NEWS; BOP 02/10 – tokio hotel interview

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NEWS; BOP 02/10 - tokio hotel interviewNEWS; BOP 02/10 - tokio hotel interviewNEWS; BOP 02/10 - tokio hotel interview

BOP: Happy New year! What was your highlight of 2009 and what are you looking forward to in 2010?

Bill: Releasing the new album was a highlight for us. We had a long and intense period working on the new songs, and it feels wicked to share all this with the world.

Tom: For 2010, we are just thrilled to be on tour in support of our Humanoid album and a huge new show, which is going to be amazing.

BOP: When you are onstage, can you see the fans?

Tom: It depends on the light and the venue. Sometimes it is really dark and you can’t see a thing, but most of the time we see pretty much everything.

BOP: Speaking of fans, who screams louder – American fans or European fans?

Bill:That is a tough question – I’d say it’s a tie. Our fans scream as loud as they can at all of our concerts! The louder our fans scream, the better.

BOP: Who is the messiest person in the band? Who is the funniest?

Tom: Georg is the messiest without a doubt and he’s also the funniest… but certainly not on purpose. He’s such a clumsy guy and that alone makes us laugh so much. He’s a natural.

BOP: Do you use American slang? Do you dream in English or German?

Tom: I use “chillin’ ” quite often – I think that is a cool word. We dream in German most of the time, but when we are in the US for a long time, I find myself dreaming in English sometimes.

BOP: Would you ever date a fan?

Bill: It doesn’t really matter to me who I fall in love with – it can totally be a fan, but it needs to click. I’m still searching for true love and I’m sure that I’ll find it eventully.

First picture: Tom and Bill Kaulitz from Germany’s biggest ban spill all to BOP!
Bottom picture: Tokio Hotel are award winners! Tokio Hotel are big winners at the European Music Awards every year. Tom says, “Winning the Best Band award was this years highlight to me.”
Right side pictures: Bill’s hair timeline! Check on the Tokio Hotel singer’s hairstyles over the year!
2005: Bill’s hair was just starting to grow out.
2007: Here’s a rare style – sleek and straight.
2008: Bill’s signature style is tall and spiky.
2009: Bill rocked a major Mohawk in late ’09. What’s Bill’s hair secret? “I use all kinds of different hairspray products and I pretty much go through one bottle per day.”

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Comment by SylviaJumbieKauliiz
2010-01-17 11:04:53

1 bottle a day :O
bill global warming
but i love him <3

Comment by SylviaJumbieKauliiz
2010-01-17 11:05:10

1 bottle a day :O
bill = global warming
but i love him <3

Comment by SylviaJumbieKaulitz
2010-01-17 11:19:07

i love tokio hotle 🙂

Comment by MrsxBillxKaulitz
2010-01-17 13:19:44

I love Bill’s hair, no matter how it looks 🙂

Comment by MexicanTHfan
2010-01-19 21:52:06

same here:) except for the dreads:0

Comment by Katie
2010-01-17 13:57:16

omg can he fall in love with me?? 😀

Comment by Emily
2010-01-17 15:10:53

The dream question was good. I wouldn’t have thought of it. It’s also interesting.

Comment by MzKaulitz
2010-01-17 19:29:49

Yeah, that was an interesting question. It seemed weird because I never really thought about it before.

Comment by Sarah
2010-01-17 16:18:30

It’s amazing how they could be in a serious magazine like GQ as they could be in a girlie-teen pop magazine like BOP.

Comment by denise!
2010-01-17 16:56:46

so this magazine issue is already out right?

Comment by Rocky Rachelle
2010-01-17 19:29:35

I really hope Bill does not cut his hair i wish he would let it grow back to the way it was huge and puffy and adorable. I wanna see pics of Tom when he takes of his braids.:P

-Rocky Rachelle<3

Comment by Carolina
2010-01-17 23:13:18

Same here I never thought about the dream question, and about Bill hair he looks so good no matter what but i do miss that long fluffy spiky hair of his. Tom looks great but it would be great to see him without braids once in a while. 😀

Comment by tinky
2010-01-18 01:21:54

they sound like really down to earth. About bill falling in love i think he should wait until he completes all his dreams and then he can start a serious relationship , i think it would be to hard to keep a relationship with the line of work they have and to give 100 percent of themselve would be hard right now . He is still young and need to meet alot of people and enjoy life time will bring him someone .

Comment by Lisa
2010-01-18 11:16:07

I just bought this magazine the other day…I wish the poster was bigger:)

Comment by perla kaulitz
2010-01-18 11:21:39

awwww, bill is such a sweet guy , i love you bill (:

Comment by Krissy
2010-01-19 16:24:44

I bought the magazine today.. just for the pictures:)

Comment by Veronique
2010-01-19 20:09:20

loll omg I bought it yesterday!loll 😛

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