19:11

I could so see him saying that.. .. the grandkiddies may call him a hero though!

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by kyna
2009-12-11 18:34:06

I wonder how paw paw would sound with a german accent lol

Comment by Deja
2009-12-11 18:48:11

LOL. Really weird XD

Comment by kyna
2009-12-11 19:04:42

On a better note workd behind my wall video is coming out monday!!!! can’t wait to see it!!

Comment by laiila
2009-12-12 04:54:52

world behinde my wall is now my fave song of the album the lyrics are just beautiful !!

Comment by kyna
2009-12-12 14:12:47

oh god I know, I get all teary eyed and the performance at the ema was just *tear*

Comment by Sherry
2009-12-11 18:11:39

pfft. i thought that was hilarous, and the bitch deserved it. fuck her, she needs to get a live.

Comment by Aylin
2009-12-11 23:21:55

HELLZ YEAH!! and i just gotta say…did you see how he came flying outa the car?!?!

i replayed that part a few times cuz he was just like friggin’ superman!!
he just came flying out of his car and chased her down…i was like…HOT DAMN!! LOOK AT HIM GO!!

That bitch totally did deserve it, and if he didn’t hit her, i would lol

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-12-12 23:48:50

My friend and I were watching this in a library, and her reaction was “Aw, dayum!” It was hilarious, but I was embarrassed. XD

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by tanya.
2009-12-12 18:28:16

haha i agree.
she should just take the money and go.
if she’s really a “fan” then shell stop putting them through all this bs. they’re already in a lot of stress.

Comment by RoyalAquarius
2009-12-11 19:56:18

After I watched the video I noticed the girl next to Perrine didn’t do anything when she saw Tom walking towards Perrine. And I also noticed at about 0:49 the same girl had something glowing in her hand, which I think was a camera. Does anyone else think that they planned this or is it just me? And if you think so, don’t you think that’s a little weird (like the crazy bitches lol)?

Comment by Amy
2009-12-13 12:33:59

Everyone is saying it looks like they wanted to provoke him.

It’s so weird how her friend doesn’t even flinch when Perrine takes a wack to the head. She just kinda casually adjusts the focus of her cell phone.

They were already pissed off that Tokio Hotel had taken pictures of them scaling fences and whipping bottles at cars and what not, so getting something on Tom may have been their goal.

Comment by Bella
2009-12-11 20:10:16

what happened to leaving this behind?

jeez. he didn’t do a great thing, sure, but i would be damn pissed if someone tried to hit my mom and stalked me for half a year.

Comment by jax
2009-12-11 21:15:55

am i bad because i was like” hell yea tom!” and laughing soooooooooo much? 4 real i was like ROFL!

Comment by kate
2009-12-12 16:10:15

pssh. no i did the same!XD i’m just laughing the whole time screaming “go mess that bitch up!”

Comment by alicen
2009-12-13 03:50:06

lol i was like that too ahahah

Comment by Addy
2009-12-11 22:06:06

What a load of bullshit. If that girl was stalking them forever, then they should be the ones who gets sued not Tom. Now I’m not saying I like Tom because he is a fucking manwhore who can’t keep his dick in his pants, but those girls were the wrongdoers and they were probably doing it to get attention. I probably would have done worse than just hit her though, I would’ve karate chopped her until all that fat was gone. MUAHAHAHA I’M AN EVIL PERSON!!!!!

Comment by Locus Juice
2009-12-12 00:30:07

There is no way she was asking for an autograph or photo.
She’s like taking a strip off of him. Whatever she said it wasn’t nice, and why was he there?

Comment by Amy
2009-12-13 12:31:27

He was there to pick up me…I was his booty call that night- jk

Comment by Corky
2009-12-12 00:33:59

Notice how one of them just takes a picture and fat Niomi runs away. Nice friends.
Looks like she thinking – yeah footage to sue Tom with before he sues us for stalking.
Planned provokation!

Comment by Nyaa
2009-12-12 00:44:25

I think Perrie is just wanting publicty. Also it’s to her advantage because she’s a girl…but I admit they (she) needed to be put in her place. They’re lucky some fans didn’t band together and jump them or something. :/

Comment by Corky
2009-12-12 01:05:59

He kinda does a skip there.
skip skip skip to my ..WAM!

Comment by Kora
2009-12-12 01:54:50

Tom hitting that bitch kinda TURNS ME ON…

Comment by Kora
2009-12-12 01:57:43

BTW. Did anyone else see that when Tom was taking down perrine, the other girl was recording on her camera and taking pictures.


Comment by laiila
2009-12-12 04:55:57

yes i did notice that and thats why i say that this wole thing was PLANNED !!!!!

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by vikkixx
2009-12-12 15:07:29

fuck you perrine, its totally obvious they’re just doing it for the attention

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-12-12 23:58:08

Exactly. If Tom was such a threat to her, that other girl sure didn’t care. She was too busy filming.

Comment by laiila
2009-12-13 09:25:01

yea like why ddnt her friend help her??? why did she just leave her lyin on the floor and not stop tom ha??
thats redicolous !! she wanted to film it!! BITCH

Comment by Corky
2009-12-12 10:55:27

Yeah I know what you meam.

I’m not into violent men or anything – if a guy ever raised a hand to me he wouldn’t own a hand! But, seeing a man take down a woman/person who hurt his mother and stalked his family, knowing he could risk jail for it – makes him heroic in my eyes!

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-12-13 00:25:59

Yeah, I feel ya on that. I think we can all safely assume that he would never do something like that unless he was irrationally provoked. He was protecting his loved ones, and I don’t blame him. I would fight (or take a beating) for certain people I care about, and I’m not ashamed to admit that.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by M
2009-12-12 02:16:14

she deserve way more than that..GOSH I HATE HER ..
these are poeple who only cant stand seeing someone growing..
really hate them and her soooo much ..
TOM you did good..

Comment by Amy
2009-12-12 02:51:08

That bitch Perrin or wat ever that huckers name is she needs to back of she needs to just plainly stop stalking tom and bill I mean seriuosly pooor tom gets all the punishment and she dosent WOW these Bild people needs a reality check likeuf I was tom u would have kicked or broke her jaw poor tom and it’s completly pschyco of her and becides she’s a phat French poor chick of course she’s stlaking she stressed and gas no life that ho ho ho PS:Perrin needs to back the fuck off. @)(;)$@@”)/)?;&’PS: Tom is sexy and he rocks my world

Comment by Amy
2009-12-12 02:53:48

Perrin sucks and needs to go suck a dick and Wow seeing tom hitting that bitch makes me happy and it kinda turns me on

Comment by laiila
2009-12-12 04:40:51

i dont believe that perrine did ask tom for an autograph am sure she told him soething else that got him on his nerves and thats why he hit her! am not saying that it is right what he has done!! BUT SHE STARTED IT! she probably wanted this to happen she did plan all this! plus ppl we should not forget that she did hit their mum before he hit her !!! put urself in his shoes..IF TOM KAULITZ WAS A NORMAL GUY AND DID HIT A GIRL CAUSE SHE DID HIT HIS MOM AND STALK HIM FOR MORE THEN 6 MONTHS NOONE WILL BLAME TOM AT ALL !!! BUT CAUSE HE IS A CELB PPL TAKE IT MORE SERIOUSLY!
anyway tom kaulitz didn act the right way (i personaly cant blame him though) but FOR SURE it is perrine’s fault..
we have no victim in this whole situation this bitch should have left tom,bill and their fam alone and tom should have thought before he acted.

Comment by LoveTH
2009-12-12 04:56:46

Actually I heard it was over a year D:
All cause she wanted Tom to fcuk her.

I agree though… I think its just cause Perrines a girl if it was a dude then noone would care… and if Tom wasnt famous all he’d get was a slap on the wrist… authoritys just want to punish him cause he’s famous and ‘sets an example’ to the world.

No, Tom hould have hit her but can you seriously I dont blame him,, she’d have gotten it much worse if it was any other Celebrity.

No one is in the right but I can only empathise with one side and thats Tom’s.

Comment by laiila
2009-12-12 05:08:02

yes its true she wanted to have sex with him !!! she is just a sick girl i swear! seriously i feel so bad for tom and the situation he is in!!!
and yea its probably almost a year since they started workin with their album! arrgh!

absoloutley! if i had to choose a side then it will be tom’s and i am actualy on his side!
tom should ve thought about himself nd him beein a celeb be4 he hit her but noone can blame him in such a situation noone thinks be4 they act! and tom kaulitz is just a human as all of us! us fans are the only ones who can understand that but others dnt :/… and again SHE STARTED IT !!!

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Ash
2009-12-12 17:56:13

Ewwwwww r u serious?? All this shit is couz he didn’t wanna sleep with her?? God she’s a sick pathetic psycho bitch.

Comment by ARI
2009-12-12 04:46:58

K Seriously, I’m have no clue what they’re trying to show me here. I’ve seen better footage of “Bigfoot”! I don’t see how anyone can come to any sort of conclusion with this shit. At least any educated, relevant conclusion.

Comment by ARI
2009-12-12 05:06:20

Okay seriously, I don’t know what they’re trying to show me here. I’ve seen better footage of “Bigfoot”! I don’t see how anyone can come to a valid, educated conclusion with this shit. Either way the girls definitely got their 15 minutes of fame, or rather infamy. I suppose it’s how you look at it. She gets noticed my the guys, media, and she might just swing a deal to get cash out of the whole thing. Ultimately, by her figuring, she’ll get something out of all this otherwise she wouldn’t care. They always have an ulterior motive. So It’s safe to say that basically everyone is hoping she doesn’t get what she wants right? I know I am. Here’s hoping.

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-12-13 00:14:05

How can anyone see what’s really going on? He sure as hell went after her. That’s for sure. o_O But I can’t see if he actually hurt her.

Comment by penpey
2009-12-12 07:45:11

Hmm i can’t say much , i understand why Tom did it , but it looked bad, i think she’s doing it for her 5 minutes of fame and iut workerd wonders, really she’s caused lots more trouble that what its worth , i think Tom well i just i hate commenting like this , im not gunu be biased and say tom was in the right and she deserved it cus i dunt no the facts, haha if u look back like 2 months ago i was having a spazz fir and saying she did
but im stiull not saying stalkering right and for all i no she could have seriously hert or harrased there families and people around them
there both in the wrong and two rongs dont make a right , i just wished this whole thing would blow over but im pretty sure it wont

Comment by kyna
2009-12-12 14:17:42

*amen* like I said before seeing him hit her made my breath catch in my throat, thats with anything violent though. It just bothers me, I can’t sit a watch and laugh and joke cause its not funny and it never will be.
I don’t think tom is a bad person tho what he did is definatly not right.
Please God,pleas let this blow over.

Comment by amy
2009-12-12 07:53:50

poor baby Tommi! I want to give him a big hug now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Comment by Fely_TH
2009-12-12 10:12:26

AH, Tom ist in diesem Fall für nicht schuldig, er verdient das Mädchen war so gegen willst. Er schlug einen großen Ekel Ich weiß, Tom würde es nicht absichtlich. Tom Glück vor Gericht Ich hoffe, alles gut. Ich möchte nicht, dich zu verlieren. Ich liebe dich :*:*:*:* xd

Comment by alissa
2009-12-12 10:16:24


Is anyone else wondering why he went after Perrine and not the others………???????????????????????????????????????????????

Why’d he hit her, She must’ve said something to make him get off his ass, open the car door, run after her and knock her the fuck out…..

Obviously we all know this is her fault but why did he go after her???

I really am sick and tired that everytime I turn on my tv or read a newspaper this is what I hear.

I DON’T CARE ANYMORE…nothing is going to happen to Tom, so there’s nothing to worry about,

Fact of the matter is he didn’t have to hit her but she was pushing his buttons.

It’s not self-defense because he ran after her, But it’s not his fault, people should know if you wake up to strangers and purposly piss them off there’s a good chance that person is going to knock you out.

It’s more perrine’s then Toms but Tom shouldn’t have hit her because he’s famous and everyone loves to screw rich famous people over, so he should’ve known better.

But us in Germany have been watching Tokio Hotel closely for the past 5-6 years that’ve been around and they’ve never done anything wrong (other then drinking underage but who doesn’t)

So really who cares….Nothing is going to happen to Tom or Tokio hotel wouldn’t be working and planing a tour, if they thought this was a big deal they wouldn’t be showing there faces…….

Perrine goodluck getting tom back, i doudt it’s going to happen….

Comment by SandraCologne
2009-12-12 17:33:17

Tom just got after Perrine and not after the others because Perrine stubbed out a cigarette on his car window as you might have seen in the video. It is just shorly before he jumped out of the car. After all this time of having been stalked, this behaviour of Perrine stubbing the cigarette on his car made Tom so mad and furious. And I can really understand his blindfold reaction!

Comment by laiila
2009-12-13 09:27:53

alissa i totally agree with you !!

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by alissa
2009-12-13 12:01:10

Ya I saw that Sandra….

But thats a stupid reason to run after someone and punch them in the face….I know Tom isn’t the one who’s wrong but hitting her was wrong even though Perrine deserved it.

laiila- Thanx for agreeing with me 🙂

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Comment by Corky
2009-12-12 10:56:36

Audi should use this as a commercial.
“Audi – the car of heros!”

Comment by Val
2009-12-12 11:28:41

I find it very disturbing to read on this site how many recite and agree over and over that the accuser ‘deserved’ being assaulted. Regardless of the case, and even if in a court of law it is determined that Tom is found not guilty of these accusations, no one deserves to be physically assaulted. There is a level of self defense called reasonable force which Tom may or may not have gone over.

We won’t really know – we are only observers being fed by media reports. We aren’t the persons involved or the lawyers involved in this case.

Regardless of the events, I think it would speak more volumes to show your support for Tom and the rest of the band by not verbally attacking the accuser and saying that she ‘deserved’ it, or that she’s ugly etc. etc.

It’s a serious and unfortunate matter that Tom is having to deal with, and I hope it turns out for the best and that he can move on from it after the courts finalize the matter.

Comment by Yolanda
2009-12-13 21:26:48

You have a point, except examining what happened to cause Tom to lose control makes a lot of us feel she deserved it.

That is supporting Tom because its acknowledging we see past just the assault to the fact she was clearly engaging in provoking activities.

The courts won’t finalize this, the lawyers will settle it.
Tom offered money for medical problems long ago, it’s just Perrine has been exaggerating them for effect and attention and the part of the agreement not to stalk upset her.

Tom has a restraining order on her now, and the lawyer himself said Tom’s legal team was going to okay the 2000, so Perrine and her lawyer are just dragging it into the media for attention and fame.

Comment by Britter
2009-12-13 21:37:47

I think people are using the word ‘deserved’ in that she worked up to that, and that fault is leaning more on her side because of her history. He could have stayed in the car and called the police, but he was done being passive.

Comment by kyna
2009-12-14 15:44:31

I agree its kinda unsettleing that these are the same people who stood behind rihanna and proclaimed violence is not the awnser (not talking about anyone in particular,calm down) now there excusing violence. *shiver* not saying that toms buttons wern’t pushed, but I said it with CB and I’ll say it with TK: im gonna stick with gahndi on this one lol violence dosn’t solve anything.
This situation in particular showed me that.

Comment by Melissa
2009-12-12 13:12:26

He hit her. There’s no doubting it. Personally, I think the bitch deserved it. You can’t just harass people for months on end and expect them to not respond, eventually. The bitch pushed him too far. I don’t think this makes him a woman-beater. I think she was asking for it. If a woman has the balls to attack a man, she should expect the same treatment back.

Comment by Britter
2009-12-13 21:19:58

much agreed

Comment by bill'sheart-hisAngel
2009-12-12 13:28:21


Comment by bill'sheart-hisAngel
2009-12-12 13:35:07

heyy +++ it not toms faoult its the stalkers the damn stalker is she hadnt started w.v none of this wuldnt have happened TOM shouldnt have needed to pay BECAUSE it was the stalekrs fault for stalking them it shud b the opthr way around honestly i think the stalkers either need to pay up of the consequenses WILL come against them… they wont win….. tom probably has lyk ALLL his fans on his side oh and what about poor stalker wut her frends… maybe her parents? MAYBE gawdd its lyk tom has 99.9999999% whereas the stalker has lyk .0000001% cummonnnnn HELLO PPLZZZZZZ

Comment by bill'sheart-hisAngel
2009-12-12 13:38:10

ok yeah i no its me again just wantetd to add.. its kinda obvious who shud be put charges agaisnt its lyk SOO stupid.. y the hell did they stalk em anyway… as IVE HEARD IT WAS SO THT th wud lyk b thr gfs thts only a rumor but yeah CUMMON THR SOO STUPID… THE STORYS LYK THIS

heyyy gurls i have an idea y not we stalk th theyll lyk us then!
heyy we made tom pay money heheheheh
now theyll have to be are boy frend
LYK WTF?!!?!?!?!??!

Comment by RebekahKaulitz
2009-12-12 14:27:50

I’m sure that Tom would rather have to pay 2000 Euro than go to jail. Even if he didn’t do anything (which I believe to be highly likely) I would rather pay money than go to jail and be away from my family, friends and fans for something I didnt do

Comment by Amy
2009-12-12 17:45:17

Tom doesn’t mind paying her, he was going to pay anything for medical from the start. Problem is she was lying about the medical and he wanted also a written agreement for her to stay away. She only had some swelling under one eye and not all the rest she’s been talking about to the press. Tom isn’t exactly going to challenge her lies and say “it wasn’t that bad”, because it makes him look worst, so just keeps adding on so called ailments.

Perrine didn’t want to stay away from him was the problem and why Tokio Hotel finally got a restraining order on their on. So Perrine really just wasted 8 months and legal bills to end up with what she would have had at the beginning – in writting that she must stay away from Tom and his family and a few 1000k euros for her “injuries”.

Comment by Sarah m.
2009-12-12 17:03:13

Okay,I understand tom may have hit a girl,but seriously..these insane women followed them for what seems like forever!they threatened,bothered,and stalked these innocent band members.No I agree its not right to hit a girl,but the girl got what was coming to her,seriously. Tom must have been pretty stressed,and he couldnt take it anymore.And being a fan of Tom he seems like he would never harm a girl.I am on Tom Kaulitz side 100%(&not just because Im a fan)But because I believe Tom has done nothing wrong what-so-ever.
-Sarah M.

Comment by Lily
2009-12-12 17:46:47

He hit a grown woman with no life and no morals

Comment by YANELHY
2009-12-12 18:04:42

Dinge passieren aus einem Grund
Ich glaube, vielleicht, wenn mich jemand überfallen
oder mess with my Dinge schlimmer
aber das Mädchen wirklich darüber beschweren, dass ich Geld zu nehmen.

Comment by Sarah22
2009-12-12 18:08:23

Oh God go back in your own country. We don´t want you here in Germany. You are only a troublemaker.

Comment by ☆iiStar
2009-12-12 18:25:36

well shes deserves it! shes no real fan, she wuz a stalker…

Comment by Jessica
2009-12-12 20:12:42

despite the jail charges…
the video actually made me laugh..that was pretty entertaining :]
Why can’t the y just stick to being just fans? Fans can still ask em to sleep with us…:P
I don’t fucking get the stalking thing. These b*tches should get a life.

As Tom said…they’re girls out of their heads…
It sucks that two of them were actually good-looking…they could’ve had a chance.
But then again…2000 Euros? not a problem..but the reputation is quite tampered.
I don’t give a shit about Tom hitting a girl…cuz one thing’s fo sure, he did it cuz she DESERVES IT.
His family…mother..they were all affected and no one would ever want that..especially Tom.
and…WHY HE FUCK DID SHE STICK THE CIGARETTE ON THE CAR?! I’D be punching her myself if it was my Audi! (no..I don’t have one :])

Comment by KenzieKaulitz
2009-12-12 21:09:57


Comment by Rhi
2009-12-12 21:22:50

If I was Tom I would have done more than just punched her one, I would have beaten the shit outta her. Give her something to actually whine about.

Comment by michelle
2009-12-12 21:30:05


Didn’t anyone else notice that one of the girls was videotaping the fight of Tom and the other girl???
why would she have a camera with her in the first place????!!
They knew Tom would get upset and so they bringed a camera to make him in trouble for no reason.
Watch the video again and look closely.
You can see the girl with something in her hand that is glowing from the camera screen. She didn’t even try to stop the fight!!!!

Comment by tinky
2009-12-12 21:48:30

fans need to give them their space. They are normal people like and one of us, we need to learn that as human we are sometimes not in the mood for people to follow them. i think that if its true she needed to know better. And if its not true then she deserves to be punished for making up such a story.

Comment by OLIVAROSE
2009-12-12 22:33:15

wtf the friend is just filming perrine getting hit. wtf.

Comment by kyna
2009-12-13 02:30:50


Comment by tom's sweety yO
2009-12-13 05:29:33


Comment by tom's sweety yO
2009-12-13 05:33:18


Comment by Grace
2009-12-13 05:49:59

Om my god, i thought tom just got out of his car and smacked her one then drove of again, not chase her around the fuckin’ station! Geez he’s really going for her, i never expected that.

I’m not taking anyone side with this, it wrong to stalk and it’s wrong to hit, period!

Comment by jenia
2009-12-13 10:02:20

Its ALL so stupid ! They both wrong ! They should not make a big stink about it as its something to be ashamed off.The best they can do is to feel sorry.

Comment by Lisa
2009-12-13 11:23:45

Its her own fault, she was stupid enough to put a cigarett out on his window! And he did not hit her when she was on the ground it just looks like he said something to her. But he did not hit her!

Comment by Amy
2009-12-13 12:36:20

She told the press he hit her 6 more times after he knocked her down, but he doesn’t. what a liar

Comment by Dawn
2009-12-13 12:42:54

Im sorry but i laughed at “Tom the Bully” >.< but its stupid how they claim to be fans then stalk them 🙁 grawr

Comment by vickirsten
2009-12-13 12:49:21

Tom didn’t hit this rubbish or he did is not my problem. What’s true, is that the video is not really clear to make a suggestion. I can’t say that he did this act and I can’t say that he didn’t. come on let’s be realist. why perrine didn’t choose a clearer place, where the video would be clearer? rather than this place where only allusions are seen. in their blog they said that they will bleed the tokio hotel( talking about money); they will make them dribble;they will make their life a hell on ground…I think that they have just started.they succeeded in tapping to them money and will continue to do it.
So, Tom is wrong, that’s maybe true but Those girls have to stop right now. Why don’t they leave them alone and try to get some money far away from them? come on! It’s unacceptable!

Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-12-13 14:57:40

Perrine looks like a deformed penguin.

Comment by Kaela
2009-12-13 16:32:30

That bitch deserved it!!! So im glad he hit her!!! She needs to get a life!!!

Comment by Tanya M
2009-12-13 19:27:53

Tom didn’t hit a girl – he hit a dangerous, deranged, stalking grown woman who needs a life

Comment by Brigitte
2009-12-14 13:54:22

I agree!!!

Go tom!!!

Comment by Laurel
2009-12-13 21:10:02

This is fuckin ridiculous if you ask me,and I know most people will agree with me on this.Who knows I just might be cocky about it ,anyhoo,this girl needs to get a life,and the first step to recover is to admit you have a problem,and believe me its total b.s when she and her lil’ group of friends say they’re not stalkers.Yea and I’m the queen of Siam,in this situation I’ll be doing everything I can to put this behind me,especially the lawsuit.What’s the link to the youtube video or article of their mom getting abused?????

Comment by Gabbi
2009-12-14 04:01:17

Kay I don’t see pen and paper for an autograph or a camera for a photo.

Alls I see is a cow waving her hand like she’s telling Tom off. And where is this 7 punches she was rambling about? I see one good smack to the ground.
Me thinks Perrine is a liar!

Comment by AngelicaTheOnly
2009-12-14 16:44:23

that mother fucking bastard! that mother fucker shewd back off of tom!! she fucking planned all of this!
what was that glowy orange light that i saw in 0:43? dewd it looked like perrine threw a lighter at him..
and i totally agree that tom shewdve karate chopped her ass, AND HER FRIENDS..i think he shewdve browned them…i think FER SURE that they planned it cuz that bitch’s friend was totally taping that motha fucking fight..i swear to god if i c her, im gunna woop her ass untill she DIES! [[if im scaring anyone, plz let me noe :s ]]…i think SHE shewd b sued.. NOT tom.. he was deffending his family, i mean really? who hits sumones mom?!? and plz tell me, who the fuck does she think she is??? man her AND her “friends” shewd go to weight watchers or sumthing…SUMBODY GIVE THESE MOTHER FUCKERS SUM SALADS! perrine shewd get over the fact that NOBODY, i reapeat NOBODY will EVER i repeat EVER wanna bang w/ her.. she wewd totally suffacate the person shes on top of! i mean LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT BASTARD! [[and plz dont think im making fun of over weight ppl..im just making fun of her…AND her friends]]..she needs to get a life and she needs to get therapy…pa-lease sumone get this mother fucker a toy to play w/..she needs all the entertainment she needs..and one more thing i needa say…
p.s. if sumone noes her blog or anything where i can write to that bitch..plz plz tell me, i wanna put that mother fucker OUT!

Comment by xxx
2009-12-14 16:45:50


Comment by Denise:)
2009-12-14 19:48:04

has any1 noticed tht this isnt his car???
and tht he wouldnt attack any1
and y did it take her so long 2 report this

Comment by Amanda Lapthorn
2009-12-14 23:15:42

To me personally I think what Tom did was after the girl put the cigarette on his car window he got out and what looked like, pushed the girl down and just smacked her across the face and then left.

Also notice that right when he is doing that, the girl’s friend is already recording the whole thing as if it was planned. Also take notice that when Tom gets back into his car the girls group back as if nothing ever happened.

Not to be mean and all but I think those freaky stalker fans should just get out of the spotlight completely and not bother the boys again. I’m on Tom’s side on this situation.

Comment by Rocker
2009-12-15 01:09:32

Hahahaaa .. she desserve that .. .. i think she did that because she wants to be a recognized on TV..honey ..no one would be recognized by one night and I think that the video is fabricated.. go get another game to play .. don’t worry tom .. we all know who you are!!
and i wanna tell you one more thing.. you should know that someone will always support you and loves you during your troubles .. and i will tell all the bands>> don’t think that you’re the top cuz TOKIO HOTEL is alive 🙂

Comment by rani
2009-12-16 12:20:14

whats a damagemoney.
and my pc is no really good a mean i can’t play movies whats happen in the video
and i don’t have see it but that girl is sick you don’t need to see a movie every boy will hit her

Comment by Pia
2009-12-17 20:08:18

Perrine has finally snapped…
She will take no settlement cause shes wanting a court to call Tom guilty. Really strange cause his only punishment will be a fine – a fine for the same amount or less she is being offered from Tom’s lawyers now.
The gal is crazy! She just can’t let go of Tom. won’t stop til hes ruined and broke.


Comment by Mia
2009-12-18 13:42:42

Found an update on Perrine.
She was in a car accident 2 years ago due to a drunk driver and tried, unsucessfully to sue. It’s on her skyrock blog as an answer to someone who hates Bill.
Also, she admitted she went to Tom to ask him why he was taking her picure. Now she won’t answer questions about how many times she was hit- because it’s there for the world to see.
I don’t see how following someone all night to ask him why he was mad at the stalkers and to argue that she’s really a fan, makes sense – but that’s what shes saying happened.

The more she talks the more its sounds like she wanted to get him mad. She is also desperate for everyone to see Tom as Chris Brown and not as a celebrity lashing out a stalker. Chris Brown got off so I don’t know why the desperation for the comparison.

She will take no settlement ever! She wants it on the news that Tom was called guilty because she’s still upset he called the police on her so many times and called her a stalker.

So this isn’t settled.

Comment by CG
2009-12-18 20:56:47

PLEASE don’t comment on her blogs!! If you do go there. They have very sick minds and this just feeds them.

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