INTERVIEW; I love you 01/10 – tokio hotel bill interview

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INTERVIEW; I love you 01/10 - tokio hotel bill interviewINTERVIEW; I love you 01/10 - tokio hotel bill interviewINTERVIEW; I love you 01/10 - tokio hotel bill interview

Vocalist of german band Tokio hotel Bil Kaulitz is every girl’s dream: he is not like everyone else, he is talented and lonely. In “I love you” Bill is talking about real love, consequences of being famous and changes in his life.

About sweet dreams
I think that all members of band would be sleeping all the time and being just lazy, but we just don’t have an opportunity to do that. (I am not 100%sure it’s correct )
I am night person and I am fine with it. I go to bed around 4 a.m. and I would gladly wake up around 2 P.M. But I rarely have enough sleep. Often I have to forget that I love to sleep on comfortable mattresses with soft blankets, and just take a nap anywhere I can at the free time available. So, don’t be surprised if one day I will fall asleep at some event or a show – it can easily happened.

About hair.
Since childhood I paid attention to what I wear. It’s possible that there were days back then when I looked ridiculous, but at that time I liked it, so it’s OK. You don’t need to be ashamed of your past. Right now I’ve found my own style, but it doesn’t mean that I won’t change it for the rest of my life. Everyone was so surprised when I change my hairstyle. Believe me; my desire to change it surprised me myself. I just changed my hair and don’t regret it at all. You can’t always be the same. On Humanoid there a new sound and on my head I have an excellent Iroquois. You have to rejoice the changes but not to be afraid of them.

About family
I am very lucky that I have my family. Mom always supported us and stepfather helped to find our true calling. After we left the house I was calling them 5 times a day to just be able to hear their voices. But loneliness is not really scary for me because I always have my brother Tom with me. No, honestly, I think even when we will be grown up men we will buy a huge house and will still live together. Tom is my closest friend; I can sense what’s happening in his soul.

About sex
Those who think that I am gay are just very limited people, who think stereotypes. Yes, there is that notion in the world: Gay should look like that… But how can you say that I am gay, just because I care what I look like and that I look different. I am tired to deny this rumor and try to explain myself. Let people think what they want to think. It’s their rights. And the fact that I did not have a girlfriend for a long time is definitely not the reason to say that I am gay. It is just the sex without love is nothing to me. And I think it pretty normal.

About food.
I can eat everything I want, because I don’t gain weight. Some people even think that I have anorexia. But if they would come with me to dinner sometimes they would absolutely change their mind. (laugh). I can eat two pizzas and finish everything with Coca-cola. And I also can not live without coffee.

About girls.
I am sure I will know immediately that she is the One if I’ll meet her. Someone probably will think that I am insane or stupid romantic, but it’s not that – I really believe in love with first sight and forever. But for now relationship is not possible: firstly – there is no chance that I will meet a girl, since I am always with huge bodyguards. And even though they are pretty good guys, it would spoil the intimate moment. Second, I am not ready to meat a girl who already has some kind of opinion of me without knowing me personally, that is why relationship with a fan is impossible. But even those who are not into our music still will see me through the prism of articles in newspapers and rumors. There is one other moment against serious relationship. If I ever fall in love I will want to spend all my time with her, but it means to forget about music and career. That is why I am still single. And I don’t see problem with it. I learned to find a pleasure in other different things.

About a fame
My dream came true, I became super popular. But it has its minuses. Sometimes you don’t want to rely on the help of other people but go and buy something in the store yourself for example. But in reality my personal assistant is doing it for me. Fame gives you a freedom but the same time it is taking freedom away. It is very complicated thing. But I wouldn’t change anything. I wouldn’t want to live differently.

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Comment by Brittany
2009-12-20 11:15:05

aww, he really is a sweet guy. it must suck for him that he will never find true love. he just needs a little help. haha i cant wait to see bill and tom living in the same house one day.that would be a good reality show

Comment by bill'sheart-hisAngel
2009-12-20 13:45:48

yeah hey btw they spelt meet wrong spelt it lyk meat in da 2nd last paragraph

Comment by i hate fan girls
2009-12-23 11:38:37

noooo. they spelt it the right way meet is like when your going to meet someone which in their case is what their using. not meat as in food

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Comment by Emily
2010-01-21 11:12:13

No, they did spell it wrong. I caught that, too.

Comment by Tanya
2009-12-20 20:33:30

Sorry – I don’t get it. Others with bodygaurds have true love and don’t quit their job when they find it! This interveiw doesn’t make sense to me -or it’s fake.

Comment by MexicanTHfan
2009-12-20 22:54:33

lol i know rite 🙂

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-12-20 23:50:38

Great idea! That show would be awesome. Hell yeah, I would be watchin’ it.

Comment by Penpey
2009-12-20 11:44:26

Ahh god if feel sorry for him
BILL KAULITZ u will find true love your only 21 !!!!
Man I seriously understand the whole gay rumers probably more than some people can understand but yeah
No one can give up hope at his age it’s silly ,I wana give him a slap (: then a hug
Hehe bill better not become a lazy depressed buggar or I WILL slap him 🙂

Comment by bill'sheart-hisAngel
2009-12-20 13:46:31

ummm.. hes 20 lol 😛

Comment by Tanya M
2009-12-20 20:51:41

While I don’t really get all the excuses he gives for not dating (I’m not in his shoes though so shouldn’t judge) – I agree his lack of a girlfriend is why the gay rumors fly around.

It’s not the first time a public figure has been labelled gay simply because they don’t date though so Bill shouldn’t worry. The one’s who turn out to be gay usually have had a girlfriend for a long time.

Those who want Bill to be gay will be saying that even when he meets the perfect girl someday.

Comment by penpey
2009-12-22 07:28:06

hehe im sorry people hehe i said 21 😛 i was thinking of my sister
*hangs head*
hehe xxx

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Comment by Thfurimmer
2009-12-20 12:31:10

i hope he finds true love, he’s such a sweet guy and he really deserves it

Comment by Dae
2009-12-20 13:17:53

About sex
Those who think that I am gay are just very limited people, who think stereotypes. Yes, there is that notion in the world: Gay should look like that… But how can you say that I am gay, just because I care what I look like and that I look different. I am tired to deny this rumor and try to explain myself. Let people think what they want to think. It’s their rights. And the fact that I did not have a girlfriend for a long time is definitely not the reason to say that I am gay. It is just the sex without love is nothing to me. And I think it pretty normal. -BILL KAULITZ
SUCKERS >______<

rofl, sorry, but im jsut tired of people saying hes gay.
there;s his reason, and it makes soo much sense!
Bill, you will find true love ;D
ur only 20, so calm down 🙂

Comment by laiila
2009-12-20 13:26:09

i think when it takes more time for him to find his love is better cause i think it will be more serious and he will b more mature(though he is mature enough) xD.. u are not the only one who is searching for it bill..everyone does

Comment by Anouk
2009-12-20 13:28:03

Hahah, like Brittany said ^^ Bill and Tom living in a huge house together would be the perfect reality show! It’d be really cool if they actually did that xD I would, without a doubt, watch it.

yaay GO BILL! I get so tired of people saying he’s gay all the time. Even if he is, then so what? it’s normal and it doesn’t matter but it just gets annoying. He’s definately right about what he said. That just because he hasn’t had a girlfriend in a while, it doesn’t mean that he’s gay.

Comment by Kelli
2009-12-20 14:30:11

haha I would so watch that show!!!

Comment by Yana
2009-12-20 13:38:09

Bill you will find true love !!

Comment by bill'sheart-hisAngel
2009-12-20 13:48:43

hes not gay hes NOT wierd hes not a girl hes NORMAL! y can’t ppl justaccept the fact? yeah ok so u mite not lyk him THAT dusnt mean u have to say ooo hes gay ohhh hes a girl ohhh ur so wierd u lyk em ooo. i h8 it when pplz do tht. THEYRE a normal namd they just have thr own style and evry1 shud just accpici8 it!

Comment by jasmina
2009-12-20 14:35:04

bill is such a sweet guy!!!
i feel sorry for him cuz he wants love but he cant get it from all the fame..=(
cant believe ppl think he is gay i mean wat the hell
just cuz he wears make up and sometimes looks like a girl.
he has rights ppl its a free country!!!
so wat!!!wat if he IS gay? are you gonna stop listening to tokio hotel for tat reason?
He’s definately right about what he said. That just because he hasn’t had a girlfriend in a while, it doesn’t mean that he’s gay.


Comment by Angel Namerah
2009-12-20 15:29:53

ouch that hurt when he said that having a relationship witha fan is impossible and i still thnk he’s silly and supid when he says love at frst site i beleive love after a long strong frndship bcuz the world is damn cruel place and my mottos never judge a book by its cover and looks can be decieving it helps me alot.

Comment by Lisa
2009-12-20 19:46:50

quite true

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-12-20 20:08:35

I know! That hurt me more than I thought it would. I understand why he believes that. He doesn’t want some girl loving him for his fame. Not all of the fans are like that, though. I wanna get to know the REAL Bill more than anything, but like he said… “Impossible.” =(

Comment by jenni
2009-12-21 18:05:02

The fact that he said “its impossible to date a fan” did break my heart but honestly. How many girl want to date him? 12,000 000 000. And how many girl care ONLY about the fame? 10 000 000 000. So Bills not being mean, he’s just having trust issues, thats all. As long as he DOES NOT date a blonde, bubble-headed Norweigan girl with a high~nasal voice, like Tom did, I’m happy. P.S They’ve claimed that fans from Norway are the prettiest in the world *pssht* American will show them what we can do!!

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-12-22 16:25:12

Or what about Chantelle? She didn’t seem like the brightest bulb in the box. XD I was so disgusted that we had her representing America. America is a melting pot full of beautiful girls. Bill seems like he’s into smart, open-minded, exotic girls… with pretty hands. Well, that boy needs to stop trippin’ and come to America. We got everything he needs right here! ^_~

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Comment by Paige
2009-12-20 15:37:13

poor bill! =//

Comment by augusta tokiohotelaki kaulitz
2009-12-20 16:27:50

he is always so sweet!!!!!!!!!!that’s why i lovehim!!!!!!he is the swwetest guy ever!!!!!!!!!!love you bill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Bethany
2009-12-20 16:35:25

Bill is so sweet, yet so lonely. I really do wish, that Bill will find his true love one day. He deserves it, and every one of his fans know it : )

Comment by Char...♥
2009-12-20 17:15:45

i hope he comes to england, i hope he notists me in the crowd, i hope he glances at me i hope he pulles me on the stage to sing with him, i hope he slips a number in my hand, i hope i will phone him, i hope we will meet up, i hope we will spend our lives together!!
even tho he said he wouldnt date a fan, i would think he could fall inlove with me!

Comment by Catie
2009-12-22 17:34:15

ok hun, don’t get your hopes up. it’s never going to happen. you’re delusional my dear. tsk, tsk.

Comment by Ray*Ray
2009-12-20 19:47:01

ahahahahahahahahaha…….and that is exactly why Bill says having a relationship with a fan is impossible. Too many of them are delusional!

Comment by nene
2009-12-20 19:50:06

yea lmao

Comment by Kassei
2009-12-20 20:24:35

aaww! poor Bill i can deffinetly see what he means by not being able to fall in love with a fan but thats pretty sad because if you think about it and like he said there aren’t many people who would know him with knowing he is famous =(

Comment by Tanya M
2009-12-20 20:26:15

I’m scratching my head a bit here. He doesn’t want to date a fan but a non-fan won’t due either?
He can’t find a girlfriend with bodygaurds????

Other stars have bodygaurds and have girlfriends! Infact they can hide their relationship easier when at the peak of their fame with lots of security.
His brother can find a sucession of one night stands and has bodygaurds so I’m sure Bill can find someone to have drink with or talk to, and get her number to keep in touch and get to know her like Tom gets to know girls

He goes to the same afterparties that Tom does and Tom talks to girls and get phone numbers – What is up with Bill? NONE of these excuses make any sense to me.
And what is up with the quiting music and career if he finds true love? People keep working when they find true love all the time! If he meats someone while working on an album will he just stop mid way through production?

He sounds like he is either purposely not ever going to look for love – which is weird and begs for further explaination. Or he’s already got someone he’s hiding and he’s looking desperately for excuses as to why you won’t see him so much as chat with another gal.

He can’t use the fame and bodygaurd excuse when others with bodygaurds have found spouses, imparticularly his brother who in the same lifestyle finds girls all the time. I know Tom only likes 1 night stands, but at a party there are just as many girls willing to give a phone number to someone looking for a longterm relationship and looking to get to know Bill, as those looking for a roll in the hay.

Comment by W K R
2009-12-20 21:17:35

I’m gonna agree with you there. I mean what the hell is he talking about. Bodygaurds haven’t stopped others from getting everything from laid to married.
And couples who give up everything for the other person will just annoy the hell out of each other, very quickly!
Who drops their career for a girlfriend?

It’s one thing that Bill doesn’t date and quite another that he has such a strange almost, 6 year old view of dating and relationships.

Comment by Lynn.B California USA
2009-12-20 22:59:37

Lot’s of intriguing replies and thoughts about this interview. Tanya, you bring up some great points.

Truly, the only person in the world who has the answer is Bill. So, everyone can speculate all they want, but he is a very intelligent man, and I am quite sure he knows exactly what he is doing with his life. I mean, he got this far, hasn’t he?

However, two posts I read that made me smile (and I agree with whomever wrote them):

1) A reality show based on the Kaulitz Twins living together in their big house would be pretty funny I’m sure !!
2) I don’t really know if Bill reads these kinds of things, but, I do see him laughing his a** off at the frenzy his mere comments make !

Comment by Coral
2009-12-20 23:55:51

A reality show would be interesting but is always death to celebrities and sometimes marriages and relationships.

It’s too risky to cross that line and bring the cameras inside. It may give fame for a year then the spoofs will start, then the fame crashes and burns as not just the career but the person’s personal life if looked at as something to rate and purchase.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by katie
2009-12-21 14:19:14

he said that it would spoil the intimate moment if he had bodyguards around all the time. i think it would be weird….men watchin u make….creepy

Comment by Sonia
2009-12-21 18:33:31

The bodygaurds don’t have to be in the bedroom with him. The bodygaurds of Tom don’t get in Tom’s way. I think Bill is just really self conscious about dating, much like someone very young would be. And the older he gets the more difficult it is.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Sandy
2009-12-20 20:29:42

This just makes him sound gay to me. He didn’t come right out and deny being gay. But he pulled a Ricky Martin (career kiling move btw) by saying he won’t bother trying to defend himself against the rumors anymore.

Sounded to me like he knows he’s gay or bi and can’t comeout until his career has peaked. The whole going to stop working when finding true love sounds like a well laid plan for escaping the spot light (for some reason) when he finds his true girl/boyfriend.

Not to be a bitch – but come on!

Comment by kyna
2009-12-20 21:19:44

agreed. lol I do think its funny tho I see him and tom reading these comments and laughing there asses off, in there studio office. lol

Comment by Coral
2009-12-20 23:57:46

Piss off!

Comment by Amy
2009-12-20 20:35:35

Poor Bill can never find a girl to just talk to like a normal guy. His life is so sheltered! Jonas Brothers have girlfriends -Germany paparazzi must be 10x worst! He should move to LA where stars go on dates with their bodygaurds – LOL

Comment by Gabbi
2009-12-20 20:38:41

Bill is aware that he can have the bodygaurd outside the door right? He doesn’t have to have a gaurd watch his intimate moments. Other rock stars with security should give Bill tips on how to meet a girl while famous – because it IS doable as history proves.

Comment by Carolina
2009-12-20 20:51:27

First of all, I think Bill is not thinking straight. When he said that he would never date a Fan. Love comes in so many different ways that it can surprise people. So he should never say those things ever again because he can get surprised one day and he would have to take it all back. He only says that now because like he says, he doesn’t sleep much.

I Still Love Him and wish him the Best!

Comment by kyna
2009-12-20 21:16:46

okay so heres the deal, HE WANTS ATTENTION!! and there is nothing wrong with that.
if he didn’t then he would dress talk and act the way he does. Its his job and his right he has stated in countless interveiws that he feeds on it (fame=attetion) to say its not your just fooling yourself, so you can sit there and yell and cry and complain about people saying he’s gay till your blue in the face, point is thats the reason he does what he does, cause people will NEVER stop talking about him.

About the love thing, come on guys thats another way to get attention, you can’t sit here and believe that this man dosn’t at least talk to somebody or a couple of different people. He has also said in a interveiw that he likes to flirt, I think he dose this cause he knows he’s going to get a reaction out of people good or bad.
I love there music don’t get me wrong and I give him props cause he knows how to make fangirls eat out of the palm of his hand everytime.
Not hating on him, I just don’t think that its all that complicated as he wants everybody to believe.
Come on bill some of us arnt that gullible lol.

can’t blame him tho, he’s good at what he does lol (he had me eating out of his hand for a while lol)

Comment by Ray*Ray
2009-12-20 22:05:28

i have to agree with you. Bill knows that the way he dresses/acts gets him attention from everyone. He can complain all he wants about ppl thinking he’s gay. But, he knows exactly why some think that way. and yet, he keeps going. just as you said, he lives off the attention he gets, he loves it.

bill is throwing excuse after excuse after excuse explaining the reason why he doesn’t have a girlfriend. He makes it seem like it’s impossible for him to even have a normal conversation with a girl. and I’m pretty sure that is not the case. Bill said in an earlier interview that if he wanted to, he could have his guards bring any girl he sees/wants at a concert to his room. If it is that easy, why all the excuses, Bill? Lol! I understand Bill doesn’t want sex without love. But, I think he can talk to girls at least, try to get a feel for them, see what they are about, if they are fakes or not.

Fans want to doubt this interview because Bill gave an unexpectant answer. Well, maybe that was the point? Say something that will have fans talking?! Lol!! Good job, Bill!

Comment by Mia
2009-12-20 22:58:20

Poor Bill.

There’s a great point in this interview that if they guy is too busy to get enough sleep, how the hell will he find time to get a girlfriend. That and Bill once again stating he’s straight should, but probably won’t, stop the gay rumors.

As for the comment about not dating fans? I think he said that in a more fatalistic way, the same way he says he may never find true love.

Maybe I’m reading too much into it but it sounded to me like he actually would love to date a fan but FEARS it may be impossible since they may know too much him and be a girl who “sees Bill and not just Bill from Tokio Hotel” – a direct quote from and earlier interview he did.

I’m sure he’d love to date a fan as he said many times before, it’s just many fans only see him as an image and not as a person.

Ive a solution to his problem – he should give each us, individually a chance to get to know him personally for 1 full week – each fan! 🙂

Comment by Lynn.B California USA
2009-12-20 23:02:27

Mia – LOVE your solution to Bill’s problem! Clever girl!!

(Ive a solution to his problem – he should give each us, individually a chance to get to know him personally for 1 full week – each fan!)

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-12-20 23:19:10

Ah, if only it were possible… Or what if a fan could win the chance to spend one day with him? Wouldn’t that be crazy?!

Comment by Coral
2009-12-21 00:00:26

….and share his bunk on the tour bus! How cozy!

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Ray*Ray
2009-12-21 00:50:27

I say he shouldn’t waste his time. If he isn’t willing to leg his guard down, give girls a chance. He’d be wasting his time/emotions.

Back when TH wasn’t as popular, the boys had a more direct relationship with their fans. Yet, Bill hasn’t had a gf’s since he was 15. If he didn’t choose a fan to be his gf when TH wasn’t so busy. How will he be able to do it now when TH is soon to explode all over the world?

Comment by Chelsea
2009-12-21 01:29:00

Hye,Bill…I relly like da way u explain everything about urself especially about sex & girls… 😉

Ray*Ray – I have 2 say that didn’t agree wif u…it’s up 2 him what he want 2 do about his life…he’ll find his dreamgirl when it’s time…as his fan…u should give support 2 him…

Mia – It’s really a gud idea…but seems like he always buzy & doesn’t have any time for that…it’s only wasting his time…if u’re really his fan…u should understand him…he know what 2 do & when 2 find his dreamgirl… 🙂

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-12-21 16:37:48

Well, he’s gonna have to waste his time with someone if he wants to get anywhere. When it comes to love, you have to take chances. Unless you’re extremely lucky, you have to make mistakes before you find the right one. I think he has some trust issues. But if you imagine yourself in his position, it’s completely understandable.

Comment by Ray*Ray
2009-12-22 11:28:12

That’s my point. He doesn’t want to waste his time with anyone it seems. If he’s not willing to let his guard down. It’s better for him to stay single, work out issues, than to waste time with a girl/relationship.

Bill has major trust issues. He is cautious of fans and non-fans alike. He’s cancelled out basically everyone. This is why I believe he will not try to find love anytime soon. He’s making excuse after excuse to explain his singleness. A man who truly wants love will do all he can to make it happen. He’s not going to sit back and be passive waiting for love to fall in his lap.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by kyna
2009-12-22 01:35:29

Its kinda hard to support somthing when you arn’t sure what he want, what are we supporting the fact that he wants a gf right now or the fact that he dosn’t? the fact that he says he’s not gay or the fact that he hasn’t said he was streight either? its kinda confusing, and before I get attacked that came out of bills mouth.
Not i am not gay im streight, he just said he wasn’t gay there is a big difference in gay, bi, and stright its the fans that asume he automaticlly say he whatever.
but whatever he is I don’t give a damn.
I am kinda over the whole tru love *batting his big eylashes* Its not that hard to go on a date gustav tom and georg still go out georg even has a girlfriend
bill is really picky and thats cool I just can’t feel sorry for him he brings it on him self I love the band and the music but his love life im kinda over it.
I just want bill to be happy and he seems like he is.

Bill + hand =happy;)

Comment by Ray*Ray
2009-12-22 11:50:58

I think she means we are to blindly support Bill in everything he does and says! I mean, that’s what fans are for, right? Lol!!!

You bring up a very good point. Bill has avoided the possibility of him being bisexual. Ok, he doesn’t exclusively like men. But, does he like both men and women? He’s never said that nor has he denied it either. As you said, he’s never said flat out: “I am a heterosexual!” He goes on to say he likes women. and most people assume he’s saying he is straight. Um…..not really. He’s playing with words and he’s doing it very well. It’s a bit manipulative, if you think about it. Bill says people who think he is gay because of his appearance are very limited. No, there are some who see past the appearance and pay attention to his femininity.
I don’t care what Bill is sexually either. But, I won’t allow myself to be fooled by what he says either.

Bill will not fall in love at first sight if he gets rid of his options. Nein, he’ll be too scared to open up to a girl and will just find an excused/reason why he can’t be with her. I think the only time bill will have enough time to find love is when hes’ on break from Tokio Hotel.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by alexa
2009-12-22 23:07:23

i completely agree. it sounds like he keeps coming up with excuses not to fall in love. i dont think i’ve ever heard him say something about a good thing that would come out of it.
he says he believes in love at first sight and that people would already have an opinion about him, right?
well, with “love at first sight” happening that would mean he would also already have an opinion about the person he would have met and that makes him sound a little hypocritical. (if that makes any sense to you guys)
i would hate starting a relationship with someone just because of their appearance. like what if “love at first sight” does happen to him and he thinks hes finally gonna fall in love and the person turns out to be a complete B**ch about stuff?
idk what he would do after that…

Comment by kyna
2009-12-23 00:02:56

tru that *gangster pose* sorry I think my egg nog is spiked hamppy holidays

Comment by Mia
2009-12-23 02:02:43

Actually Bill has denied being Bi-sexual as well. There are interviews where he is asked if he likes men and he says “no” and others where he volunteers that he would never be interested or go with a man

So not bi or gay.


I’m happy he pointed out that the gay assumptions are just narrow thinking. If you look up transvestite, transexual and transgender, you’ll see that most men who dress as women are straight.


Comment by kyna
2009-12-23 12:35:35

just because he says he hasn’t liked a man dosn’t mean that he won’t ever will and that interviews was done when he was 15 I doublt that any of us know who or what we are at that age anyway.
hes never said “I am streight” but who gives a damn what ever he is he knows that as long as its in the media that he is going to be talked about, bills a smart dude tho I am kinda over his sexuality and his quest to find tru love, its whatever I stopped being caught up in his image a long time ago and started focusing on how far they’ve come as artist.
I don’t think it matters he is a awsome singer and song writer don’t you agree

Comment by Ray*Ray
2009-12-21 01:57:20

I know it is up to him to decide what he wants. But, judging from what he’s said, it’s clear he doesn’t want to do anything.

That’s my point.

Comment by Miranda
2009-12-21 18:40:40

And it’s strange he doesn’t want to do anything too. It just stands out. He may have trust issues, that’s understandable, but given his lifestyle is similar to other celebrities, using fame and security as an excuse is weak!

Agree, of course he can decide for himself – but why isn’t he.

My strange theory is he is secretly in love with someone who he hopes will someday return that love. Maybe it’s like the character in that old movie St. Elmo’s fire who everyone thinks is gay but he really just can’t get over an intense crush on his married friend.

I always hoped he’d hook up with Natalie. Him talking of loving older women makes me think of her. But although I hadn’t seen a wedding ring on her for over a year, she wore a large silver band there at the Mimimoy’s premiere. Still – it didn’t really look like a wedding band.

Comment by Ella
2009-12-21 03:04:54

Bill is a cool person. He is so sweet.I LOVE HIM!!

Comment by Michelle
2009-12-21 10:50:22

AWWWWWWW poor bill

Comment by cutiepop
2009-12-21 15:42:32

OMG I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE SAY HE’S GAY. HE’S SO NOT.even though i don’t know bill personally, he seems so nice and if you know anything by now about bill u should know that he’s said in tons of interviews that he’s not gay,its just his type of style on stuff.seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Emely
2009-12-21 17:09:02

Ok first he says in one interview that he would want to date a fan and in this interview he says that it’s difficult dating a fan well all I have to say is that he needs to fight for love more intested of waiting for love to come around because he. Might never find a dream girl like that look I just saying and besides he is only 20 he still has time like how hard can it be PS:bill fight for love and. PS:there is still time

Comment by Charlotte
2009-12-21 19:10:03

Eeeh, I got kinda confused?

“Second, I am not ready to meat a girl who already has some kind of opinion of me without knowing me personally, that is why relationship with a fan is impossible.”

First he said that dating a fan was possible, but now he says that dating a fan is impossible? What?!

And, a non fan won’t do either? Then there is no one left 😮

Comment by vikkixx
2009-12-21 23:55:51

Bill totally diserves someone to be with, someone that LOVES him as much as a fan[but not crazy love] Hes such an awesome guy & super sweet! 😀
dont worry Bill you’ll find someone out there to share your life with. theres plenty of time :]

Comment by BillKaulitzLover
2009-12-22 00:14:48

Well, Bill, your time hasn’t come yet to find your true love. Just wait till you meet me… LOL.

Comment by mise
2009-12-22 01:05:10

Bill is the best, is as sincere, but I am sadness because is not happy, is so mature, I love

Comment by alexa
2009-12-22 22:50:27

wait… first he says he would date a fan because she would understand him and his music more than a non-fan and now he’s saying dating a fan would be impossible?
it kinda sounds like he doesnt want to find love at all because of all his excuses… he probably feels pressured to because of all the gay rumors.
all the excuses hes putting out there about finding love is making it sound impossible to get to him, but its only because hes making it impossible. i’m sure if he gave himself and someone a chance to get to know each other, he might find what hes looking for, but as long as he keeps being a pessimist about it, i dont think it can happen =[
if he really did want to fall in love i’m sure he would try harder and would have probably met someone by now, i know i would if i was really that lonely…
he needs to not be scared and open up a little more and hopefully with that he can meet someone and fall in love with them 🙂

Comment by Nel
2009-12-23 07:36:52

Hm,relationship with a fan not possible?
how cute,yeah..
whatever XD

Comment by chely
2009-12-23 18:47:26

OK Why does bill say that he cant have a relationship with a fan like in some other interview i saw on youtube he said it would be cool to date a fan when in this interview he said its impossible Im a lil confused and bill is worried about love coming to him when he has plenty of time his practicly 20 and he still got the look he dosent have to worry at all and if he wants a reationship he should get out there and find her before its to late PS:fight for love bill there is still time for you

2009-12-24 19:54:17

Bill, you know that you’re a great guy with great qualities. You are only 20 years old, and you have a while so baby calm down. Get out there before its too late though. Fight for love … KAMPF DER LIEBE! okay :] you know that you can have a relationship. its not impossible i promise [: please. Its also its your choice to date a fan or not. just know that i am by your side. Ich Bin Da <3

Comment by emily
2010-01-01 02:49:39

ok look bill is great and I love his music but I would hate if people got in my life like this I wouldent want people to know I was gay and if I was who cares honestly it dosent matter love is love and you cant stop it well I guess this was the highlight of my night hmmm well were I live witch I cannot say but nothing to do sucks for me but surely any one els can have fun hmmm you know what its like two in the morning. im always up until like 4 in the morning uhh wow im saying a lot I guess im like retarded or something lol well I should stop saying so much s… about my self bye website I gotta go or ill spend all night on this phone lol ; ) plus bill im sure is only nine teen or twenty not sure he looks like 19 tho am I write yea I am god im crazy for writing this I wonder who will think im a dumb @$$ and who won’t all well

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