INTERVIEW; David Jost – Hamburg’s Hit Maker

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Everyone knows Germany’s most successful band “Tokio Hotel” – the song writer and manager David Jost is less known.

INTERVIEW; David Jost - Hamburg’s Hit Maker

Hamburg’s currently most successful music producer likes to stay in the background, doesn’t talk in front of cameras and rarely has the time for interviews: David Jost (37), producer, song writer and manager of Tokio Hotel is a workaholic. He’s been the man behind the long since internationally super successful band. He wrote all the big hits together with Bill Kaulitz for Tokio Hotel. At the moment, the song “I Like” that he wrote with Robin Grubert and is sung by US star Keri Hilson on #1 of the charts. Jost talked to MOPO about his job and his life between Hollywood and Hamburg.

MOPO: What did you think when you met the boys from Tokio Hotel seven years ago?
Jost: At that time, I never planned to work with the band exclusively. But after I’d heard and seen the band with my production partners, I was paralysed. The emotional potential of Bill, who was 13 at the time, was incredible. Even when he was just a little boy he was exceptional, carried a huge melancholia but also a huge will to fight within him. We worked out his song ideas in the studio together. A lot of people said back then that it could not work and that the band name Tokio Hotel was too strange. All over I vouched that the band would enter a #1 hit; if that hadn’t worked, I would have looked quite stupid.

MOPO: What is so special about Tokio Hotel?
Jost: The star potential of that band is incredibly high, and you can find a lead singer like Bill, if at all, once every other decade or something. The boys are also very clever and are involved in every decision that concerns the band. In the recent years, they automatically got a complete music-business education next to their career on stage. Especially Tom really worked himself into that. Should he ever not feel like being on stage, anymore, he can be very successful behind the scenes.

MOPO: On top of your work for Tokio Hotel, your song “I Like” is on #1. The song from the movie “Zweiohrküken”.
Jost: I had met Til Schweiger, because he was looking for songs for his movie. Schweiger decides from the stomach. When he heard the first few seconds of “I Like”, he wanted to have the track, immediately. We thought that Keri Hilson would be the perfect voice for “I Like”. I sent her the song and she agreed to sing it, right away! I didn’t expect it to go to #1 immediately, though.

MOPO: Other than most producers, you keep in the background. What kind of luxury do you treat yourself to?
Jost: I’m grateful that I was able to make songwriting my job. Luxury to me means that I can be comfortable while working. I spend a lot of money on services. I’m not interested in material things like cars or shopping.

MOPO: You spent the last ten months in LA. Does that mean you say goodbye to Hamburg?
Jost: At first sight, LA is a culture-less plastic city. You have to find LA for yourself, first. We set up a studio between Venice and Santa Monica. Here, you get a different view of the world and you get to focus on your work without the stress. But I’ll always keep my flat in Hamburg, because it remains the most beautiful city in Germany.

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Comment by Marianna
2009-12-30 08:02:03

For an unknow reason I smile when I read about David 🙂

Comment by MexicanTHfan
2009-12-30 20:42:14

WHOA HE DOESNT LOOK 37 AT ALL HE LOOKS YOUNG:0 he looks younger than the twins!!!! lol jk jk:) haha

Comment by Kelly
2009-12-30 13:10:27

yeah same here o__o feels good to hear something about him too!

Comment by DIana
2009-12-30 13:23:29

It’s good to hear from David. Too much background, I must say, but it’s great that someone like him is with the boys, they are like the bomb-star together lol

Comment by th_stine_norway
2009-12-30 13:26:57

i love hamburg i wanna studie there so badly o.o and when he says that it is the most beautiful city in germany im gonna freak out if i cant wisit it soon:(

Comment by alissa
2009-12-30 19:27:00

I live in Hamburg. It’s really beautiful and the ppl here are really nice, hopefuly you will be able to visit 😀 you’ll love it

Comment by tanya.
2009-12-30 14:28:45

omfg!!! thats david in the picture O.O he doesnt look 37 AT ALL!!! weiirrdd!!! lmaooo.

Comment by Carolina
2009-12-30 14:49:15

DANG! His David? Not bad looking guy,he doesn’t loos like his 37.
Wow its really nice to see and hear from the guy that took a chance on Tokio Hotel.AWESOME JOB! 😀

Comment by Jay
2009-12-30 15:42:29


Comment by Ella
2009-12-30 18:23:22

He doesn’t look like 37 he is cute though.
He did a great job with the lyrics=)
I think i kinda like this guy..

Comment by mia
2009-12-30 19:28:25

Why have we never heard of him before? He’s so famous in Germany only?

Comment by Tori
2009-12-30 19:29:12

Divorced with 2 grown kids is all I’ve heard of his personal life.

Comment by Raniss
2009-12-30 21:23:51

kk.. i’ll admit he’s a good songwriter and he’s kinda hot. but i hate him.. nothing that is said will make me change.. ugh

Comment by Coral
2009-12-31 02:20:08

Why would you hate David?

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-12-31 04:01:37

David seems so cool! I’m totally grateful that he saw the band’s potential. He’s a good songwriter, and he’s cute to boot. Oh, and I didn’t know he wrote that song for Keri Hilson. Coolness!

Comment by Lynn.B California USA
2010-01-01 13:30:41

I love the fact that David took a chance on working with TH. If he hadn’t, who knows where the band would be today. I think that David does a great job of channeling all of the emotion that Bill has into song. Great partnership!

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