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INTERVIEW; Stardoll Interview with Bill and Tom Kaulitz

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INTERVIEW; Bill Kaulitz – Bill Kaulitz: “Eigene Projekte? Klar!”

Post by “Own Projects? Sure!” At the fashion week in Milan, Bill Kaulitz surprised the music industry with an appearance as a Model. In the Interview with Gala he revealed what this means for his Band Tokio Hotel. The apperance lasted only for a few minutes, but he could have changed his life with […]

VIDEO; Tokio Hotel Message –

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PICS; bill kaulitz photshoot bravo

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SCANS; tokio hotel – gala

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INTERVIEW; Bravo 05/10 – Bill Kaulitz – Will he stop with the singing?

Post by “Crass Model Performance! Will he stop making music?” Bill as (F)Ledermaus! The rockstar opened the Fashion Week in Milan with a spectacular outfit. What does that for Tokio Hotel mean now? How is he looking?! TH-frontman Bill Kaulitz (20) already surprised us with a couple of funky outfits – but that’s really […]

VIDEO; after the parade – 19.01.10 Milan tokio hotel

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PICS; tokio hotel milan pictures

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PICS; tokio hotel 19.01.10 Milan pictures

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PICS; tokio hotel 19.01.10 Fashion Week pictures

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