NEWS; Tokio Hotel star let’s his hair down

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Tokio Hotel vocalist Bill Kaulitz arrived at the Hotel Plaza Athenee in Paris, France on December 14th, 2009. I’m so used to seeing him with his trademark spiked up hair I almost didn’t recognize him!

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Yesterday the German band released their highly anticipated video for their powerful new single, “World Behind My Wall.” You can purchase the track, which appears on their sc-fi themed album Humanoid on ITunes right now!

In other Kaulitz news, the brothers recently settled a law suit brought against them by a group of girls who called themselves “The Afghans on Tour”. They terrorized the brothers by throwing eggs at their cars and following them all over for months.

They apparently had a showdown in April which ended in Tom defending himself against this behavior and allegedly assaulted one of girls. The case was settled out of court for nearly $3,000.

Can’t they have put restraining orders against these chicks?

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Comment by germaine
2009-12-16 09:32:28

they’re not chicks, they’re ugly fat sluts, TH’s manager did put up a restraining order, but the fat sluts did not accept to it that’s why. Glad its over, love Bill and Tom. Please continue to post more posts! Love THR 🙂

Comment by Hannah_Kaulitz97
2009-12-16 13:07:46

100% true!! Bill looks awesome aswell

Comment by charlotte
2009-12-16 13:20:04

they tottaly disreved this there crazy people who need to get i huuuge life!! xx

Comment by vikkixx
2009-12-16 14:31:28

they do need a life, well aleast everything is better with TH now. i was soo worried o_O

Comment by Sandra
2009-12-16 14:44:03

it´s not Toms fault that he hit the girl, the girls had stalk them for months, and ofc you get tired and want them to stop!, they have pulled a cigarette on his car window, AND MORE STUFF!

so i mean, it´s her own fault!

Tom would never ever hit a fan or a “normal” person!none of the guys would!, but the girls waren´t fans, they wre stalkers, and horrible sluts!

sry both my poor english :/

LOVE YOU TOKIO HOTEL!<333 für immer und ewig!
Bill is soooo cute like always<3

Comment by Sandra
2009-12-16 14:44:51


Comment by RedSkittles89
2009-12-16 14:57:56



Comment by a
2009-12-16 23:47:43

ahaha georg-ious like georg-i-licious

Comment by Alicia Blow
2009-12-16 15:14:10

damn, so they had to pay perrine just to get her to stop?

that’s so unfair…

Comment by Catie
2009-12-16 16:05:43

god, i hate that bitch!! seriously, someone just run that bitch over!!

Comment by tanya.
2009-12-16 17:51:36

omg look at my little bill! 😀
hes sooo cute…
ahhh look at his ears…they’re soo smalll!!

Comment by lauren
2009-12-16 19:20:15

Okay – whatever delusional headcase thinks bill looks normal or has always looked like this- needs to get their eyes check!

The guy has never looked this deathly ill before – He’s gross to look at now

Comment by Tanya M
2009-12-16 19:24:42

Finally it’s settled, now just hope that they can charge the other’s with stalking. A restraining order isn’t enough for those chicks.

Anyone else think Bill looks thinner than ever? He’s really starting to look sick! o.o

Comment by june
2009-12-17 01:57:18

i agree! hes so thin!!! what is happening! he needs to go back to his weight a few years ago. its gone to far! i know he says he isnt trying to loose weight but…

Comment by Carolina
2009-12-17 11:16:41

I completely agree Bill is worrying me a lot,he does looks thinner. But he still Rocks!!!!

2009-12-17 12:11:36

I lov you bill<3<3<3

Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-12-17 15:21:56

Thank god it’s all setteled.
Girls= pigs.
Not even.
They’re the mud that the pigs roll in.

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-12-17 17:42:49

I’m so relieved to hear that the stalker mess is settled. I hope this means that those girls will disappear for good. I think it’s totally unfair that they had to pay them, but whatever. I’m just glad it’s over. And as I said before, Bill looks really handsome with his hair down. ^_^

Comment by yna
2009-12-18 10:43:55

he is really like a girl!!!really!!!when i first saw it i said “you’ve got to be kidding me!” ..BILL!what happened???please stick to your old style!heels are for girls!!!!im starting to think that he’s gay..really,i know lot of you’ll be angry but, yeah ever since the third album,he somewhat changed. i dont know but something changed!i like the old bill!!!!

,but still, i luv TH!whether is bill really gay or not!

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