GOSSIP; Adam Lambert Copycats Bill Kaulitz’s Style !!!

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Post by www.tokiohotelrocks.com

Bill Kaulitz is the androgynous young cutie that fronts Tokio Hotel. On the left, he was on the red carpet attending the 2009 EMA Awards on November 5, 2009.

GOSSIP; Adam Lambert Copycats Bill Kaulitz’s Style !!!

Of course, on the right, Adam Lambert was rockin’ the same Dior jeans and the same crazy hair at the VEVO Launch on December 8th! Think he’s got a little bit of a crush? Oh yeah.

Adam tweeted this on August 10th:

“Side note: Anyone else fascinated w Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel. Never seen a more gloriously androgynous beauty. He’s like an alien”. O.o
“Bill Kaulitz is pretty.” Things that make you go Hmmmm… “

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Comment by KPY
2009-12-31 13:10:23

I…Saw this coming.


Comment by Destiny
2009-12-31 14:11:09

Me too.

Comment by SarahYork
2009-12-31 14:41:05

Me three

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Comment by CinemaHotel
2009-12-31 16:29:38

I saw this coming, too >.<

Comment by scenestarr.
2009-12-31 17:26:47

LOLOL! The hairr doesntt suit Adam 3:
I’dd be awthum if deey did a duet. ♥
Go Adam && Tokio Hotel !

* xo ; scenestarr.

Comment by Katie
2010-01-02 04:59:42

me four? or five? or six? :DD

Comment by Nel
2010-01-05 08:56:27

Me…how many?I can’t count that much XD

Comment by cara
2009-12-31 14:23:36

yup me to its cuz he has a crush on Bill

Comment by Bill'sHeart
2009-12-31 15:33:14

sme here 😛

Comment by mizz kaulitz mkay
2009-12-31 20:23:16

yes me too but bill is not gay…adam lambert is just a gay poser….


Comment by MexicanTHfan
2009-12-31 20:34:35


Comment by ME
2009-12-31 22:46:58

UGh!!! adam disgusts me!! he is ridiculously making a fool out of himself… NO ONE can ever be even close to wat bill is or even looks like… he’s ridiculous and needs to get a life and stop copying bill… and needs to stick to liking women..god made adam and eve not adam and steve! get it right!!

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Comment by W K R
2010-01-01 00:16:08

AND he needs stop trying to think he will get a younger fan base by copying Bill

Comment by nadia
2010-01-01 12:20:50

haha younger fan base,
i agree bill looks way better , not just because i like bill more , i like adam, too , but really? adam really needs to stick to women.. actually aliens but w.e not bill

Comment by Nyaa
2010-01-01 16:14:16

ME, but you also must take into consideration that some people find that Adam and Steve are fine together. ^^

Comment by tara
2010-01-02 00:24:05

@ME ,

please. Shut up. people say that tight clothing and makeup isn’t for guys, yet you are fine with bill wearing it… and you don’t mind. stop thinking like we are back in the 19th century. please. its the future. be more open minded.

I think adam is sexy, gay or not. and I don’t mind him being inspired by bill, because A LOT of tokio hotel fans copy them too. for example SO many fans do the same makeup as bill, and the same manicure… or have cornrows or dreads.

so stop bitching. okay? thanks.

I have one question for you though. What would you do if Bill WAS gay? (not saying he is)

Comment by laiila
2010-01-02 02:49:59

agree with tara..i dnt mind adam copin bill’s style..cause he probably won’t be the last in my opinion

Comment by Nel
2010-01-05 08:56:54

tara,i would be happy and content,if he’s gay 😉

Comment by Lynn.B California USA
2010-01-01 13:25:16

I guess it is always a compliment when someone copies your style. And, Adam has said a ZILLION times that he is crushing on Bill. However, copying someone’s clothing style does not make you them. And, here’s where Bill totally outshines Adam. Bill is sexy not just because of his clothes, but alse because of who he is. Adam can never copy that.

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Comment by MzKaulitz
2010-01-01 19:45:59

Absolutely! You took the words right out of my mouth.

Comment by Danielle
2010-01-01 20:15:22

you took the words right out of mine too ;-)But I don’t get why he’s doing that coz he has such an opposite style than Bill(darker, trashier; it’s like he’s the evil side of Bill’s heavenly angel side ;-))

Comment by tara
2010-01-02 00:25:55

all of the comments above me are biased. Someone could argue the fact that Bill is the evil side of adams heavenly angel face.. or whatever.

Comment by MzKaulitz
2010-01-02 17:53:44

Everyone has their own opinion. I think Bill is a beautiful person who outshines Adam in MY eyes, and I’m not just talking about looks. You might think differently, but it’s all good. =)

Comment by tara
2010-01-03 12:18:25

exactly thats my point. Everyone has different opinions. I personally dont think bill is an angel or whatever. He is just a human being to me, that is very good looking and very confident with his style, same with adam. actually I admire adam A LOT. he has to through the bullshit about his sexuality everyday. Yes bill is being attacked too but adam IS gay…. his attacks are much more severe. but either way they are both equal in my eye because they are both extremely talented.

Comment by Nel
2010-01-05 08:58:38

i agree so much
Bill was asked in an interview if he thinks Adam copies him.He just said a lot of guys wear make-up these days 😉
But i was a bit dissapointed in Adam when he said in his twitter he just likes Dior like Bill,that’s why he’s got the same jeans.
It’s more than obvious he bought them because Bill has them.

Comment by Rocky Rachelle
2010-01-01 15:24:08

i am not surprised that he has a crush on him. He is like a hot vampire god. He would be so damm awesome if he was a vampire.Ko0l:P. But thats od that Adam.L is dressing like Bill. Sucks. Well I think Bill rocked them better.

Comment by MzKaulitz
2010-01-01 19:52:38

Yes, Bill is one of the original vampires too. ^_~

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Comment by Furimmermich
2010-01-02 00:40:24

Tokio hotel is up for an NRG awards again, you guys can go ahead and vote.

Comment by kissicysun
2009-12-31 13:10:37

Dom from Muse and some guy from the Black Eyed Peas wore those pants too
What’s the big deal?
Although I have to say Bill looks much better in that style than Adam does.

Comment by Halle Auburn (Summer)
2009-12-31 14:29:00

Erm, no he doesn’t. Bill is wearing a grayer denim than Adam (<3). Gray + Bill= <3

Comment by Bill'sHeart
2009-12-31 15:33:36

plzzz post lynk of ur pp

Comment by kissicysun
2010-01-02 12:18:57

I don’t have links to them, although I think Dom wore those pants again in the Undisclosed Desires music video.

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Comment by Nel
2010-01-05 08:59:30

And there is even a guy in Madonna’s Celebration vid,wearing same pants as Bill’s,a gray pair from Dior.And so?

Comment by Sexy_Mittens
2009-12-31 13:11:01

haha maybe bill can have a lover now and not be lonley! dont get me wrong i LOVE bill but i would not hate him if was gay acctually i think i would love him more!

oh yaaaa first comment! (yes i am that special)

Comment by MrsxBillxKaulitz
2009-12-31 13:16:07

I love Adam and Bill 🙂 of couse I love Bill more, but Adam DOES have a crush on Bill. Who wouldn’t? And who wouldn’t want to look like Bill? He’s so perfect.

Comment by scenestarr.
2009-12-31 17:28:02

Indeed ! :3
I agree ♥

* xo ; scenestarr.

Comment by MexicanTHfan
2009-12-31 20:35:36


Comment by vikkixx
2009-12-31 13:16:34

OMG Adam has to get his own sense of fashion. I saw him the other day but in this pic hes worse, Adam is just starting to copy Bill. No one can pull off the “Bill” look BUT Bill himself

Comment by parmida
2009-12-31 20:18:24

Its so annoying that adams doing this, YES we all think Bills the most AMAZING person ever but you dont see all his crazy fans copying everything about him!!!!!!!!!
and to be honest bill pulls off the look about one gizziilion times better than adam!

Comment by W K R
2010-01-01 00:15:07

I’m getting really annoyed with Lambert

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Comment by Bella
2010-01-01 00:16:05

um, yes. yes the crazy fans do copy him.
there are TONS of bill lookalikes out there.

i agree, Bill pulls it off WAHAYYYY BETTER.
but don’t hate on adam. he has a crush.
he’s not the only one.

he does have his own style. this happened once, guys.


Bill’s perfect, who wouldn’t want to look like him ? can’t blame the guy.

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Comment by tara
2010-01-02 00:27:37

@ bella .

Thank you. someone who is actually mature and sees the logical side of this and not the fan-girl side.

Comment by Nel
2010-01-05 09:00:21

But Adam looks as stupid as the fan-copies and that’s a bit sad,dont you think so?

Comment by Trina
2009-12-31 13:17:46

k Bill pulls off this style waaaaayyy better

Comment by Marnie
2009-12-31 13:30:20

I hate to say this, but I think that AdamhasalittlebitmoreinhispantsthanBilldoesbutitdoesntmatterbecauseweloveBillanywaywhetherhehasatripodornot 😉

Happy new year everyone. x

Comment by Diana
2009-12-31 15:11:02

haha true.

Comment by alissa
2009-12-31 15:52:58

haha I agree

Comment by jasmina
2009-12-31 20:27:19

omg i agree with you..xD

Comment by Bill ist mein lieben
2009-12-31 13:37:15

Ha i knew this would Be happening
Bill Rocks it better
he looks amazingf

Comment by sabrina
2009-12-31 13:43:52

looks better on bill, though 🙂

Comment by Katie
2010-01-02 05:10:09

Not everyone can wear Dior.

Comment by LoveTH
2009-12-31 13:55:52

Yeah Adam is a bit of a copy cat when it comes to Billa,, but he has a crush on him and rightly so.

I dont really know who Adam is cause well hes not famous here, so I’m unbiased about him…

But yeahh Bill has millions of people copying him, this one just happens to be a little bit famous.

Comment by Penpey
2009-12-31 13:58:26

Haha I looks this up a while back and personally I think it’s cute , Adams cool and he likes bill it’s cute I really feel sorry for Adam that he’s crushing on strieght person I have exsperience in that matter and I’m not gunu tell you it doesn’t hert ak?
It cute and people shoudl shut up and stop being mean

Also : damn I love those jeans ( an the person wering them if corse…( bill))

Comment by Nyaa
2010-01-01 16:17:53

But have you seen the price tag on those jeans O.O

Comment by Penpey
2010-01-02 09:54:23

I no there blilions!!!!!!
maby we should befriend Adam and scteal them… Or even better Bill (:

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Comment by Nyaa
2010-01-03 09:53:26

Lol they got good taste. Dior! OuO

Comment by RebekahKaulitz
2009-12-31 14:05:09

Bill can pull the look off soooo much better than Adam and in fact anyone really! Bill can pull off and can do it so much better then anyone else!

Comment by Jordy
2009-12-31 14:07:32

I already knew he had a crush on him… but after he wrote “for your entertainment” I don’t want him having anything to do w/ Bill….. but i saw this coming :/

Comment by sharon
2009-12-31 14:12:49

crushing much?

Comment by Destiny
2009-12-31 14:12:53

I think Adam needs to get his own style and his own life.He can never be like Bill.He isn’t even close.But whatever.

Tokio Hotel 4Ever

Comment by logan(A GIRL)
2009-12-31 22:43:16

then again he did say that “his celebrity crush is…” the most amazing guy in the whole world “bill” so we cant blame him for being a total wannabe of the sexiest man in the music buisness

Comment by Coral
2010-01-01 00:13:36

Bill said he is straight and battles gay rumors at every turn. It is kinda rude how Adam (who is Perez’s best friend btw) won’t back off on saying he’s in love with Bill.

Bill is stilling trying to get a foothold in America, and Adam is jumping in copying his image and style at everyturn. I’m getting sick of Lambert too.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by MzKaulitz
2010-01-01 19:39:56

Some people just look at Bill and call him gay. Who gives a damn about what they think? It’s just a harmless crush, so it’s cool. But it’s almost like Adam is stealing from Bill. He is more popular in America, but he’s just a cheap imitation of Bill. Of course, most people don’t know that. I think that’s messed up.

Comment by Angel Namerah Khan
2009-12-31 14:16:39

ok back off Adam he belongs to the ladies not MEN got it!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Penpey
2009-12-31 20:27:47

Doesn’t mean he can’t have a crush
Comon you may not be gay or bi but if you had a crush on a strieght person im pretty sure you wouldn’t be making fun

Comment by kissicysun
2010-01-02 12:26:29

What on earth does Adam saying he find Bill attractive have to do with Bill’s sexuality? If I said I found you attractive would that automatically make you gay? You’re being ridiculous.
And please don’t pretend that you know for a fact that Bill is heterosexual because you don’t, whether or not he says he’s straight. It doesn’t mean anything.

Comment by vakkaaa|
2009-12-31 14:17:04

Adam looks pretty stupid. Why is he generally imitates Bill?

Comment by Coral
2010-01-01 00:11:27

Because he needs more records sold. He needs to have the sex appeal that will make the girls scream and put his fame over the top. That’s why the sucking up to us TH fans and all the “I kinda sorta like women too” B.S. in the press lately by Adam

Personally I don’t trust anyone who is such a close friend to Perez.

Comment by allison
2009-12-31 14:25:34

haha wow…Bill is the only one that can pull off Bill’s style xD

by the way has anyone noticed how funny and cute Tom looks in that picture? lol i love his jacket 😀

Comment by tanya.
2009-12-31 14:26:22

agh!!! im sorry i love adam but DAMMIT!! wtf! there is only one bill in this world and no one will ever compete to him. and yeah bill looks way better than him. lmfao. teehee. im being a bit over dramatic. XD sorry. this kinda pisses me off when people try to be like bill. like that one girl that thinks she looks like bill. c’mon a girl?! its irritating. >.>

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-12-31 17:52:33

It’s a little annoying, but that’s okay. Bill is often imitated, but never duplicated.

Comment by parmida
2009-12-31 20:21:12


Comment by W K R
2010-01-01 00:09:48

And his desire to get attention for Bill’s fans is transparent. He’s really becoming a boring celebrity.

Comment by Halle Auburn (Summer)
2009-12-31 14:27:43

Okay, dude, seriously. You people need to get a frikkin’ grip. So what if Adam (<3) copies Bill? Who said he meant to copy him anyway? And besides, it’s not like Bill invented the Mohawk, or designed those jeans. Plus, Adam is pretty public about his attraction towards Bill- he mentioned it more that once, in more than just one interview, and, as I follow him on Twitter (<3), he does announce, every now and then, that he’s in love with Bill. Big deal, dude. Not every celebrity in the world who gets a similar hairstyle or outfit is a ‘copycat’, as if that’s the only pair of Dior-whatever jeans in the univers with Bill’s name on it -n- . I’m pretty disappointed, Admin. T:

Comment by anonymous k
2009-12-31 14:29:47

Does anyone else think Tom looks a little disproportionate in this pic ?? LOL! the jacket makes his head look tiny… well, to me at least 😉 hahaha

Comment by Tami
2009-12-31 15:13:05

he does lookkinda weird… xD
i think that coat is way too big

Comment by Diana
2009-12-31 15:15:59

Omg totally! I think Tom’s jacket and pants are way too oversized and sometimes Bill wears clothing that is too undersized. lol, but yeah Tom’s head looks unusually big in this pic. XD

Comment by Diana
2009-12-31 15:19:28

I mean his head looks small. XD the jacket isn’t ugly tho, if it was a bit smaller it would look perfect.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by hawaii01
2009-12-31 15:07:33

ok i’m sorry, i love them both, but Bill definitely pulls it off better. but something in my bizarre way of thinking is saying go Adam lol. but yes for sure Bill looks way better, always has and always will. peace 🙂

Comment by Tami
2009-12-31 15:12:37

sorry i dont like adam lambert lol
Bill would look way better in anything lambert guy wears

Comment by vanessa
2009-12-31 15:21:36

Bill looks better no doubt about it. Lol, Adam’s first tweet is so cute. What a cute crush. 🙂 BUT bill belongs to us.

Comment by jenni
2010-01-01 09:24:51

i second that ^^”

Comment by GlambertlLambert101
2009-12-31 15:27:00

hey all u peoples hating on Adam Lambert u need to fucking stop cuz im getting tired of this shyt so get a fucking life ok got it

Comment by GlambertLambert101
2009-12-31 15:28:49

i hate people who hate on Adam Lambert god

Comment by HerMaj.
2009-12-31 15:34:45


Comment by karla
2009-12-31 15:42:58

ADAM we get you have a crash on bill but your not inpressing him he dosent like ppl copying him and bill looks so much better ;] adam go and get your own style.

Comment by alissa
2009-12-31 15:55:24

I think Bill and Adam should fall in love with eachother 😀
They’d be really cute together.

Comment by kaylie
2009-12-31 16:00:19

yahh! hot together har har (not sayin bill’s gay, its wishful thinking!)

Comment by Marnie
2009-12-31 18:46:59

See, I’d be totally infatuated with Adam if he weren’t gay.
I think they should get together. Just for fun.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Sami kaulitz
2009-12-31 15:57:11

I saw it comming too 0_0 lmfao. What ever bill works it better ;)_

Comment by kaylie
2009-12-31 15:59:42

doesnt look half as good, but imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…adam is so <3 for bill lolz

Comment by Nyaa
2010-01-01 16:20:58

Oh, I so agree. *flutters eyelashes* (:

Comment by Elisa
2009-12-31 16:11:44

Aww i think its Cute 🙂 Adam So tottaly has a crush on Bill <3 i think its cute and if Bill was gay im not saying he is they would make a cute couple 🙂 People need to stop being mean yes bill looks better but still give Adam a break. Bill and Adam are the best 🙂 and hahaha toms head does look small lol

Xxx Happy New Years! Xxx

Comment by Allie
2009-12-31 16:17:23

Oh goodness gracious! Sure imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but this is horrible. I actually made a face when I first looked at it. Adam may be fascinated with Bill, (I mean who isn’t- just look at him XD) but he needs to stop openly crushing on him. It’s creepy. Plus, I really don’t like Adam Lambert at all…

Comment by romana
2009-12-31 16:55:56

Only can agree with the most guys above!

he is beautiful and stylish–so who would not like look like him ?

and copying him is a compliment–Bill said once himself he loves seeing fans looking like him and Tom 🙂

Happy new year!

Comment by Veronique
2010-01-08 17:33:57

thats not true.. bill said in a interview that he hates seeing ppl with the same makeup or clothes then him! and i dont blame him! think that way… you go on the red carpet an then you see a girl with the same dress as you!!! I would be so frustrated! And maybe Adam has a crush on bill but u dont need to copy him! And I dont think bill would (if hes gay but im not saying he is) like to have a boyfriend with the same clothes and makeup!!!! it would just be weird..

Bill is hot and I love Adam but im not a fan! srry but i never thought he was hot or cute or whatever.

i dont want to be the fan-girl but Bill is hotter cutter more beautiful and sexier then Adam! so Adam just let it go and give up and have your own style! 😀

Comment by alissa
2009-12-31 16:59:45

OMG I just realized Adam Lamberts package LMFAO hahaha
Those jeans look so much better on Adam then on Bill.
Bill looks very in small in them compared to Adam LOL

Thats the worst thing ever, When someone wears the same thing as you and they look better in them then you do…..

Comment by Marnie
2009-12-31 18:47:45

I so agree. It’s a shame :/

Comment by laiila
2010-01-02 02:51:19

eww no i dnt like adam in those trousers he looks…”yuk” haha

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Ella
2009-12-31 17:31:05

I adore Bill too, but don’t copy him. I like being original. They say immitation is the sencerist form of flattery, but I hate being copied. lol Yeah I think Adam has a crush on Bill, who wouldn’t?! 🙂

Comment by MzKaulitz
2009-12-31 17:42:26

I’m sorry, but there is no comparison. Bill is too beautiful. It’s like comparing an angel to a troll. XD Nice try, Adam. That’s not attractive at all, and I think he’s just making himself look like a fool. I do think his little crush is cute, but he’s going about it the wrong way.

Comment by kyna
2009-12-31 17:45:15

oh god here goes another war of the fans jesus!! I have a fauhawk also am I trying to be like bill?!! jesus I am sick of the media

Comment by BeautIfuL Lion Fan
2009-12-31 19:36:52

yes you are

Comment by kyna
2009-12-31 19:47:08

sorry honey iv had my fauxhawk since last december I did it cause my little sister died of cancer and we shaved our heads long ago so she wouldn’t have to lose it slowly during chemo, so can’t accuse me of biting someones style, sorry maybe next time;)

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by laiila
2010-01-02 02:52:33

oh sorry about that.

Comment by kyna
2010-01-02 13:51:46

thank you.

Comment by Melissa
2009-12-31 18:06:22

I like Adam, but this particular look is better for Bill. <3

Comment by Veronique
2010-01-08 17:35:52

OMG melissa! I LOVE your pic!!!! Tom looks just so HOT!!! 😀 srry.. i had to say it! 😛
Hes good looking! ;P

Comment by :Den!se*luvsB!LL
2009-12-31 18:39:10

wtf adam!! now you have to copy my love!! grr im mad at you…but its a little cute how you copy Bill ^ – ^

Comment by Coral
2010-01-01 00:03:12

I actually don’t find it cute. It’s been going on too long and is getting obvious he just wants to get TH fans to be his fans too.


Comment by MzKaulitz
2010-01-01 20:17:12

And get this! Have a listen to the song called “Master Plan.” The song may sound oddly familiar to you. Maybe like something Bill would sing. That’s because David Jost, Dave Roth, and Patrick Benzner took part in writing the song.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Veronique
2010-01-08 17:44:57

NO WAY!!! Mother f***** hes just FAKE! a fake fan

or a guy that is too in love with an other guy! ( Adam that is too in love with Bill) I think Adam is in love with bill and that he knows that he has no chance with him so he is becoming him! 😉

Comment by tinky
2009-12-31 19:40:45

both have sense of style people need to worry about other things then a pair of jeans. Anyways everyone have a HAPPY 2010 AND PEACE

Comment by Emily
2009-12-31 19:58:10

OMG! Hahaha. I like Bill way betterrr. And, Bill looks more.. Expensive :] I like Adam, too, though. And I want those pants. Except they’re like $850!

Comment by nadia
2009-12-31 20:31:56


is he trying to copy bill, or make a fool out of him self?

dont try to copy bill coz ull never get it.

but i agree with the people who say that adam has more in his pants then bill does but hey , i dont care , adams shows to much …

anyways bills still sexier

Comment by mizz kaulitz mkay
2009-12-31 20:49:39

yes i agree…adam lambert is just a gay poser…>:(

btw love bills pants

Comment by Alyssa
2009-12-31 20:52:57

Bill is Adam’s celeb crush after all. And nobody in the world can look prettier and more beautiful than Bill. Tom and Adam doesn’t even come close. [x

Comment by Coral
2010-01-01 00:02:03

Yeah but Adam is just a Perez best friend trying to move in on Bill’s US fan base.

Comment by Veronique
2010-01-08 17:47:59

omg Alyssa BILL doesnt even come close to TOM! Tom is the hottest guy i ever saw! and then bill in second place!

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by kissicysun
2010-01-09 13:28:56

Dear god, that’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard in a long time.

Adam has a much larger US fanbase than TH, and he’s MUCH MUCH more well known.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Nikk
2009-12-31 21:21:40

So Adam has a crush, big whoop. So what if he likes Bill’s style and wants to try it out? I’m sure Bill doesn’t mind. And Adam doesn’t look half bad. I think Bill pulls it off better, but that’s probably because he did it first. Plus, I like Bill a hundred times better. ;D

And for all you people freaking out because Adam has a crush: do us all a favor and shut up. If Bill is straight then obviously Adam isn’t going to be making out with him or something. Adam is only human, he’s allowed to have a crush even if it’s on a straight celebrity. I know a couple guys who admitted they had a crush on Bill, but wouldn’t act on it. Bill does have that kind of look about him. That’s why the media constantly bugs him about his sexuality.

Comment by Jay
2009-12-31 23:56:22

I agree! I love ’em both, Bill pulls off the look better but it’s cool that Adam admires his style ^_^ ‘Cuz we all do 😀

Comment by kaleigh
2010-08-27 08:25:42

you r soo right

Comment by Coral
2010-01-01 00:01:01

Thisiswhy I personally don’t like Adam anymore.
He isn’t getting as many sales as expected because sex sells and he’s admittedly gay. Great music but naturally one sells more albums when the ladies are in love

So Adam has been trying to ridiculous tactics

One – pretend he also has an interest in women.
His PR people were made fun of after his cover of “Out” magazine for insisting Adam only be on the cover if some one straight was (Cindi Lauper was on the cover as well)

Two – copy Bill Kaulitz to try and grap his fan base


Lambert used to be a flamboyant, over the top phenomenal performer.
Now he’s just package Pop and trying to become America’s Bill Kaulitz

Sorry – but I personally HATE when we play right into his PR’s hands and put him on TH pages.

Comment by Veronique
2010-01-08 17:49:58

I agree with you a 100% gurl! 😀

Comment by W K R
2010-01-01 00:08:17

Adam’s just wants more fans so he has to get a wider fan base and try and be attractive to women.
It’s so tacky how he assumes we don’t know what he’s doing the way he sucks up to us fans of Tokio Hotel and did that overly akward pose with a half naked woman recently.

Comment by Nan
2010-01-01 00:17:22

FUCK OFF Lambert! Get your own life and image.
He was cool when he was real and himself – now he’s just a package dork

Comment by Lisa
2010-01-01 00:51:19

Bill looks a Million times more better than that wannabe in the pic next to him…Sorry but he needs to get his own style or maybe lose some weight…:P so stop trying…cuz you’ll never be him:) I love you Bill<3

Comment by Kora
2010-01-01 02:13:21


1. People copies Bill. Bill said when people copy him, he feels complimented. So no problem here. It’s not like people will stop loving Bill if other people dresses like him.

2. BILL IS SO MUCH HOTTER. He rocks it which proves there is only ONE Bill.

3. Adam, welcome to the club of obsessed Bill fans.

4. Happy New Year!


Comment by Grace
2010-01-01 09:16:43

This is just getting stupid, and i’m not referring to Adam copying Bill or openly admitting that he has a crush on him, i’m talking bout the comments being made.

‘OMG i don’t like Adam anymore cuz he’s totally copying Bills style and trying to get more fans, it’s soooo annoying!’

For gods sake, is it such a crime to have a fucking crush on someone? Find their style inspirational?

I Reckon the only reason that poeple don’t like Adam is because he’s gay and he’s a threat to crushing your miniscule chance of being with Bill! Give Adam a break, he’s only human! I like tthem both and i think they would look good together. Oh and btw Mike Muller looks FREAKISHLY MUCH LIKE BILL, well apparently he looks like Tom now but yeah… O.0
I’m not even sure if Mike Muller is a Boy or a girl…

Comment by Veronique
2010-01-08 18:03:53


Comment by Veronique
2010-01-08 18:11:16

go girl!

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by idk
2010-01-01 11:55:51

Adam is definitely copying Bill and it’s disgusting. That’s one of the reasons why I don’t like Adam at all. To me he looks just like the next guy I’ll see while I’m walking down the street…
Bill has come up with his own style and it’s great. Obviously Adam lacks the imagination. He looks ridiculous. Yuk!

Comment by Bethany
2010-01-01 12:01:11

hmmm, cool? But, I reckon Bill pulls the hair and jeans off a lot better than Adam. Hope you all have an awesome new year!

Comment by tori
2010-01-01 12:05:04

what next first shin.. now adam… hmmmm whos gonna be next… any takers

Comment by Carolina
2010-01-01 12:05:33

For the girls that think Bill and Adam should get together cause they would make a cute couple, Shut the F*ck Up!!!are you guys stupid. It’s awesome to have a guy that wears makeup and has cool hair-dos and that’s straight!

By the way I think Bill is the BOOMB!and no one will ever be and look like BILL!:D

Comment by alissa
2010-01-01 17:36:06

STFU! Who cares, they would make a cute couple. Take a good look at Bill and tell me if he’s straight…..?

Comment by Diana
2010-01-02 02:43:55

I love tokio hotel and their gnarly music, but when it comes to Bill’s sexuality, I question things very deeply. Bill’s appearance is defitinitely not something an average guy would wear, but you can’t just say..”Bill is gay cuz he wears make up, nail polish, skinny jeans, etc…” But then I look at things from a different perspective, his actions are female-like and a fan who would watch his performances and even the episodes from tokio hotel tv would realize something fishy. At one point he was even doing ballerina twirls. I mean Tom makes it crystal clear that he’s into girls, whereas Bill always avoids the subject and there hasn’t been any evidence to prove that he has dated girls. As a fan who is not afraid to look at reality, I personally can’t picture him with a girl and quite honestly not even with a guy.

Until there is cold hard evidence to prove that he is completely straight, then all of these speculations will cease. So what he says he’s not gay in interviews.. words mean nothing. Maybe if he does say the truth, he knows he will break the hearts of millions if his girl fans who somehow think they will ever date him..(hilarious)

Anyway…. It’s not my business whether or not he likes girls, all I have to say is that tokio hotel makes spectacular songs and that’s why I am a fan. :]

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by laiila
2010-01-02 03:11:05

am sry diana but callin bill gay cause he cant date girls and he is not a fan of one night stands and that we havent seen him with girls cause he dsnt have the chance to know any is stupid..
bill’s style is feminine and thats why alot of ppl think he is gay..his style is just unique nd when it comes to style for a star we gotta remeber that he is a celebrity nd they wear anything they want !
in my opinion i just believe what he says him being not gay(although his style probably says the opposite)
this bill being gay topic will never stop only if bill pops out sayin it or us seeing him with a guy or when he finally has a girlfriend 🙂 so i guess we should leave it as it is believing what he says nd then see what will come next 🙂

ppl say that from fashion u can tell and know the person i never believed this shit lol cause it is NOT always like that for example i have friends who has emo/punk style and they are nothin near to emo personality’s..so u cnt judge a person from its style

and yea their music just rocks and thats why am a fan no matter bill is gay.straight,lesbian or not xD

Comment by alissa
2010-01-02 03:34:37

Bill could be straight and he could be gay.

What Diana is saying makes sence, Bill looks, acts and talks (sometimes) like a girl……..thats what makes ppl think he’s gay, his personality says it.

But it doesn’t matter cause it doesn’t change how their music sounds, and their music is awesome.

But he’s probably into boys or maybe bi……….

Comment by laiila
2010-01-02 06:35:23

yes that he sometimes looks like a girl and stuff i agree about that but not being gay cause he cant find a girlfriend and he wasnt seen with one..that just makes no scenes..:/
and the only girl that we have seen with tom was chantelle callin them “together” and after the vma’s they used to say that miley and bill are “in love” so how is that while in the same time they call him gay??!
bla bla..all this wnt make him straight or gay xD

right it dsnt matter we are just fans who love their music who cares about their private lives that much

Comment by alissa
2010-01-02 17:55:43

I don’t know…

I think the world is OBSESSED with sex and the media thinks everything has to do with sex, like if two ppl stand to close to eachother they must be sexual interested in eachother, it’s STUPID…..

Comment by laiila
2010-01-03 09:34:10

hahaha truee !!

Comment by laiila
2010-01-01 12:25:55

haha yea ^-^..well he says that he doesa i have him on twitter ^^
he admires him nd want to be like him xD

happy new year everyone hope u all had a great day to start a new year xD xx

Comment by Jaxx
2010-01-01 13:33:56


Comment by starlightic
2010-01-01 14:22:44

totaly uncool – sorry but he looks like shit, totaly – i mean this lambert dude. embarrassing.
good luck trying to copy Bill so that it also works out good – not an easy, really almost impossible task. well, it’s Bill – unique as only he can be.

Comment by Effi
2010-01-01 15:00:11

I dont see how they look alike.

Comment by Vikky
2010-01-01 15:11:37

dude, if you want to copy someones style, you need to REALLY pull it off, if not, your going to make a fool out of your self.

and damn Lambert, wear less tight jeans or a longer shirt if your [y-know] is about to pop outhaha.

Allthough, it’s a huge compliment to Bill.
The hair is Bill’s all the waaaaay.

Comment by Black Rose (Bill's wife)
2010-01-01 15:14:56

what a bitch!
he’ll never be half of cute as my Bill!

Comment by nk96
2010-01-01 16:03:59

aaww well sorry adam, bill’s straight!!

and dont hate on adam, hes an AMAZZZZZZZZZING SINGER!!

and so what if he copies him? means bill is obviously a fashion icon:)

Comment by Kelli Lynn
2010-01-16 00:32:57

i completly and totally agree with u.y’all shuldnt hate on Adam b/c he copied Bills hairstyle (personally i tink it looks better on Bill srry Adam)he obviously thinks ov Bill as a fashion icon. LEAVE ADAM ALONE! AND TH!

Comment by emmadoll
2010-01-01 18:05:07

..Adam deffinately does not look good like this. No one can ever be like Bill. Bill is gorgeous and amazing just by being himself, it doesnt really matter what he wears, hell he could be naked and he’d be even more amazing! Lmao. Don’t we all wish we could see that?

Comment by Raniss
2010-01-01 18:46:00

Yes yes, we all know Glambert’s got a HUGE crush on Bil, so what? He’s said so, and the other day he tweeted he and bill both loved Dior jeans. Whatever, it suits Bill best.

Comment by tara
2010-01-02 00:32:53

Gosh. the reason why I never make any friends with most Tokio hotel fans (some are amazingly cool ) are because they are just so jealous of everything. and as soon as they see a threat they start bitching. but they dont realize that they do the exact same thing as their “threat”. I mean come on.. there are SO many fans that copy bills style… and im sure a lot of these idiotic commenters are one of them. who cares that adam is wearing the same jeans? it happened once. he has his own style… and his hair is just spiked! people are looking into things WAY too much. so what now? who ever that spikes their hair is automatically (ironic) is copying bill? I dont think so.

I love adam lambert. he is amazing. he has talent. and I dont mind this. Too be honest I could care less that he did this. the poor guy has a crush. don’t you all? you should understand him more than anyone. so please.
stop being so immature, and just start bitching out of anger.

Comment by kissicysun
2010-01-02 12:46:59

Finally, FINALLY someone with some senses.
I really hate to admit it, but I think I’m finally just going to say it. Most TH are so goddamn annoying. Just reading some of these comments makes me ashamed to be associated with the TH fanship. I wish the fans could act a little more mature. There are alot of cool fans too but some can be such narcissistic, annoying, close minded, whiney, obsessive, gullible, puerile, bitchy people, who are NEVER satisfied.
When Adam admitted that he was crushing on Bill some fans went apeshit. And for what? A compliment? How illogical and foolish could you be?
Just stop bitching at Adam, you’re making yourselves look ridiculous and pathetic.

Sorry, but there’s a reason why Tokio Hotel and their fans are so hated, and unless you want to change your repuation about it nothings going to change, so stop complaining about it.

End of rant.
Sorry, felt like I needed to get that out. Feel free to buck.

Comment by tara
2010-01-03 12:33:20

You are one of the VERY rare fans that I think is actually really cool, logical, and is very mature. Thank you for being you! 🙂

I agree with every word you said. It’s sad because, there are times I just feel ashamed to say I’m part of the TH fan base. If they go apeshit on adam, and they literally killed the chantelle girl with words because she had something that all the fans want and that is one of the boys from TH, what will they do when they ACTUALLY get a girlfriend… I’m scared for her dear life. they will find a fault in her and just bash her and dont realize that they are just upsetting TH and making themselves look like psychotic ex-girlfriends. and for god sakes! stop being so god damned hypocritical!! so its fine if you guys copy bill and tom but its a conspiracy for another person to be inspired by them?! and what about bill, didn’t he get his look from a vampire?! so he is not all that original either. I doubt TH would like fans as crazy as you guys. That can’t stay out of their private life and start hating everything you see as a threat. You guys don’t OWN them so stop acting like you do. The clothing bill wears doesn’t have his name on it! ANYONE can wear it. I’m sure there is someone else where wearing the same outfit as you guys… are you gonna bitch at them. ITS LIFE. and don’t yo guys remember Will.I.Am wearing those jeans… just a news flash… he wore them BEFORE bill. what now.

anyways, I’m done ranting. I’m sure it won’t even go through them.
Thank you for backing me up kissicyun. 😀

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Nel
2010-01-05 09:02:09

@ tara,i’m really fascinated to seek a ..well,mature fan of Tokio Hotel.Happens as often as it happens to meet Bill Kaulitz on the street XD
can i have your twitter or something?Would love to keep in touch.

Comment by kissicysun
2010-01-05 19:45:59

No problem! You’re very right!

Especially when you said “You guys don’t OWN them so stop acting like you do.” SO true.
Everyone always wants the guys to do what they want, and they go crazy if they don’t agree with the smallest personal decisions they make.


Comment by queen kaulitz
2010-01-02 00:54:42

ohh come on adam. build ur own little style!!,stop copying bill!!!,,thats so ridiculous bill is way too good looking than adam,,..and bill is hotter..but i think bill really need to gain weight..but i know he cant..

Comment by Ashley
2010-01-02 01:20:03

Bill suits it better, haha. 😀

Comment by CelXTH4life
2010-01-02 03:55:34

I’m fine with Adam being all google-eyed on Bill<3 and evrything. I mean, who doesnt? I’m jst gona be oki3 with tht, but if Adam trys to pull something on Bill<3 then it’s so on! and he should jst back-off. Jst saying if he did.

Comment by leen
2010-01-02 05:39:08

BIll looks naturally better. but i dont think Ad copycats =__=
the guy in BEP ( i dont remember his name – Will.I.am I guess =__= ) wore also those black&white DIor jeans before Bill put it on. And Adam has various hairstyles. not only this one. cant say he copycats even when he has a crush on Bill. he’s an amazing and creative artist and has his own style. Their outfits are just accidental.

Comment by georgina
2010-01-02 09:31:18

no gay will crush on its kind. so clearly Bill is straight though I know he said it already. No one can pull it off like Bill, he’s very unique with his style. Love it!

Adam find your own style!!!

Comment by georgina
2010-01-02 09:34:21

no gay will crush on it’s kind. so clearly Bill is straight though I know he said it already.
Bill is very unique. Adam find your own style!

Comment by viola
2010-01-02 11:08:24

to be honest, i think adam suits it better 🙁 Maybe it’s the way he poses and happy new year! I have a weird but a cool dream that i wanna share with you girls and guys. I was on a reptile exhibition and Tom is there (with a shorter hair than Gustav’s) and we’re talking all the way like we’re good friends. Sorry because it’s out of topic. Lol.

Comment by Chinaxxdoll
2010-01-02 13:51:47

Damn…he is so bogus!! lol Bill looks WAY better

Comment by ISDEÉ
2010-01-02 15:14:22

Adam, is sweet wanting to look like Bill, but dude come on!
second parts never were good.

Comment by ISDEÉ
2010-01-02 15:21:07

Adam, so sweet wants to look like Bill but come on dude! remember: second parts never were good! I mean NEVER!

Comment by Isdeé
2010-01-02 15:32:56

Aw so sweet of you Adam, bud dude just remember never second parts were good. NEVER!

Comment by MiM$$_M
2010-01-02 17:00:30

Well, Bill is only one and no one can’t be like him. <3 😉

Comment by THfan
2010-01-02 19:02:13

well…. i think that anyone could wear those jeans with no problem cause i dont think that those jeans were made with bill’s name
on the back,if you know what i mean but…. anyway if adam has a crush on him then whats the matter? he’s not trying to copy bill or to call his attention or something and let me say that i’m a very big fan of TH and i love bill but i dont mind to be mad or something just because adam is wearing those jeans or because he spikes his hair i mean…it would be the same if bill gets to have a girlfriend one day.. i’m really sure that many th fans would go crazy and start hating bill’s girlfriend.
i think that th fans that have this behavior should mature and start to realize that bill is a normal person like all of us and he wouldn’t stop having dates and social life because fans would get jealous…..cmon not even bill is complaining about adam wearing those jeans ….( sorry if my english is bad)

Comment by lulu
2010-01-03 02:08:59

Adam is a creative artist and he has his own style. (just like BIll)
No need to “copycat” anyone.
i have to say: a guy from BEP ( will.i.am i guess) once wore those black-white Dior jeans before Bill put it on. the “Dior” has made those blackandhite Jeans for the WORLD! They sell it worldwide. not for only Bill. Bill doesnt pay to own them.
Adam said he had a crush on Bill doesnt mean he’s going to “copycat” everything bill wears and every hairstyle he has. He’ll never waste his time searching every photo from BIll to find a cool outfit to “copycats”. “Has a crush” => It’s just a compliment from Adamm instead of saying “he’s cool, he’s amazing, he’s down-to-earth, he’s second-to-none”, blah blah blah.
Adam has various hairstyles and changes everytime he appears before the camera. wanna see ?!!
Know Adam for who he is before saying he “copycats”. Those outfits accidentally look like each others. If you guys are all TH fans. You must have watched a video on Youtube about the commons between TOKIO HOTEl and AVRIL Lavigne. And if you check THROCKS everyday, remember the picture of Tom and Sean Paul /:) Is anybody here dare to say that Bill “Copycats” Avril’s style and Tom “copycats” Sean Paul’s ? ANYONE ???!
And as “THfan” said: many of you would go crazy and start hating Bill’s gf if he had one one day => Shame on you! u should think twice and stop being jealous in this way. so immature!

Comment by tara
2010-01-03 12:34:35

THfan and Kissicyun, You guys are amazing.

You took the words right out of my mouth! 😀

Comment by nikki.
2010-01-02 19:10:52

I don’t see the big deal about this, honestly.
Same pants? sure.
Same hair? go for it!
hell, it isn’t EVEN the same hair.
you guys are stupid.

Comment by m00se
2010-01-02 22:30:12

ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww XD
bill is prettier
lambert is creepy

Comment by tara
2010-01-03 12:35:27

how old are you? 2?

Comment by jani kaulitz
2010-01-02 23:56:27

oh god this is scaring me Adam Lambert freaks me out as soon as i saw that picture all i heard was “why you so obsessed with me boy i wanna know” :)perfect song for bill to play for him bless bill and adam needs to get himself an eve and stop copying bill this isnt inspired fans this is obsessed!:)

Comment by Kourtney-Anne
2010-01-03 02:20:11

Who cares if he copied him? Adam is a fan of Bill. He likes his style and he wears the same stuff. Who doesnt? I love Adam and Bill. (maybe Adam a bit more :S) fan do It all the time. They become an idol of a celebrity who has mad style and copies them. Adam did say straight out that Bill did have mad style. So what if he copies him. Its becuase he likes his style.

Comment by gracella
2010-01-03 06:29:46

Yeah, Adam is definitely cool but personally I think Bill rocked the look a whole lot better, probably because it was his idea first. The pants just look better on Bills frame and the hair looks a lot better on Bill. I think Adam looks better with his hair down, it just looks like he tried to hard. Sorry… honest opinion.

Comment by Coral
2010-01-03 13:18:50

I don’t care if he copies Bill, it’s just that Lambert doesn’t seeem to realize it makes him look unoriginal.
Lambert was coined as the new flamboyant entertainer with a fantastic voice, but all his press is Lambert copying Bill and Lambert trying to get female fans by saying he might like them too.

He needs to tell his P.R. peps to go fck themseslves and go back to being himself

Comment by Sonja
2010-01-05 17:15:14

Adam used to be really sweet and down to earth and himself. We can’t blame him for a bad PR group

Comment by lolleekauli
2010-01-04 08:07:04

wut the fog. this is weird. and no, adam, bill is mine. :))

Comment by denise!
2010-01-04 19:24:52

i think its kind of amusing to see some of the crazy and angry reactions some fans are having. i dont think this is a big deal. fans dress up like bill all the freaking time and i dont see anyone getting upset over that. i understand that everyone has their own opnion but c’mon this is stupid and immature.

i think its time for some th fans to grow up and get over it.

Comment by Megan
2010-01-05 01:15:08

I HATE Adam he’s such a copier!… He makes me sick!!!

Comment by Nel
2010-01-05 09:05:26

I love Adam and Bill,but i was mad at one point at Perez Hilton for these pants.Before 2 weeks or something he posted on his twitter some quiz about who wears the pants -everyone saying Bill wears them better,it’s obvious,and Perez finaly anounced they look better on Adam;s legs.
I was so freaked out,dont know why,and wrote him “You can hate on Bill,but his legs still are a million galaxies thiner than Adam’s.Take it like a man”.
And he answered “You should tell your Bill to take it like a man himself.p.s.-speaking of benders XD”
wow,was i thrilled …

Comment by Coral
2010-01-05 17:14:06

And we all know it was probably Perez who incouraged this whole comparison thing.

Perez is adament that bill is gay and what better way to keep the question open than to constantly have him compared to his best friend (and rumored lover) Lambert.

Lambert is just a has been who should have been himself from the beginning instead of playing all these silly publicity games.

We can see what’s really going on here.

Comment by ana-leisha
2010-01-05 16:21:25

i personally think the pants look better on adam..i love TH.. but they look better on him.. and i miss bill’s other hair do.. 🙁 .. has any1 seen adam on american idol (i usually don’t watch the show).. where adam sings satisfaction by the rolling stones.. and when he sings high notes he sticks his tongue out.. he reminds me of my lil sister when she screams.. she sticks hers out too.. :)(just sayin`..)LOL peace, love, and smiles..

Comment by amy
2010-01-05 16:34:04

Wat an agrument!
oh well i still want to kill chantelle hehehe(thinking like an evil mad master mind) WOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Comment by Coral
2010-01-05 17:11:58

Not arguing, just different opinions.
Nothing wrong with that.

Like with Chantelle – some people say she’s just one of the many girls Tom’s taking out on a few dates and it doesn’t mean anything. Others, get into strange childish jealousy and want to kill her.

2010-01-07 12:57:42

but i dont think the jealousy is childish, more… predictable, maybe.
because everyone one of my friends, major TH fans or not, got jealous when they heard about her.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Sonja
2010-01-05 17:15:55


Why the hell is this site supporting Perez Hiltons’ little tabloid article. Perez probably put Adam up to this

2010-01-07 12:55:13

i got wicked shivers down my back when i saw this…
like, not in the bad way, just like…disturbed, deeply disturbed.

Comment by Jo
2010-01-13 00:12:30

Guess what? I just saw a pic of Bill in GQ wearing white spats over black shoes. A look I haven’t seen any man wear in years until I saw Adam wear them on the So You Think You Can Dance finale weeks ago…before Bill. So maybe Bill is copying Adam now..or maybe we could all act sane and realize the two probably have a similar taste in clothes and shop the same brands which seems more likely. Also a member of the Black Eyed Peas wore those Dior jeans before both of them.

Comment by CynthiaKaulitz(:
2010-01-20 08:46:03

How is that adam dude a fashion icon? he just copied Bill

F.Y.I i know for a fact Bill is NOT Gay it’s a fact in my opinion!:D

Comment by billutza
2010-04-03 14:12:21

Bill is gorgeos i love him is perfect and that monkey copy him:P haha!who want to talk about BILL just add vera_kissyou15 !!!!

Comment by isabelle
2010-06-16 13:18:08

too bad bill isn’t gay….they would make a sexy couple

Comment by kaleigh
2010-08-27 08:29:34

lol that would be sexxy

Comment by Anna
2010-06-18 16:17:59

Bill looks wayyy better than adam. adam shouldnt have copied idc if he does have a crush

Comment by kaulitz_lover
2010-06-26 19:31:06

i cnt see the picture DX

Comment by kaleigh
2010-08-27 08:28:00

they r to rocking to hate i have read all the comment and yes some mabe true but still dont bee a hater

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