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Comment by Marianna
2009-12-19 12:13:15

Spectacular performance like always

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-12-19 18:15:33

Yeah, I know. This is such a beautiful and moving song. This is what real music is all about.

Comment by Hannah_Kaulitz97
2009-12-19 13:14:48

They go to every fucking county but England!!!

Comment by th_stine_norway
2009-12-19 14:36:26

belive me they dont come to norway to.. i’we been wayting for almost 3 years now.. FINALY they come next year!:D

Comment by Kendra
2009-12-19 17:00:38

Also not New Zealand!!! We only just got Automatic to play on television!!! We are waaaay too far away for them to come…36 hours from Germany!!! Whoa.

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Comment by Char...♥
2009-12-19 18:07:50

yeah i agree they never come to england 🙁 xx

Comment by Katie
2009-12-20 06:44:29

Oh yeah, well The Czech republic is fucking right next to them!!! four and a half hours away!! and they where here two times, five years ago!!! are we THAT small? finally next year, but we got NO meat and greats, NO sighning just a concert. and someone from america said they don’t come that often… jeeez, sry but it makes me mad o_O

Comment by Mariana
2009-12-19 15:45:21

Why can’t they sing live?
It is starting to piss me off s:

Still … OMG I love Bill’s new stage pants hahaha even when they’re so tight you can see ever fold on his boxer (:
Oh.. maybe that’s why i like it.

Comment by Carolina
2009-12-19 18:24:32

Yeah! Great performance, like always they are AWESOME!!!

Comment by Lynn.B California USA
2009-12-20 00:53:27

Always absolutely stunning.

Comment by ashton
2009-12-20 14:27:32

i luv them in concert because they sound just like they do on there cds some times even better witch is really good because most singers dont sound as good in concert as they do on cds

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