GOSSIP; Tom Kaulitz going to jail?

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Post by www.tokiohotelrocks.com

Translation Bravo 52/09

From the stage to the buliding!From the red carpet into the gray cells! Instead of flashing cameras cold neon lights from the ceiling. What a nightmare for millions of Tokio Hotel fans: Tom Kaulitz behind bars!Mega-band on the verge of collapse! Guitarist convicted!

That is what threatens the 20-year-olds.And why?Because of this one night:on 15. april on one gas-station in Hamburg TH-guitarist hit 21-year-old fan Perrine D.At any rate he was accused by the girls.But there are huge debts in the story.Lastly, she is not concerned as a “normal” fan – but a member of a nasty stalker course, that attacked even Bills and Toms mother!Anyways:If it ever comes to the point that Tom get convicted in the court,he could expect 5 years in prison.

How BRAVO learned to know,It will not get so far.Tom has good chances to stand on the stag
e again.Band manager David Jost(37) said:”The indictment of the prosecution didn’t actually cleared the whole thing to us.Whether there will be a trial or not,is still not sure.”This view also share the competent public prosecutor William Möllers from Hamburg.He confirmed to the BRAVO:”The whole thing is currently in a pending procedure.It doesn’t necessarily have to come to a public trial.”In addition, a court settlement is in the room.TH-manager Jost:” Tom’s and Perrine’s lawyers are planning to drop their respective charges.Condition for this is that Perrine must declare in writing that she will leave alone the band and family members once for all.” Both sides are currently working on a secret deal that will not only save Tom,but Perrine too.Hers risk is three years in prison for stalking.

Tom claimed that the French member of the girl gang “Les Afghans On Tour” pursued him, his family and band mates for months.On the before mentioned gas station in Hamburg,everything got out of control.As Perrine supposedly pushed a cigarette against Tom’s sports car,an Audi R8 (value: 130,000 euros),the star freaked out. Perrine had to be treated in an outpatient hospital,it is said that she suffered an eardrum rupture,swollen left eye and bruises.

She filed a complaint against personal injury.But Tom didn’t want to put up with that!He also filed a criminal complaint and also complained that Perrine and her friends Angelina (25), Noemie (20) and Aurore (21) should stop terrorizing the band.If Perrine agrees to the deal she’s free.Her friends, however, must continue to worry!”The same criminal charges are already reimbursed against the other members of the Gang” Les Afghans On Tour “.These are sent to some of them already,but the residences of the defendants in France are very time consuming.” said David Jost.And Tom?He wants to forget the worst night in his life – and simply go an rock the world free again.

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Comment by Kate
2009-12-19 10:12:21

If Tom goes to jail I will start a protest. That is such bs. Tom was defending himself and his family.

Comment by HamburgsFinest
2009-12-19 13:54:37

I 100% I agree.
We should revolt if he is put in jail!

Comment by RebekahKaulitz
2009-12-19 14:02:48

I agree too! Tom seems to get blamed for all of it when he was only proecting himself and his family from PERRINE WHO WAS THE PROBLEM IN THE FIRST PLACE NOT TOM!

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Comment by Allison
2009-12-19 22:14:03

I totally agree.
That girl needs help, serious help.
If anything happens to Tom, I’m totally gonna protest it.

Comment by Katie
2009-12-20 06:32:53

we’ll help break him out 😉

Comment by CinemaHotel
2009-12-20 16:26:06

We should revolt if he goes to jail!!
Imagine this” Millions of TH fans outside of a court house begging for Tom to be pled not guilty. Why, this will have more media coverage than those Michael Jackson lawsuits!
TEAM TOM!!!!!!!

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Comment by Rocky Rachelle
2009-12-20 21:30:57

That Perine girl should back off their D****. She is a hater and if her lawyer and her don’t drop it then her and her friends can go to jail too. They just want attention.

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Comment by bianca
2009-12-19 15:08:34

seriously he did nothing but defend himself….i dont blame him since they were sendin death threats and terrorizing the bands family friends and tokio hotel themselves…….TOM DID NOTING WRONG PERRINE AND HER FAT ASS FRIENDS SHOULD GO TO JAIL FOR STALKING N THREATINING EVERYONE!!!!!!!!

Comment by Ravyn
2009-12-19 21:30:57

IM WITH U THERE! Biggest Protest in the world

Comment by tomkaulitzgirl
2009-12-20 00:22:32

i would protest and do ANYTHING to make sure he doesnt set FOOT in a prison cell.

Comment by Amber
2009-12-20 14:52:44

As will i my world will come to an end if Tom has to go to jail i will come all the way from the states to come and protest out side of the jail…. God this can’t be happening

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Comment by tokio hotel nz
2009-12-20 20:15:14

didnt they agree to a two or three thousand compensaton like two weeks ago, that way it wouldnt go to trial therefore avoding him going to prision and her getting in trouble for stalking and abusing him and his family

Comment by timi
2009-12-20 23:23:06

yes!finally!never mess with tom kaulitz unless you want an all out riot from his fangirls!

Comment by jenni
2009-12-19 10:47:05

Oh come on! Tom was just using self defense. Sending him to jail is total bullsh*t and unjustified!

Comment by Mia
2009-12-19 10:59:20

Perrine said she was offered money for personal injuries back in April. She wouldn’t take the offer since she felt, although her only injury according to the hospital was a swollen eye, she should receive more in case she has future injuries.
That plus she didn’t want a settlement that involved her having to agree never to stalk again.

She was always offered money, but wants a court to say Tom is guilty because with that publicity she can go forward with publicly donating money and I’m sure she is hoping to be rewarded with a bookdeal from there.

Perrine hasn’t settled and won’t until it goes to court. She’s actually quite confident Tom won’t go to jail. Tom may get a fine – which in cases like this is a few thousand euros.
I don’t believe she realizes what a dangerous game she’s playing with his life. Tom probably won’t go to jail but a judge could just as easily send him there – there is no way to predict.

My prediction is it will go to court because she wants that, but no further since Tom offered Perrine (this is according to Perrine sbtw) the same amount he’d probably be fined for. A judge like the rest of the world will most likely see right thru her and her obvious lingering obsession for Tom. I mean wiht an offer in place, Perrine is just wasting tax payers money now and clearly out to destroy Tom’s image.

Her lies are catching up to her too. There was no more than a swollen eye and you can plainly see in the video that he slapped her once not 6 times. This could have been settled months ago – but she’s too delusional and has a lawyer who is too greedy for fame for it to end.

Sadly I think this will be brought before a judge. Which can take many months and then hopefully, he will throw it out.

Comment by Ammara
2009-12-19 11:15:49

Which video???

Comment by Nancy
2009-12-19 11:27:00

The more Perrine talks the more she comes across as an obsessed person who can’t move on. She really needs mental help! A judge should tell her to shut up and take the fine already offered and go straight to a hospital for mental assessment.

Jost said that they are still bringing stalking charges against the other girls. Most of them moved out of Perrine’s place and went back to France so he said it’s more time consuming because of the distances.

Comment by Pop Tart
2009-12-19 14:52:35

I’m been following this too. It’s really just a big saving face game to her and her friends.
She followed him to a gas station to yell in his face for calling her a stalker! Who does that? stalking to claim she isn’t one!
This is a girl with severe psycological problems and her lawyer is cashing in on her mental illness.

Comment by bianca
2009-12-19 15:11:54

i so agree………… instead of tom having to give up his life, money, carrer, family, perrine should since she was the more dangerous one wit everything she did.she deserves to rot behind bars, shes the one that did most illegal atcs

Comment by Sandy
2009-12-19 23:34:08

She has to settle at some point. She MUST see how ridiculous she looks!

Comment by Amanda Lapthorn
2009-12-19 11:14:35

Ok first off, I think Tom isn’t going to end up in jail. There will be too many fans that will do their best to get him out of there.

And that’s good that Perrine is also getting stuff thrown back at her. What she wanted has finally caught up to her but now in court.

Maybe if she just didn’t bother Tom in the first place, none of this would have happened to her or our dear Tom.

2009-12-19 12:21:59

i hope ur right but u r 100% right that if Tom gose to jail alomost all of the fans will try to get him out i bet
she should of just left him alone like u said and like kate said Tom was just defending him and his family and band members
and if she dose start a potition ill sighn it
i REALLY hope our poor Tom dosent end up in jail
i luv u Tom

Comment by Hannah_Kaulitz97
2009-12-19 13:13:08

I take it thats the end of TH if Tom goes behind bars!!

Comment by Day
2009-12-19 13:14:13

Its the girls that’s suppose to be going to jail for stalking, SERIOUSLY!right?

Comment by Sandra
2009-12-19 13:21:09

I hate those bitches.

Comment by Sami kaulitz
2009-12-19 13:23:11

I,ma fuck up her face if he goes to jail cuz of her ! DUDE I FUKING HATE HER. I SUPPORTE TOM KAULITZ <3 ICH LIEBE DICH TOM

Comment by JumbieGirl89
2009-12-19 13:30:00

U know what gets me say and hope nothing happens to Tom and the Perrine does get off whats not to say that the others wont kick her ass for them going to jail for this while she gets off. Because they r all friends right and they did this together so they all should pay for the stalking but not at the expence of Tom going to jail oh no something more cruel and that is where I feel that her friends that was with her on this will take care of her watch and see after its said and done and Tom is free and so is everyone else to go on and forget this. Then it will be on her and her friends that u hear about.

Comment by Tanya M
2009-12-19 14:46:57

I can’t believe she still won’t drop charges against him. She got a settlement offer that she’s turned down like a milliion times now and why? Because she just wants to hurt Tom and his family even more? She really is a nut case!

Plus if she takes the settlement Tom and Tokio Hotel will drop the stalking charges against her. I know stalking is hard to prove, especially when these “innocent fans’ always covered their faces when a camera came out, but she’s risking imprisonment herself. She must be really confident she won’t be charged to keep going forward with this.

Comment by Ella
2009-12-19 14:48:43

If Tom goes to jail then it’s true that victims have no rights and the criminals have all the rights! I really hope this doesn’t happen. It’s not like Tom wasn’t pushed and pushed by those stupid fucking bitch stalkers. They should be the ones in jail. I know Tom has the best attorney’s there are so we have to hope they can make sure this doesn’t happen to him. 🙁

Comment by PaolaCecilia
2009-12-19 14:56:46

Tom is not going to jail !
I will not stand for it !

Comment by THFAN
2009-12-19 15:18:00

tom should NOT be going to jail. he was only defending himself, the rest of the band. and most importantly his family. if there’s a law against that, then i should be sitting my happy little but in jail right now for doing so. this is a load of bull crap. it’s not right.


Comment by tinky
2009-12-19 16:02:43

if he did what he did is that he got fed up with the constant stocking of this girl and if he did it was a mistake, he is only human. She should feel guilty that she is the one that is always following them and their family. I don’t believe what happen has to go that far if you could hear what she was telling him maybe something she said was the last straw as they say that got him to do what he did, that will i think help him if they go to trail . WE STAND FOR TOM AND THE BAND!

Comment by Deja
2009-12-19 16:49:17

Girls, don’t even sweat this. Tom aint going to no damn jail. Should I or any of you be thrown in jail for 5 years because we punched someone who’s stalked and harrassed our family? No. We shouldn’t.
Besides celebrities never get harsh punishments. How long was O.J. Simpson running free before they locked his ass up? And Chris Brown? Only community service.
The media is just trying to get a story -_-

Comment by Lilith
2009-12-19 17:10:51

I will def. protest if Tom goes to jail, I hope & pray he doesn’t!!!

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-12-19 18:02:04

This whole thing is a nightmare. I can’t believe these stalkers are getting away with this. It’s obvious that the lawyer only gives a damn about money and Perrine only gives a damn about ruining Tom. These people have no morals! What Tom did was wrong, but I’m sure he didn’t mean to. Even the tape shows that he was obviously provoked. Plus, it doesn’t even compare to all of the things the stalkers put him and his family through. Perrine is intentionally trying to hurt Tom. She’s a selfish, malicious bitch. And that’s the difference.

Comment by Char...♥
2009-12-19 18:05:05

Tom is a great guy, he should of never been treeted like this, hes doesnt diserve this! xx

Comment by Carolina
2009-12-19 18:06:11

I’m pretty sure TOM is not going to prison.
He has a lot of support from us Fans and Family and Friends.
The Three F’s.

Comment by Nicole
2009-12-19 18:07:34

I just read her blog and she still isn’t dropping her charges against Tom. I won’t comment because I know she loves that stuff, but God she makes me angry.

Hopefully the courts will laugh their asses off at her when they see how many offers she’s refused, how much she’s lied, how little Tom did to her especially compared to what she did to his Mom and his family.

Am I the only who LOVES to watch the ‘assault/ Tom taking down a stalker’ video? I watch it over and over and over!!!

Comment by PTgin
2009-12-19 18:10:13

She is ruining her life and Tom’s.
She could have walked away in relative abscurity had it not been for her going on the news all the time.

Comment by BiLl kAuLiTz i am addicted to you
2009-12-19 19:23:28

I highly doubt he will go to jail.
but if he does, i am gonna protest!

Comment by Laurel
2009-12-19 20:53:28

Damn Dude this seriously is gettin out of hand,no joke!!!!!Seriously if he goes to jail we should hunt her down and the prize will be her heart=).It goes to anybody who does so.But I doubt he’ll go to jail,it’s kinda ironic how all these things are happening…

Comment by SMilEY
2009-12-19 21:29:41

OMFG why wud some stupid bitches do that?!?!. its because thehy r idiots!!! Tom SHOULD NOT GO TO JAIL!! he did NOTHING WRONG!!!

Comment by BillKaulitzLover
2009-12-19 22:36:46

If Tom ever gets thrown behind bars, I will not only go mentally insane, I will kill Perrine for destroying the band I worship. I mean, who asked her to stalk the Kaulitz? They deserve some privacy. Who’s with me?

Comment by Tina
2009-12-19 23:38:55

this psycho perrine is a just trying to wreak havoc on the boys. and she calls herself a fan… what a disgrace. i dont see why her friends and her arent in more trouble with all the stalking and threats they make. shes obviously trying to get attention and money. people like her ought to be put in jail, not my tommy<3 he has every right to go on the offensive/defensive against her.

Comment by Jamz
2009-12-19 23:58:36

All that needs to be done is what the fans did for R Kelly. Stand out side the court room with signs and yell a chant about setting Tom free. They’ll let him go. It works every time.

Comment by Lynn.B California USA
2009-12-20 00:47:02

This is SO sad. Why can’t freaks like this Perrine and her ghastly pack of fiends leave Tom and TH alone! I totally back Tom. He was provoked and responded the way most of us would have. It is exactly this type of stupid bahavior that will eventually cause the boys to have no choice but to hide further behind bodyguards, locked doors and out of the spotlight.

Comment by BeCkA
2009-12-20 01:41:35

lol i had a audi r8 and someone put a fag out on my car i would definatly do more than kick their asses … i support tom all the way sure what he did was wrong but if there are fans out there like me 🙂 (the good ones) they probably would have punched in their faces aswell knowing all the shit the stalkers have caused 🙂


Comment by Dae
2009-12-20 02:18:36

all of you are so fucking right. Since when is defending yourself
and family a fucking crime, punished by putting u in jail for 5 years?
thats fucking BULL SHIT.

Comment by RockToy86
2009-12-20 03:25:34

OMG That is such a crock of shit!!!! Where is the justice in this???? Tom defends himself and his family and he could face jail time *pfft* guess the law isn’t there to serve and protect the innocent then huh!?!?!? 🙁

Comment by bella
2009-12-20 06:23:51

this isnt true.. it happened months ago, if he were going jail (which he isn’t) he wouldve been put in already

Comment by alissa
2009-12-20 09:29:31

RELAX fellow fans, Tom isn’t going to jail.

I’m 1000000000000000000000% sure.

If he was they would’ve arrested him along time ago….

They’ll make him pay thousands of dollars before they throw him in jail. It takes alot to put someone in jail…..

The only thing Tom might have to do is pay money and Tom has alot of it from all of us buying his bands albums.

So reading this is just a waste of time…..

Comment by Mia
2009-12-21 20:09:52

Yes -but the issue is Perrine will get money either way – by accepting what was offered from Tom – or she can get a judge to tell Tom to pay a fine, that will most likely be the same amount. It won’t be much because Tom was stalked for months.

She won’t take the settlement from Tom for two reasons – one: promising not to stalk is part of the agreement and makes her look as guilty, if not more guilty than Tom.
Two: she wants to hurt Tom and look a hero in the press.

This is a girl with a plan to donate publicly to an abused womans shelter and get book deals.
The only way that will happen is if Tom is forced by a judge to pay the fine. She comes away looking the victim that way.

If she takes the offer from Tom which includes writting she won’t stalk, it makes her look guilty – so no book deal & no more TV spots.

I agree he won’t get jail time, but she is out to destroy him and get fame in the process.

Comment by Kelli
2009-12-20 14:08:24

He’s so not going to jail, if he did, the fans would FREAK. I will definitely be in on that riot if they try to lock him up.

Comment by sammi
2009-12-20 16:35:33


Comment by ILuvTH
2009-12-20 18:20:44

no matter waht happens we can be sure that he will get out . There is enough th fans out there for every one to send 2 cents to his house to pay for bail….or we can break him out.

Comment by waffles
2009-12-20 19:22:06


Comment by cutiepop
2009-12-21 15:12:45

OMFG! that stupid Perine chick needs to be put in prison and her wierd stocker friends.if i was in toms place i would do the same thing,like seriously.if tom go’s to jail that would be so f***ing stupid.

Comment by GAIL :D
2009-12-22 21:33:47

this is ridiculous! why is this just now coming up again?! if she was serious about sending him to jail because of her injuries,she would have done it immidiatly and not taken so fucking long to make up her mind! its obvious she just wants attention for this!
if he goes to jail i swear i will do alot worse then bust her eardrum…BITCH YOUD BETTER WATCH OUT

Comment by nikki
2009-12-23 16:02:16

he will not go to jail without a fight from me because they are my favorite band and I would do everything to keep them a band so don`t worry if he goes to jail i will have a huge fucking fight going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you

Comment by taylor
2009-12-24 13:08:05

ladies tom isnt going to jail. i talk to him personaly and he said that its like a 10% chance that he will go to jail. the girl on the other hand….all she wants is atention…and by every TH fan saying what they say she is getting what she wants. tom is not nervious about going to court and the rest of the members thank you for your support.

if you would like to e-mail me fony concern or questions i will be happy to answer them with tom and bill next to me with the truth. marinegirl6937@yahoo.com

Comment by angie
2009-12-29 07:48:05

If tom goes to jail i will kill myself!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Maddie
2010-02-21 16:26:54


Comment by Stacy Ann
2010-05-30 20:13:57

And that girl should pay for a new car for him 130,00 euros is alot of money, I think she is insane to put a ciggarette to and audi. How stupid is she?

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